Ethiopia to Construct Industrial Parks in Adama, Mekelle, Kombolcha and Dire Dawa Late This Month


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14 Responses

  1. Solomon says:

    With all the problems we see in Ethiopia .
    Please Dr Arkeb do every thing in your power to help Ethiopian drought victims in every Ethiopian corners .
    The same time you need to work harder for Ethiopia long trim economic prosperity.
    Dr Akebay please advice Ethiopian prime minster to go and vist the drought victims .
    Good please all Ethiopian !
    Death to Banda shabia Italian slave always Ethiopian enemy Banda Essayass !
    Death to shabia kiteragna Esat ( Ertirea Amharic radio)
    Death to shabia kitrgna hodam Mesay Banda and sissay Banda ( y 10 alka sisaya)

  2. Real says:

    I wish to construct good and open governance before the industrial park. The Gamble massacre is still hide by EPRDF all information. Salva kirr solders are among them. Why? If sarrounded how long can severe with out food and water? Why didn’t updated by the regime what’s going on? Why PM HD rush to express that there is no either S.Sudan regime or opposition hand in the attacker? In Gondar by Sudan and in Tigray by Eritrean killed our citizens. And 9 years long war in Somalia how many Ethiopians army dead so far? When is the end? While ISIL is come to Somalia, what is the interest of Ethiopia in Somalia while our nation is unsaved? ??????????????

  3. Be ewnetu says:

    60 ግድብ አንድ ወደብን አይተካም። የሚጠጣ ውኃ የለም እንዱስትርያል ፓርክ። የተጀመሩ መንገዶችና ስታድዮም 10 አመት ሙሉ ያላለቀ ሌላ ወሬ። የሰው ህይወት በሰርጎ ገቦች እየተቀጠፈ የሌላ አገር ሰላም አስከባሪ …… ይሉኝታ የሌላችሁ።

  4. ደቦል says:

    አርከበ በጣም ጎበዝ ሰው ነው። ቀጣዩ ጠ/ሚኒስተራችን ቢሆን መልካም ነበር

    • Wube says:

      You have no idea how narrow he is. Do you know what he did Addisian, he terminated all non Tigrian employees and replaced them with uneducated , unqualified Tigrians. How can we forget that? How can we forget what he has done to our family. Debol, you don’t know what you are asking.

  5. Observer says:

    ኢንደስትሪያል ፓርኮች መቁዋቁዋም ፈጣን ለሆነ ኢንደስትሪያል እድገት መሰረት ለመሆኑ ልማታዊ መንግስት ዘይቤ ለተከተሉ ኤዢያ ሀገሮች ውስጥ የተመሰከረለት ነው .
    አንዱ major ግባት ወደብ ነው በዚህ ረገድ አብሮ የታሰበ ነገር ምን አለ ? አሁን የሚታየው የጂቡቲ ወደብ አጠቃቀም የውደፊት እድገቱን ቀርቶ አሁን ያለውን ዝውውር ማስተናገድ አልቻለም.
    ሌላው ግባት -ከፍተኛ የሆነ ሀገራዊ የሆነ ብሄራዊ ስሜትና መነሳሳት ነው . በሀገራችን በአሁኑ ጊዜ ያለው ጎልቶ የሚታየው አመለካከት ክልሌ አትግባ,የዚህ ጎሳ ሳልሆን የዚያኛው ነኝ,በጋራ የሚያስተሳስረን ብሄራዊ ቁዋንቁዋችን በአንዳንድ ክልሎች በስራ ላይ እንዳይውል እና በትምህርት ቤት እንዳይሰጥ በተክለክለበት ,ነጻ አውጪና የአርነት ትግል አረማጆች ,የህይማኖትና የጎሳ ፓርቲዎች እንዳሽኣችው የሚመሰረቱበት /የሚፈርሱበት
    ሁኔታ ይስተዋላል.
    የማንነት ጥያቄን ለማሳነስ ሳይሆን,የሀገራችን ህዝቦች በሀገራችን ዜግነት ለይ የተመሰረት /civic nationalism/ጎን ለጎን መዳበር ይኖርበታል ለማለት ነው.
    Keep up with your hard work !

  6. Tuna Fish says:

    Industrial parks are one of the most important factors supporting positive economy development. Ethiopian development of industrial parks must pay attention to one of the basic aims of an economy, that is to allocate both industrial production and services sector in such a way, that progress of a region in this case (Adama, Mekele, Kombolcha and Dire-Dawa ) where the industrial park is built improves economically. What is even more amazing is that the fact that they will be constructed in nine months period. In addition I like to commend the effort and the leadership shown by Dr Arkebe Equbay and his team in making a great and tireless effort in changing Ethiopian economic landscape.

  7. us for us with us says:

    This is how visionary, wise, informed and smart officials are thinking and doing.

    Industrial parks are the fundamental and solid economic and development basis for the nation. Few nations or group of people monopolizing the knowhow and producing mass products and exporting them worldwide for huge profits while creating millions of jobs at home as it was the case in the 20 century and that is still going on right now will be gone soon. Many nations will be in the great position to make/produce almost all products they need by themselves including cars, trains, TV, computers, Phones, fridges, wash machines, all sorts of items, tools, equipments, engines, machines and so on

    Ethiopia is in a great position to become not only a manufacturing but also an industrial hub producing domestically all her needs and also for export mainly in the region and Africa as a whole. Agriculture that is feeding not only life including animals but also manufacturing and industry manufacturing has the greatest potentials in Ethiopia. The country is doing the best to generate enough power easily and cheaply using her huge hydro potential that needs no additional raw material costs to make it working after the dam is built and the necessary equipments are in place.

    The great power the Hedase Dam has will change Ethiopia dramatically forever in many ways when it starts producing energy with its full capacity. Ethiopians are determine and happily doing and will continue doing so paying all the necessary scarifies to build and finish the dam on time knowing how it is important for the nation. Without enough energy mainly the clean one, there will be no progress and benefits the way it should be. Ethiopia is the best place for unlimited amount of hydro, wind and solar energy sources. What she needs is giving the highest priorities to this sector and produce Ethiopian experts for long term visions started from the young age at schools.

    Ethiopian universities need to abolish the old and imported education systems and activities and create home born ones working for us concentrate on the things that are essentials such as producing dynamic and well educated youth, Agriculture, Energy, IT, medicine, science, technology, engineering and so on. They must stop using school materials written by foreigners for their own domestic benefits mainly the theory/brainwashed ones or applying the school curriculum from UK and the likes but work very closely with best nations from the east such as China, Japan and Korea and also Russia and Italy as well as India.

    Products Ethiopia is making such as leather products including shoes, bags and other items are the best. All my shoes and other leather items are Ethiopian made. Because of the high altitude, the Ethiopian leather is the best quality in the world with its softness and strength. The country has millions of hectares land suitable for quality with quantity cotton cultivation. What Ethiopia needs is making Ethiopians to prefer and use own products that are with high qualities and the same times supporting our domestic producers that are hiring thousands Ethiopians and make our industry grow strong and sustainable.

    Ethiopia importing products made of leather, cotton and the likes that are easily can be produced at home with big quality must be stopped. Ethiopian consumers must get some brain to use domestic made products while making positive pressures on the producers to make them continue improving the quality and style of products in order to defeat and stop imported products which is hard to finance them with hard currencies we don’t get them easily.

    Ethiopia needs not only huge manufacturing and industrial zones but also small ones all over the country. The country graduates number will reach more than 200.000 a year in the coming years. Manufacturing and industrial zones are the places can accommodate them with their full potentials and make them able to become useful citizens and get benefit from.

    Foreigners that are skilful, hardworking, fair and peaceful must be welcomed to invest in the sectors Ethiopians cannot do the jobs by themselves for now such as Solar energy including making wind turbines and solar panels domestically. Solar Energy is the future and the easiest to apply in individual and scatter homes in the sunshine country like Ethiopia. Wind energy is like Hydro good for big consumptions such as villages, towns, cities, industrial and manufacturing parks, factories and so on.

    Ethiopia has to make/produce her imported products at home including cars, military equipments, domestic items and so on. It is better to hire skilful foreigners in the country for knowledge transfer than handing over the nation to foreigners including by importing the products we can produce them at home by using our own raw material, human power and save hard currencies.

    So, manufacturing and industrial zones in Ethiopia are not essential but the life or death situation for development in our country. We need no one from abroad to tell us what to write, say, talk, watch, listen and so on engaging in our domestic medias in the name of investment but those useful and skilful engaging in the real economy making/producing products that are having values. Ethiopia needs no one from abroad directly or indirectly involving in the country media in the name of investment or whatever agenda they are having, but in the real economy which is production activities and creating practical values.

    Foreign investors in Ethiopia need to look at their work place in manufacturing and industrial zones; not in the service sectors including media Ethiopians are good enough to do the jobs by themselves the best ways for their benefits because of they understand themselves very well and to the very details and they know what is working for them.

    China is the best example, education material, skilful teacher, savior, best friend, trustworthy ally, respectful partner, smart and strong family to Ethiopia. Ethiopia will never ever forget what chine is doing for her the same way she is doing for herself and became the way she is today within short period of hard work done by brave citizens and smart leaderships together.

  8. Tuna Fish says:

    Why is my positive comment removed? It was posted earlier on the forum.

  9. Tuna Fish says:

    I see, waiting for moderation. my bad. you can remove the other two now. Thanks.

  10. us for us with us says:

    Clean energy (hydro, solar, wind and ….) technology, production and consumption is going to be the biggest ever and also may be the last very significant development revolution humanity ever done. It is not only going to save the earth from pollution but also will create hundreds of millions jobs worldwide where nations like Ethiopia that are in a very good position thanks to her huge potentials will benefit greatly from in many ways.

    Clean Energy revolution is the biggest hope and the most important one waiting to happen massively and worldwide, soon. Don’t be late but well prepared and be the first to start the job in own country with own capacities by doing all efforts in order to acquire the technology at home starting from young ages at school. Stop the tiny and far away English type of rotten and retarded education system and using school materials written by them for their own use and benefits. Instead create, develop and use your own by yourself based on the Ethiopian situations that are human made and also natural such as climate, natural gifts, location, landscape and o on. Development without fully supporting it with clean energy revolution will not work in Ethiopia including in the manufacturing and industrial zones. Our country is the best place for unlimited and long term clean energy production.

    The 1492-2001 world order including the Zionists/Jews NWO and Globalization that has one world order principle under the Anglo-American/Zionists/Jews leadership fully and aggressively operating since the end of the cold war(1990s) is naked exposed, getting international uprisings/objections against, is badly cracking and will be gone soon. Although only those involved do know the truth who did it, how and why it happened, 9/11 is quickly and dramatically changing the long standing one sided world order that is affecting humanity and nature very badly for 500 years.

    It seems, the 9/11 terrorist attack is not giving/bringing them the preplanned agenda they had. Instead it is getting backlash and become the main reason to destroy them from their foundation that was created illegally and inhumanly based on invasion, occupation, slavery, colonization, looting, killing, destruction and all every bad things they have done for centuries for the sake of money, wealth, power, influence and domination.

    This is the 21-century which is 15 years after 9/11. The world order is ever since shaping itself and getting fuels to speed it up because of the evil and damaging activities the Anglo-American Zionists/Jews lead west is doing against nations including those are peaceful; trying their best to improve their situations by themselves in their ways for their benefits like Ethiopia is. The Tiny England establishment that is still here despite it is the worst ever criminal entity against humanity and nature causing so many crimes in Africa, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East and Asia such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, is still behaving as if it is our natural enemy. The Zionists/Jews are using the English establishment and USA citizenship rights to affect our country and undermine us for decades including coming to our country in the name of media, Journalism, scholars, institutions, aid agencies, volunteers, NGO, UN, EU, Think Thanks, diplomats and you name it.

    That is why we must not feel bad or see as enemies the vast majority white people but those responsible brainwashed and influenced by the Zionists/Jews to affect us working together with them knowing the vast majority white people are the worst victims to the Zionists/Jews agenda and they have and activities they are doing in these countries and worldwide at large.

    Go to USA, England(not UK because of the honest and brave Scottish people don’t allow or trust them), France, Canada, Australia, Benelux such as The Netherlands and Belgium and many nations in the west even Germany, and you will find who controls and runs the foreign ministries, so called foreign development assistances, securities mainly spay agencies, the entire media, banks and financial activities, aid agencies, NGO, Lobby groups(criminal cartel groups operating freely and openly), law firms, thinks thanks, institutions and so on, you will find there the Zionists/Jews are in total control and free to do anything they want using these nations’ names. We also know who runs UN, IMF, WB, WTO and so on. Not the innocent and hard working citizens form the west but the evils are using them for their benefits and agenda in the world to control everything that is giving them benefits at the huge coast of the rest.

    However, the 21-century that is welcomed by 9/11(who is behind 9/11 and where is the 28 pages document?), is dramatically changing the world for the better. Business as usual for the last 500 years is/will be gone forever, soon. Education systems, school materials, political ideologies and economic systems and the relationship between nations and people are mixing and boiling together in the process to find/create common ground that is working for the majority if not for all.

    The Zionists/Jews from top(them) down( the rest/mass) dictatorship approach to create one world order in the name of Globalization that is functioning based on bad privatization, free trade, free media, free market and so on is bad, damaging and will no longer accepted. They are doing this aggressively not for the good of humanity but them at the huge cost of nature including humanity.

    So, what Ethiopia has to/must do is be part of the dramatic change in the world on fairly equal basis and free herself from the old/one world order imported mentalities and way of dealing with things at home and internationally. International trade as we know so far will be gone, soon. Import and export trade activities between nations mainly from the far away north will decline till it reached to zero. Nations will be good enough to make/produce own needs and necessities at home by themselves or import from nations close to home in the regions. The so called North to south or west to the rest one sided flow of finished products, services and in return they buying raw materials to sell it back as finished products with high price will be gone. The new trade, co operation and development fair, clean, clear, strait, broad and comfortable highways and roots between Africa and Asia will dominate the world at least the next 50 years.

    What Ethiopia going to produce in her manufacturing and industrial zones will get some chances to be exported to Asian nations like ME, China, Latin America and certainly Africa; for sure not Europe behalf Russia. Europe is suffering because of it is unable to export or sell the products it produces massively creating jobs for its citizens. Prices in Europe are getting stagnate and in place of acceptable inflation there is the shadow of deflation none stop knocking their heads with fear they would lose jobs, power, money and influence at home and abroad too as the tiny English establishment is doing including in Ethiopia using mass produced valueless money as best weapon while calling it a hard currency and using it that way despite its is the same as any paper money including our Birr. But our Birr has no right or value including in own country/place against the so called foreign hard currencies including the tiny and far away England dirty and cheap paper money pound.

    We are stupid and ignorant allowing them to do so against us for so long in many ways including them being in the country despite it is the biggest, longest and worst foreign enemy we are facing for 151 years and badly affected by in many ways. They are celebrating and feeling very happy and powerful from our weaknesses, setbacks and difficulties as we are witnessing their known behaviors these days including the Zionists/Jews so called Medias, journalists, aid agencies, NGOs, Charities, Scholars and so on related to the drought caused by El Nino. They are the ones causing problems within our society including time to time unrests in some part of the country such as few months ago.

    Aren’t they none stop creating, sheltering, supporting and doing everything including propaganda services to the worthless and failed so called Diasporas that are few in numbers but bad and mad dogs and wild animals none stop barking from USA, UK and west in general against our government that is doing the best for the citizen.? Their support is to benefit no one of them but affect all of us in our country using these runaway criminals and silly human wastes to stop us from our development activities that is bringing benefit to all of us and make us strong the ways we can stand for us, defend ourselves and stop them affecting us the way they are doing nonstop and for so long using our weaknesses as their best opportunities to be in the country in the name of delivering aid, assistances, NGO, Charities and …

    In England, USA, Canada, Benelux and every country where they are coming from are nothing and suffering from difficulties including bad weather/climate and have life close to hell. But in Ethiopia…. and they will continue doing everything bad and nasty against us to keep the situation that why because of it is working perfectly for them at our huge costs.

    The greatest and always needed Ethiopian products will continue relaying on agriculture than manufacturing or industry. Of course agriculture delivers lots of raw materials to the manufacturing and industrial products, too. As we said, much of the manufacturing and industrial products will be produced by nations at home by themselves as the knowhow is no longer acquired by few nations, regions or group of people. Those badly affecting by bad nature with snow and cold or sand and heat, are making/producing manufacturing and industrial products for export, too.

    However, their export will face very serious competition and trade barriers, when the nations that are importing them today including cars, computers, machines, equipments, engines, chemicals, medicines and so on are starting producing them at home. Ethiopia must focus first on the very important first thing which is stopping/minimizing to the very limited number the imported goods and services by producing and making them at home by themselves or by well selected foreign firms in the country that are able to do the jobs the best ways while delivering benefits to us and with no negative influence because of their presence.

    However, the agriculture related products will be always needed in nations that cannot harvest/produce them at home because of the climate conditions they are living in and suffering from. Desert people will always import their foods, drinks, clothes, shoes and the likes items. It is the same with others in snow and cold areas that are not able to grow/produce the things they need because of the bad climate they live in.

    The Ethiopian future export market will be Africa mainly nations surrounding her /except the colonized Kenya/ such as Somalia, Sudan, Chad, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, D. Condo, Mauritania, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Morocco and so on. GCC nations such as Yemen, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Small gulf nations, Iraq, Iran and India must be the strategy nations for Ethiopian export made of food and drink products, leather, cotton and wood including bamboo. One million hectare bamboo land in Ethiopia can make her able to export up to 6 billion dollar every year and create millions of jobs.

    However, China is and will be always the centre and main partner about almost everything Ethiopia is having with her foreign relation. Never ever forget how important was, is and always will be Russia to Ethiopia. The Ethiopian best climate, location, huge fresh water wealth that needs scientifically supported water management, raw materials such as cotton, leather, agriculture harvests, minerals…. and untapped abandoned clean energy source, is the best opportunity the Chinese investors, scholars and skilled people to come to Ethiopia and do the jobs together with Ethiopians benefiting together with less cost and efforts using the well trained, eager to work, competent, young and huge number Ethiopia labor force that have behavior, culture and so on in common with the Chinese people.

    We Ethiopians are geographically in Africa and associated with blacks but we are ancient as china is and too different naturally, historically, culturally, linguistically and behaviors wise from the rest of Africa. The rest of Africa created by the colonizers not long ago based on the 1884 Berlin scramble of Africa agreement for their benefits. But Ethiopia is ancient and modern Ethiopia is created 160 years ago by herself ways ahead modern Italy, Germany, USA, Canada and many nations world wide created including ME, Asia, Europe and so on.

    So, the government must have the long term strategy plan what and how to make/produce, for whom and where to sell before having industrial and manufacturing zones. The country needs to satisfy first and always domestic needs and stop importing the products that are easily and on time could be produced at home by ourselves making us able to create jobs and acquire skills. Stop importing clothes, shoes, bags, domestic items and the likes but make the uninformed and ignorant citizens to understand how important is buying/using Ethiopian made products including films, music, magazines and advertisements.

    The second half of the 18th and first half of the 19th centuries world and economy was powered by wood and Coal. The second half of the 20th century and the first half of the 21th century is and will continue being powered by the dirty coal and oil. From the second half of the 21-century way forward for long period ahead, the world and its all activities including development will be powered with energy coming from clean sources such as Hydro, Solar, wind, geothermal and so on. Ethiopia has all these sources in abandoned unlike to many other nations.

    There had been big times when the Agriculture revolution played big roles in the world economy and society. However, this revolution is not yet happened in Ethiopia in the 21-century and must happen now. There had been also industrial revolution where engines, motors, electronics and the likes created and developed and changed the world very dramatically. The IT revolution has been the biggest player and success in human history created and changed many nations, companies and individuals the way we are witnessing these days including in our homes and personal lives such as using PC, laptops, internet …phones, iPods, TV and all the things we are witnessing and using. During its picks, it created hundreds of million jobs worldwide, changed the world very dramatically and make lots of people and some nations very rich because of they are exporting the products like Apple, Microsoft and so on are.

    However, it was/is working with nasty international business practices and powered by dirty oil and affecting the earth environment very badly and created useless/floating money values. So called hard currencies are here and operating as if they are up their names despite they are useless have no what so ever extra values than like piece of papers in the garbage/toilet. The world economy and financial system is rigged and fake operating with trillions in numbers while there is no a single use value in it. This is getting collapsing and soon will be gone and replaced by clean energies coming from Hydro, solar, wind and so on. Electricity will/can serve as electronic currencies with use values in it replacing the valueless paper money they are using as hard currency to loot the world and ridge the world economy.

    Clean energy will be the biggest and most important revolutionary change in human development. The job creation, benefits and sustainability clean energy has is by far the biggest than the IT and its related sectors are since the 1990’s. What Ethiopia has to do is changing her school systems and make them concentrate in Ethiopia, the region and world and well train the coming generations to do the jobs that are important to the country and are achievable in Ethiopia. Clean energy in Ethiopia is in abandoned and will need million skilled Ethiopians to do the jobs in order to produce clean energies for export, too. All engines, motors, machines, equipments and anything that needs energy will function only using electricity. Oil will be gone and forgotten being the leading and important world energy source within the coming few years or decades.

    So, think about the end results and the benefits based on long term strategies before starting to act and in this case create manufacturing and industrial parks. Don’t be stupid thinking the west needs Ethiopia to import from her but you must aware about the truth and the truth is it is hungrily and eagerly looking her huge market and mass consumers to dumb its products including the health risky and environment damaging ones such as cigarettes, alcohols, chemicals, medicines (including the bad ones) and sugary, fatty and salty food items and so on.

    Ethiopian products best markets and consumers are and always will be Ethiopians. Then when the domestic market is satisfied and the unnecessary imports including clothes, shoes, food and drink items, cars, machines, equipments, domestic items and so on are stopped and replaced by domestic products, then we have to find exporting markets concentrating in the above mention nations and regions including Africa and ME as far as to India while working together as one and united force with china for common benefits together; not in Europe or N America. They are looking desperately foreign markets to dumb their products; not to buy from us while they are none stop damaging our country images and undermining us for decades while pretending to help us which is hahaha and doing the known games they are doing against us in our own country/place.

  11. Sosna says:

    what Ethiopia needs to do is put TPLFITES park and put this baboon Arkebe where he belongs in a zoo or a wild life refuge.

  12. fikre says:

    arkebe do as u do now, no stop until ethiopia will be great thanxs arkebe

  13. Melkam says:

    Why do you left Somalia region ….I thought they are the ones who came to help out your golden people displaced from Amhara region…better to do something otherwise they may turn back their face when there is another displacement from Oromia region…

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