[Must-Watch] The Arbaminch “Operation”: Another Embarrassing Moment for Isaias and His Puppies


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  1. bb says:

    Dear Dave, thank you for your reliable information. You are doing a great job and can you also ask anyone of the current government representative until when they are waiting Shabby to stop from their teriorist act?

  2. Gedif says:

    I am really sorry for these young guys who were killed and captured while they are involved in unplanned, unstrategic and very low standard operation. I totally believed the Ethiopian intelligence and security force when they said that they knew the so called operation right from the beginning. The strong security force showed its power by throwing the top man behind bar after capturing him from Yemen. The forces again laughed at G7 when Mola Asgedom sweeped the Shabia dying troops and went back to his country. I am sure , if it is not for the international law, Wayane has the capability to kidnap Esayas himself and charge for the act of terrorism. Therfore, please G7 don’t make a laughing stock of yourself by putting the life of innocent kidsinto fire just for the sake of saying we are doing our job in Ethiopia. Don’t underestimate the mighty power of Wayane.

  3. us we us for us says:

    “Another Embarrassing Moment for Isaias and His Puppies”

    No, No, No,…

    This is another embarrassing moment for the Ethiopian government and disbelieve for the Ethiopian people.

    The whole world knows Issayas is old, sick (including mentally), isolated, weak, poor, hopeless and helpless. He never been in any African or international meetings for the last 16 years. He is like what was Bin laden or any other terrorist leader leading the terrorists from hiding. His Shabia terrorists are few in numbers and bunch of criminals they are there just for their own sake.

    On the other hand Eritreans are flooding to Ethiopia with thousands everyday including farmers, solders, mothers, children and the youth. There are more than 215.000 in refugee camps and more Eritreans are living in Ethiopia as Ethiopians. There are more than 4.000 Eritrean university students in Ethiopia including in post graduate studies while in Eritrea there is only a military service; not education institutions and development activities.

    It is clear today as it has been always that the vast majority Eritreans didn’t want and don’t want Eritrea as an independent nation. That is why the people are flooding to Ethiopia escaping Shabia/Issayas while these terrorists are vomiting hate and hostility about Ethiopia to feed the desperate Eritreans that are hungry of food, freedom, development …

    However for some reasons, the Ethiopian government is not dealing with that weak and isolated issayas despite the people are against it/him and flooding to Ethiopia rejecting Shabia’s claiming of accusing Ethiopia as enemy….

    We are not saying Ethiopia must wage war against that fallen and desperate terrorist group with an isolated and crazy leader, but making its existence in the real hell on earth using Eritreans that are hundreds thousands in Ethiopia escaping the lawless and dying terrorist regime. Ethiopia must work with Eritreans that are in Ethiopia as well as in Abroad including Sudan and Eritrea to deal with issayas meaning to stop affecting Ethiopia by training, supporting and using the terrorists.

    No matter how the Zionists/Jews like Herman Cohen and all the evils Zionists from USA, UK, France, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Benelux are continuing supporting this dying terrorist group in Eritrea, soon rather than later it will be gone forever. The question is what is going to happen afterwards when this evil rebel group and its acting as leader from isolation is gone.

    Eritrea as a tiny and semi desert territory is home to at least 9 Ethnic groups. The majority Eritreans are Muslims. There is no the feeling of one people in one nation feelings among Eritreans knowing Eritrea was always part of Ethiopia except for 39 years during the Italian colonization and 12 years of the English empire occupation with aim to loot and destroy everything what Italy did thinking it will stay there forever and Eritrea will be always under its ownerships.

    Not Italy but the English establishment created the evilness among one and the same people living in Ethiopia and Eritrea as one of the 12 Ethiopian provinces until 1993 so called Eritrean independence. The so called Eritrean independence issue was created and conducted from the start to end by evil foreigners/Zionists and English establishment working together with their servants and slave Arabs to block Ethiopia from her millennia old sea cast right. Ethiopia is blocked for the sea by these foreign evils to hurt her as worst and long as possible. However, Ethiopia is getting better and better everyday ever since the ways she never been before in such good conditions and situations for generations in the near distances.

    So, for many reasons, Ethiopia must not go war with this dying, isolated and desperate terrorist regime as long as she is not attacked. However, Ethiopia has lots of opportunities, possibilities and upper hands to stop each and every cause of problems coming from Shabia that has only one daily job and talking topics and that is related to Ethiopia.

    Ethiopia has no reason to fear Shabia for anything but has many reasons and possibilities to make Shabias existence in hell till its departure for good and that will be soon happening in any moment. The problem will be about Eritrea’s future after shabia. 9 Ethnic groups with Muslim majority that have no any one nation and one people feeling at all and the country is not good enough for development knowing it is a hot and semi/desert land. The chance is huge that Eritrea could become another Somalia if the Zionists/Jews and English establishment together with EU are continuing mingling in Eritrea and the relationship between Ethiopia and Eritrea. Ethiopia is the only country Eritreans have lots in common, trust, relaying on and has the only best solution for the safety of its people and security of Eritrea after Shabia.

    The racist and evil West (Zionists/Jews) must stop mingling in the Eritrean issues. They must know they will never ever get any place in Eritrea in any time including after issayas knowing the majority Eritreans are Muslims. Muslims and Jews are like fire and water, cat and mouse, desert and savannah, snow and sand and so on. They cannot/will not live together in peace and harmony as they never been from the start during Mohammed time. His command and teaching about the Jews/Zionists is there telling the Muslims to keep it as it was said and done to them including by him during his time.

    Use Eritreans to deal with this old, sick, weak, desperate, isolated, lawless and dying terrorist regime in Eritrea. Because he is using stupid and ignorant so called Ethiopians to commit terrorist acts in Ethiopia. There is no a single Ethiopian in Eritrea other than to be used by shabia as a terrorist against Ethiopia while there are hundreds of thousands of Eritreans in Ethiopia living in better conditions than they could be in Eritrea.

    The Ethiopian government must wake up and do the right things. You cannot be sure for certain that you will always stop the terrorists before they committed the terrorist acts when once they are in the country after the preparation is made. Instead, the government must act actively and aggressively to eliminate them from the sources including in the lawless Eritrea.

  4. Girmay beyene says:

    Dear Dr Berhanu Your buddy Andy who is currently having good time in kality resort reflecting on his stupid mistakes that he has done to appear like a hero and was not a wise man and hopeful he may smarten up in kality. God bless him, he took everything for for granted and had been bragging about his activities in Asmara and elsewhere to appease his supporters and give them a false hope. Because of the intense excitement applause and cheering he couldn’t regulate himself and went to multiple media outlets to make victory speech , what he didn’t know back then was one day what he said may have been used as evidence to incriminate him .but Andy was so naive for believing that having British citizen would save him from facing Ethiopian laws. so hold your horse , don’t use his footsteps Use your rational brain not your emotion, sometimes emotions can causes a great deal of damage and destruction to human being . The other thing i would like to advise you is avoid by all means flying from place to place, walking is more advisable even though at times you have to walk for long . Having said that it will help you to lower your sugar level and blood pressure too. as you job involve preparing tones of lies and misinformation which are the main cause of your hypertension and diabetic

  5. Libra says:

    Dear colleagues do not be fulled by Ginbot 7 it is an Ethiopian government agent working in Eritrea ,Dr.Birehanu &his father Nega Bonger have billion birr prpoerty in Ethiopia ,by no means Birehanu can not risk this,he is a double agent..this is not simply my argument ,i got it from a top government offecial,he told me he is wirking for us to make Shabia fall once and for all and other terorists do not get access in Eritrea.It will be a question of time Birehanu Nega will finally come to Ethiopia abd will be received as a hero for his role in in providing all the information to Ethiopian security forces about all sabotages of Shabia ..

  6. Jumbo says:

    Typical weyane propoganda. No ethiopian believes you. Your inferiority complex is something else.

    • Yonas says:

      Are you serious???

    • Solomon says:

      Jumbo ,who are you to call inferior to Wayans,
      Weyane are the chlideren of the really Kings Yohans and children of ALULA,
      WEYANE FOR FATHER’S give language and culture,
      Brehanu negas is banda’s banda essyas listro,

      • Jumbo says:

        Solomon, save your propoganda for someone else. 1/5 of Ethiopians are in desperate need of food aid. No one likes weyane, north, south, east, or west of your dry land. Your days of brutalizing Ethiopians will soon come to an end

    • Beza says:


  7. Raas says:

    Dawit we know very well your TPLF propaganda! We don’t blame you because you are a son of TPLF!!

  8. Gemechu Dibaba says:

    we have not seen the captured men yet. If the news is true, we would have seen them on ETV, EBS,kANA, Oromo TV, Tigrai TV, Debub TV. Dawit would have posted pictures and FANA propagand radio would have talked about it for days.

  9. Dibatu says:

    We have seen that drama before! Nothing surprises us but for those naïve ones who think that Isaias is weak and old, why don’t they try him? If TPLF tries anything stupid against Eritrea now, it would be suicidal. For tho repeatedly question why their TPLF does not do any thing about shabia, the answer is simple, it does not want to commit a suicide! By the way, where is Molla Asghedom today? He has been disappeared. Be careful what you wish for because you might have difficulty to swallow it.


  10. FIDEL says:


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