ESAT and two of its staff members Face Defamation Charges (Video)


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14 Responses

  1. Tesfalehulum says:

    Weyane’s loyal dog is doomed to fail.

    • Beza says:

      Next you will be you Shimgle EPRP. Tessa Bekele negn keVirginia eyalk yesew sim sitatefa bizu gize tedemtehal neESAT lay. Do they know the law of this land this morons. Kita Ras Shimagle Kenhin teak antem

    • Solomon says:

      Banda’s Banda shabia kiteragna Essayass chiwawa Tesflhulem ,Tesfa Biss Banda shabia kiteragna .
      Even though I have a lot of disagreement with Weyane.I rather be loyal to weyane then working or to be loyal to Banda shabia Essayass .
      Tesflhulem . it is shame to work for Ethiopian enemy shabia and Egypt for power . but it is in blood working for Ethiopia enemy .
      Just like your Banda Neftgna for -father Minlke .
      Minlke who worked.agnist king Yohans for his master Italian and sold Ethiopian land and ports to Italian and French .
      Neftgna has no a love of. Country but a love of power.
      Tesflhulem weyane are the children of the frist Ethiopia Tigrayn ,the Childern of Axumawit kingdoms ,the children of Alula and the really king of kings Yohans .
      King Yohanes who died for his country fighiting Agnest Ethiopian enmeies unlike Banda Minlke who sold Ethiopia and betrayed his country .

    • Osayres says:

      Weyanne the dying monarchy at its last day to the grave,
      As every government go and come with different ways of method of myth and sporiorth tendency but that myth of Weyane is broken
      No way to be repaired any more by weyanne

  2. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    This is good. We will all be able to find out who is funding who. Where is ESAT getting the fund it needs to keep going and who is the first one with seed money to prop up the plaintiff’s media also. Someone has been fattening the cats here among us. So let it rip in the court of law. I hope someone will subpoena other broadcasting joints like OMN in all!!! All are nothing but outfits spewing around poison among harmonious people. After 70+ years of blessed life, I am still witnessing those demonic bigots not leaving us alone!!! Bigots!!! Bigots and bigots of the third kind!!!

  3. us for us with us says:

    The situations/issues lead you to think and come up with ideas. Then you analyze your ideas in details using all approaches covering all topics and activities related to it for implementation and the results. Before starting the implementation, you have to believe 100% in yourself that you are doing it and is the right things that would achieve the results you are looking for. This is just a simple analysis anyone has to do and follow while doing anything including the very simple ones.

    However, the so called ESAT(but in reality it is stinky dusty ash) and so called oppositions that are not even in Ethiopia are acting as if they are doing something for nothing for more than 25 years. The only differences happening in this 1/4 of a century which is a very long time is that they are getting too old and desperate while their life on earth ended up in vain with nothing left to remember them after they die in abroad. On the other hand the situation in Ethiopia is getting better and better every day benefiting the citizens which is all about and matters everything.

    When the government (they even don’t know how to call it but TPLF which is a lie and exposing their stupidity in the highest level) took power, the country economy was collapsed, the nation was totally bankrupted and the population was in endless desperate situations. 97% of the country budget was lost for military purposes in a war badly lost the battle after scarifying hundreds of thousands citizens mainly farmers and the youth. The country was producing less than 300MW where only 150MW was reaching the consumers.

    The country infrastructure was none existence. There were very few kilometers very poor quality asphalt roads in the country. There was no a single town beyond Addis Ababa and Asmara that had even a ground plus building. More than 60% children and youth were unable to attend school. The country universities and colleges capacities were 12.500 including in Eritrea. The list containing the countless bad, negative, and shortages in Ethiopia when EPRDF took power is long, sad very painful.

    However, EPRDF changed our country back to her Glory. The country budget is now 100% working for the nation building and development activities. Ethiopia is producing 4,450MW clean energy (with very limited additional costs) currently as Gilgel Gibe 3 is already started functioning and within 5 years, the country capacity will reach to more than 17.500MW and it will be produced from clean energy sources. 17.500 MW per year (with almost no additional costs to operate but salary to the workers) is at least 17.500 billion dollar addition every year to the GDP. The country asphalt reads are 100s of thousands KM long including international standard highways and 100s thousands more pave roads. The country is building thousands KM modern railways.

    There are more than 500.000 or half million students in Ethiopian universities today. From 12.500 (including Eritrea) 25 years ago to more than 500.000 today must be seen as miracle and huge progress. Of course there are more Eritrean university students in Ethiopia than in Eritrea despite Eritrea is declared by Europeans(UK, USA and France) as an independent nation from her mother land Ethiopia she was the main part for more than 3000 years recorded history together.

    When we see the construction boom in Ethiopia, it is a miracle happening all over the country with in less than 15 years time. Look at Addis Ababa, Hawassa, Mekele, Bahir Dar, Gonder, Dire Dawa, Adama, Jijiga, and all over the country. And wait to see Debre Birhan within the next 10 years because of its proximity, safeness and also being the oldest Ethiopian city which is 600 years old and the capital since 1365? . Back then(25 years ago), there was no a single building in those cities and towns except Fasiledess that was build 400 years ago or in the country except Lalibela 900 years ago or other stone chew including like washa Mikael in Addis Ababa, Axum and so on.

    But today, even villages are getting high buildings and farmers are living in villas and modern buildings while riding cars and using tractors and combiners. can you imagine 25 years ago when Monster dergue and its ESAT children were destroying Ethiopia, after 25 years Ethiopian farmers would become milliners, riding cars, using modern technologies and all the best things today’s farmers are having? 25 years ago, farmers were forced to give away their harvest including seeds and sell their animals to feed the defeated Dergue military and finance the disastrous war that achieved nothing but affected the nation very badly.

    Look at the EPRDF achievements in the education, technology, infrastructure, construction, sanitation, environment protection/recovering the degraded lands, peace, security, international relation and you name it that make Ethiopia respected, proud and thinking back in order to achieve her Glory in international arenas. Ethiopia is getting strong, confidence and proud every day by creating the political, economic and social fabrics totally relaying on the citizens’ full participations. When a nation relaying on her citizens and the citizens taking full responsibilities for their nation and working together with the leaders that are part of the citizens, there is nothing to stop them achieve anything good they are looking to achieve in their country for common destinations together which is the best weapon to defeat the foreign enemies that are not happy to see us in peace, unity, development and prosperity.

    So, it doesn’t matter how the worthless like these are doing against Ethiopia while they are suffering from desperation, hopelessness and valueless in abroad, they will achieve nothing in Ethiopia how satanic and damaging they are wishing to see happening against the nation that is benefiting her citizens equally never happened before and no other African nation is doing the way Ethiopia does; which is serving the citizens. Ethiopian leaders are part of the common people. All of them know to the very detail how bad is to be poor, uneducated, live without electricity, running water, sanitation, proper housing, roads, and you name it which is unlike many other leaders including in the west.

    100% UK current conservative government members have no idea how the vast majority UK citizens life look like. Yet, they are acting as visionary and wise leaders saying to improve the life of the citizens despite they have no idea what kind life the citizens do have. They had born, grown up and do things being far away from the mass majority citizens. They are feeling and also saying they are from the high class and have nothing to do or in common with the rest.

    But our EPRDF leaders are part of the citizens from their birth till today and they know what the people want, like and deserve. That is why they are delivering practical benefits to the mass despite the resources and capacities including skills and others important issues are in shortages and limiting and challenging the efforts.

    The question is why these punch of failed creatures are still behaving the way they do in the name of Ethiopia while they left the country long times ago and hiding in abroad because it is not accepting them or they are unable to adopt? Do they think they would succeed in Ethiopia for anything they are angrily shouting about? They are stupid to see that. No matter how hard they try and how many Ethiopian enemies are using them to affect our nation, be sure, they will achieve nothing in Ethiopia for anything having in their dumb head. Instead it is serving Ethiopia to unite always, wake up every day, get ready the best ways and stand up strongly to protect herself and organize the citizens to fight the enemies together.

    Ethiopians today have many reasons to fight the nation enemies and keep the unity, peace and security of the country because of they have meaningful life with norms and values giving them true happiness, lots of material wealth and bright future which was none existence 25 years ago.

    These creatures are too stupid unable even to see and understand the truth what is going on in Ethiopia. They think and behave the same they did 25 years ago thinking the country is still the same when they were ruining and destroying her. Today’s Ethiopia is peaceful, united, strong, confident, hard working, educated, developed and hopeful looking the brightest future ahead. But these run away hopeless creatures lost in broad have no idea about when they are shouting and spreading full of lies about Ethiopia looks like coming from jealousy, desperation and hopelessness they are suffering related to their own personal lives and also serving the foreign enemies for the sake of leftovers.

    For the record: Ethiopian government called EPRDF. Yet, they don’t know about but calling it TPLF/woyane as they were doing 25 years ago. They are standing still as if they are dead or objects where their world seems is stopped for the last 25 years while tremendous and remarkable changes are happening in Ethiopia every day for the last 25 years and particularly for the last 10 years.
    Who is TPLF?
    Ethiopian President, PM, VPM, president of the parliament, foreign minister, defense Minister, education minister, economic minister, mayor of Addis, …..? So, who is TPLF that is ruling Ethiopia they are lying about?

    However, let these bunch of worthless and hopeless ended up in vain in abroad continue behave the way they do. The Ethiopian people in Ethiopia knows everything who is who and the benefits the country is getting every day for the last 25 years and particularly 10 years because of EPRDF.

    But still the question is why they are continuing behaving and doing the same things the way they do for 25 years despite it is certain that they will achieve nothing in Ethiopia no matter what? Do they really have brain and life to tell them stop, think wisely and do the right things that will bring results for them and others? Why continue doing the same thing and behaving the same way despite the result remains the same and also it is diminishing every day even from their emotional visions? Let them ended up in vain in abroad while behaving the way we see them for the last 25 years and laughing about it.

    Before talking lies about Ethiopia mentioning TPLF, they need to know who controls, runs and owns USA, UK, France, Canada, and also Amsterdam in Holland where ESAT is producing ashes. They are the Zionists/Jews that are behind them and other enemies that are engaging with anything bad and negative against Ethiopia.

    Who is in the USA Senate, Congress, Pentagon, spay agencies, Justice (injustice) system and so on? Who is running the propaganda balloon Wall Street, criminal banks, all financial activities and who owns the weapons of mass destruction Medias? Who are the CEOs in those criminal companies? Who owns the economy, politic and so on? Who is running the criminal lobby groups, law firms, Think Tanks, NGOs, Charities, Right (wrong Groups), peace corp., state department and you name it? Those less than 2% USA citizens and their friends with crimes are controlling and running everything while causing lots of problems and hardships at home and all over the world.

    Yet, they are talking about minorities, majorities, TPLF and bla bla in Ethiopia. What are they doing against blacks, Latinos and so on in USA? It is the same in England towards the so called minorities particularly blacks. Yet, they are talking about other nations internal affairs while they are the ones to be criticized and forced to allow the population getting the faire shares about everything maters in common countries as it is happening in Ethiopia where the citizens are taking care, controlling and running the nation for the citizens’ benefits.

    How many blacks are in the USA senate, congress, pentagon, justice that is doing injustice against blacks, spay agencies, embassies, securities including police departments and so on and also how many of them are languishing in the hell look like privately owned prison systems that is making billions of profits, how many of them are unemployed, addicted, living in ghettoes….?

    Yet, they are coming to Ethiopia acting as if they do care about some Ethiopians that are blacks than Ethiopians themselves. Do they think we are too stupid to understand and weak to reject and stop them when we see how far they are reaching just to achieve the evil goals they are having in some ones nations particularly the black nations? We know how they are treating blacks in their countries and how looks like the blacks’ life there.

    So, we know who they are and what they do towards blacks for centuries including in Africa coming to their homes acting as if they do care about blacks in Africa (that have nothing in common with them including nationality or speaking the same language as they are in USA or elsewhere in the west) which is Hahahaha. The minorities are not only ruling, controlling and own everything in the west particularly USA and UK but also they are causing all troubles, sect backs and difficulties the world is suffering from. For that reason, they have no any reason to talk about minority or majority issues in other countries mainly in Africa while the whole world knows how they are treating not only the minorities because of their race but also the majorities because of greed, power and influence.

  4. mahmoud says:

    These two wild individuals in particular or the ESAT defectors in general haven’t committed only a defamation against Mesfin Bezu but crimes against the Ethiopian people.

    • Beza says:

      I totally agree with you, this is the beginning of the end for ESAT. They are getting the fund from Egypt through Eritrea. They have to be sued by different individuals whose name was mentioned by this ruthless media network. They can sue them from Ethiopia for mentioning their name to intimidate them. Forget the government, Alamudin can sue them by terrorism for aiming at his business target. He can ask them for the loss inflicted by those reckless individuals in ESAT. Dangote enterprise which is based in Amsterdm can sue Afework buraburew and Fasil exFedral police. Trust me it is coming sooner or later.

  5. muchie says:

    አሜሪካን አገር እንደመሸገው አክራሪና አጉራ ዘለል ቡድን ፍላጎትና እንቅስቃሴማ ቢሆን ኖሮ ኢትዮጵያ ሰው ወጥቶ የሚገባባት ሀገር አትሆንም ነበረ። ስደት በሚኖሩበት ሀገር ራሳቸው በጎጥ፣ በደብርና በመስግድ ተከፋፍለው ይህንን እንደበጎ ነገር ወደ አገር ውስጥ ኤክስፖርት ለማድረግ ይጥራሉ። ውሻ በቤቱ ይጮሃል እንደሚባለው እነሱ ወዳሉበት ሀገር የዘለቀ ኢትዮጵያዊ ዘር ማንዘሩ ተለይቶ ይሰደባል። ይህም እንደ ጀግንነት ተቆጥሮ በእነ ኢሳት ይለፈልፍልኛል። ታድያ በአንዳንድ ኢትዮጵያውያን ዘንድ እንደ ጉድ የሚፈሩትን እነዚህ ጋጠወጦች መሥፍን በዙ የሚባል አንድ ጀግና ኢትዮጵያ ብቻውን ወጥሮ ሕግና ሰርዓት ለያስተምራቸው ስያራውጣቸው መስማትና ማየት የሚያስገርምና የሚያስደንቅ ነው።

  6. yakile says:

    ይህን ሁሉ የሚሰሩት የአስመራ ወንበዴዎች ናቸው። መንግስታችን ከልክ ያለፈ የሚመስል ትእግስት በማሳየቱ ሻኣቢያ ዋጋ እያስከፈለን ነው: 90%የሚሆነው የፀረ ኢትዬጵያ መልእክት የሚፃፈው በአምቼ ኤርትራውያን ነው ሻኣቢያ መሄዱ ባያጠራጥረኝም እኛን ግን አጥፍቶን ለክሞን ነው የሚሄደው መንግስታችን ቀጥተኛ አቋም ለአቶ ኢሳያስ ቢያስተላልፍለት እላለሁ።

  7. Sofya says:

    Too much talk too little work is the life of the goofies.Five years since its inception and half way in the construction stage, the Hedasė Dam (Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam – GERD) has abundantly demonstrated the indomitable determination, commitment and patriotism of the Ethiopian People to forge ahead and make their own history where and when it matters. Coming during the 120th Anniversary of the Adwa Victory is pertinent. As always, the Ethiopian People have stood up tall and are counted. By any metric – whether economic, political, diplomatic, environmental, or psycho-social – the construction of the iconic Dam has enormous significance for the people and country, indeed for the wider region. Some of the facts and data are compelling:
    By creating an inner national consensus, unity and peaceful development; and by pursuing a meticulous win-win diplomatic policy, Ethiopia has cast aside century old colonial, imperialist and post-imperialist manoeuvres that have been conjured up to deprive it of its natural right to use and benefit from the Abay (Blue Nile) River Basin.
    When completed, GERD will be the largest hydroelectric power plant in Africa (10th in the World) with over 6000MW capacity. The Dam will increase Ethiopian’s installed power generation capacity by 200% (that is excluding Gibe III, which has begun generating power). With 45,000 MW hydropower potential, Ethiopia aspires to install 37,000 MW electricity by 2037 and to be become a major power exporter. In the medium term, Ethiopia could generate US$1 billion foreign currency from power export, and reduce Ethiopia’s dependence on imported petroleum.
    Ethiopia has embarked on an ambitious strategy of industrialisation, and the generation of abundant and affordable electricity is crucial to this endeavour.
    The construction of the Dam has created employment opportunities for over 10,000 people, and at its peak will employ 15,000.
    The resource mobilisation process has encouraged the culture of saving, where the national saving rate has increased from 9.5% to 22% during the last five years.
    The benefit of the electrification of rural areas and bringing “light” to millions of households.
    With 74 million metric cube of water, the project will create a man-made lake double the size of Lake Tana, unlocking huge potential for agro-fishery development and tourism.Ethiopia is making progress and is marching forward as attested by the successful completion of GTP I, the launch of an ambitious GTP II and the advance in the construction of the Hedasė Dam in spite of challenges that include deficits in good governance, rent seeking, chauvinist and narrow nationalist malaise, and not to mention the severe drought and a detraction of an envious and failed neighbouring dictator. The effort to date to mobilise the Ethiopian Diaspora for economic development has registered real and significant results and demonstrates the commitment of the Government and the willingness of Diaspora members, but a lot more needs to be done at strategic and policy levels in general and on implementation and co-ordinating infrastructures in particular. Furthermore, it is vitally important to further reach out to the “silent majority” Diaspora, strengthening the currently engaged diaspora members as well as boldly respond to the tiny but vocal toxic diaspora’s contra-development narrative and machinations. As the saying goes, united we stand, divided we fall. The reality on the ground and future trajectory is that Ethiopia and its people are marching forward and scaling new heights, determined as never before to eradicate poverty, backwardness and diseases. Ethiopians / Diasporas are fellow travellers of this patriotic journey and bright future, and we need to rise to the occasion by saying clearly and loudly “Yes, Ye Chalall” and by leaving our “Ashera” (as our fellow compatriots would say) on this iconic, defining and truly the first of it’s kind Project.It is time to show Ethiopians with diasporas help can make this happen.

  8. Optimus says:

    Ethiopia does not need an organization, like ESAT, ginbot-7 and so forth. they are the lowest of the lowest, of mankind.
    Both ESAT and ginbot 7 are riddled with preposterous lies and hate, backward thinking, as well as supported and always in chute with Ethiopia’s worse and traditional enemies.

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