Tony Blair Praises Ethiopia’s Efforts to Attract World Leading Companies


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  1. us for us with us says:

    Are blacks by nature stupid, ignorant, lazy and with low IQ always accepting the deafest including poverty without fight or doing their parts by themselves till nothing is left to try? They are tirelessly looking and none stop seeking so called foreign aids that are coming to affect them in many ways and they are also feeling happy when they get some fake attentions or approvals from abroad including the leaders about the things they have to or are doing in their own country.

    T. Blaire who sees by many as a war criminal, liar, manipulator, dishonest, the globalists’ spoken person and active player for the bad of the world, has to be the last person to talk about anything good or any progress Ethiopia is doing. He is the champion and spoken person for the English establishment and sick and hateful so called investors from that tiny evil England they are coming for own projects against us while acting as if he/they do wish the best to us. The whole world knows his 45 minute away lies about Sadam Hussein’s nuclear attack against that naturally isolated and tiny evil island England and became the reason to wage wars against Iraq and Iraq became a failed state engulfing with none stop fire for 13 years while millions are suffering ever since as a result.

    The idea and activities the foreign companies mainly the imperialist ones coming to other countries in the name of investment is new and part of the globalization doctrine. Before the 1990s, all nations had been built by the nations themselves without any foreign company monopolizing the nation’s sectors/products as we see in Ethiopia today like in the Breweries. Go and learn how nations in Europe including the Tiny England developed and how the economy was look like before 1990, during colonization, slavery and before that when they were living in hell suffering from cold weather and empty with any human development. Slavery (evilness against others for money, resources, power, domination and influence) is the source of their so called development and civilization that is followed by colonization.

    Globalization is another tool in the 21-century they are using as they did with slavery and colonization to humiliate, use, colonize and loot the citizens, and nations and hugely and illegally benefiting from while destroying others in their own place as they did during slavery and colonization. . Before the 1980s, almost all big companies and economic activities in the world/west were state owned; the evil Thatcher started privatizing them working together with Regan of USA and Globalization/NWO born as a result by/from them to do the same thing against the rest for the benefit of the few.

    They started to open up their economy to foreigners and also privatizing them when they knew they were strong enough to deal with it and they will be the absolute players with this kind economic activities/exploitation and colonization illegal and unfair games including being in abroad in the name of Globalization and privatization; not the spectators while exploited and looted by others the way they do to others.

    What Ethiopia has to do is not looking foreign/mainly bad companies from the west/England that are engaging with services or health risky and environment unfriendly products such as engaging with breweries which is selling water they are getting for free, cigarette/tobacco and the likes. Instead she must/need to have close relations and work in all directions covering everything with the useful, respectful, hard and good working, brave, smart and not danger to our society like Chinese and the likes that are already tested and passed. Most Importantly Ethiopians must take the full responsibilities and ownerships about everything matters in their own country while working together with the Chinese and others including Italy for Knowledge transfer.

    The English so called companies being around is not different than what they are doing and causing the damages when their evil representatives are coming by themselves in the name of media, Journalism, NGO, aid agencies, Charities, Scholars, Institutions, Think Thanks and you name it pretending they are peaceful, innocent and useful. They all are working together for the same reason which is about them in our country with no what so ever sympathy, empathy or care what happens to us in our country because of them. Instead they celebrate and feel happy and mission is/will be accomplished for them in our country when they see us we are in difficulties caused by our stupidities and weaknesses and also by nature. We are witnessing them for more than 30 years how and why they are using drought and famine in Ethiopia for their advantage including these days.

    What T. Blair Stands for and getting benefits from including lobbying for companies(we think he is in our country today for this reason sent by the establishment, greedy companies or individuals to get the unfair treatment and bad contacts against us in our country) which is Globalization that is the new form of colonization in the 21-century. Just study how the foreign breweries are looting our nation without paying even proper tax and giving in return something relevant to our nation including using domestic raw materials and buying them with fair price but they are badly affecting the public health and damaging the environment for the sake of huge profits they are getting from by doing nothing except selling water they are getting for free and mixing it with something unhealthy including making drunk.

    They are looking to do the same thing in other sectors too, including media (the evil and monster Murdoch is now in Ethiopia camouflaging behind KanaTV and soon you will see what is going to happen against the Ethiopian media coverage/activities including advertisement and entertainments among the others football coverage. They are playing games now before they strikes to kill and monopolize it with goal to loot the money and take it out of the country while the defeated, damaged and brainwashed society in own country by foreign medias because of bad polices by the officials will remain in the country looking like the thrown away leftover and trash good enough in to the garbage.

    What Ethiopian must do is doing the jobs by themselves with foreign assistances and help including hiring foreign skilled individuals for knowledge transfer. China is and will be very important to Ethiopia knowing we are enjoying their contribution to our country development and the best yet has to come working and benefiting together not only in Ethiopia but also in China, too. But in England/west, blacks are always the last and under the bottom when it comes to good and positive things. They are first and on the top when it comes to bad and negatives. Go to England, USA and the likes and you will be forced to live in Ghettoes, suffering from unemployment, under employment, poverty, addictions, crimes, mass imprisonment and you name it.

    They will do the same when they allowed and get possibilities in our own country too using the resources they are getting from our country and us and using them against us. Look how they live and behave in Ethiopia and how Ethiopians are in their countries. This behavior by itself is telling you the whole issues when they are around, why they are around and the feeling and agenda they have against us including in our own country and the results.

    Stop talking about them the way we are witnessing, here, too related to the war criminals T. Blaire. This is not my word but billions all over the world. But reject them when they are approaching/paying you to talk about them for propaganda reason to get recognitions in our society with aim they would get what they are looking there mainly illegal contracts the ways they would affect our nation future. Stop seeking approval or whatever they are talking about the things in our own country and matters to us. Understand how the western) Anglo-American/Zionists/Jews Globalization works and the damage it causes against the so called third world nations. And reject it. It is working for them legally in the form of colonization and slavery in the 21-century.

    Instead work closely and together with china and others. Chinese companies including those heavy industries need to move to Ethiopia to produce products that are essential in Ethiopia, the region and Africa as a whole. Ethiopia needs foreign companies that are producing cars including Lorries, locomotives, Trams, Tractors and modern agriculture tools,…..phones, computers, fridges, TV, Solar panels, wind turbines, and the likes that are the source of real economies. Ethiopians must not accept the globalists(Anglo-American/Zionists/Jews) that are looking to take over our service sectors such as banks, telecoms, Insurance, hydro energy(the cheapest energy source), distributions/supermarkets, infrastructure including railways, and the likes to loot the nation without doing jobs and cause lots of hardships and damages against the society.

    The Anglo-American Globalists that are fully supported by T. Blaire and he is also living and working for it are looking to get the sectors that are the best place to manipulate, spreading lies, steal, cheat and do all satanic activities for huge profit using own media and criminal so called journalists, aid agencies, NGOs… for all sorts of propaganda wars.

    Blacks do need some brain surgery in order to behave as normal humans do in the 21-century. They must stop seeking approval or feel happy when they get one from bad foreigner(s) and talk about it as we are witnessing here, too. They give no shit to us when we go there including officials expect when they are looking to bribe or corrupt them including giving free degrees to make them work for them in own country. We are the ones making or breaking our situation, not the T. Blaire likes that are part of the problems started long before their grandparents’ time. They have been born and grown up and living for which is using others for their benefits.

    If things are not bad to these levels, how come a tiny England that is on the corner of the earth, naturally isolated from Europe and her climate is depressing be able to behave and live the way she is and Africa that is big, warm, naturally gifted and in the middle of the earth is not? They are badly affected by nature while they are affecting others to benefit themselves at the huge cost of those naturally gifted like Africa and blacks. We must correct and stop the human made crimes they are created and doing as the best way of life they have being against others including us.

    Anything they say, write, talk or do is related to this not really to benefit others/us because of they do care about. No, they don’t. It is all about them. If they are not doing the way they do, they will be gone long times ago living in that far away tiny naturally isolated and empty depressed island. This has to stop which is they have to leave us alone and stay away and eth same time we must remain in our place or the places that accepts and treats us the way we do to them.

    Stop being silly, stupid and weak. Wake up, stand up and do the jobs paying all the necessary sacrifices and steak with it as long as it takes and the result is achieved. Steady and slow development under the Ethiopians ownership and responsibilities is the only choice Ethiopians have if they want to benefit from and feel the nation belongs to them. Ethiopians must take full responsibilities and ownership about anything in the country while being smart and work with selective foreigners that are already tested like china and Russia, as well as Italy and others from the east like Japan and so on. If Ethiopia knows how to approach and do based on her short as well as long term benefits including securities, having the new relationship in the highest levels with china and also building solid foundations with Russia that is broken since 1990s, is good enough to guarantee her present and mainly future for generations to come.

    Having the Anglo-American/west around is like buying times before the eminent heavy storm is occurred which is chaos, conflicts, wars, killings, destructions and finally failed state. Divisions, crimes, bribes, corruptions, Lies, manipulations, propaganda wars and so on conducted by them including those are in the country in the name of media, journalism, NGO, Aid agencies, charities , investors, tourists and the likes are the process before the storm is coming which is becoming a failed state because of them. For them it is part of the jobs they are doing and the only reason why they are in the country and the way they are behaving. Then, when it happens and becomes clear their goal is achieved this way, they will move on to the next victims with no regret, feeling, sympathy, empathy or guilty what they did to others.

    Are we so stupid to this level still looking anything useful coming from them except the things they are doing and known for centuries which are part of the games pretending they are benefiting and innocent which are not.
    Never Trust T. Blair. He is a lobbyist for the English/ USA establishment Globalists that are looking to colonize and loot nations in the 21-century in the name of Globalization and privatization. We are hoping our officials will not handing over our nations easily this way agreeing with his preplanned agenda he is having before he came to achieve it legally through with dark signed piece of white paper and as a result we have to suffer for long time in our country watching bad foreigners like them are using us and benefiting in our country while we are not.

    It is no longer if but when the victim world will start the direct confrontations against the Globalists that are colonizing and looting nations while exploiting workers, affecting consumers and damaging the environment. Just wait for sometimes and they will be defeated with international uprising against them knowing they are few in numbers, evils and are against own citizens in their countries, too. The Rothschild families, , Goldman Sache, JP Morgan, leman Brothers, Soros, Rockefellers, Roche brothers, Murdoch( is already in Ethiopia behind kanaTV), hedge and equity funds, wall street, breweries, Oil companies, corporate medias and the likes are criminal institutions owned and run by the same people that are the enemy of humanity and the causes of almost all troubles all over the world. The English establishment and so called politicians including T. Blaire are part of it.

    The Chinese, Russians and the like’s ways working together with nations for common benefits is the 21-century humanity way how it should be and will be accepted in Ethiopia. The rest? Fight it back or just wait the time to expel them with empty hands as the rest of the world will do the same thing against them, too.

    Viva the China and Ethiopia relationship for very, very long time to come vision operating with the best approaches and remarkable results. We hope chine will move some part of her industrial companies as they do with manufacturing including those producing cars, Lorries, tractors, locomotives, Solar panels, wind turbines, computers, TV, Fridges and the likes to Ethiopia and producing them for domestic as well as export to the region including ME and the whole of Africa. Ethiopia and China need to work together at all levels for common benefits and long term visions including conducting the energy, IT, security and the likes revolution in the country bringing her to the 21-century levels matching those are on the top in these directions, too.

    Never trust T. Blair for anything. He is a known liar including about Iraq that led to the devastating war and the conflicts in the ME that is going on right now and will not stop in the near future because of they are still around fueling it among the others such as supporting the Saudi wahabbi absolute dictators to wage war against the innocent Yemenis and the 5000 years old history and human civilization that is the world heritage is bombed as if it is sand or something else not useful. UK and USA officials and the evil money minded are behind this, too.

    He is a professional lobbyist for the globalists that are looking to colonize and loot the nations coming in the name of investment including in service sectors that have to be always under the nations and Ethiopians ownerships and the jobs are easy to be done by Ethiopians in the Ethiopian ways serving the people they are part of and they know them to the very detail. Ethiopia needs foreigners to do the jobs she can’t do them by herself and are essential. Ethiopians breweries that are the huge money making best machines being monopolized by foreigners like them is the wrong thing to do and those responsible must be accused for treason.

    Monopolizing the Ethiopian beer sector by foreigners like them has to end and it can and must be easily reversed by supporting Ethiopian graduates engaging with beer production activities that would create lots of private jobs in the farming and production sectors operating with small scale levels all over the country. Ethiopians owned companies and Ethiopians workers and leading officials are the only answers for our development future while working together with the selected and well tested useful nations like China; not the T. Blaire related ones that are the reasons what is going on for the last 500 years including today.

  2. Abera says:

    In case you did not know Tony is out to make some more money. He did it in Rwanda. And the Middle East – all under the cover of peace and development. He has been consistent in not caring about human rights abuses. In Britain they know Tony for not being truthful. Do you think he will reform his behavior in poor and corrupt Africa?

  3. Eshetu daba says:

    Neo-Naftangas and their culture of demining productive work, their nepotism and lack of education has underdeveloped Ethiopia for over a century. You hypocrite and chauvinists will choose for Ethiopia to go up in smokes than see Oromo, southern, TIgre nations and nationalities build it to be the envy of the world and world leaders. You are looking at the supremacy of the rest of Ethiopian culture than yours to show lips and bounds of economic growth. Heralding Ethiopia as the Lions of African economic growth and wealth creation. You have underdeveloped Ethiopia and Ethiopians never go back to your primitive form of government.

  4. us for us with us says:

    It could be seen as a complete and an important story if it was said why Blair is in Ethiopia this time.

    He is here for own/his government big plan and also secretive reasons related to the English so called investors presence in Ethiopia for two days ….. happened on 10 and 11 May, 2016. He is seen as a big weapon to deal with the Ethiopian officials in order to get what they want in their ways in the form of investment in the sectors that are not needing foreign investors like them and also getting them illegally and unfairly as they did with the nation breweries.

    Some facts about them at this moment:

    -UK manufacturing sector is in recession for the third time within less than 8 years. Its output is declined by more than 2% during the first three months of this year comparing with last year the same period.
    -It is now less than 7% what it was in 2008. That means it declined by huge margins for the last 8 years.
    -UK trade deficit globally is about 20 billion Dollars (more than 13 billion pound) during the first three months in 2016 while 30 billion dollar (more than 20 billion pound) trade deficit with EU nations during the same period. When we added up, it will reach to more than 80 billion dollar globally and 120 billion dollar with in EU in one year which is 2016.

    They are not producing anything worth attention, has real values and essential but engaging with service sectors that are not the real economic pillars but service sectors are dependent on how the nation over all activities are creating the real economies/values such as the agriculture, energy, manufacturing, construction, infrastructure, mining and so on sectors. The only product they are producing for export are dangerous, killers and bad products such as weapons, bad medicines, cigarettes/tobacco related, alcohols, drugs and so on. Their so called economy “is growing” story is a lie for propaganda reasons to boost their image and attract more criminals, corrupted officials and dictator leaders to come in with billions of stolen and criminal money and use/deposited it in London/UK.

    More than 10% homes in some part of London are unknown who own them and some do cost millions each. They are illegal properties belong to the corrupted officials, dictators, criminals, tax avoiders and so on coming from all over the worldwide mainly ME, Africa, Asia, Russia, central and Latin America using London as safe heaven and very much welcome home. As many says about 350 billion pound or more than half trillion dollar stolen/white wash money is located only in London. However, others are saying much more than that. Their so called economy growing is related to these kind activities, too; not because of they are producing products that are useful and essential.

    The reason why almost all criminals that are stealing money from their own people/country, drug cartels, tax avoiders and the likes are easily operating and getting away with their criminals ways is because of London is serving them as the best safe heaven and UK banks, law firms, individuals and the government policy are together working for them. Yet, they are talking about crimes, corruption and anything bad and illegal related to leaders and nations in other countries or continents rather than themselves. UK economy is a failed economy operating with crimes like these and many other illegal and bad activities.

    House price in London rose by more than double (some by 10 or more times) for the last 6 years. The so called economic growth there is nothing but coming from the illegal and wrong sky rocket increasing house prices/values. How come a house price increase so dramatically every month or even day, when there is nothing done on it to support the values added on it. Normally, all human made things are devaluating from their original price when the time passes including the house price unless that house is too special, unique and the restoration or something similar is done on it. Cars, clothes, shoes, planes, furniture and anything human made decreases from its original values when the time passes as it has a limited number use value age. But not homes in UK that are doubling their values every few years despite nothing are done on them getting older and damaged.

    The point is that they are not even good enough to produce their needs at home but importing them from Europe worth with more than 120 billion dollar trade deficit a year while about 80 billion deficit worldwide. The reason they are looking to invest in Ethiopia is not because of they are good investors and capable of doing the things we do need them. But looking the huge money making and less demanding service sectors engaging including with health risky and environment damaging activities. They even are looking trade agreements to export or acting as investors to produce in the country very bad and damaging products such as cigarettes, alcohol, soft drinks like coca cola, junky foods and so on knowing they can earn lots of money this way with less efforts and the same times damaging the society they don’t care about, have no sympathy or feeling at all.

    Ethiopia may need some individuals form out there that are not part of the already died but still is not buried criminal Establishment and also the Zionists/Jews present government and those are part of it including those so called aid agencies, NGO, Charities, Scholars, journalists and the likes. But Ethiopia doesn’t need them to invest in the service sectors related to money, finance, communication, insurance, trade and similar to these. Having the Germans, east Europeans and the likes along side with Italy from Europe is useful than the English for anything knowing they are the root causes and source of troubles any nation could face when they are around and Ethiopia has been through for years because of that tiny far away island called little England.

    When we know 83% their economy is service related,, their foreign debt is 2.7 trillion, their trade deficit is so high because of they are producing nothing practical and valuable even for their own needs and necessities and their manufacturing sector is by 7% less than what it was before the 2008 economic crises, how on earth we need them to invest in our country thinking they are making/producing products we cannot do by ourselves but we need them very much? We must know who they are for real rather than being stupid and ignorant as Blacks are known with.

    We Ethiopians are geographically in Africa and we are associated with blacks. But we are not the same as the rest are in Africa including how the nations are created from the scramble of Africa agreement in 1884 and how the people do live there for generations. We are ancient, free and beautiful people created our modern Ethiopian territory by ourselves in the 1850 before even modern Italy, Germany, USA and the likes were created. So, we must behave and act according to who we were, are and have to go, not giving a shit for chance to the known tiny enemy like England to get her ways as it was the case in the past knowing there are nothing and empty but lots of lies, engaging with none stop mass propaganda wars, deceptions, manipulation and so acting as if they are all that. According to some findings, their economy true figure is less than 1/3 of they are talking about.

    Chinese and others that are busy doing the right things in Ethiopia will laugh about and take the notes how we are still stupid losing our times and worse than that giving the English type so called investors chances to engaging in our country knowing their true nature when they are coming in including in the name of investment. Innocent and hard working individuals from nations like Benelux including in the farming, dairy and meat sectors are million times useful than any English one that is saying something to come in while doing something else when he/she is already in.

    we know their aim is not working hard and good, creating jobs, willing with knowledge transfer and earning the clean and legitimate rewards based on their efforts, contributions and coats without affecting anyone including the public health and environment, but business as usual engaging with bad and criminal activities to affect our society for the sake of their benefits. They are the ones intentionally subjected more than 12% the Chinese population to addiction with drugs in the 1840s. The damage it was done to china as a result was huge including in human as well as economic levels.

    They produced the drugs in India using slave labors on the colonized land and sold it to China. When china decided to stop it, they waged war against china and they killed many Chinese, destroyed the country and the humiliation is in the Chinese minds till today. The same thing happened to Ethiopia against Atse Theodros in the 1860’s and we know what they did to our people and the nation including Meqdella. In both and many other cases, they used the Indians as slave workers and solders to die for their empire all over the world.

    This kind behavior for hundreds years is who they are and they good at and happy doing these days too. If they are allowed and left unchecked, they don’t hesitate to cause the worst possible damages for the sake of something they are looking to achieve in someone’s country. Creating divisions, conflicts, wars, destructions and so on among the same society living the same country are the first and best criminal activities they are good at and always looking to do so. They must not get the chance to grow and produce drugs in the isolated highlands and affect our nation badly the way they did to many other nations including China. The Zionists/Jews and English establishment crimes for money, wealth, domination, power and influence is limitless and very damaging.

    We are very much aware and also watching the situation very seriously keeping in mind about results/next steps related to the T. Blair trade and investment delegation presence in Ethiopia happened on may 10-11. The truth is Ethiopia needs nothing from that far away and the main if not only root cause to all the troubles, setbacks, humiliation, hurt and damage Ethiopia has been through including wars and losing the sea coast. But what we are wishing is them being stays away, leave us alone and stops their bad and damaging involvement and interference in our country. They must find their place in Ethiopia and that is far behind from many other nations that are very much welcome to Ethiopia and benefiting the nation while they know their place, position and act that way.

    But not the English despite they are nothing but the source of all evilness and setbacks the nation is facing and we want them to leave us alone and forget about us which is the best thing they can do to us if they behave this way. However, they will not do voluntarily unless they are forced with public rejections and uprisings against them knowing they are our nightmare daily realities for long time.

    Ethiopia needs herself very much and more than ever. When she needs(certainly she needs) assistances or co operations from abroad to work and benefit together, there are plenty nations and individuals like Chinese, Russians and so on with no secret plan or agenda to humiliate and affect us the way that Tiny far away island called England is doing for more than 150 years. Ethiopia needs no one in the service sectors but hiring foreign experts and skill workers for knowledge transfer in order to do the jobs by herself and create millions of jobs to her citizens.

    This way the huge financial and material benefits remain in the country and the same time the nation becomes self sufficient including running a modern country like Ethiopia by herself as we are looking and wishing to see that Ethiopia. Ethiopia will be that nation of realities rather than we are dreaming about for so long. We have no reason to dream about but lots of reasons and possibilities to make that dream in to reality with hard and good work doing effectively and on time by relaying on ourselves and working together with the tested and known useful nations and we know them who they are and what they do when they come in.

  5. us for us with us says:

    Every single country badly approached or Colonized by the Empire of United Kingdom has the remnant of Hatred.

    1. In Australia they savagely brutalized and oppressed the aborigine.
    2. In New Zealand they savagely brutalized and oppressed the Moriori people.
    3. In America they the savagely brutalized, enslaved and oppressed the Indians, Black people, and later Hispanic, Asians and southern Europeans, and slaves and Irish any who disagree with US.
    4. In India they savagely brutalized and oppressed the Hindus people – and left a terrible legacy of the cast System.
    5. In South Africa they savagely brutalized and oppressed Black South Africans, so call colors and left a legacy of Apartheid.
    6. In Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Oceania they colonized, brutalized, enslaved and stole the resources.
    7. They stole all little Islands near and around the South Pacific and South Atlantic , including the Falkland island. In fact name of chaotic region of the world and British were there…. That’s how they got to amass the stolen wealth.
    8. Between 1750 and 1887 the Empire UK control over 60 % of the world territories and 67% of world population were subject of the monarchy. Including the British East India Co. and various other dominions
    9. The English Monarchy believes in neo-classical economy and dominance . A principle they inherited from King Henry the VIII.
    10. Surprisingly they have dominated the world while being genetic and biological inbreeds.

    11. In Ethiopia they are doing the same thing for more than 150 years and getting worse by day for the last 5 years particularly since Meles’s death using aids, NGO, Charities, media, Journalism, investment and privatization as their merciless and damaging criminal best weapons of the time. Stop them overtaking our economy including those are damaging against our society as their monopolized breweries are doing to destroy the society with addictions and get huge amount of money for it.

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