Ethiopian community members in Stockholm and Surrounding cities discuss with Foreign minister Dr. Tedros Adhanom (in pictures)


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  1. us for us with us says:

    We know everything what is working for us or not. We have all the keys and ingredients in our hands how to make our Ethiopia the most prosperous and useful nation for her citizens. Everything we need to make our country being the best for us is nowhere but in Ethiopia and no one responsible but Ethiopians in Ethiopia.

    99% Diaspora Ethiopians are proud and normal people engaging with day today normal life and useful human activities helping themselves and the country they live while wishing the best and doing the most for their mother country back home. Only less than 1% Diasporas are behaving like dogs, failed human objects and angry savage creatures barking like dumb and wounded primitive animal that is waiting to die while hiding and also getting supports from foreign enemies all of them are in the west mainly USA, UK, Canada, Norway, Sweden and Benelux.

    Foreign relation is something extra particularly the kind of relation with western nations including Sweden. It comes/must happen after all the available and necessary jobs in the country are done properly and on time working exactly how they should be. No nation particularly in Africa including Ethiopia will benefit and prosper based on their own vision and plan by relaying on foreign relations mainly with the west. History shows perfectly how Africans are treated and seen as sub humans for centuries by the slave masters, colonizers and neo colonizers that are always having in mind wealth/profit, power, influence and domination. This time they are looking Africa in order to control the entire and lucrative markets, colonize the consumers including with addictions of…. and none stop dumping their products because of the shortage of domestic as well as worldwide markets for their products.

    West (Europe) is no longer drinking beer, smoking cigarettes or consuming sugary or fatty products because of they are dangerous for health and the society at large. Those companies that are producing unhealthy and addicted products such as breweries, coca cola, tobacco producers, MC Donald and its likes are moving to Africa for lucrative profit in the form of looting and exploiting at the huge cost of the nation economy and public health. Breweries like Heineken and others from Holland, England and the apartheid side of South Africa are monopolizing the Ethiopian beer production and market which is very dangerous for the society and bad for economy. The Foreign ministry needs to worry about this kind foreign relation and stay home to make it reverse and work for Ethiopia in the short mainly long term strategy development plan in the country by Ethiopians.

    Therefore, the Ethiopian foreign ministry needs to get some brain including learning from the past in the country and others from abroad in order to do the best foreign ministry jobs at home serving the nation with the best foreign ministry job activities and results. Ethiopia needs to concentrate to minimize imports by producing at home the imported products starting from the simplest and easiest ones to produce them. Concentrating on export our products to the west is something will never materialize but living in the dream Kuku land with no gain in the end but turned to be the worst nightmare. . The greatest challenge the west facing is being unable to sell the products they are producing in mass and very easily. That means they are looking not to import from us but export to us.

    For that reason, they need us much more than we need them to export their expensive shiny face with empty body less quality products including the health risky and environment damaging ones. That is why they are working directly and indirectly creating obstacles and setbacks in the country including creating and supporting so called rebels/oppositions in abroad like Sweden is doing in order to keep us weak and poor unable to produce the products we need at home but always importing from them which is the best strategy for creating jobs and making the economy moving in their countries at our huge and multiple effect costs and losses.

    If I were the foreign minister, I will stay at home and 24/7 concentrate how to tackle domestic situations that are influenced by foreigners and also having foreign implications including the El Nino effects and the evil so called journalists, aid agencies, NGOs, Charities and so on from the west none stop and daily propaganda wars against us. We have seen/still witnessing how happy they are feeling and how low they are getting when they are witnessing the El Niño effect in our country covering it with full of lies and misleading fictional stories magnifying it million times worse than it is in reality in order to damage our nation’s image and undermine us as they are doing so for decades.

    The truth in Ethiopia right now is that many places are suffering from flooding for the last two and three weeks. yet, the evils from the west that are controlled, own and run by the Zionists/Jews including the criminal medias and the savage so called journalists, relief agencies, NGOs, Charities and you name it are continue talking lies about drought. Is drought today in Ethiopia? No. Is the El Niño effect? Yes, it is but will be over soon within two or three month’s efforts thanks to the early rain arrivals and raining all over the country. It is the flooding making the worst effect right now in some places than the manageable El Niño drought did/is.

    Yet, the Zionists/Jews savages are continuing attacking Ethiopia as they are doing for decades using El Niño the best weapons to do so. We are not hoping but waiting with certainty to see happening the new generation of Ethiopia to target them in order to stop the crimes they are waging against us for decades. This will happen. It is just the matter of time. The behavior they are having against Ethiopia for decades make them to be the worst enemy and target knowing they are and will be the biggest fret to our nation. They will not be forgiven ever for the crimes they did/doing against us for years including being in the country. Almost all so called western Medias and Journalists in Ethiopia coming from the west are the Zionists/Jews working freely and happily savagery against Ethiopia. For how long we have to tolerate them?

    So, the foreign ministry must know what are the biggest priorities and the best jobs it must concentrate in the country rather than travelling abroad to the countries that are affecting us directly or indirectly including giving shelters and supports to the so called rebels/oppositions like the Scandinavians (Sweden and Norway) are doing. Do we really need them? For what? Them staying away from us/our matters is the best thing to happen to us. They are the sources of the troubles and setbacks we are facing at home.

    Ethiopia must stop concentrating more than needed on export activities but reducing/minimizing imports by producing the products in the country which is the best including creating jobs and developing eth nation and society. Ethiopia as the best place for agriculture activities by having with abandoned all the farming ingredients must develop her agriculture sector at the 21-century levels using the abandoned rainfalls that are daily pouring in the country for last 3 weeks and will continue till the end of September. El Nino 2015 must be seen as the finale call, test and best weapon to equip Ethiopia for long term agriculture development activities in order to satisfy first domestic consumers and for export than importing them which is a shame and disaster when a country like Ethiopia has to import food and drink items.

    Manufacturing, food processing and also industrial activities are directly related to the agriculture sectors. Agriculture is not feeding only the living but also industry and development activities. Ethiopia needs to produce products to satisfy her huge consumers and then exporting to the neighboring nations than looking far away for export in the west that is looking Ethiopia to dump its products including the health risky and addicted ones like cigarettes, soft drinks and alcohols. Ethiopia needs to produce products in the country not only the easiest and simplest ones but also cars, machines, engines, equipments, medicines, Wash machines, mobile phones, weapons and so on which is the best way to reduce trade deficits/unbalanced or unfair foreign economic relations.

    So, stop running to abroad instead of working hard and good at home. This is the time to use the al- Nina effect which is flooding in Ethiopia caused by huge rail fall that will be the hardest for decades. We must stop waiting nature to balance our situations but we have to use nature to balance the negative and bad effects including when it whether by El Niño (2015) or Al Niña that is going on in Ethiopia in 2016.

    Thanks to EBC for giving the attention and daily coverage about the Ethiopian weather situations and farming activities in the country. If Ethiopians have the vision and will to develop the country and free themselves from poverty, shortages and foreign enemies that are using our weaknesses and shortages for their advantages, the country must develop her agriculture sectors including food processing and use the best water management including building dams and apply better irrigation systems in order to use the water effectively and avoiding the unnecessarily water losses through primitive irrigation systems and lack of knowledge for water conservations.

  2. Hailemariam D. says:

    It was recently announced that Ethiopia aims to benefit and ensure the youth with access to credit and ownership of productive assets. Indeed, Ethiopia has pledged that the post 2015 sustainable development goals related to youth empowerment will be fully implemented aligned with the sectors’ development strategy to ensure benefit and participation of the youth in overall economic, political and decision-making process.
    Indeed, as clearly stated in the Second Growth and Transformation Plan, the main objectives of the government in the coming five years will be the empowerment of the youth so as to enable them ensure full participation in and benefit from the socio-economic and political process as well as ensuring the welfare and rights of children that is why the models by Kurat in the links below need to be studied and implemented by the diaspora youth that want to be part of the historical transformation process…

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