Ethiopian troops surround an area in South Sudan where abducted Ethiopian children are being held


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3 Responses

  1. yoni says:

    “A government official in Gambella said that the abducted children would soon be rescued, …”

    It means it is negotiated, the perpetrators used the abducted as a bargaining chips and shield their way to fled to Uganda or to their hide out places.

    What a shame…The news says nothing about the army has surrounded the kidnappers and the murderers…those 60 ppl the army claimed they killed for sure look like useless shields the kidnappers used till they go their way.
    The Ethiopian army is in SS to give a ride back home to abducted and they are not going to chase and kill the murderers period!

    We might as well ask the SS govt to bring the victims back to Ethiopia and save ourselves some retro for …sakes.

    our govt has grown to be spineless entity who like to keep on negotiating for a no tangible outcome.

    I am however happy to the families who are getting their family members back.

  2. ethoash says:

    i wish them good luck and i cant wait to see the freed children

    what would be our take away lesson ?

    we have to established 911 center where people call in emergence

    we have to use cheaper but modern technology today we have GPS tracker for wild animal if we have GPS tracker in few of the cow they could have lead as to the target

    we have to infiltrate those South Sudan mafia and someone should phone us before show down we have to have local informant

  3. Mahlet says:

    Both the South Sudan and Ethiopian governments are known to be war mongers . Both spend most of their resources on weapons and other military expenses while their people die from lack of simple basic necessities. They both are in a habit of war for the wrong reasons making their people go in exile at a higher rate than any other African country in the year 2015. Children in Ethiopia are engaged in child labor including in agriculture and in the worst forms of child labor, including in domestic work. If it is up to the children they might prefer to be adopted by European or American foster parents than returning to Ethiopia and the South Sudanese civil society organizations should work to make the possibility of parents in USA or Europe adopting the children happen . Ethiopia still lacks a compulsory education law which leaves children vulnerable to the worst forms of child labor. Social programs to combat child labor have not sufficiently targeted sectors with a high incidence of child labor in Ethiopia that is why Ethiopian children account for 25% of the total international adopted children of the world.

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