EU: Ethiopia’s resilience is already being tested


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  1. Asgedom says:

    The number of refugees in Ethiopia is more than 800,000 and will continue to climb up soon. We need to build a fence around the Ethiopian boarder right now orelse Ethiopia’s overstretched economy will not sustain all the illegal immigrants walking across the boarder into Ethiopia. We got too many human trafikkers bringing people into Ethiopia each day from Eritrea, South Sudan and so on..

    • EthioGQ says:

      Anyone is welcome, that is not the issue. The only thing is the government need to filtered out those really coming looking for a shelter and those who come intentionally to do harming. Bet vigilant.

  2. Tigist says:

    What a sad and unfriendly comment you put, man? Ethiopia is big enough to feed the entire east Africa. The issue is Ethiopia does not have adequate sustainable system to manage and feed its own people yet. Once at the beginning of EPRDF era, I do remember the late PM, Melesse Zenawi saying “We soon shall make sure to feed our people three times a day”. A quarter century later, the EPRDF is still on power and not be able to do what they have promised. produce enough food to feed Ethiopians!
    El Niño is a global Issue. But it can not be used as an excuse why we are not able to feed our people. El Niño comes and go. The Ethiopian government is just not able to feed its own people due to bad policy and mismanagement.

    • Beza says:

      Tigist, where did you get that information from? Did u really heard it thoroughly? I bet you heard from some defunct politicians, by hearsay. What he said was ” my wish is the Ethiopians to have three meals a day.” What’s wrong about that. Truly, Ethiopia has feed its people better than before. This kind of dummy argument shows that your disability of understanding. Even though, Ethiopia faced the worst drought in a half century, Ethiopia has managed to control it with extremely harsh happenings in the country. So my sister be rational thinker.

    • Beza says:

      Tigist, where did you get that information from? Did u really heard it thoroughly? I bet you heard from some defunct politicians, by hearsay. What he said was ” my wish is the Ethiopians to have three meals a day.” What’s wrong about that. Truly, Ethiopia has feed its people better than before. This kind of dummy argument shows that your disability of understanding. Even though, Ethiopia faced the worst drought in a half century, Ethiopia has managed to control it with extremely harsh happenings in the country. So my sister be rational thinker. You can watch what he said on YouTube, it is still available.

  3. us for us with us says:

    Ethiopia is sheltering about 800.000 refuges. If the appropriate measures are not taken, that number will reach million soon. And that will be the greatest fret to our nation.

    yet, they are not talking about this but always looking something else and exaggerating , magnifying and repeating it million times in order to damage our country image, make us feel we are weak and need their help and most importantly to stop us being us in our country doing things for us based on our situations.

    Jordan shelters about 700.000 Syrian and Iraqi refugees. Most refuges do have money and are financing their costs. Yet, Jordan gets billion of foreign supports because of she is sheltering the refuges.

    Ethiopia is sheltering by far the biggest refuge number in Africa which is 800.000. Almost all of them are totally dependent on us. There are children without parents and accompanies. The number of the refuges is growing alarmingly because of foreign enemies from Europe and USA are involving bringing the mass refuges to Ethiopia including from Somalia, south Sudan, Sudan, Yemen and so on.

    Last year about 60.000 Somalia refuges left Kenya. However, the enemies brought them back to Ethiopia instead of assisting them in Somalia. Ethiopia must let go the refuges to Europe as Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya and so on are doing. This will make them think twice before bringing mass refuges to Ethiopia and make them to support Ethiopia the right ways because of she is sheltering them massively.

    Gambella is more than 300 KM away from the south Sudanese Border. However, the French MSN and the English so called aid agencies together with EU created a mass refugee camp near to Gamebella town instead of near to the boarder. They will do everything to keep them for years and soon they will create more problems as they are today including affecting the environment and causing tension.

    It is the same in Assosa town, too. Why are the refuges coming deep in to the country instead of having camps close to the boarder? Those Ethiopians manipulated, bribed and corrupted by the so called aid agencies this way need to go to hell. Keep the refuges close to the boarder and also close the door and let them go to Europe. Ethiopia has lots of other problems for her own to take care. The evils are talking about other issues including drought while 800.000 refuges are the greatest problems Ethiopia is facing.

    El Nino which is a Latin/Spanish word is serving the enemies the best ways against Ethiopia as it did in 1984 and some other times. They are using it for political reasons thinking this way they can achieve their damaging secret plan and agenda they are having for our country which is destroying the nation while pretending to help using shortages, weaknesses and natural disasters as best weapons to attack, defeat and destory.

  4. us for us with us says:

    This is what Ethiopia needs from abroad when she needs any that is safe, practical, useful and delivering the right things for long term solutions.

    “More than 100 Omani firms representing various industries are set to participate in Omani Products Exhibition, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
    The event is being held under the patronage of the Ethiopian minister of finance and economic development, and will take place from April 11 to April 14, at Millennium Hall.”

    Oman is more than twice bigger than England. Her population is about 4.5 million. Oman is like a neighboring country to Ethiopia when we compare her to the far away Tiny England that is the root main cause to our problems, setbacks and difficulties we have been through for more than 150 years and is still going on.

    Oman follows other type of Islam which is not Sunni, Shia, Ismailia or others that are many. It is a kind of friendly Islam that is not having any connection with the radical Sunnis and monster wahabbis that are causing terrorism all over the world.

    History says, there are many Omani citizens with the Habesha ancestry as it is in Yemen speaking own language and exercising own culture which is dying down very fast for the last 50 years because of development and industrialization activities in the country that changed the society dramatically.

    Ethiopia needs no one to talk about drought, aids to feed her or about her others weaknesses by those always coming from the west but first and foremost herself and then working with genuine, useful, hard working and respectful nations like Oman as china, Russia, Italy, Japan and so on are always doing for practical and useful solutions.

    Oman is very rich with minerals like oil and gas that are no longer reliable or wanted resources anymore in the future as clean energy and new technology including Electric cars are becoming the 21-century society principles and efforts to make them working easily and cheaply without affecting the environment that is causing climate changes.

    Oman lacks agriculture lands, water wealth and good weather. On the other hand Ethiopia has those very fundamental and important natural wealth with abandoned but is not using them even 10% of her potentials. Ethiopia needs to develop her agriculture sector to the 21-century level using her huge and fertile agriculture land, best weather throughout the year, abandoned fresh water and best landscape to grow and produce with quality, variety and quantity on time including for foreign consumptions.

    The Omani industrial activity in Ethiopia and other co operations between the two nations in the politics and development sides based on win win approaches can bring practical changes and long term solution to Ethiopia (as well as to Oman with her future in Africa, too) than the more than 30 years none stop evil talks coming from the west about drought, food aid and whatever satanic they are doing/talking about Ethiopia. They are there to keep the situation as it is if not making it worse but for sure they are not there working for short as well as long term solutions that are there and easy to achieve them within short period of time and less efforts.

    Ethiopia has huge farm land. Ethiopia has abandoned fresh water. Ethiopia has relatively skilled but eagerly and totally ready to work unskilled lots of young human power good enough for agriculture, construction and manufacturing sectors. What Ethiopia needs is leaders with brain and determination and also Money, materials and equipments including Tractors and fertilizers in order to solve the problems once and for all. One billion dollar is good enough to create a huge state owned commercial farm that could feed the nation including during climate change and employ millions.

    But they don’t assist us this way including with Tractors and to build own fertilizer companies knowing Ethiopia has the third biggest potash deposit so far but actually has the biggest deposit in the world when the rest is discovered. Instead they are there talking lots and none stop about the same thing for decades and mentioning billions of dollars they are saying gave to Ethiopia in those years. Why don’t they give the portion of this to Ethiopia to use it to create huge commercial farms with the 21-century development level facilities and works which is the best solution?

    But they don’t what that to happen. They are not there to find the lasting solution benefiting us but to stop it and make the situation continue the way it is if they are not able to make it worse which is in their mind wishing to see happening always and working for it at least secretly.

    Ethiopia must find the lasting solution by herself which is there and also must work together with useful, hard working, strong and reliable nations like China, Russia, Japan, Italy and others like Oman to develop her agriculture sector including creating state owned commercial farms that would guarantee the nation food supply, raw materials like cotton and animal skins to our manufacturing and food processing industry and employ millions. Ethiopia must always aware about foreign companies that are coming in the country must create enough jobs to the citizens and benefiting the nation without causing any trouble including against the society.

    Italian salini, Chinese manufacturing, railways, roads and others are creating hundreds thousands of direct and many more indirect jobs to our citizens while the foreign monopolized breweries that are earning billion every year with less efforts and almost zero risks for their investments and high comforts are employing very few, paying no tax, getting free water (beer is water), getting cheap energy, importing foreign barely and have less extra coast because of it is cheap in Ethiopia and most importantly the weather is the best and naturally balanced need nothing to warm it up or cool it off using machines that consumes energy.

    Let’s go to hell the looter foreign breweries that are monopolizing the nation breweries and are benefiting the nation with nothing including with employment and buying the raw materials they are using including water and barely. Welcome the Omani companies that are investing in the sectors Ethiopia needs the most and hiring more citizens as the Chinese, Italians and others are in manufacturing, railways and constructions sectors are doing.

    See you at the Omani Products Exhibition, in Addis Ababa, taking place from April 11 to April 14, at Millennium Hall.

    Omanis are too different than we have images and experiences about the Arabs. Don’t see and treat them the same way we do to the Arabs. Omanis are normal and peaceful human beings which is unlike to the wahhabi Arabs that are not good to their own mass population let alone to us.

  5. Flips says:

    It’s Bullshit..!! In the reality, Refugees are great income for the corrupted Ethiopia since they are under the influence of the UN. The main problem is barbaric mind in the institution of administration.

  6. Asgedom says:

    I stand corrected on my comment above. After hearing about the recent killings and abductions of Ethiopians by South Sudan people I strongly urge all Ethioppians to build not only a fence but a big wall around the boarder of Ethiopia. If we can build a GERD dam that means we can easily build wall around our boarder too,we can make South Sudan pay for it if we want to.

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