Fruits of Ginbot 20 from the people of Ethiopian-Somali perspective (Video)


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13 Responses

  1. Semere says:

    Good job awramba times.
    It is good to show the fruits of Ginbot 20 from the dimensions of newly emerging regions such as the Ethiopian Somali region.

  2. Ahmed Abdulahi says:

    Good job, Ethiopian Somali region. This is really an inspiring move

  3. Khalid Abdo says:

    H.E President Abdi Mohamed Oumar is a gifted leader. Long live our hero

  4. Kahlid Ali says:

    Good to have young and passionate leaders and professionals such as President Abdi, Ahmed Deeq, Dr. Neeman, Elias, Gulled Ali Kahin and others, thanks for your excellent service to transform our region to a better future. As the fate of our region’s reform depends on our young brothers and sisters, we, members of the Ethiopian Somali diaspora are indeed on your side.
    Ali Mohamed Ali

  5. Resheed says:

    This is certainly an inspiring video for me to turn my face to my home town, Jigjiga. As Dr. Neeman and Ahmed Deeq stated on their messages, this is the right time for these of us who live abroad to invest in our country

  6. Maadeey says:

    You are belching in front of a camera as if we are not aware of the facts on our land. Stop this ridicules and deceiving propaganda. We know what you recently did. Didn’t you approach that Al jazeera journalist with bribery aiming to hide your wrongdoings? You are rather responsible for the killings and abductions of our people.
    Abdirahman M.(Maadeey)

    • N.Hamarrie says:

      Listen,Mr.murderer.Who gave you the right to sit in Aljazeera studio and speak balderdash about our government and people earlier this month.?Did you bribe aljazeera,then?I am sure you did not have the access to that 30 minute talk show on your own right;Aljazeera is an international media that works within the bounds of ethical journalism.You are insulting the very media that allowed you to talk your trash and, as such, you are proving our point that you are inherently undemocratic and gang of killers.

  7. N.Hamarrie says:

    DOWN WITH UBBO,!Your Futile Propaganda has no place now.

  8. My Dear Mr. Abdirahmaan Maadeey wake up from nightmare and let you know we are not like people that you sell fake propaganda we are here in Somali region of Ethiopia don’t try to dictate us what you know nothing about the reality on the ground or you may know but blindly undermining. Our people has no appetite to listen your delirium and delusions which are coming from psychotic person who are mentally ill as you are.

    Our people here in Somali region of Ethiopia has enough experience and lesson leant your shameful propaganda that you were fabricating for decade. It’s time for facts, it’s the time to expose the reality inside our region, it’s a time for peace, it’s the time for development, it’s the time for good governance and it’s the time for future betterment of our societies. Therefore, our future destiny may not determine Barking dogs in western world, we are the people who determine their destiny and we are already determined to make sure our peace, security, development, good governance and build up the education of our young generation. We very prominent pillar for integrity, Co-existence, & peace of our country Ethiopia may Allah bless it and as Ethiopian Somali region people we are proud to be a part of big family of holly country Ethiopia.

    By Ahmed Deeq Hussein

  9. N.Hamarrie says:

    Well done Dear Axmed deeq.Tell him off.He is really in utter illusion.

  10. Maadeey says:

    I know you don’t deserve my response. But here are few facts if you have a gut to justify. How can you be puppets and instruments of a regime whose soldiers have raped 30% of your mothers, sisters and children and still continue to kill your own compatriots. You are defending few cliques who exploit your own resources. You are endorsing a government who consider
    your own people as a nuisance.
    Why don’t you advice your president to freely visit those areas of Ogaden without massive military convoy
    Shame on you

    Abdirahman M. (Maadeey)

    • Its shame on you to insist that 30% of women in Somali region are raped by the Ethiopia arms. This is too cheap criticism which has no base and no ground in reality but as matter of fact; we know a young woman in Bargun kebele who was raped 50 armed UBBO insurgents at once in some place and gave her a name called “SAL ADAG” which mean a woman with strong Buttock. This is the facts of inhumanity acts of UBBO. Let alone women but also your group raped animals (goat) for true incident that every person in the Somali region and Somali speaking people around the world are well known.

      So your fabricated fake you cannot make it as true incident and the true incident that everybody in the region witnessed you cannot denied. We are not like diaspora community who know nothing about the reality, we are full self-autonomy regional state per national constitution of Ethiopia. Believe your baseless propaganda does not work anymore, it’s the time for facts and evidences.
      Ahmed Deeq

  11. Elias A. says:

    Dear editor Dawit Kebede, I know your website has a tradition of selecting several prominent Ethiopians every year as “Awramba times person of the year”. As your criteria has been a brave Ethiopian at home or abroad who did some extraordinary contribution that matters the life of the Ethiopian people, you have to consider H.E president Abdi Mohammed for the upcoming selection of Person of the year

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