Who Owns Kana TV, the Satellite Station Quickly Drew Public Attention in Ethiopia?


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25 Responses

  1. us for us with us says:

    Get informed and know the truth who is who and what they are doing for real.

    Among the Schulz family investment groups are: Peter Schulze, Gabriel Schulze. Elias Schulze and Isaiah Schulze

    It is not about only media and getting profit from it but using the media for their nasty and damaging plan and agenda in our country.

    It is also not about Moby Group or kana TV but the Schulze family is getting deeper, deeper and deeper too dirty in the Ethiopian economy, politics, social engineering brainwashing the youth and misleading the nation for its greedy and evil Zionists/Jews conspiracy for money/profit, power, domination and influence.

    21st century fox or simply fox is an evil Zionists media group that is waging none stops media wars against blacks in USA, UK, and aboriginals in Australia. The evil Zionists behind this criminal media empire is an old and evil Zionists creature like other Zionists such as the nasty Soros, Leman brothers, JPMorgan, Rockefeller, Bloomberg, Reuters(E. Israel), and many others that are controlling the world medias, banks, financial activities, trade, investment, politics and you name it.

    This mother fucker Schulz family group is planning to eat Ethiopia to the bong until nothing is left attacking her savagely from all sides including through equity/hedge funds and now media. We must stop them and protect our country and the citizens before it is too late.

    Those Ethiopians serving this savage group are stupid animals allying with their own nation enemies instead of doing the jobs by themselves in order to get the benefit for themselves while serving their nation the best ways. They are the sold out ignorant Bandas foolishly and happily serving their own enemies. Why don’t they do the job in their own country by themselves? The Ethiopian Medias and also those do care about their country and citizens must fight this kind invasion which is worse than a foreign military force before it damaged the society and looted the nation.

    Ethiopia needs her citizens to get and do the nations’ jobs, deliver good services/results and get the benefits; not handing over the nation to the enemies that are not only getting huge profits from our losses but also damaging the society through the Zionists/Jews evil media wars that is affecting the whole world including the white race.


    Moby Group:

    Moby Group is the largest media company in Afghanistan.[1] Moby Group is privately owned, with headquarters in Kabul and 15 bureaus throughout Afghanistan. The company also has an office in Dubai, where regional business is conducted.
    Moby Group was founded by entrepreneur Saad Mohseni, an Afghan-Australian when he returned to his native Afghanistan in 2002. Based in the capital city of Kabul, as of 2010 the company employs over 400 staff across 11 businesses.

    *21st Century Fox as a strategic minority shareholder:

    Twenty-First Century Fox (stylized as 21st Century Fox and simply known as Fox) is an American multinational mass media corporation. It was one of two companies formed from the 2013 spin-out of the publishing assets of News Corporation, as founded by Rupert Murdoch in 1979; 21st Century Fox is the legal successor to News Corporation, and primarily deals in the film and television industries. The other company, the “new” News Corporation, holds Murdoch’s print interests.

    *Elias Schulze:

    Elias Schulze serves as the Africa CEO for Kaymu, an online marketplace with operations across 16 African countries and aggressive ongoing expansion. Kaymu is a part of Africa Internet Group (AIG), a joint venture between Rocket Internet, MTN, and Tigo Millicom. Prior to joining Kaymu, Schulze worked as an Engagement Manager for McKinsey & Company, where he was based in Nigeria and worked throughout Africa with a significant strategy focus. Previously, he worked at Emerging Capital Partners (ECP), an Africa-focused private equity firm. He is also co-founder of The Africa Group, an advisory and venture capital firm, which has taken stakes in several early stage African tech firms, including HelloDoctor Ethiopia. Schulze holds a BS and MS from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service.

    *Viewers will need a dis and a box and the whole set-up will cost US$80-100:”

    It is 2100 birr which is a lot. But the worst is the damage this foreign own media is doing against our society based on own agenda and plan. Do they know us? No. They are racists against us but will continue talking about us and telling us what to do, to be or not which is the worst thing to happen to any society when the racists and greedy like them are getting to deep and close in our matters like this way.

    The Schulze family has always embraced the frontier — and Schulze Global carries that legacy into the twenty-first century
    Schulze Global is at the forefront of conversations about successfully investing in frontier markets
    Over the past years, Schulze Global has expanded from its core business into other, complementary areas that leverage the capabilities, resources, know-how, and global footprint of the firm

    Schulze Global uses an adapted version of the JP Morgan definition of Impact Investing: Impact Investing is not the same as “Socially Responsible Investing” (“SRI”
    Neither is Impact Investing the application of “business” or “market-based” principles to charity or philanthropic endeavors. Impact Investing is not another way of saying “Program Related Investing” (“PRI”).

    Board of Directors

    Mr. Peter Schulze
    Chairman Emeritus, Non-Executive

    Mr. Gabriel Schulze
    Executive Chairman
    Mr. Elias Schulze
    Director, Non-Executive
    Mr. Isaiah Schulze
    Chief Operating Officer
    Isaiah Schulze is COO at Schulze Global. Prior to joining Schulze Global, Mr. Schulze worked in Hong Kong for the China Asean Investment Cooperation Fund, a US$1 billion cross-border private equity fund. He has also worked for the Whitaker Group, an advisory firm focused on frontier markets. Mr. Schulze received his Bachelor’s degree magna cum laude from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. He is fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese.

    Address Ethiopia:
    The SGI Building Bole Kifle Ketema,
    Bole Medhanialem Kebele 03/05,
    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia +251 11 662 2683 +251 11 663 2041 (f)

    Intervew in 2013.

    The US investor, Gabriel Schulze, who’d gone out on a limb and started up Ethiopia’s first private equity fund, I couldn’t wait to meet him.

    Seven years after he started looking at investing in Ethiopia, today private equity is queuing up to get into one of the world’s largest untapped markets with only the most nascent of private sectors.

    In the past two years, Heineken and Diageo have acquired Ethiopia’s three leading state brewers in deals worth $400m. Last year, UK-based asset managers Duet Group and Vasari made the largest private equity investment in Ethiopia to date when it took a controlling stake in Dashen Brewery, an independent brewer, for $90m. In July this year, Bob Geldof’s 8 Miles bought the state-owned Awash wineries through a local investment vehicle, Blue Nile Investment.

    South Africa’s largest consumer-foods firm, Tiger Brands, bought a controlling stake in a new Ethiopian pasta, flour and biscuits manufacturer in 2011. Silk Invest, a UK investment manager, took a minority stake in biscuit makers NAS Foods last June, while Schulze Global Investment is also taking a minority stake in another food company..

    Several other private equity players are also operating in the country.”

    This was in 2013 after teh great and protectos Meles’s death. Do we know what is going on in our country since that interview for the last 3 years?

    *Dr. Tedros met with Mr. Gabriel Schulze, founder, Chairman and CEO of Schulze Global Investments on Thursday (March 2015.”

  2. ዳንኤል says:

    እኔ ችግሩ ምንም አይታየኝም፣ እስከዛሬ ድረስ በ ኢቲቪ ያሜሪካ ፊልሞችን በእግሊዘኛ አይደል እንዴ ስንኮመኩም የኖርነው? አሁን ቃና የህንድ፣ የብራዚል፣ የኮሪያ…. ፊልሞችን ካማርኛ ፊልሞች ጋር ጎን ለጎን ሲያቀርብልን ምድረ አድሃሪ ተንጫጫች። ቃና ፊልሞቹን በራሳችን ቋንቋ ከማቅረቡ ባሻገር እስካሁን ባሜሪካ ፊልሞች ተገደቦ የነበረው ምርጫና አስተሳሰባችንን ወደ ሌላ ሃገራት ስራዎች አስፍቶታል።

    • Temesgen says:

      ereeeee daniel dani aradaw? kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    • ሰለሞን ዘርዐዳዊት says:

      ወንድም ዳንኤል :ሳስበው አይንህ ላይ ፖንት አስርሀል መሰል ። እስኪ አንድ ጥያቄ ልጠይቅህ ? እስካሁን ስንት ሰአት በዚህ idiot ቲቪ ጊዜህን አጥፍተሀል ? ምን አልባት ከ150 ሰአታት በላይ ከዚህም አልፎ ለድድብና ቅርብ የሆኑ ከ45 ሚልየን በላይ የዋሆች አሉ ። አስበኸዋል ይህ ቁጥር በ150 ቢባዛ የኢትዮጲያ ህዝብ ስንት አመታትን በ ድድብና እንደሚያሳልፉ ።ሌላው ቀርቶ የሰይጣን ማህበርተኞች በ ሚዲያ ሰበብ ያሴሩትን ሴራስ ታዉቃለህ?
      ምላሽህን ላክልኝ ።

  3. us for us with us says:

    KanaTV is indirectly owned by the evil and racist Zionist/Jew Murdoch.

    Are these trashes in the name of KanaTV Ethiopians with heart, mind and soul or they are really trash and weak using their citizenship right to affect the country and citizens allying with the worst foreign enemies humanity ever faced? It is better to be the trustworthy servant Bandas to the fascist Italy and Mussolini than the Zionists/Jews criminal Medias and their evil and racists so called journalists, scholars and whatever name they are using to hide their true identities and criminal activities coming to other countries without invited but using different tactics and crimes to be there including lies, bribes and corruptions.

    Do really they know what the 21-century fox entertainment media is and the hateful, racist and criminal nature of the Zionist Murdoch long standing known behavior against blacks in USA, UK, Australian aboriginals and all black people? What makes these Bandas to be used by the evil and worst racist Murdoch and his criminal media in order to affect our nation in many ways as he/his family criminal corporate media/entertainment is known with among one of the worst evil Zionists/Jews criminal and inhuman activities against humanity for so long including these days?

    So called KanaTV is a clandestine entity created and financed by the worst foreign enemies like Murdoch and those associating with his criminal activities and racists behaviors using media as weapons of mass destruction against blacks and nations. It must not allow getting any foot in the country knowing when once it is there, it will invade the whole nation very rapidly and badly affect the country in many ways. It is worst than aid viruses that is not go away if it allows to inter the body. Murdoch and his criminal media empire must not allow in Ethiopia for any reason, if we what to have our country and us for us in our ways.

    Ethiopian journalists need to do the investigating journalism works including to know more the the truth about the Schulz family group presence in our country in the name of investment and what they are doing for real and how they do? Are they engaging with real investment activities Ethiopia needs the most and gets benefit from like our best friends and allies the Chinese are doing in the manufacturing, industry, construction, infrastructure, knowledge transfer, huge employment and so on?

  4. billfree says:

    who cares? now we’re happy because ESAT’s transmission is started in ETHIOPIA . we will get what we need from ESAT.

  5. Tilahun says:

    Are you sure about it? What will they have in order to penetrate norms of we Ethiopian?

  6. jambo desta says:

    hi billfree !! R U dreaming in the braight day ? you can’t see & hear when ESAT (Eritrean Satelite Telv.) is transmiting its meanigless & dirty program in the precious & heroic land of Ethiopia in your life & for ever . But U have the right to dream day & nighy .

  7. us for us with us says:

    Are these men so called Ethiopians from KanaTV real and true Ethiopian with heart, mind and soul or foreigners with or without Ethiopian roots have very nasty and long term plans to affect our society and nation using foreign owned, programmed and operating media to destroy our unity, sovereignty, dignity, human values, norms, culture, economy and so on with bad and racist foreign ideas and activities designed to destroy blacks including in USA, UK, and everywhere they are to make them the way they are?

    Ethiopia must not and will not be defeated easily by anyone and get affected badly without fierce fight as she is known with throughout history keeping her independency, freedom, sovereignty, dignity, culture and wealth from savage and merciless greedy racist foreign invaders, colonizers, slave masters and looters. Ethiopia needs nothing or no one from abroad to be in the country in the name of investment in media, entertainment or sport activities as she doesn’t need any foreigner in the financial, Banks, Telecom and so on sectors.

    The country is good enough to do those very important jobs and activities by herself knowing they must be always done by Ethiopians based on the Ethiopian situations, ways and benefits including advertisement that is bringing lots of money both sides giving the first and always priorities to Ethiopian domestic produced products in Ethiopian markets instead of what kanaTV masters are having long term damaging secret plans behind affecting our nation in many ways including the consumers and domestic producers using this mercenary media/TV channel run by weak, ignorant and soulless Banda agents with face renting agreements to mislead the nation as if it belongs to Ethiopians and run by them (without foreign interference based on own agenda and plan) which is not..


    Death to the Neo con NWO hardware that is operating with the Zionists/Jews highly infected dangerous virus software Globalization agenda in the name of investment, free trade, free market, free media and so on instead of fairness and benefits all sides without affecting anything or anybody including the environment or affecting the natives with foreign inhuman and bad behaviors and criminal activities to destroy them and their country.

    Ethiopians owned medias, entertainment, film, music, advertisement and the like state owned as well as private entities are in big troubles and under attacks waiting them a very uncertain and troubling future ahead caused by the merciless and evil foreign so called medias to destroy our nation for good for the sake of profit and implementation the damaging secret agendas the Zionists/Jews lead west (USA and UK) have in our country against our society.

    This is the worst thing ever happen to Ethiopia in her very long independent, proud and full of dignity history. It will not only destroy the country and citizens for profit and also facilitate the implementation of their secret agendas but also will undermine and finally bankrupt the Entire Ethiopian media outlets including the private owned that are trying their best to standing up, walk, improve and develop, entertainment industry including film, music and Theatre and advertisement and sport coverage. This one or any other foreign (western) evil media invasion must be stopped before it is too late or soon rather than later patriotic and wise Ethiopian will rise up against it and any other bad things to protect their country from foreign conspiracies and enemies for profit and affect the society from its head and soul as they are doing against blacks in the west including USA.

    Those so called Ethiopians that are part of this Zionist conspiracy and media war for profit must be stopped including the hard ways. We must not give time or space to the Bandas as we didn’t always including during the Adwa and fascist wars by foreigners coming to our country to invade, colonize and destroy us forever. We didn’t go to their place but they came to invade us and we had to fight them with prides and determinations for victorious outcomes.
    This is another very damaging foreign invasion for profit, power, influence and domination (new kinds of colonization and enslavement in the name of Globalization) but with different approaches, styles and methods. Ethiopia must learn from China, Russia and so on how to handle and make working the nation media outlets and entertainment industry including online advertisements without any foreign (western) damaging interference or bad involvement.

    Alibaba of china which is the biggest online advertizing company worth billions and delivering the best service is owned and run by the Chinese and the money generating from remains in the Chinese hands. It is working for the Chinese people benefits. Ethiopians must develop Ethiopian owned online market oriented and advertisement activities including improving the Amharic software and make it easily available and accessible We must not allow the greedy and profit hungry foreign evils to come in behind doors and windows like this one is doing in the name of evil Zionists/Jew Murdoch, Schulz family group and the afghan mystery man to takeover our nation media and entertainment sovereignty and the huge benefits generated from. They must not allow to get their ways in our country in the name of investment in service sectors including media and entertainment to loot us to the bon while affecting the society with bad foreign ideas and activities most of them are inhuman and damaging.

    Just stop, take time, breathe deeply, feel as a human being like anybody else and think wisely about their activities in our country. Who are we? Are we dumb, weak, ignorant and naive to these low levels unable to do our things in our own country where we have full and all the rights and responsibilities in our hands and power? Those bad foreigners that are coming to our country are naturally the same as we do. But they are coming to our country to use us for their benefits as if we are wild animals in the savannah have no abilities or rights to have own homeland for own benefits?

    This so called KanaTV is a foreign media totally controlled and owned from behind by greedy foreigners/Zionists(fox) they know nothing about us who we are and what we want while using the so called Ethiopians (or Eritreans?) to hide their true evil identities in order to achieve their nasty multiple goals in our country with long term vision to overtake the entire nations media and entertainment activities and online services that allow them to control the Ethiopian markets and huge consumers for their own profits. What kind benefit has any foreign media including this one to Ethiopia other than the Ethiopian ones run by Ethiopians with no any foreign power/force interference for any reason?

    What does an Afghan (a failed state where the fanatics, savages, terrorists and backwards are in control) who has an Australian passport know about Ethiopians when he decided to invest in Ethiopian media to talk about us using profit driven corporate media as an investment tool, telling Ethiopians what to listen, watch, talk, hear, do or not to about themselves in their own country? We also know USA/west involvement in the afghan media in order to spread its…. among the afghans. However, Afghans are savage warriors and patriotic and are fiercely fighting them back in all fronts and they are winning the battles despite the west has invested trillions dollar and hundreds of thousands of human power camouflaging behind different names using many reasons sounding as if they are useful and benefiting the afghans. This man must be part of the groups they are using in Afghanistan and now in Ethiopia as well.

    What does a Zionists like the Evil Murdoch (who is owning among the others21 century entertainment fox and causing so many crimes against humanity mainly blacks in every country his media is including against blacks in USA, UK and aboriginals in Australia because of he has an Australia citizenship, too alongside with the English), know about Ethiopians and telling them what to do or not in their own country using his worldwide known racist, evil and criminal different medias worth tens of billions?

    What does the Schulz family investment group know about Ethiopians except having multiple and long term nasty plans to loot the nation until nothing is left, affect the society and destroy the nation?

    The problem is not them (the evil Zionists/Jews from the west and their allies for profit and greedy imperialists agenda) but us and our so called leaders mainly the foreign ministry. The Ethiopian owned Medias manly EBC and true Ethiopians like Awramba, Dretube, radios, newspapers, entertainment industry and so on must unite and take the fight with full scale in the highest levels and never stop until the win is achieved to protect the nation media and entertainment jobs under the Ethiopians full control and benefits as the Ethiopian solders and securities are doing protecting her form foreign as well as domestic enemies (Bandas) that are serving the foreign enemies as these so called Ethiopians are doing in the name of Kanatv.

    If an afghan is doing the Afghanistan media jobs, why don’t these monkey head so called Ethiopians do not do the Ethiopian media jobs by themselves without any foreign interference based on the Ethiopians benefits including money wise, morally, culturally and spiritually, No, Instead they are becoming the foreign servants in their own home(Ethiopia) against their own country interest and very serious national issues mainly in the long run if the evil Zionists group are allowed to affect our nation coming from all sides using different names, shapes and forms for the same goal which is to loot the nation and affect the citizens as they are doing against blacks in USA, UK and the likes but coming to Africa as if they do care or have some respect towards blacks.

    However, Ethiopia is not Kenya that is never been fully an independent nation and the
    re-colonization process is already in its final stages where the country is slowly but surely overtaken by the Zionists/Jews and English establishment lead west. Or Ethiopia is not Nigeria which is a kind of state created by the colonizers as all Africans are(except Ethiopia) and run by stinky corrupts, criminals and cheaters with no future but more than 500 Ethnic groups and many religions including voodoos are behaving savagely. We are certain; Ethiopians will never accept anything that is happening to other Africans because of the greedy west but will start soon demanding their country back from foreigners lead by the Zionists/Jews that are slowly but surely mentally, physically, culturally, linguistically and spiritually (satanic) colonizing her and affecting the citizens in many ways in the name of bad investment, free media, market, delivering aid, NGO, Think Thanks, Charities, scholars, writers and whatever name they are using.

    More than 500.000 Ethiopian university students are attending at this moment and will reach one million soon. So, these future generations will never accept foreigners running their country and getting the benefits while they have to be just employees/servants to foreigners that are not respecting them but racists against them and all blacks in their own country. Globalization will be defeated and declared dead soon as it is getting enemies all over the so called third world that is colonized by them because of it. Ethiopians will never ever allow in their own country to be treated the ways others are like in Kenya and many others by foreigners. That will not happen in the ancient and all time independent, beautiful and proud Ethiopia.

    Just wait for few years, maximum 10 years and you will see Ethiopians taking their country back and do the jobs by themselves while working and benefiting together with useful nations like Chinese, Russians, Italy and so on that are engaging with production activities/creating real economy Ethiopia needs the most; not using trash money as a weapon in the name of investment to loot the nation and using own media to wage propaganda wars from our own soil including market propaganda while they call it advertisement. This and other jobs have to be and will be done by Ethiopians in their own country for their own benefits; not by foreigners to loot us while affecting the markets and consumers for the sake of profits and some other issues they have in mind for us.

    Ethiopians including the graduates must engage in the country entertainment and media jobs including newspapers, online, radio and TV advertisement and activities based on the Ethiopian benefits, not the foreign greedy Zionist imperialists using the sold-out so called Ethiopians as slaves to serve them like those in the name of Kana are. Are they Ethiopians or Eritreans with Ethiopian passport? If they are Ethiopians, they will never ever surrender and treated this way in their own country by an afghan or Zionists like these ones including the evil 21-century fox which is running the entertainment industry too and looting billions every year only from this brainwashing service sector. Instead they will pay the necessary sacrifices to do the jobs by themselves while having co operations with Medias and entertainment industries like in China, Russia and so on; not the Zionists/Jews evil Medias that are badly affecting the whole world for their own agenda and plan and generating billions as huge rewards for their satanic and damaging activities.

    The government must stop it including cancelling the license known it is not Ethiopians but foreign owned and they are running from behind and soon they will be in front bankrupting Ethiopians in their own country when they know they are in the country comfortably and in control against us in our country. The Ethiopian Medias such as EBC and some others that are working for the good of the nation must do all the country media and entertainment activities without any foreign concurrent(but among each other) or interference in our country. Let them continue affecting us from abroad but must not allowed in the country in any form or reason do affect us in any form or way.

    EBC having offices all over the country is the best thing to do and must continue reaching Ethiopians all over the country through its radio, TV, on line and so on activities and developing our nation’s media jobs by Ethiopians for Ethiopians while never allow any foreign media outlet in our country to talk about us while they are not part of us and they don’t understand or know us. Ethiopian private medias that are operating for the good of the nation and are not used by foreign enemies in exchange for money while they do call the money they are spending for their own advantages to affect our nation “aid given top Ethiopia” while they are giving individuals and groups including some private medias in the form of bribes or corruption to work for their agenda and plan in our country. We must not forget even for a second why they are coming in our country. It is always about them and their evil agenda and plan in our country. They must be stopped using any means necessary including exposing them including the Bandas among the Ethiopian people.

    Ethiopia doesn’t need any foreign media to operate in the country but her own using own experts and citizens. Foreign (Zionists/Jews style western) media has nothing to offer but all bad and negative effects against our society and the country as it is going on for decades from abroad. Foreign media or entertainment is not a foreign investment or company engaging with hard work in the production or real economy activity doing the things we cannot do by ourselves but it is the most dangerous weapons of mass destruction against the nation when it is used by them against us as they are doing so for decades from abroad. We must not allow them to get their dirty feet in our country and use their looter hands to operate within to affect us but fight them back like we do to any foreign enemy throughout our long history. They are the worst enemies we are facing and we must not allow them but treat them the way they deserve and we did against the fascists and its servant Bandas that are serving them this time this way, too.

    Ethiopia needs the Chinese ways foreign investment engaging with activities that are important and we can’t do them by ourselves. The Zionists/Jews lead is looking to invest in service sectors we can do the jobs by ourselves the best ways for our benefits while they are looking to affect us engaging in media, finance, banking, Telecom and so on getting huge profits from while doing nothing but all bad and damaging against us using none stop lies, bribes, corruption, misleading approaches and propaganda wars.

    Long live China and its humanity, respect, generosity, hard work, dignity, human values, great culture … and knowledge transfer to us. Ethiopia needs nations like China, Russia, Italy and so on relationships and investment in the real economy; not the Zionists/Jews lead west looking to destroy us for profits engaging in sectors we can do them the best ways by ourselves for our benefits.

    83% UK economy is service oriented and only 17% is agriculture, manufacturing, industry, construction, infrastructure and so on in combined. This is how looks like the fake and none existent economy and society but breathing from highly toxic poison coming from the none stop economic propaganda brainwashing wars and market manipulations using the dirty valueless paper money as hard currency (hoping soon will end its criminal and laying era and the same time the economy will collapse falling hard and quickly down to hell where only 17% of the real and visible practical economy activities will remain as the only economy activities the nation has for real.

    Ethiopia must give the highest priorities in the real economy sectors such as agriculture, energy, infrastructure, manufacturing, industry, construction and so on. Service sector must be dependent on these real economy activities and results while all the nation service sectors must be owned and done by Ethiopians including banking, finance, telecom, media, entertainment, education and so on. Keep our nation safe from the Zionist/Jew lead west that are looking to get her engaging in service sectors including media. Service sectors in Ethiopia must be always owned and done by Ethiopians with no foreign so called investor allowed for anything in this sector. Let them do the same ways how the great and hard working Chinese are doing engaging with investment and co operations in the real economies and delivering remarkable results that is changing for the better millions of our people lives.

  8. sosina says:

    We are set free from the ebs full of nasty interview thing!
    enchewawet, Ethiopian- be- america bla-bla etc full of rubbish thing!
    Thank you Kana, keep going!

  9. AY says:

    Us for….are you for real dude. This is the most blatant mambo jumbo post ever. Who the hell assigned you to speak for Ethiopia or Ethiopian? You have outdated view of the populace of Ethiopia and deeply seated hatred towards Jews and others. The populace is voting with their remote and prefer watching Kana. We will be laughing at this induce outrage of you and the likes of you for years to come. Grow up will you, and if you think you need to change the trajectory of the media in the country, establish a counter media house. The Ethiopian that you belittled on your comment are just doing that

  10. us for us with us says:

    This is not about the hardworking and competent Ethiopians having private TV Channels for the good of the nation. But the money minded and racist foreigners being behind this Channel despite they are not part of our society, they know nothing about us and they don’t worry/care if anything bad happen in our country because of their involvements and interferences (as they are known with through bribes, corruption, manipulation, misleading and none stop lies) including using media.

    Foreigners (the Zionists/Jews) are wagging none stop media wars against Ethiopia for years and they are not taking even a day without attacking our country for no reason but they are creating one that sounds nasty and bad with goal to damage our country image and undermine us. They are not only located in the west but also have bases in Kenya, South Africa and even they are coming in our country to affect us. So, are we so foolish allowing them to have own media channel in Ethiopia illegally hiding behind some stupid and ignorant Ethiopians like these to serve them and make them achieve their damaging goals they are having in our country and we know what those goals are?

    If they (these so called Ethiopians) are good enough, they have to own the channel and do the jobs by themselves based on the Ethiopian society ways and benefits covering the things that are relevant and useful; not engaging with copy and paste bad foreign films or whatever they have in their silly mind done by foreigners for their own people that would affect others that are not part of that society as it will against ours.

    If they are working closely with the Chinese media, film, documentary, entertainment and advertizing industries that are working for the good of the Chinese people, for sure they can deliver the best jobs to Ethiopia and we can learn lots from including the great progress the Chinese people are making within short period of time, heroism, determination, bravery, culture and the work ethics and disciplines the citizens have.

    But looking towards the sins and anti humanity like Hollywood (that is owned and controlled by the Zionists /Jews and the participants are the addicts, alcoholics, prostitute, gay and lesbians) or Bolywood that is operating by the Indians and contributing only for the good of India and surroundings that are part of that culture, in order to own and make working own TV channel in Ethiopia is not really the normal person taught let alone from those are part of the smart business communities engaging with useful business practices.

    Ethiopians are trying their best to create the solid foundation and developing the strong Ethiopian media, film, theatre, entertainment and advertizing industries. They must be protected from bad foreign films that are affecting our society and they must get unlimited supports from the public including buying/using their works/products such as films, music, theatre and so on. This is not the time foreigners to be allowed to bankrupt the still young and getting fast growing Ethiopian film, entertainment and advertizing industries from being behind like we are witnessing here foreigners from three sides (afghan, evil Murdoch and Schulz family), but they must be rejected until ours are becoming strong enough , well equipped and can compete against those making things not to benefit others but to brainwash and destroy them attacking with lighting picture qualities, nonsense stories and damaging activates in it.

    So, if this TV channel is concentrating within Ethiopia functioning by Ethiopians for Ethiopians doing useful jobs in the Ethiopian ways without any foreign interference for money or damaging plans and agendas they are having in our country such as culture invasion and brainwashing, then it is welcome. However, having TV channel to make it working with copy and paste including the Arabs/Turks culture, way of life and whatever thing they have and confuse our society is not really doing anything good for the nation but the enemy thing to affect with mission no one knows yet but soon will be discovered.

    However, Ethiopians are brave people and will stand up to defend themselves and their country from anything bad like this, too. One documentary film from China, Japan, Russia and so on about development activities, the society, government, science, technology, education, patriotism, human values and norms and so on worth million times to Ethiopia than having million of copy and paste shit and aimless films from Hollywood, Bollywood, Turkey, Arabs or elsewhere done by others for their own…. not by us for us.

    We know what Kana TV plan and agenda is. Murdoch who is the biggest monster on earth and the worst criminal still walking free is a shareholder for long term nasty plan alongside with the Schulz family and that mystery afghan. So, this is not belonging to Ethiopians but foreigners are having and using it for their different face projects in Ethiopia and these so called Ethiopians are playing the dark face front services roles to hide the foreigners real aim, activities and goals to achieve in the country and society they don’t belong and they know nothing about except all bad and negatives from the Zionists/Jews medias, so called scholars, Think Thanks, NGOs, Charities, aid agencies and the likes daily wars against our country and us.

  11. guest says:

    So long as there is not transparent financial market, allowing stock and bond market, these ppl will play footsie with the govt, knowing well the Govt is strapped of foreign currency. This antisemitism won’t get us far as Jews do control a significant chunk of World Finance. I deal with them routinely and they are fair, for the most part. The xenophobic attitude of Ethiopians towards everything foreign is utterly rubbish as the State is dependent on remittance to close the many gaps in the economy. Awramba has to be careful and not allow antisemitic innuendos fly at will, for we need the help of the Jews, Arabs, Chinese and everyone else in the Developed World to invest in the Nation.

  12. Zola says:

    Ethiopians mist think carefully why allow any foreign companies own without any benefit to society in the country? The type of colonization is different, it is under different name, gradually and masking. Companies should be in Ethiopia if it is tangible, what you see the benefit on the ground. Soap opera is damaging to the human mind, you will start fantasizing the non realistic world. It makes you delusional. West OS different than Ethiopia. In Ethiopia there are many who are not employed, instead of making themselves creative they will end up watching kana to get off their depression. Watch out for foreign companies! Study, research about them before it is too late!!

  13. Guta says:

    Think over it!all ethipian nation.

  14. Tollaqoro Butta says:

    The government of Ethiopia should take action regarding this media, since it’s a king of fooling this nation with its dirty films and rubbish agenda which later aiming to drive people toward immorality and the worst betray people to senseless life style which drain out our godly – moral based traditions.

  15. Samagna says:

    Hello guys! just stop biting one another & show us the real potential danger with Kana & its transmission (contents) you saw; less i think you are crying for some private interests of your own. Nothing stated about the stakeholders or founders is a threat but the content of the transmission. Or you disagree come up with a better alternative that could entertain the people. In fact it is a run to escape from the boring propagandist EBC, chasing the people & force to search something better at least seemingly.

  16. esa says:

    sure they are approaching with our weakness. ETHIOPIA stood on the side of GOD

  17. bereket says:

    kana tv is addictive channel

  18. Melese Barata says:

    Kana Must Be Editet According To Ethiopian Contecst !

  19. Lee says:

    you guys don’t you have the remote control on your hand the channel can be deleted or if you need added

  20. Solomon says:

    I have know such idea before , somewhat it is very critical and concerning issue that every person to be aware on this media. I appreciate your writing regarding this media by exposing their hidden agenda .

  21. abiy says:

    no comment ,by itself is a comment.

  22. Arsema says:

    Who cares we only want to have fun by watching yeteqema hiwot or kitat!!!!!! If u don’t wanna see kana u can delete it.OK!!!!!!

  23. kale says:

    Wtf i taughet kana was danayits!

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