Israeli Prime Minister Set to Visit Ethiopia Next July


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  1. Tofik says:

    Is global number one murderer coming to Ethiopia ?It is shame for our leaders to invite this modern Nazi to our nation

  2. us we us for us says:

    “Sheraton Addis Hotel where the 68th Independence Day of Israel was marked”.

    This is not only misleading but a big lie. Israel is created 68 years ago; not became independent. 92% people those saying are Jews are Ashkenazi that have nothing to do with the real Hebrews from 2000 years ago. They left as blacks and how come they came/coming back as white including with hair colors other than black, eyes colors other than brown and skin colors other than black/brown as the real Hebrew were/are. After all Judaism is a religion like any other religion where all human races, Ethnics, culture, traditions, customs and so on can be part of it as it is the same with Christianity, Islam, Hindu, Buda and so on.

    It is the same what is going on with the so called Ethiopian Jews. They took them for political reason as Christians with Ethiopian look likes, names, culture, traditions and so on. Now we see them when they are converted and becoming Jews/Hebrews and also coming back to Ethiopia while have nothing in common with Ethiopia including the language they were speaking, culture and so on. The whole world knows how they live there and getting the worst possible treatments on daily basis because of their race. They are like the 1950s and 60s blacks in the segregation USA. They even don’t see them as human beings on equal bases let alone as Hebrews with race or Jews with religion.

    Those having relations/connections with Israel including the so called journalists, politicians, scholars, NGOs, aid agencies, Think Thanks, institutions, spay agents, writers, Tourists, investors, Charities and you name it in the name of USA, UK, France, Canada, Australia, Benelux, UN, EU, and so on are the ones none stop waging all sorts of wars and causing all sorts of difficulties, setbacks and hardships against Ethiopia for decades and continuing doing so as we speak including being in the country.

    Any nation that has smart and responsible leaders and informed citizens, would never have any close tie but avoiding them completely to the far distances knowing when they are around, they are always poisoning everything good and causing lots of troubles including damaging the human values, norms, culture, spirits, future and so on. There is nothing they can’t do if they know there is money, wealth, power, influence and domination coming out of it

    As some Israelis, too are calling it the fascists, racists, warmongers, dangerous and so on Government/right wing groups, Netanyahu and his circles are the greatest fret not only to others but Israel too. The two females namely the Justice and culture ministers and the new defense ministers are among those to mention. They are behaving and also acting worse than what the Nazis and fascists were in the 1920s and 30s.

    Netanyahu is not coming only to Ethiopia but also Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda thinking these are shit nations with shit so called leaders. Uganda was the first sub Saharan African nation ever deported the Jews in the 1970s during Idiamin; although no one talks about it. He deported them until no one left in the country blaming them damaging Uganda economically, politically, culturally, linguistically, morally and ethics.

    Not having them around for anything is the best solution and long term guarantee than having them for anything that sounds good and positive but always bad and negative when it is happening in realities. Europe/white people that are the longest and worst victims of them are now waking up including in USA, UK, France and the whole of Europe. They are the brains behind, leaders and fire starters about everything bad and negative done to humanity in the name of Europe including in Africa such as Slavery, colonization and everything Africa has been through for centuries caused by none Africans/Europe and North America.

    North Africa including Algeria and Egypt are now feeling and acting as Africans trying to work together with Africa and strength the African union. Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, Yemen and the likes are having many things in common with Ethiopia and can benefit hugely and guarantee peace and security if they work together. The tiny Israel is nothing but the greatest fret and cause of all sorts of hardships, difficulties and bad situations if it is around.

    They also will try to stop the African union working together including with North Africa knowing Egypt is their main and only Target left to be destroyed after destroying Sadam of Iraq, Assad of Syria, Gadaffi of Libya, saleh of Yemen and the likes that were the Israelis nightmares standing for the Palestinian rights in their own country that is occupied by Israel since 1948/ and particularly the 1967 boarder recognized by UN, EU, AU and Humanity in general. They are now working together with the evils like them that are the west created and guarded wahabbi dictators in the Gulf. But that will not last long knowing the people in these nations hate them deeply and are against them.

    Again; Israel was created in 1948; not became independent. UN itself says illegally created and the 1965 boarder must be respected; not became independent.

  3. us we us for us says:

    “Had an age-long historical and religious tie dating back to time of Queen of Sheba.”

    This is another misleading fictional story. Sheba/Saba is a kingdom like the Pharaoh of ancient Egypt, Tsar of Russia, Dynasty of China, different Royals in Europe, Atse in Ethiopia and so on. The Sheba/Saba kingdom territory was huge including in Ethiopia where its centre was in Yemen/Sana from 5000 years ago. During its end era, the kingdom of Sheba had an Ethiopian queen named Maqeda/Makeda and her seat was at Axum. Saba is not the name of the queen but the Kingdom’s name that ruled for 3000 years. Sheba is the name named by Europeans.

    Ethiopia alone has no any historical or religion tie with the old Israel but also the entire North Africa, middle east including around Mecca and Medina, were people were believing in Judaism before they accepted Christianity and then Islam. It was the same in the Ethiopian case, too. Ethiopians were accepted Judaism as the rest of the region was including North Africa and ME. Then they accepted Christianity knowing the waited messiah was already arrived i.e. Jesus. Those nations that were practicing Judaism became Christians and many nations in Europe and elsewhere also become Christians.

    The Jews that are practicing Judaism today have nothing in common with Christianity but they are anti Christians. They don’t accept Jesus as the waited messiah and they become Christians/believing in Jesus in the Christian’s holy place but still they are waiting their own messiah. They are the ones killed many messiahs before Jesus and they are the ones responsible for Jesus death, too.

    So, mentioning only Ethiopia as if she was the only nation in the region did practice Judaism while waiting the coming messiah and that is Jesus is a lie. More people in Egypt, Libya, Arabians, Syria, Turkey and the likes were practicing Judaism and had close ties with old Israel than Ethiopia was. After Jesus’s arrival, these nations became Christians until Mohammed arrival. P. Mohammed enemies were not the Christians that were plenty in today’s Muslims nations but the Jews few remnants and we know the story between him and them in the region including in and around Mecca and media and the teaching/command he left to his followers about the Jews.

    Those so called Ethiopian Jews are like all other Ethiopians but some of them didn’t accept the coming of Jesus because of they lived in remote areas and they didn’t know or had no capacities to do so. Them being portrayed as other than Ethiopians and mentioning them as if they were original part of Hebrews is a joke. They became Jews the same way many other Ethiopians were. But they didn’t accept Jesus because of reasons; not because of they were/are original Hebrews/Jews. Almost all Jews today are the converted ones and none original Hebrews.

    So, mentioning Ethiopia with a historical and religion tie with Israel is a lie and joke. Get over from a myth surrounding this. We moved on 2000 years ago by accepting the waited messiah i.e. Jesus as the rest of the world does including ME nations. They are still waiting the never coming messiah to be born from rich families because of they are not in line with Christianity, Islam or others but against. They are the enemy of Jesus/Christianity. This is the truth and realities as they were against Mohammed and are the fierce and merciless enemy of Muslims.

  4. boob says:

    ….even so, ethiopia is better to tie up with israel than arabs…………..

  5. Be ewnetu says:

    Probably will cancell or postponed like Cameroon. Because of The unknown political stance of the country

  6. yoni says:

    Semayawi Party and their Shiritam sponsors from the Middle East won’t be happy with this news. Good move by GOE 😉

  7. Melaku K. Biru's frisco5 says:

    Ethiopia is the best place for Middle Easterners job seekers to move to actually work. Soon many Israelis will be lined up to work in Ethiopia. We Ethiopians even hired temporary laborers in Ethiopia who are Chinese citizens from China to build the great railway from the Djibouti port all the way to middle of Ethiopia paying the laborers good salaries and benefits they couldn’t find anywherelse. People come from Far East and even Middle East to work day laborers in Ethiopia. In 2011 Ethiopian Railway Corp awarded China Railway Group a contract to build the 330 km Sebeta/Addis Ababa to Miesso section, and China Civil Engineering Construction Corp the contract for the 339 km from Miesso to Ethiopia’s border with Djibouti.The Chinese-built line linking the two countries, at a cost of U.S.$4 Billion, is part of a plan to boost the manufacturing sector of Ethiopia.

  8. Gadafi says:

    Queen of Sheba is mother of king Menilek l, she can’t be Yemeny,it is a pure purely controverting the history of Ethiopia and Israel. Ethiopia and Israel are ties blodely, the game is made by Egyptian because Egypt separating Ethiopia from Areb world previously today all Arebians knows her game truly for her interest.The Ark came to Ethiopia by Menilek l, now it is in Ethiopia, in Axume. Egypt ignore the history to diminishing Ethiopian roll. Know the world can hear and seen Egypt 🐍 propaganda because she never sleep for Ethiopia they can’t afraid their God because they are jealous by her development,they can’t stop it but they may dismiss their quality, now they have also negative quality to Arab world by their craze thinking .

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