The next Africa is the one in transition (Aubrey Hruby, co-author of the award-winning book, The Next Africa)


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  1. us for us with us says:

    The energy, time and resources used to paint this article would be beneficial if it was done with Ethiopian experts that are responsible about everything and knows entirely from inside out all the issues matter to their country or others from useful, genuine and trustworthy nations like china, Russia, Japan, Italy and so on. There is nothing good coming from the Anglo-American lead west that is controlled and run by the Zionists but what we have been through and what is going on all over the world because of them including the Middle east and back home in USA, UK and so on.

    Before anything else you have to know the truth about whom you are talking or dealing with. Blacks are really naturally stupid, ignorant and with low IQ unable to see, understand and do things by themselves for themselves. Instead they are waiting others including their known masters to tell them what to do or not and they feel happy about that when they are treated as trash and less than human including in their own places about the things matters only to them. I taught Ethiopians are different. But…

    What matters is not what these none African (as usual the Jews) are writing or telling us what to do or not in our country but what we are doing based on our situation for our benefits. She is one of the Globalist representatives in Africa working for USA government foreign relation, Wall Street, greedy imperialists and criminal cartels in the name of private Equity and hedge funds. She is here to make sure Africa becomes totally under their merciless Jaw as it has been the case for the last 500 years.

    Why don’t we stop admiring or looking others while talking or writing about us based on their own agenda and plan but ourselves and the best nations like China, Russia, Japan, Italy and so on? As long as these evils are around, nothing will get better but worse. Stop listening, believing or trusting them for anything but know the truth about them and those behind them.

    There are dark forces and Shadow powers behind as usual looking to eat and destroy Africa thinking it is getting benefits because of China and others genuine and win win approaches. They are working secretly using many tactics and tricks to stop that in order to get the continent and its herd dark brainless citizens as mass consumers and cheap labors for themselves at the huge cost of the Africans in Africa. This is all about and always in their mind when they are around talking, writing, speaking or … sounds genuine and working. Don’t doubt about that.

    We know what we can or not. We know what are our problems and also the solutions. We know what works for us or not. We know who is totally responsible about everything matters to us and in our country that are we. We know how the western economy and political system is rotten and not working for the benefits of the citizens but the few criminals that are living with lies, cheating, manipulations, bribe, corruption, wars, creating conflicts and you name it. We know how high is the crime and prison population in those nations because of the rotten justice system, government policies and the worst equalities. .

    The Anglo-American way of dealing business is destroying humanity all over the world including own citizens. USA debt is 19 trillion. Little England debt is 2.7 trillion. Other western nation debt is also in the very bad situations.

    Yet, they are telling us how good and useful is their economy and politics/democracy that allows the few to get all without doing jobs but engaging with full of lies, cheatings, writings and talks about others like this one to manipulate the society and interfere the government policies and laws. This is not to benefit others but destroy for the benefit to the few and those few are them and one or two corrupted criminals at home as rewards working for them including with bad policies that works for bad foreigners while against own citizens.

    The criminal wall street, banks, financial cartels, law firms, lobbies, so called NGOs, Thinks Tanks, Charities, …. and of course the evil corporate Medias and institutions including education run by the Zionists/Jews are nothing but working together to destroy the world for the sake of the few benefits and those few are them. She is here and talking based on this principles.

    Blacks must get new brain in order to live as human by standing for own benefits being sure for short as well as long term strategies. Hedge and private equity funds are among the worst western criminals that are in the position to destroy/own the nation simply by using the valueless money calling it hard currency. Don’t sell the nation easily and cheaply to handover in foreign hands that are coming among the others in the name of hedge and equity funds. These are the worst criminals operating openly and freely because of they are part of those writing the criminal laws to use them for their advantages at home and internationally.


    “AUBREY HRUBY is the former Managing Director of the Whitaker Group, an Africa-focused corporate strategy and investment advisory firm. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies to design and implement successful investment and market entry strategies and advised the US Chamber of Commerce’s Africa Division. With a strong belief in business-led growth, she has helped create innovative public-private partnerships in the agriculture, energy, financial services, consumer goods, and healthcare sectors. Over the years, Hruby has regularly led CEO-level delegations to African countries and coordinated presidential visits to the United States.

    Hruby has consulted extensively in twenty African markets and spends more than half her time engaging with senior African policymakers and leading companies.

    Prior to joining the Whitaker Group, Hruby was an International Trade Specialist at the Barnett Group LLC, where she worked with corporate clients to design successful public affairs strategies that marshaled US government/foreign government resources and partnerships with media and nongovernmental organizations to resolve trade problems in the Middle East and Africa. As part of her work, Hruby completed extensive customs analysis, tracked regional trade agreements, hosted foreign delegations, and provided emerging-market intelligence to corporate clients.”

    “AUBREY HRUBY is a Co-Founder of the Africa Expert Network (AXN) and an advisor to investors and Fortune 500 companies doing business in Africa. She designs market entry strategies, sources opportunities and facilitates transactions. Aubrey leads CEO-level delegations to Africa and has worked in more than 20 African markets.

    Aubrey is a term member of the Council on Foreign Relations. “

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