New Fluoride Reduction Technology Center Launched in Oromia


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  1. Hussein says:

    Flouride reduction center is what we need in Oromia to make people think clearly . The contaminated water is what made Oromia students go in exile to live in Afar region in exile in high numbers.

  2. us for us with us says:

    The El Nino effect in Ethiopia must be seen as blessing and the nationally programmed and arranged waking call in order to become free/independent from nature.

    Ethiopia is a special place in Africa because of she contains more than 75% of the entire continent highlands, mountains and valleys. Ethiopia is home to the greatest and breathtaking canyon and Gorges in the world which is the Nile valley. The country is very rich naturally including the best weather throughout the year.

    However the citizens are to slow and stupid unable to use the abandoned natural wealth for their advantages which is becoming being totally independent from nature. It is not a secret why Ethiopians are patriotic and do love their country very much. It is because of she is a special place and naturally gifted independent ancient nation which is unlike to many other places and nations in Africa and elsewhere.

    Weather in Ethiopia for the next 5 days and temperature in AA:

    15-04-2016 —lots of rain all over the country—20 degree day and 14 degree night
    16-04-2016—lots of rain all over the country— 20 degree day and 14 degree night
    17-04-2016— heavy rain all over the country—21 degree day and 14 degree night
    18-04-2016— lots of rain all over the country—22 degree day and 15 degree night
    The coming week(s) will continue raining heavily all over the country.

    Remember: This is the beginning of April (Miazia) in Ethiopia which is supposed to be the beginning of autumn (Belg) with some rains here and there and hot temperatures. However, thanks to God it is raining for weeks heavily and all over the country including the highland that has to be predominantly dry this time before the very long rainy season is started which is May- September the total of at least five months daily tropical raining and low temperature (17-21 degree day temperature).

    However, our stupid leaders, officials and the herd citizens are still talking about drought and its effects and still continue listening the shit lies, misinformation and poison vomits against our nation and us coming from the Zionists/Jews control USA, UK, Canada and so on shit talking about drought and famine instead of heavy rain, floods and low temperature which is unlike this time. Did you hear them talking a word about the recent flooding? No. The mother of all evil Medias BBC was talking about drought while standing on the area affected by recent flooding. This shows about their main objective and secret dirty jobs related to the El Niño effect and our nation in general.

    They are the worst enemies we are facing them for years and we have deal with them before anything else in order to live and work in our ways in our country based on our benefits and interests without any evil foreign interference like them using our weaknesses and shortages the best opportunities and weapons to attack and inflicts damages as worst and long as possible.

    Zimbabwe is asking the UN… for 1.4 billion dollar aids packages which is the same number the big Ethiopia does- 1.4 billion. Many nations in Africa including Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Madagascar, Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan, South Africa and so on are badly affected by El Nino and are demanding foreign aids. Some of them are now under the state of emergencies. But you here nothing the Zionists/Jews lead west talking about these nations while they are totally hatefully focusing and savagely engaging with none stop media wars against us using the situation for political reasons to achieve this way they are having in our country.

    They are dying inside and getting desperate and depressed when they see Ethiopians having their country and citizens matters under their own rights and ownerships while working together with the best and respectful nations like China, Russia and many more. Ethiopia becoming stronger, self sufficient and independent from them is the only reason why they are waging all sorts of wars against our nation in order to stop her and dragging her back to hell they are building for her as worst punishment and life time grave.

    The Zionists/Jews are in total panic and endless fear knowing they are losing their domination and control they had in the world including the weak and badly affected by them Africa. Africa is the only continent remained under their evil domination and they are keeping all eyes, energy and everything on the continent to keep it that way as long as it takes. That is why they are savagely attacking from all angles against nations like Ethiopia when they decide to take their nations matters under their own rights and responsibilities instead of being continue under the evils domination, influence, exploitation and control.
    They see China like the soviet bloc back then despite Russia is still there outsmarting them in every level including with the best international politics and producing different types of the most sophisticated and effective weapons the world ever witnessed.

    Fuck these evils and lets expel them from our country started from the evil so called journalist but in reality the CIA and MI6 spy agents and almost all of them are the Zionists/Jews including females from UK, USA, France, Canada, South Africa and Australia.

    The evils are continuing using the El Nino effect in Ethiopia for their political agenda in the country and race war to undermine blacks with lies and propaganda wars. We must stand up to deal with them and also our government that is not still smartly and widely opening its eyes, ears, mind and using its energy and resources including huge natural resources such as the current heavy rain all over the country in order to grow own food items including those need less than two months to grow such as vegetables including potato and so on and also grass and plants for animals. We must stop being stupid and ignorant still kneeling down to beg from the known enemies and evils that are using our stupidity and weaknesses for their advantages.

    This is the best time and biggest waking call Ethiopians must stand up and wage wars against their natural and human made enemies starting from the Zionists/Jews lead west by eliminating the things they are using to come in or attack from afar. The biggest and only one they are using are our weaknesses caused by human ; us being weak and stupid and also nature like El Niño. We must develop our agriculture to the highest levels in order to be totally self sufficient and the same time to stop the evils that are using our weaknesses/shortages for their advantages including those evils so called NGOs, Charities, aid agencies and so on from west mainly UK, USA, Benelux, Canada, France and Australia almost all of them are the Zionists/Jews including hiding and operating from the back.

    The El Nino effect in Ethiopia must be seen as blessing in order to become free/independent from being dependent on nature. We must start from now on to develop our agriculture potential using our abandoned rain falls, water wealth, fertile soil and nice weather. People must stop the foreign evils affecting them and the nation. The so called aid agencies are not here to help but to stop us helping ourselves for long term solution. The so called save the children which is the English establishment another tool to destroy representative in Ethiopia is a Canadian…. and he is in Ethiopia from more than 32 years. What is he doing there for 32 years? Is that to help the citizens to become self sufficient and free from aid or is that to keep the nation down to the ground in order they be able continue doing the evil things against us as he is there doing the same thing for 32 years?

    Down with these evils. Lets these evils go to hell. The Zionists/Jews run and control UK, USA, Canada, France, Australia and so on influence in Ethiopia must stop. Instead we have to work together with useful, reliable, hard working, respectful and trustworthy nations like China in order to develop our situation to the 21-century levels. As long as the evils are around, be sure, there will be no progress but regress and more and more problems will continue appearing against us because of them/the Zionists/Jews that are in control everything what is going on over there including media, money, politics and influence.

    The tropical rain is heading towards the North/Highland and will stay there until the end of September with daily tropical rainfalls. Are all the necessary elements well prepared and in place in order to facilitate the agriculture sectors the best ways for the best harvest ever happened in our country? We have to prepare well and commit as much as it demands in order to use effectively the next heavy rain season in our country including filling our dams to the full.

    Thanks to the coming heavy rainy season, Ethiopia will produce at least 2.3 billion dollar worth extra energy from the new Hydro dams including Gilgel Gibe III. Yet, IMF (European) is talking negatively about the Ethiopian economy using it for political reasons. Ethiopia must do everything possible to use the next best rainy season effectively in order to maximize the harvests and continue with the double digits grow economy.

  3. us for us with us says:

    ‘The corrupt and brutal tyrannies’ propped up by Britain’s foreign aid budget”

    UK aid: £178m a year =$270m
    Corruption league table ranking: 166 (Third most corrupt of 168 countries)

    UK aid: £189m a year =$285m
    Ranking: joint 139

    UK aid: £538m a year =$810m
    Ranking: 117

    UK aid: £250m a year =$375
    Ranking: 136

    UK aid: £81m a year =$120m
    Ranking: 130

    UK aid: £129m a year =$195m
    Ranking: joint 139

    UK aid: £183m a year =$275m
    Ranking: 147

    UK aid: £92m a year =$137m
    Ranking: joint 139

    UK aid: £134m a year =$200m
    Ranking: 163

    UK aid: £66m a year=$99m
    Ranking: 44

    UK aid: £66m a year =$99m
    Ranking: 150

    * None of the above mentioned nations are directly targeted, negatively influenced, getting none stop bad interference in internal matters, invaded/occupied in the name of delivering aid or…, politically and socially attacked, humiliated or put under the pressures by that little evil island from far away the ways Ethiopia has been through for years in the name of aid. We are hoping the bunch of so called officials including so called Ethiopian diplomats in UK would see this and understand how shamble and full of lies is the so called aid given to Ethiopia portraying it as if it is only given to Ethiopia and it is the highest which is not.

    Look at Pakistan, Nigeria and other small nations so called aid given to them without affecting them with anything but all bad and negative against Ethiopia in the name of aid that is not helping the country to be free from seeking aid but worsening the situation which is all about the idea of western so called aid. They are using it for their long term agenda in the country and to achieve that they are working to worsen the situations while none stop working to create the new ones in order to stop development that would bring Ethiopia equal as they are if not better than them including with acceptable division of wealth and less inequalities which is unlike in their countries.

    India is on the top of the list followed by Pakistan receiving the highest amount of aid. But when it comes to with the proportion of the populations, other nations are taking the first page of the lists, Not Ethiopia. In Pakistan, they are not allowed to come in as it is the same in Afghanistan, Bangladesh and other Muslim nations mainly women with western dressing codes and also so called Journalists. They kill them with no merci at all as they did in Pakistan to that American Jew so called journalist few years ago. But we are watching them and worse than that we are allowing them to associate with us and also facilitating them when they are at war against us using Medias as weapons of mass destruction against us.

    We must free us and our nation from the idea of aid/development assistance coming from nations like the Tiny, desperate, depressed and deprecated England they are using it to come in and destroy Ethiopia which is not the case in other nations because of they are not allowed them even to come in let alone to affect them while living among them. Go to Kenya, South Africa, and Nigeria and so on. They are not walking alone and reach any place they want in any time as they do in Ethiopia. They are hiring body guards and security guards at home. They are living in isolated and well protected areas where the natives are not allowed. Go to Nairobi, SA cities and towns and so on. In Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sudan and so on, they are not allowed even to come in, let alone to walk, reach or leave peacefully among the citizens.

    The reason they are against Ethiopia is because of we are allowing them. Deal with them the harsh way using any means necessary knowing they have nothing to deliver but they are there to affect us as worst us possible. Ethiopia needs nothing from them but to leaves us alone completely and stays away. Live without them around is the best thing to happen. We are good enough and have lots of potentials to be ourselves and develop our nation the best ways using our abandoned natural gifts including the best weather in the tropic while working together with useful, respectful, understandable, reliable and trustworthy nations like China, Italy, Russia, Japan and so on.

    Ethiopia is not getting more but less aid comparing with others while she is badly affected by them for years in many ways using the idea of aid as the best right them to be there anytime they want and do anything they want against us reaching any place and meet anyone they want which is satanic their policy bring them in our country the first place. Let them all go to hell.

    The worst ever El Niño season in Ethiopia is gone. The El Nina era is already has begun. We must prepare for that such as with flood preventions including protecting the fertile soil from erosion, filling our dams, lakes and so on to the full and most importantly assisting the farmers when and how they have to do the farming activities.

    No nation mainly Ethiopia that is under their merciless and racist constant attacks for decades will develop or get any peace as longs as we are allowing them to play us with the idea of aid/international development assistance none stop propaganda talking always mentioning our weaknesses and shortages by magnifying and repeating the existing ones, bringing the old ones as if they are here today, too or creating fictional stories they are wishing to see in our country and they are working secretly for it including creating hostilities and divisions within.

    Lets, them all go to hell started from the western so called medias and agencies run by the spay agents and merciless criminals they are training, hiring and sending them to affect us while pretending differently which is the rule of the game.

  4. kabtamu tola supei says:

    I would glad if I àm employer of your company and really i fit all the criteria

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