PM Hailemariam Desalegn on first state visit to Ghana (Text+Pictures)


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  1. us for us with us says:

    Trade, good relationship, co-operation and working together among the African nations is the way the Africans have to do in order to benefit Africa and the Africans.

    Ethiopia must focus, think wisely and work effectively for the new and useful foreign relation strategy in Africa, Asia (China, Japan….) and Middle East. This is how the future is going to be and no one will stop it despite they are trying desperately using countless tricks, satanic approaches and so on.

    Ethiopian manufacturing and industrial products best market will be Africa including shoes, cloth and other leather, cotton, wood and mental and none metal products. Ethiopian future liable and best agriculture market will be nowhere from faraway places but Middle East, Africa and Asia, too. We are not talking here about today or tomorrow but after tomorrow and the coming decades and even centuries. Nations need to have short, middle and long term strategies within the country and their relationships in abroad.

    Trade between Africans must grow and get solid foundations as it is happening among EU nations. Ethiopia is producing with qualities, varieties and quantities lots of products the Africans need them badly and always including our manufacturing products. Thanks to our best friend, ally and family China and Ethiopia best relationship and cooperation, the two ancient and friendly nations can produce in Ethiopia all products Africa needs including not only manufacturing but also industrial products such as cars, heavy machines, equipments and so on.

    Ethiopia has cheap and mass labor force that is very eager and energetic to work. Ethiopia has and continue having the cheapest and also adequate energy sources in the coming months and years. Ethiopia will continue having peace and securitie guarantees in the country. Ethiopia also will continue being the political centre of Africa and will play big roles to guarantee the security and relationships among nations in the neighbors and continent as a whole engaging including with peace keeping and making missions as she is doing for years.

    So, PM Hailemariam Desalegn visit to Ghana is important in order to create trade relations among Africans rather that looking too far away continents or nations that are not interested for the African benefits but themselves.

  2. Abdul Bereka says:

    የኤሌክትሮኒክስ እቃዎች መንግስት በላካቸው ሀይሎች እየተዘረፉ መሆኑን ተናግረዋል። የገቢዎችና ጉምሩክ ባለስልጣን ያለፍርድ ቤት ትእዛዝ በፖሊስ ሀይል እየታገዘ መደብሮቻችንን መፈተሽ መጀመሩ ህገወጥ እርምጃ ነው በሚል የመርካቶ ነጋዴዎችተቃውመዋል።
    አንዳንድ ነጋዴዎች. እንደነገሩት ፖሊሶች በድንገት ሱቆቻችንን በመውረር ፍተሻ እናደርጋለን በሚል ለእያንዳንዱ እቃ በህጋዊ መንገድ የገባበትን ማስረጃ ካላቀረባችሁ ብለው እንደሚያዋክቡ፣
    አንዳንዶች ማስረጃዎችን እስከሚያሰባስቡ እድል እንኩዋን ሳይሰጡዋቸው እቃዎቻቸውን ኮንትሮባንድ ናቸው በሚል ጭነው እየወሰዱ መሆኑ አሳዛኝ ነው ሲሉ በምሬት ገልጸዋል።
    ነጋዴዎቹ አያይዘውም በተለይ ሞባይሎች፣ ፍሪጆች፣ ቴሌቪዥኖችና ሌሎች የኤሌክትሮኒክስ እቃዎች መንግስት በላካቸው ሀይሎች እየተዘረፉ መሆኑን ተናግረዋል።
    ባለስልጣኑ በበኩሉ ኮንትሮባድን ለመቆጣጠር በመርካቶ አካባቢ በተመረጡ 7 ሱቆች ላይ ሰሞኑን ድንገተኛ ፍተሻ በማካሄድ ግምታቸው 1 ነጥብ 5 ሚሊየን ብር የሆነ የኤሌክትሮኒክስ የኮንትሮባንድ እቃዎች ይዣለሁ ብሎአል።
    ባለፉት ወራት በተመሳሳይ ሁኔታ በ29 ሱቆች ላይ እርምጃ መውሰዱንና በድርጊቱ የተጠረጠሩ ነጋዴዎችን እንደሚከስ አስታውቆአል። በዚህ ምክንያት በመርካቶ በተለይ አንዋር መስጊድ አካባቢ በርካታ ሱቆች አገልግሎት እየሰጡ አለመሆኑን ለመገንዘብ ተችሎአል።

  3. yeneneh takele says:

    Ethiopia is the worst place to live .

    The worst place to visit.

    The worst place to go to school in.

    The worst war mongers are the opinion makers.

    Thanks to us Wolaita people and the honorable Prime Minster Hailemariam Desalegn all this is changing soon. Wolaita is the best fit leader in Ethiopia.

  4. muleta says:

    ayeeee leka mistu eritrawi nech….i wonder why he is indecisive o take any action against Eritrea…for the crime and the role they play in destabilizing ethiopia……beqa….emumu slemtkeleklew….he keep giving warning…fessam

  5. Roman says:

    The Ethiopian leadership association apologized in the name of Ethiopian people , to the people of Ghana for accidentally causing the previous leader of Ghana’s death at the G20 meeting in USA. The apology was followed by a lavish reception organized by the Ethiopian Community In Accra,Ghana.

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