Ethiopian Broadcast Authority Warns local broadcasting media outlets over beer promotions


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  1. Alemu Dukelee says:

    It is too late, you should have taken this action long time ago. They are too busy advertising beer instead of social activities and developments and education. Especially, Sheger Radio. It is becoming one of ESAT Branch. They are broadcasting some of ESAT contentaBBM

  2. us for us with us says:

    This is what you get when a country very important and profitable sector which is the 100 million consumers beer market breweries is monopolized by the evil Globalists/multinationals that are having only profit in mind and to achieve that they have no any value, norm or boarder to respect but being savage and aggressive crossing all to affect everyone and the nation as a whole.

    The Ethiopian breweries and soft drinks including the health risky coca cola turnover is reaching 10s of billions birr right now and will hit 100s billions Birr in the future and that is more than the Ethio telecom, commercial bank or other big Ethiopian companies. This sector has the huge potentials to create hundreds of thousands direct and million indirect jobs including in the farming, transportation, manufacturing including making bottles and so on. However, we need a government that have brain to understand this and commitment to make it working in reality with no delay even a second.

    There is no wonder why the Zionists/Jews (organizing in different groups and camouflaging behind misleading names including media, Journalism, NGO, Charity, Think Tank, Institutions, investment, Tourism, peace corp. volunteers. and so on) from US, UK, France, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Benelux and so on from the west are continuing disrespecting, undermining and hurting us badly including them being in our country with no fear, remorse or feeling towards us because of our stupidity, ignorance, weaknesses, slowness and so on to stand for us and protect our benefits in our country. We are becoming our own enemies in our country by allowing the foreign enemies that are the Globalists and the Globalists merciless killer and destroyer solders including in the name of western Medias and journalists monopolized and run by the Zionists/Jews.

    Look at for instance the behavior of one of the globalists solder called “James Jeffrey”

    He is in Ethiopia for years doing the same thing but every day getting comfortable, feeling free and things are under his control when he is doing freely and simply the reason why he is there the first place as the rest are. He is not a journalists as he is saying to hide his true identity but a military who had been in other countries including operational tours in Kosovo (2002), Iraq (2004, 2006) and Afghanistan (2009). He was using guns, bombs, rockets, mines and so on to kill the Christian Serbs in Kosovo and in Iraq and Afghanistan to kill Sunni Muslims and all the three nations became failed states as a result.

    In Ethiopia he is in the mission to destroy the nation using the weapon of mass destruction weapons which is the Zionists/Jews monopolized old media spreading lies after lies to create wars within and also discredit the government and nation. There is no doubt CIA, MI6, embassies and so on that are run by the Zionists are behind him or he is working for them. He is a Jew from England but operating under USA….

    He is not the only one but all of them from US, UK, France, South Africa, Canada, Australia and some from Benelux are in our country for the same reason which is to infect our society, create internal conflicts, discredit the government internationally and damaging our country image as they are doing for decades repeating and magnifying the problems where the El Nino effect becomes their current best weapon to attack us.

    The Ethiopian breweries are totally monopolized by the globalist multinational foreigners from Holland, England and South Africa. The three are working together and have the same goals. They are eating the nation to the bon while damaging the environment badly. They are paying no tax while they are getting profits with hundreds of millions dollars every year and taking the money out of the country during the time Ethiopia is begging for food and few dollars from the west including England and Holland because of famine caused by El Nino.

    They are paying nothing for the billions of gallons clean water they are using. Beer is water and they are just selling water with high price despite they are getting it for free. They are not buying barely from Ethiopia; a country that is very much suitable producing the best qualities and varieties of barely thanks to her high altitudes. They are replacing workers with machines for the sake of maximizing profits. They are not allowed Ethiopians to learn the knowledge which is unlike how Chinese, Italians and Japanese companies are doing with Knowledge transfer which is very important for nation building in the future.

    However, no one blames the evil and merciless looter Globalists/multinational breweries and soft drink makers including coca cola that are collecting hundreds of million dollars profits only from Ethiopia. Heineken net profit in 2015 was 2.5 billion Dollars. Almost all the profits came from Africa mainly Ethiopia and some Asian nations as Europe in no longer drinking beer, soft drinks including coca cola because of it is affecting the public health or smoking cigarettes. Beer and alcohol, soft drinks including coca cola, Cigarettes and so on market in Europe is getting down with high speed and soon will die forever. The youth are no longer drinking or smoking but keeping fit with sports and eating and drinking healthy.

    So, the only ignorant and stupid consumers remained uninformed or corrupted are in Africa where the so called officials are not willing to protect the public health, environment and the nation market and resources. The Ethiopian medias (if there is any that are truly standing for the nation as Awramba is doing despite there is no help/support from the Government, public or individuals to medias like amwamba), Teachers, intellectuals, health experts, and most importantly the Government must do their best to reverse the nation breweries from being monopolized by the evil and looter globalists by creating small scale breweries all over the country. Ethiopian graduates and also citizens can do the job by themselves with very limited training and capital because of beer brewing is a very easy job in the country like Ethiopia all ingredients are in abandons such as clean water, labor, barely, energy and so on. Ethiopia needs no foreign companies in the brewery sector but doing by herself and/or jointly with useful, friendly, trustworthy and reliable allies like china, Russia, Italy, Japan and so on.

    If the Ethiopian government gets some brain and the people are waken up and start boycotting beers and soft drinks including coca cola produced by these criminal foreign multinationals that are not paying even tax, hiring enough workers, paying for the huge amount of water they are using or buying domestic raw materials including barely, the domestic beer sector can hire hundreds of Ethiopians directly and millions indirectly and the nation can develop this way by herself. It is the same if the government creates state owned commercial farms temporarily hiring foreign experts for knowledge transfer instead of leasing millions of hectares to foreigners that have only profit in mind before leaving the nation when things getting worst because of their involvements including with bribes, corruption and division among the citizens.

    As long as we are continuing being stupid, ignorant, weak and reluctant including with very serious matters and national issues, the evil Zionists/Jews and English establishment organized criminals including in the name of media, Journalism, NGO, Charities, Diplomats, embassies, Charities, Volunteers, Investment, tourism and so on will continue affecting our nation operating together with evil multinationals like the breweries, coca cola, BAT (British America Tobacco) and so on. The evil breweries that are monopolizing our national beer market must be broken and rejected. This is the only solution. If not, lets the so called government goes to hell and the people must take the matters in their hands to solve it.

    Ethiopia needs none of the so called foreign investors in the health risky and environment unfriendly sectors such as beer, Soft drinks like Coca cola, BTA (cigarettes), Mc Donald types and so on. They are in the past no longer at present let alone to be the future. They are done after destroying public health and affecting the environment for billions of profits. We must not allow them. Lets them go to heel as soon as possible.

    Big thanks to Awramba for giving attention to this very serious and important matter. We are hoping Ethiopians are well informed about using own Ethiopian, African and black people language and Alphabet.

    *making mistakes is part of the human activities. Making mistakes continuously that are affecting the nation is a rare thing mostly coming from bad leaders or individuals. But not learning from the mistakes and reversing it is a crime. We made huge mistakes by allowing the nation breweries to be monopolized by the evil multinationals that are badly affecting us in many ways for huge profits with no benefits in return at all. However, we must learn from that costly mistake and reverse it starting from now on. If not, the government must be accountable about anything happening in the near related to it when the people starts taking the matters to own hands. Ethiopians are not accustomed to be colonized and looted this way.

    We must not allow the evil multinationals or foreign so called investors to make profits at our losses including our health, environment and resources by engaging with health risky businesses such as breweries, soft drinks, Tobacco and Mc Donald types. We have to own and make them work in our ways by ourselves in order to create million of jobs and the profit remains at home in the Ethiopians hands. We must be happy, satisfied and committed with the win win cooperation and best relationship we are having with our best friends, allies and families such as the Chinese giving the the biggest roles to knowledge transfer and the greatest goals to achieve it.

    Again; Thanks to Awramba for giving the necessary attention to this matter. We are hoping Ethiopians are enough and often informed about and continue doing so until it is solved for the sake of Ethiopia and its citizens.

  3. Mulualem says:

    The drunk Oromo students are burning down Universities while smoking in their dormitories.
    It is our law makers fault to allow under age drinking , under age khat chewing , under age prostitution , under age smoking , under age labor and so on for decades .

  4. us for us with us says:

    Only God did save Russia? No. V. Putin didn’t only save Russia but also made her the greatest and glorious white people nation again.

    The Zionists/Jews crimes against Russia, White Russia and Ukraine is huge, long standing and merciless. 95% of the 1917 Russian revolution members were the Zionists/Jews including Trotsky. In the name of revolution/communism, they managed to kill about 40 million Christian Russians, White Russians and Ukrainians including with human made famine and hunger in Ukraine. They almost destroyed Christianity in these three brotherly and sisterly nations have common history and together existence for thousands years.

    Long story short; when the Zionists/Jews lead in USA, UK, France and the west in general managed to dismantle the soviet bloc, their main objective was to destroy and dismember Russia forever. The Zionists/Jews from Russia created a united force with their counter parts in the west mainly USA, UK and Canada targeting the Russian economy. In the name of privatization, Globalization and free market, they managed to own the Russian economy through corruption and bribes paying only the fraction of the actual values. The companies they bought with few million dollars in the form of privatization became mega companies with billions values within months and years without doing any meaningful investment working on them.

    Few Zionists/Jews from Russia and their counter parts from USA, UK, Canada, France and so on together managed to destroy the Russian economy and society after taking the nation economy, work force, media and politics in their hands. Once the great Russia became the weakest, desperate, poor, hungry hopeless and depressed nation in the 1990s. They owned and controlled the Russian economy until nothing is left for the native/white Russians that are Christians. People became unable to buy even basic needs like bread. Those managed to buy, had to stand on a long lines because of there was the shortage of everything including bread.

    The country stopped producing anything but the Zionists/Jews making money from noting through market control, price manipulation; market propaganda and politics that makes rules and laws how things must function in the country for the sake of the citizens. In Short, Russia became not only a failed economy but also society. Yelsin of Russia became a weak and alcoholic puppet and corrupted servant to the Zionists/Jews for their project against the Russian people.

    Russia declared bankrupted in 1998 after became unable to pay her debt or financing her economy day to days’ activities. In 1999, IMF announced 20 billion dollar loan/bailout to finance the Russian economy in order to able to breathe while it was waiting to die in intensive care. IMF plan was not to heal the economy and built Russia but to destroy Russia completely and get the nation totally under the Zionists/Jews rule and control. We also know who was/ is running IMF and WB as it is the same with FED in USA and UK and France Economy related to money, banking, finance and so on. Those are the Zionists/Jews using Medias to be accepted and allowed with the power of deceptions, lies and propaganda wars. Russia was invaded by the Satan in the 1990s and they managed to destroy her within 10 years despite she was the biggest nation in the world in terms of territory which is more than 17 million KM2 and 145 million people.

    However, God or Good brought V. Putin to save his Russian people and the country itself. Putin knew what was going on in Russia against his people and nation because of the Zionists/Jews in Russia working together with their counterparts from USA, UK, Canada, France and so on. He didn’t wait even a day after he became president but declaring war against his nation merciless enemies. He drew the clear and strong lines the evil cannot cross even by mistakes. Back then, they were controlling the economy, media and politics. But Putin made clear the place they had in the country. He started to investigate how the privatization was done in the country and how the evils including from USA, UK, Canada and west in general managed to own the Russian economy paying only the fraction of the values. It was clear how it was done and it was done through bribes and corruption totally orchestrated and dominated by the Russian Zionists/Jews working together with their counter parts from the west.

    Long story short, Putin started investigating those illegal privatized companies and their activities including related to tax. Many of them didn’t pay tax at all for years and also they were engaging with different types of crimes against the nation and citizens. Those involved with crimes and also those didn’t pay tax on time and in full and other criminals’ era became to an end when Putin started the merciless and smartest direct wars against them. As a result, some criminals managed to run away to their backers/the criminal hiding nations such as UK, USA and so on while the rest landed in jail. The billions of Dollars they stolen from Russia in legal ways because of they wrote the laws to work for them, is in the end hunted them down and expelled them from Russia.

    This way Russia became free from the evil Zionists/Jews that are having long history against the Russian, Ukrainian and White Russian Christians and white people in general. Almost 1 million Russian, Ukrainian and White Russian Jews left. Those stayed in the country are less than 0.1% of the population and are totally assimilated with the Russian people and way of life. They even don’t see themselves as Jewish but Russians with Christian values. Russia becoming free from the Jews/Zionists is the greatest thing happens to her. Being free from these evils is being free from lies, deceptions, crimes, lootings, inequalities, inhuman values, norms and all sorts of evilness they are known with.

    Russians and Ukrainians are the same people having the same culture, history and blood lines. Yet, the Zionists from USA, UK, Canada and so on including from Western Europe in the name of EU managed to create conflicts between Russians and Ukrainians. As a result Ukraine became a failed nation. Their aim was/is not Ukraine but using Ukraine to destroy Russia in order to get the immense rich resources and huge Russian territory for their own; remembering their satanic achievements and failure in the 1990s. However, Russia became stronger, united and the centre of the world ever since Putin became a president and PM and since the conflicts with Ukraine. The international community perfectly understands why the west is against Russia as it is against China, Iran and so on and who are those behind. Not the Citizens from the west but…… those against them, too.

    We are witnessing when they are engaging spreading none stop lies after lies about Russia and waging none stop propaganda wars against the Putin Government coming from the west and that is 100% planned and orchestrated by the Zionists/Jews camouflaging behind CIA, MI6, Media, IMF, WB, EU, UN, WTO, NGO, HRW, CPJ, Think Tanks, Institutions, investors, Tourism, aid agencies, Charities and you name it. They are also doing the something against China. They did against Iran for 37 years and in the end they lost the war. Iran is becoming stronger and stronger every day.

    The only nations and regions they managed to destroy are the Sunni Arabs, ME and N. Africa. They managed to isolate leaders/wahabbi Monarchies from the people. This way they become the wanted and trusted guardians and protectors to the wahabbi dictators from their own people. But this is a dead end crime game they are playing. In the end, the people in the ME will win against the few wahabbi Dictators that are created, protected and guided by the Zionists/Jews from the west including USA, UK and France. The horrible war against Yemen would never happen if the above mentioned three western nations that are under the Zionists rule and control are not participating. It is the same in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Afghanistan and all other conflicts and wars.

    Although they are thinking we are too poor, weak, stupid and ignorant and they can do anything they want against us in any time as they wish and that is going on in full scale particularly since the Obama white house became under their direct control which was the plan when they selected him to become as president as they are doing right now with Hilary, each and every bad and negative against Ethiopia caused by foreign direct or indirect involvements is the product of the Zionists/Jews. They are against anything positive and good in Ethiopia including development activities. They are spreading none stop lies, misinformation, inflammatory fictional stories and so on to affect our country.

    Those tried to stop the Gilgel Gibe dam using the Zionists/Jews channels including Medias, right(wrong) groups and so on are the Zionists from USA, UK, France, Canada, Australia, South Africa and so on in the west. HRW(HR) is the Zionists/Jews private institute they are using it for their agenda and plan in other countries. It is the same with CPJ, NGOs, Charities, IMF, WB, WTO, aid agencies, including USAID, CIA, MI6, MSF and all others from USA, UK, France, Canada and so on. They are monopolizing the entire old/MSM/JSM-Jew stream/extreme medias to spread poisons against those are not allowing them to get what they want in the country they have nothing to do with.

    However, there are good news coming everyday with clear messages from all over the world including Europe and also USA against them. They are no longer in offensive against Europe and the west/white people but in fear remembering what happened to them in the past including during wwII and before that they had been expelled from more than 110 countries including England from 1290-1675. They were not allowed to enter England even for a day for almost 400 years. Yet, today, they are controlling England including its criminal empire head/establishment. They are using it for their plan and agenda in the world and also in England.

    Almost all bad and negative stories, setbacks and challenges caused by foreign forces against Ethiopia are done by the Zionists/Jews. They are using media to lie and destroy the nation image. They are using so called HRW which is a Jewish private organization for their evil agenda and project in Ethiopia. It is the same with CPJ, NGO and so on. If we want, we can stop them at least in our country as all Arabs/Muslim nations did/do including the smallest ones. However, the biggest solution is coming and that is the world is waking up and becomes against them. Don’t blame others for the none stop damages we are getting in different shapes, forms and names for so long but the Zionists/Jews and English establishment working together as they have been during slavery and colonization against Africa and black people.

    As Putin did for the great Russia; saving and protecting her from them, Ethiopia must deal the bad situations caused by them, bad multinationals and foreign investors starting from the evil looter breweries that are monopolizing our nation huge beer market and looting 100s of millions dollars net profits while paying almost no tax, creating jobs and paying enough salaries, paying for the huge amount of water they are using or buying domestic raw materials such as barely. They are here just to eat the nation to the bon with no contribution for the nation at all.

    If you deal with the Zionists/Jews involvement starting from those using media to wage wars against the nation and those organized criminals in the name of HRW, CPJ, NGO, bad investors, criminal tourists and so on, for sure almost all problems caused by foreigners will diminish. They are the root causes and main criminals affecting us in many ways and for so long including being in our country.

    However, we are not the only one targeted by them but Russia, China, Iran, N. Korea and so on are. Ethiopia is their main and long time target in Africa. In the end, they will lose as they have been throughout history including in Russia in the 1990s despite it was seen that time they were managed to destroy and control the great Russia forever. .

    *let them talk none stop full lies about us, but don’t listen or understand them the way they want you to do so.
    *Let them write lies and inflammatory fictions about us. But don’t read or understand them the way they want you to do so.
    *Lets them film and spread bad images and horrors about us because of they have no fear, respect, sympathy or empathy towards us. But don’t watch and understand them the way they want you to do so. Instead you have to fight them back starting within Ethiopia and internationally.

    When they are talking, writing or filming lies, spreading inflammatory fictional poisons and horrors including about us, the whole world is exchanging ideas and true stories about them millions times daily. The world attention and understanding towards them is dramatically shifting and becoming too hostile and determine against them in order to stop the crimes they are causing all over the world. So, don’t worry about them what they are doing against us because of the international community is getting serious and busy to deal with them. What we have to do is being part of the international community. There are millions of true stories coming from all over the world about them every day sounds very nasty causing angers against them.

    When Hitler warned them, they laughed about and started waging economic and political wars against his rule and the German people including demanding international sanctions working together with the Zionists/Jews from USA, UK, France, Benelux and so on. In the end we know what happened there. It is the same thing going on right now against them coming not from one nation, region, continent or people but the whole world united together.

    Yet, they are acting as if they are laughing about and continue behaving the same way which is affecting the world including Ethiopia. They are the only one behind all bad and negative stories about Ethiopia with full of lies and inflammatory fictions to cause troubles in abroad and within. But that will never happen. Instead, they will harvest it for their own coming from the international community started in Europe which is going on with warming up mood and preparations.

    So, they are not only against us but the whole world including Russia, China, Iran and many more that are protecting their nation’s unity, integrity, values, norms, property, dignity and interest from being destroying or taken away by them.

  5. Raesi Mieki Alula from Hawaii , USA says:

    Just recently Alula Engda, Abaa Nega the first African general burial chamber rebuilt and inaugurated in Enda Aba Gerima Monastery. Even though Ethiopian leaders loved to mention Ras Alula as an example of Ethiopian heroic military general, his body was laying in the monastery for years forgotten.The rulers prefer to spend billions in giving tax break for alcohol importers and manufactuers but not even any consideration for the heroic people’s rich legacy.
    Raesi Alula Engda Equbi also known by his battle field name Alula Aba Nega newly rebuilt burial chamber inaugurated in his final resting place, the ancient and historical Enda Abba Gerima monastery.
    The historical monastery is located a few kilometers from the town of Adwa. The famous first African general is buried in the heart of Tigrai where the battle of Adwa took place in which he was one of the main leaders and heroes of the battle.
    Alula was born in 1827 to an assuming farming family in a small village called Menewe, Tmbien in central Tigrai State in northern Ethiopia. Started from a humble beginning he rose fast in the ranks of the Ethiopian military serving Emperor Yohannes IV, King of Zion and King of Kings of Ethiopia. Ultimately Raesi Alula Engada Equbi became the most respected by his friends and the most feared by his enemies.
    He has successfully defeated the Egyptians in Gundet 1875, Gura 1876, Aylet 1887, Senhit 1880, he defeated the Mahdists of Sudan; in 1885 in Metema. Long before the battle of Adwa Raesi Alula defeated the Italians; in Sahati 1887, Dogali 1887, and Amba-Alaje 1889. As we mentioned above he was the main leader at the battles of Mekelle 1896 and Adwa 1896.
    The newly rebuilt burial chamber was financed by Mr. Dawit Gebreigziabiher through one of his NGOs. The inauguration was attended by invited dignitaries, the clergy from the Enda Abba Gerima monastery, and many local people as well as from all over Ethiopia including Addis Ababa.
    The previous and current leaders of Ethiopia try to keep a lid in Tigraian nationalism and national pride by blurring the brilliant achievements of the hundreds of Tigrai emperors from the time of emperor Ezana to Emperor Yohannes and the ordinary Tigraians in the history of Ethiopia. Fortunately many young people from Tigrai are aware of what is going on and organizing and reorganizing to defend, reclaim, preserve, and revitalize Tigrai nationalism.

    As part of this process of recovering our history some projects are underway inside Ethiopia and abroad organized by concerned Tigraians.
    The sons and daughters of Tigrai have given so much to the betterment of Ethiopia throughout history. The people of Tigrai have been neglecting their own interest and sacrificing their nationalism for the sake of Ethiopian unity, but they are not getting the credit they deserve for all they do that is all about to change thanks to some events taking place. The tax break for alcohlic beverages importers and manufacturers need to be reexamined.

  6. billfree says:

    we never drink raya and dashen (which are owned by woyane )
    that is why woyane warns this medias. shame on woyane.

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