Ethiopia: Counter-terrorism Taskforce Foils Eritrean-backed Plot to Stage a Terror Attack, Ginbot 7 claims responsibility


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18 Responses

  1. Erta says:

    G7 claiming the incident is damage control by Eritrea and G7 also benefits if it claims responsibility because the organizations is on its last breath of dying for lack of support from members and lack of legitimacy. If you have a disease the first line of defense is your body immune system, second is antibiotics, third line of defense will be surgery to separate infected organs from the rest of the body to stop the ailment from spreading to infect other health organs. Ethiopia and Eritrea political problem has gone from bad to worst in recent years. Eritrea going forward to correct the problem on state level, like our body fights disease to eliminate it, is not going to happen. Eritrea seeking to get help through diplomacy to engage with Ethiopia to solve the political debacle the two countries have, like we seek outside help for our ailment that our body can’t fight anymore, is not going to happen because Eritrea slam shut its door on Ethiopia face for fifteen years and Eritrea ignored the global community in general to do its business as if Eritrea is one planet. The third solution to solve the problem has to be forced engagement which requires Ethiopia taking small military incursion without the Ethiopian armed forces leaving their defensive positions. Since the Eritrean army is composed of forcibly recruited military personnel, willingness to fight is very low. We already see that how willing the Eritrean army is going to fight because a lot recruits are leaving to neighboring countries abandoning their post. Ethiopia taking military action without invading Eritrea has a lot of tactical advantages. One, it helps to show the general public that Ethiopia is not interest to undermine Eritrea’s integrity which is one of the main concerns of the general public in Eritrea. Second, targeting only military installations in Eritrea diminishes Eritrea’s regime power to control the general public since the military is doing the operations to control the general public. Second the regime will lose a lot of investment that generates foreign currency for the state and that puts a lot of pressure on the regime to replace damaged and destroyed military hardware, to maintain diplomatic core in overseas and so on. Forth, if military installations are targeted, the army unit that has been recruited by force that has been fleeing the country will leave Eritrea in masses, which is going to diminish the regime’s security apparatus tremendously. The questions for a lot of people in Ethiopia is that does Ethiopia has the capability to do such kind of military operation in Eritrea without having to scare the general public in Eritrea. Can Ethiopia separate the regime and the public to a point the general public to be confident enough that Ethiopia is only interest to target the regime not Eritrea or Eritrean people? Otherwise, Ethiopia has no choice but to go with full force to take the regime in Asmara surgically, just like a surgeon removes a cancer with less blood lost and with little pain to the patient. Above all, if Ethiopia can show to Eritreans that Ethiopia can take out any threat to Ethiopia in Eritrea any time, sends a strong message to the general public and the military personal. The public understand a protection promise on any level for Eritrean by the Eritrean regime is a bluff and the public understanding the Eritrean government’s power unable to defend itself has a lot of political and economic ramifications. Once Ethiopia undermines, and humiliates the regime in Asmara the political fall out and its legacy to govern that is already in peril will crumble. Most of their time the general public responds to a weak state very harshly, abandoning it for good. Ethiopia just following the “no peace no war” policy as sole objective to corner and kill the regime in Asmara is wrong. The policy by Ethiopia has been cornering the regime in Asmara but not potent enough to kill. Economic sanctions to a state from another states never took out a dictator from power but debilities its government to be vulnerable for military operation; I think Ethiopia should move on to the next phase of action. Other policies should be implemented to complement the “no war no peace’ policy on Eritrea to see the full impact of Ethiopia’s strategy on Eritrean regime; one that has to be considered is to take out the only strong link in Eritrea, the military installations, to keep the regime bleeding to death from its other weakness.

  2. ethiio says:

    “The heavy armed mercenaries were captured in a jungle at the southern ” really dude? where is your prove? video, pictures…???

    “terrorist group” really dude? Dr. B. is in US and will be in Europe too…so who is terrorist? what a journalist!!

  3. Sam says:

    What is the very porpose of smuggling armed men to Southern Ethiopia? Let us agree that no one had noticed their presence. What did they do? I know the president of Eritrea is becoming more delusional in evey passing second, but I keep wondering in his power of convncing __ or ls it giving orders– Ethiopians to share his delusion. One among those Ethiopians ls a p.h.d holder.

  4. us for us with us says:

    Attack is the best defense strategy as it is the same offense to defense. Stop (the government) telling us ‘we foiled this or that” while it is the easiest and right thing to do which is attacking the enemies in their places instead of waiting them to attack us in our own place. Don’t be lazy and stupid waiting until the problems do occur but get always busy physically as well as mentally doing everything possible paying sacrifices to make sure none of the problem does appears and take effects including famine in Ethiopia; a country which is very rich in water, has the best agriculture climate, mineral rich fertile soil and abandoned farm land; thanks to the vast highland in the tropics.

    Thanks to awramba for giving attention to the story caused by something that would be otherwise than as it is for years where Ethiopia becomes the receiving point for the bad and negative situations caused by the isolated, weak, toothless, hated by own people and bunch of Shabia criminals.

    Eritreans are flooding in to Ethiopia massively every day for years. They are living in Ethiopia the way they cannot do in Eritrea. There are more than 4 thousands Eritrean university students in Ethiopian universities while there is no university education in Eritrea at all. Everyone is forced to live for war. We also know what they did to Ethiopians from 1991 through 1998 including in Assab and some other towns and cities in the isolated Eritrea.

    There are more than 200.000 Eritrean refuges in Ethiopia and their number is massively growing by hours. There are also huge numbers of none refugee Eritreans living in Ethiopia as Ethiopians. Some says, there are about the total of 500.000(half million) Eritreans in Ethiopia at this moment. Are we unhappy about it? Yes or no.

    Yes. Because they are living with this kind circumstance without knowing where to belong despite they are the same as all Ethiopians are including those in Eritrea. We eat the same food, we drink the same traditional drinks. We sing and use the same traditional music instruments. We wear/dress the same traditional clothes. We celebrate the same holidays and traditional and cultural events the same way. Our languages are the same but we are using them with different dialects or accents. All in all we are the same people naturally look like the same living together for more than 3000 years recorded history before the evil and tiny England came there 120 years ago and divided us based on her benefits at the huge cost of both of us as they are doing today, too with different approaches but for the same goals.

    On the other hand, the reason we are happy or don’t care about them and the situation they are facing is because of their behavior on one side towards Ethiopia and to Shabia on the other side. Some of those emigrated from Eritrea because of shabia are supporting shabia from refugee camps or the places they are living in abroad as immigrants. The reason why Shabia is still there and it is still continuing causing troubles including against Ethiopia is not new but because of Eritreans mainly Tigrigna are supporting it including those immigrants in abroad.

    However, no one is to blame about anything and everything happening against Ethiopia from Eritrea particularly since 1991, but Ethiopians themselves particularly the leaderships. During the Italian occupation (1902-1940)and English colonization of 12 years (1940-1952), the colonized and enslaved Eritreans in own country were running to Ethiopia for freedom and were getting modern as well as religion education because of in Eritrea they were allowed/forced only to learn up to 4 grade which was good enough to allow them to communicate when they exploit and use them in their own country and also keep them ignorant, uneducated, uninformed and weak forever in order to prolong the colony and achieve its goals which is looting the nation until nothing is left and exploit the citizens until they die from hard labors. They were not allowed to speak any Eritrean language but Italian. If they did, they would be killed or if they were lucky, they would be beaten or got jail terms. What Italy built in the 38(1902-1940-officially) colonization years, was taken away and destroyed by the English within 12 years (1940-1952) of her presence there.

    The eyewitnesses from Eritrea were talking about how the English destroyed the railway lines and took the metals. How they were looting iron raw materials as the residents were calling it sand soil because of they didn’t know from where iron comes from. How they destroyed all the good things Italy did despite it was done for its long term benefits including the Italian language, missionaries, culture centre, and so on to brainwash and colonize the Eritreans in their own country.

    England destroyed Eritrea within 12 years behaving almost the same way(certainly for the same goals) they are busy today in Ethiopia particularly since this current Zionist/Jews so called conservative government took power in England in 2010 and Obama that is the Zionists/Jews CEO is sitting in the white house to use him for their evil and damaging agenda in ME and Africa targeting nations like Ethiopia because of we allow them while others don’t and also we have our own things they don’t like and must be destroyed as they did to the rest of Africa.

    The Zionists/Jews and English establishments together with criminal so called investors, business people and so on from the west and almost all of them are the Zionists/Jews and their sympathizers are the reason why things are still the way they are between Ethiopia and Eritrea despite they are one and the same people but both of them are affected by the evils and racists under the English establishments and Zionist/Jews leaderships and merciless activities. EU that is indirectly run by the English establishment and Zionists/Jews union including from UK, France, Benelux, USA, Canada, Australia and so on gave to issayas 200 million Euros few months ago. This is like giving Ethiopia 5 billion dollar because of the Ethiopian population is 25 times bigger than Eritrea.

    They know how shabia/Issayas is nasty against Eritreans and also the region including Ethiopia while he is the best friend to the terrorists most of them sheltering, freely moving and doing the terrorism things against Ethiopia and region from their main bases and big supports in the west including USA, UK and the likes. But the shabia types are the ones they are always looking for, creating, supporting and using them against the nations mainly Africa to cause troubles, conflicts and wars in order to keep all Africans poor, weak, ignorant and under their feet in the name of aid, NGO, charities and so on using the weaknesses and conflicts they are creating indirectly or directly as their best opportunities.

    However, no one blames any foreigner including the isolated and weak shabia but ourselves. We are witnessing how the evil Zionists/Jews and English establishment all out wars against us is going on for years including using the evil Zionists monopolized media none stop talking about us with goal to spread lies, misinformation and so on against us selecting bad and negative situations and magnifying and repeating them tirelessly and savagely. The evils are also none stop creating fictional horror stories about us with goal to damage our country image and undermine us.

    The reason why the evil Zionists/Jews monopolized criminal media and evil so called journalists, those so called investors, NGO, aid agencies, charities, peace corp.,. think thanks, institutions, politicians, volunteers, UN representatives and so on from USA, England, France, Canada, Australia, Benelux and even some from Germany behaving this way is because of we are allowing them and even some stupid and ignorant are cooperating with /working for them. Death to all the Zionists/Jews and English establishments that are affecting our nation for so long in the name of media, journalism, aid agencies, NGO, Charities, scholars, investments and you name it.

    It is the same with Eritrea. If Ethiopia had leaders that are doing the right things on time for the sake of the country, they would stop all bad and negative activities caused by Shabia directly or indirectly against Ethiopia since long times ago. If there is any Ethiopian in Eritrea, he/she is there to be used by shabia to affect Ethiopia being as a suicide terrorist knowing all of them have been killed when they had tried to plot terrorism in Ethiopia, sent by shabia the same way Boko Haram, IS, Al Shebab, Al Qaida and other Sunni terrorists do with the desperate and brainwashed suicide terrorists. .

    On the other hand there are hundreds of thousands Eritreans fleeing Eritrea to Ethiopia for their safety because of shabia and almost all of them are the potential enemies against Shabia and issayas. Yet, our so called leaders are not using Eritreans that are in Ethiopia/abroad at least to stop the crimes Shabia is doing against Ethiopia. The reason why shabia is continuing doing so for years is because of it knows, no one in Ethiopia behave normally and act the right ways to stop it if not toppling shabia and bring to power the new and normal Eritrean leaders in Eritrea.

    Ethiopia doesn’t need a direct confrontation with the isolated, weak and toothless Shabia but doing at least the same thing effectively against it in order to stop what it is doing against Ethiopia as a daily leadership creating the terrorists and working with them for their terror jobs. We know the Zionist/Jews and their new wahhabi gulf dictators allies/friends are supporting Shabia and their big and nasty noses are deep inside Eritrea for long term strategy the way even the stupid shabia and herd Eritreans don’t know about.

    They know, if shabia is gone, Eritrea will be in peace and the region will be also in peace and get prosper which is they don’t like to see at all there/Africa and they will not allow that to happen but continue behaving the way they do and the Zionists/Jews and English establishments are determine to do so if they are not openly exposed and stopped using any means necessary started from the so called journalists/evil Zionists/Jews that are making this world to be the place of divisions, hates, conflicts, wars and destructions based on the gains they are looking for and getting from.

    Eritreans and Ethiopians are the same people. Together we can do things the best ways for our benefits. If we are smart and do the things the right ways for our benefits, the mighty Nile/Abay from the great Ethiopian highland down the way in to the low land red sea, could make us the greatest again. Think about it. Stop being black, ignorant, stupid, manipulated, brainwashed and always ready to be used by the known and long time enemies that are none stop playing their dirty tricks games and racists goals among blacks and citizens of the same nation including between Ethiopians and Eritreans. Be human and reject them forever, knowing they are nothing but the only reason way we are who we are going on ever since they came around and stayed there till today doing the same thing for the same goal which is all about them at our huge costs.

    Ethiopia must support and work closely with Eritreans that are in Ethiopia and elsewhere in abroad at least to keep shabia dead quiet and further isolated. Enough is enough. Ethiopia needs a new and workable foreign ministry that is working for the country, period. We must do to them at least the way they do to us, if not worse knowing shabia is the satanic reasons and demonic results.

  5. More-Truth says:

    If I understood the current terminology correctly, the ex-terrorists-turned-current-government in Ethiopia foiled an attack of a current terrorist group

  6. Sewit says:

    This G-7 news is ordered by its God father Shabiya because they know and feared the hard and final hit in response to their unstoppable destabilizing behavior. Enough is enough….it’s time to say Shabiya bye bye.

  7. Hager says:

    ሰው ይመስላል እንጂ መች ይሆናል የሰው
    እንኳን ራስ ሊፈጥር እያየ የማይገባው
    አሁን ምን አመጣው ጠብ መጫር፡ ማሸበር
    ስንት መልካም እያለ መስራት፡ መኖር፡ ማፍቀር
    ህዝቡ የሚፈልግ አንገብጋቢው ጉዳይ
    መሰረታዊ ጥቅም፡ ማደግ፡ መድረስ ከላይ
    ያ የሞተው ሁሉ፣ የጠፋው ሀብት፡ ንብረት
    እንዴት በጠቀመ ሰላም ብንሆንለት

    ሻቢያ ወንበዴ፤ ጠብ ጫሪ፡ አሸባሪ
    ሰይጣን ሲነግስበት የጠላው ፈጣሪ
    ምን አለ ቢበቃው ጨርሶ ቢጠፋ
    ሀበሻ ቢያልፍለት ቢያገኝ ሙሉ ተስፋ

    የኛ ችግራችን እኛው ራሳችን
    መስማማት ስንችል መጎዳዳታችን
    ተው ይብቃህ ሻቢያ አታደፍርስ ሰላም
    ወገን አይሰቃይ አይበተን በአለም
    ኤርትራ በመጠን ትንሽ በህዝብ ቁጥር
    በአለም ግን አንደኛ በስደት፡ በችግር
    ለዚህ ሁሉ መንስኤ ብቸኛው ምክንያት
    ሻቢያ ወንበዴው ማሰር፡ ማሰቃየት

    አንተም ታውቀዋለህ፡ ሌላውም ያውቀዋል
    የመጠረሻ እጣህ ምን እንደሚመስል
    ስታጠፋ ኑረህ፡ ስንት ጉዳት ስታደርስ
    የመጨረሻ እጣህ ማለፍ ነው እንደ ርኩስ፡
    ኢትዮጰያ፡ ኤርትራ አንድ ናቸው ምን ጊዜም
    ፍቅራቸው ይጠናል አንተ ስትል እልም
    አዲስ አበባ ፡ አስመራ የጋራ ቤታቸው
    ጦር መሳሪያ ሳይሆን ልብ ነው ቁልፋቸው፡፡

  8. Gemechu Dibaba says:

    The news that is reported around the world is that 20 Ethiopian soldiers died in Arba Minch. The story on this site says, that they were caught before entering Ethiopia. There seems to b that there is something missing in between. Ethiopia would have paraded these mercenaries on TV if they had been cought. Propaganda machine from fana radio to ETV(EBC) to Kana. From Fortune news paper to known woyane websites would have had special programming, zegeba, tintena. So far, the Ethiopian population have not seen confession of mercineries or weapons laid on the floor that they found. Oh shot, did they forget to have a theater that usually comes after an orchestrated event? I done know the answeres…but maybe the show is being filmed to b shown next week.

  9. Be ewnetu says:

    Shaebia get chance by Eritrean – group in Ethiopian regime. Ginbot7 knows Shaebia is anti Ethiopia. But using the only option for support from Shaebia/Eritrean. But what missed is Shaebia is anti-Ethiopia. But not anti EPRDF. the same Eritrean controlled EPRDF is not anti-Shaebia. So as far as EPRDF on power Ethiopians are killing each other for the sake of Shaebia long-run agenda. Most Ethiopian politics, websites and economy’s are controlled by Eritreans in the name of Ethiopians. But what I wonder is ESAT still hiding Eritrean sabotage on Ethiopian activity. But Targeting Tigreans to make happy ISAYAS.
    also still they are tools for Egypt and Eritrea for division of Ethiopians to destroy the nation. But everything has time….
    Band for Italian hired band for Arab/Egypt….

  10. Sam says:

    The only thing shabiya underestand is military power . The Ethiopian Gov, have to take some measure action . Surgical air strike . Inside Asmara and out side . They must hit sawa military training camp and show them what issyass deserve .

  11. muleta says:

    hard to believe those people carrying all those weapons from Uganda to Tanzania..then to Kenya ..then to Djibouti then to addis ababa AND then to wolega ..with out any incident ..may be weyanea captured one or two soldiers near Eritrea boarders ..then told the media as usual exaggerating it ..and..GINBOT 7 took it farther and run with it..saying they killed 20 n bla bla …….the fact is….wededem telam weyanea is in trouble…..shabia has infiltrated the Ethiopian government ..there are so many die hard Eritreans who defend Ertitrean interest, who stopped the real tigrean from taking action against essays ..given the way he violates ,trains,promissese ,harbors the worst enemy of Ethiopia…and the luck of action Ethiopia is taking…they were quick to enter onto south sudan a week ago…what r they scared of..?…i think its time for the stand up against those Eritreans in the government and send them to jail or illuminate them by any means necessary for obstructing the government and spying for shabia..hold them accountable……..DAWIT KEBEDE you are one of need to go

  12. Hager says:

    ምረቃ፡ እርግማን ወይስ ሲያታልሉት?
    ጨለማ አውሬ ወልደው ብርሀኑ ያሉት
    ይህ ከሀዲ፡ ውሸታም ክብር፡ ማዕረግ የለሽ
    ከስንቱ ወገነ፡ ስንቱን ጣለ ሲሸሽ
    መኢሶን፡ ኢህአፓ፡ …. ቅንጅት እያለ
    ስንቱን ወገን ከዳ፡ ስንቱን አታለለ
    ስንቱ ተንገለታ፡ አዘነ፡ ታሰረ
    ይህ ከሀዲ ዋሽቶት በህይዎት ከሰረ
    ከአሜሪካ፡ አውሮፓ ወግኖ ከጠላት
    እሳት ይለኩሳል ሀገርን ሊያፋጃት

    ጠላትሰ ነው ጠላት በግልጽ ይታወቃል
    ፊት ለፊት በፍልሚያ ገጥመው ይጥሉታል
    የራሰ ሰው እያለ የሀገር ጠላት ግን
    ከባድ ወንጀለኛ አምላክ ከዚህ ያድን
    ግንድ፡ ቅርንጫፉን ቆራርጦ ነው ማጥፋት
    ይረርና ይክሰል አመድ ይሁን በእሳት፡
    አሜሪካ፡ አውሮፓ የጥቁር ጠላቶች
    እርስ በእርስ ያፋጃሉ የአንድ ሀገርን ልጆች
    ሊጀመር ጀምሮ እስከ አሁን ግልጽ ነው
    የውጭ ሀይል ከኋላ እንደሚነዳቸው

    ጠላትማ ጠላት ህዝብ፡ ሀገሩ ሌላ
    ችግር የሚፈጥር ሊዘርፍ፡ ሊበላ
    ዜጋ ነኝ እያለ ዜጋ ሲሆን ጠላት
    ምን መፍትሄ አለው ጨክኖ ከማጥፋት
    የሀገር በሽታ፡ የዜጋ ነቀርሳ
    እንደ አይጥ ይታደን አይደለም አንበሳ
    ከውጭ ጠላት በፊት የውስጡን ነው ማጥፋት
    ቅጥረኛ፡ ውሸታም፡ ከሀዲ…. የብርሀኑ አይነት፡፡

  13. yonas says:

    Hager i don’t think u can write poems i am sorry to say this tray again or dont bothered.

  14. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    If this story by these G7’s creatures holds water, they should leave the soil of the USA and camp out where they have been scavenging for so long. The political issues that prevail in the old country do not warrant violent form of struggle. It should and can be resolved in only one way, that is peaceful means. When all of us start to believe that the youth of that country has started to recover from the bloody onslaught unleashed by the demonic Mengistu regime in the 1970’s and 80’s and now this? One should be the lowest form of the modern mankind to have the urge and satisfaction to stoop down, way down for the sworn enemy of our people, Al-Toweel Isaias, the proven Dracula of the Horn. They must be way below the station of our very proud and glorious people. Disgusting, utterly disgusting!!! Again, if this story is true, then they are violating the law of the land of the Good ‘Ole USA – The Neutrality Act. They should be swept up and bused all the way to their legitimate domicile, the stinking dump site in Asmara. This is a peaceful country. Out! Step!!! Get the Steppin’!!!! Degage!!!

  15. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    Taking the initiative provoked by this news article, I want to talk to you all about a story that gave me a jolt strong enough to deprive me some sleeps.

    We all know that religious extremists hailing from the Arabian Peninsula have been trying to pitch our harmonious people against each other for centuries. For the most part that had failed. That is why you see me calling the people we all left behind ‘glorious’, ‘harmonious’ and ‘very proud’. Indeed they are. This is just a dead giveaway. The Saudi family has been fomenting hatred toward other religions especially Jewish and Christian faiths for more than a century. They are awash with petro dollar so much that they have been giving away millions to extremists like candies. In recent article in the Bloomberg magazine there was a story about this same family’s plan to wean Saudi Arabia off its oil ‘addiction’. Their new upcoming alpha dog prince wants to change that heathen into an industrial giant making first and foremost military weapons. How he is going to do that you may ask. His plan is to make every weapon that country needs by hiring weapon making experts from the West. Just imagine that. It has been exporting radicalism and hatred through its Wahabi extremist ideology, now it will be able to offer that as a bundle; Ideology, money and deadly weapons from one-stop-shop terrorists’ bazaar, The West should take this ambition very seriously and must put laws in place outlawing transfer of such expertise by their citizens. The solution for this impending disaster is to help secular elements of that country to take the leadership role once and for all. These demonic fanatics should not be allowed to build their own long range missiles, supersonic jets and all other advanced armaments. Our people will be in danger like they have never been before. And these lazy bum halawa drunk fanatics will show no mercy for us all. They had not shown mercy for millions of Africans they snatched away as slaves since the 7th century. They have this deep-seated hatred for our glorious people Muslim or not, Christian or not, Native religion worshipers or not !!!
    Our people should be kept abreast with the latest about these demons and pressed to keep denying any opportunity to these scabs.

  16. Gemechu Dibaba says:

    The Ethiopian govt finally put out pics that it claimed belonged to the rebels the bought on the boarded, however, the picture showing rocket-propelled grenades and other weapons turned out to be a Getty Image taken from the internet which was photographed by Chris Hondros near Fallujah in Iraq after the U.S. 82nd Airborne Division seized the large weapons.

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