Ethiopian Defense Forces Rescue More Abducted Children


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7 Responses

  1. Dagemwe Ras Alula says:

    Why is taking far too much time to rescued them?

  2. Real says:

    Ethiopian forces aren’t cross s.sudan border as state media. Said. How can rescued if not chase them behind? Second how can servive for 3 weaks if they were sarrounded by army?
    Lier is not good politics. The S.Sudan is hand over the children. That’s it.

  3. Laloo says:

    This is TPLF dram at the best. TPLF is known on this type shenanigans and it is shame on this information-heightened age for TPLF acting as usual. The incident in Gambela orchestrated by TPLF to influence South Soudan final peace process, Here is reason why. TPLF would like to export the internal political crisis going inside Ethiopia. TPLF is extremely exposed since November 15, 2015 OromoProtests and its image is so ruined. TPLF Appealing to west that it is still ally with them and it needs more support since South Sudan is the foster child of TPLF. Again TPLF running South Sudan on all aspects and would like to remain a mover and shaker more by placing its military inside S. Sudan. This is showing what the Military can do in South Sudan rather than saving the poor kids.

    The picture that is posted on this news is hypocrisy at best. The same Military (Agaz) is killing Oromo kids in Oromia on day broad light for asking their constitutional right. Just a question, is Oromo kid life protected by Ethiopian constitution? Why is Oromo children are killed like wild animals in Ethiopia today

  4. Ermiyas Hailesselasie California says:

    Eritrean terrorist group armed to the teeth managed to enter southern Ethiopia

    The group who was trained, armed, and transported by the Eritrean government tried to avoid detection by the Ethiopian intelligence and security agencies by using a totally different route.

    The Eritrean government changed each individuals name and passport to disguise their identity. The armed group flew from Eritrea to Uganda and from Uganda they dove to Kenya then the entered southern Ethiopia.

    The Eritreans didn’t realize the Ethiopian National Intelligence and security service knew about the Eritrean plan from its inception and they were following the groups every move even when they were inside Eritrea, (by the way does this remind you a recent extraordinary event? The Mola Asgehdom saga comes to mind).

    NISS tracked the groups movement from Eritrea to Uganda then to Ethiopia through Kenya. The group assuming they were not detected started to get ready for their evil mission in the jungle of Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples – SNNP state. Still the NISS was watching them like a hawk further studying their moves and connections. The terror cell continued its preparation to carry out various terrorist acts. Then Ethiopian forces from NISS, Federal Police and the Anti-Terrorism Task Force moved in and surrounding the group.

    Most of the group members surrendered to the Ethiopian forces, but some tried to escape by fighting their way out. All those who tried to escape were killed in the fire fight with Ethiopian security forces.

    The Ethiopian forces captured many guns, hand grenades, ammunitions, and other military armaments with group.

    The Eritrean government has sent terrorist groups countless times to infiltrate Ethiopia from the north and every attempt has been foiled by the gallant Ethiopian security forces. Due to the great distance from the tiny nation to southern part of Ethiopia and the fact that Ethiopia has effectively evicted any Eritrean forces from Somalia, Eritrea almost always tries infiltrate the northern border of Ethiopia. This latest attempt could be one of two things. One the Eritrean regime is so desperate it will do whatever to achieve its goal which to destabilize the much bigger and much stronger neighbor, Ethiopia. Or it could be the gangsters in Asmara are trying to reinforce their terror groups in the Oromo region.

    NISS said the Eritrean armed group is in custody and they will be interrogated by the Ethiopian authorities.

    The Ethiopian Prime Minster made thise speech about a year ago. After he made this speech, Eritrea sent its terror group through Adi Arkai on December 10, 2015, Eritrean soldiers kidnapped eighty five Ethiopians from Tigrai state , PFDJ is working to destabilize Ethiopia through OLF and now this. Well then was the Ethiopian Prime Minster making this speech for public consumption, because Eritrea never stopped its destablizing actions.

  5. Bern James Bol says:

    Thanks to FDRE

  6. Tuna-Fish says:

    Great News for the children parents and relatives. And congratulation for South Sudanese Boma State negotiators and more importantly the role played by the Ethiopian Defense Forces by putting pressure on the situation to get the children rescued safely. Congratualtions!

  7. Tulu says:

    If were a result of negotiation and not a military operation, why in the hell are the army personnel shine on the photos! Shouldn’t the army protect these poor souls before such an offense takes place!

    To me, it looks like a well feed soldiers contrasting themselves with the poor locals!!

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