Hailemariam Desalegn Signs Historic Paris Agreement on Climate Change


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  1. us for us with us says:

    Ethiopia signing the document makes no big impact on the overall earth climate situations because of the country is among the least nations that are producing carbon dioxide or other environment unfriendly substances such as chemicals and so on. Ethiopia is on the top of the list with very limited carbon release comparing with the population proportion among the nations. 97% Ethiopia electricity (4500mw-inclduing Gilgel Gibe 3) is coming from clean sources. Projects that are on the making to make Ethiopia able to produce more than 17.000MW within 5 years(2020) are all clean energy sources including Hydro, wind, Geothermal and solar.

    Therefore, Ethiopia signing this document or not makes no difference in the Ethiopian energy sector but making her able to use her best position in the clean energy for compensation from nations that are polluting the earth massively affecting nations that are not polluting for profits/development reasons including Ethiopia.

    USA is the biggest polluter alongside with UK and some western European nations. China and Indian population is 33% or 1/3 of the world population. Although they are releasing substantial amount of dirty and dangerous carbon and chemicals, USA and some others are the biggest polluters comparing with the rate of the population each of them has.

    However, USA and some others that are massively polluting the earth for generations didn’t sign this document while more than 170 nations did. China will do soon. China is leading the world with clean energy technology; producing electricity from Hydro, wind, solar and geothermal. China is busy in all fronts to become the world leader with clean energy technology knowing the era of oil and gas is over as it is with coal.

    Cars, planes, machines, engines and anything that needs energy is going function using electricity produced from clean sources. There are countries in Europe having plan to stop buying news cars that are using oil or gas in 2025. By 2030, all cars must use electricity. This seems a big ambition but the new generation worldwide is determine to kill and finish the era of the dirty and dangerous oil and gas that is affecting the world in many ways not only polluting the environment but also the desert wahabbi backward and savage Arabs behavior against the world using the oil and gas money they are getting with billions without doing any job.

    That is why the brave and responsible China is giving the biggest priorities in the clean energy technology knowing clean energy coming from Hydro, Wind, Solar and so on will certainly kill and destroy the dirty oil and gas criminal era and will be the only sources of energy for generations to come; only needs to improve the technology in order to minimize the costs and maximize the benefits. China stopping/reducing importing coal from Australia, USA and so on is killing the coal companies in these nations that are making billions at the coast of the earth environment that belongs to everyone equally.

    There is no doubt Chinese thinkers, politicians, scientists, engineers, technology developers and business people are going to kill and bury it in the forever grave the criminal era of oil and gas replacing it with clean energy sources that are free, easy, less costly, everywhere available mainly in the tropics and will be the cheapest when the new technology takes its place in this sector.

    What Ethiopia has to do is having the 21-century education system based on the nation overall situations including for the research and development activities in the clean energy sectors. Ethiopian hydro energy potential is 45,000-60.000 mw. Hydro energy is the cheapest to build and the easiest to manage particularly in the tropics in the places that are having the topography like Ethiopia does which is the best for building Hydro dams and making it working.

    Uganda Karuma Hydroelectric power 600 MW, Cost $2.2 billion.
    Ethiopia Gilgel Gibe; 1870 mw, Cost $1.8 billion=$7 billion if it was in Uganda.
    Ethiopia Hedase Dam; 6000 mw, Cost $4.8 billion=$22 billion if it was in Uganda.

    The costs are the same in other nations like it is in Uganda if not worse including Egypt’s planned d 4 nuclear central with 12 billion dollar construction coast to produce 4.800 MW. However, the greatest cost will be to operating the central that is consuming none stop raw materials and also very dangerous if/when things are getting wrong because of human made or natural causes.

    Ethiopia’s wind energy potential is 1.3 million MW which is the highest in Africa followed by Morocco and one of the biggest in the world. The country has about 10.000 MW Geothermal potential. The country also has unlimited amount of Solar energy sources.
    However, we are still suffering from the shortage of energy because of we are not able to produce it despite we have the greatest potential than anybody else in Africa and among the few in the world. We must educate and equip ourselves in the new energy sources technology in order to solve the energy problems and getting the benefits that would be bigger than what oil and gas is doing in the dead, empty and naturally cursed desert.

    Ethiopia must stop using education books written by others like in England for their own students based on their own situations at home and the plans and agendas they are having in the world including against us. It is pathetic, damaging and shameful using others school materials in our schools despite there are huge natural and human made difference between them and us. Math, physics, chemistry, biology, IT, engineering, and so on are practical, international and the same wherever and whenever we are using them. But what makes the difference is the way we use them, the reasons and the benefit we are getting from. That means Ethiopia must use them based on her own situation including teaching the students on the Ethiopian ways; not the Tiny English way; she is using the school materials and education systems to influence and brainwash others including in Ethiopia while they call it aid and support which is hahaha.

    Therefore, signing this document is no making any difference in Ethiopia as the country is not polluting the environment but producing energy from clean sources. What the PM has to do from day one after his return from New York is taking the lead and making all efforts in order to facilitate Ethiopian school system and students with the clean energy technology education, research and development directions and activities with long term clean and clear vision, plan and agenda.

    We know clean energy that is coming from Hydro, Wind, Solar and so on will be the next everlasting energy source on earth. The era of the dirty and dangerous oil and gas will be over soon. According to the prediction, 80% of the Saudi and others oil deposit will not be used but remain buried as the world is very quickly moving and determine towards clean energy while waging peaceful and mindful wars in many fronts to kill oil and gas including developing and using mass electric cars and Solar energy on the top of the roofs where they live.

    Ethiopia needs to work very closely with China and others including Japan and also India in the clean energy technology starting from educating the young generation for future self sufficient in the energy technology with own capacity. Nations that are going to master the clean energy sources and usage including mass producing electric cars, will play the biggest roles; much more and longer than the dirty oil and gas dictators are doing. So, we must not take time or be late but we have to go for it knowing it is the future only best, acceptable, everywhere available and profitable development sources and way of life.

  2. Be ewnetu says:

    You Biniam. You talking about HD sign picture while Ethiopians massacre, drowned and the nation is. In brave?

  3. abebe says:

    nice website Awramba.

  4. Techan Ws says:

    Nice & real News site.

  5. አይ says:

    lame topic . BTW HD is insignificant both at home and abroad.

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