Ethiopia close to finishing 70% of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam


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14 Responses

  1. us we us for us says:

    “The dam is being built and this will not be affected by the report, but if there is anyone who believes that he would affect after carrying out the study, then it is not our problem in Ethiopia,” Reda said.

    Yes. This is not the new news but the continuity all along and by all Ethiopians telling the truth about the undisputed and unstoppable Ethiopian position ever since when she decided to build the dam. What Egypt want is water and the dam will increase the amount, balance the availability and guarantee its sustainability for decades to Egypt. Ethiopia is not building the dam to hurt anyone but to generate energy before the water leaves the country boarder without losing a single glass of water within Ethiopia.

    Anything negative or bad story coming from abroad related to the dam is not really about the Nile water reaching to Egypt but political, economical and other development issues against Ethiopia. Everyone knows the dam will benefit hugely not only Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt but also other African nations including with energy supply and most importantly being as an example telling the dump and monkey minded Africans to do the human works by themselves rather than being lazy and happy treated as slaves always relaying on their masters that have been enslaving, colonizing, looting, exploiting, humiliating, undermining, killing, disfranchising, jailing, accusing, blaming and affecting them badly in many ways for generations.

    As its technical work is upgraded again by the Ethiopian engineers, the dam is now has more than 6000 mw capacity. To generate this huge amount energy, the dame needs huge amount of water. After rotating the turbines, the water will continue on its ways towards Sudan and Egypt. So, even the dumbest person can see the realities and understand the truth about the dam’s benefits to Egypt with more water throughout the year.

    Another huge benefit the dam will have is being the greatest peace maker and conflict solving the long standing mistrust and conflict between Ethiopia and Egypt. The Ethiopian Nile water was the main reason for the devastating and long period proxy war Egypt and the oil desert creatures waged against Ethiopia. Egypt and the oil desert barbarics affected Ethiopia badly for generations in many ways including at IMF, WB, UN and so on to keep Ethiopia poor, weak, undeveloped, misrepresented and her image badly damaged. The Zionists/Jews and English establishment so called medias, Journalists, politicians, aid agencies, NGOs, Think Thanks, institutions, racist individuals and the likes also plaid/ are playing the nasty jobs taking Egypt’s/Arabs sides because of oil money as the BBC, New York Times, Washington post and so on are doing all along till today.

    However, the dam will keep them quiet and make them disappear for good each of the foreign criminals that are making the living out off by creating conflicts and talking none stop lies about the Nile they have nothing to do with but Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt. Many Egyptians do know the dam will not affect them in any way or form but will benefit them in many ways. They will not get only more water but also the relationship between Ethiopia and Egypt will be based on trust, respect, understanding, benefiting together, supporting/helping each other, being best allies and work together for common good not only in both countries but also Africa as a whole.

    For many reasons, Egypt needs to support Ethiopia to finish the dam as soon as possible. Egyptians are nice people but there are few evils among them trained and brainwashed by the Zionists/Jews and English establishment school of demonic and satanic and they are always acting the way they have been trained and dark brainwashed. Their so called journalists are amateurish and devilish have no limit to lie or create fictional stories and presenting it as if it is based on facts and realities working objectively which is a lie. Some Egyptian so called politicians, the old military elements, Sunni Islamic demagogies, terrorists and criminals don’t like to see not only Ethiopia but also Egypt to have peace, unity, development and fair share of the nation wealth. 80% Egypt’s wealth is owned by 15% Egyptians where most of them are criminals always happy to see things in crisis and chaos for their advantages.

    El SISI is not only a nice person but also a wise, smart and patriotic Egyptian politician. He knows perfectly about what he is doing and good for Egypt as well as the region including Ethiopia. He also knows the Nile water issues will not be protected and guarantee with the old Satanic approaches but the 21-century ones knowing Ethiopia is no longer isolated, weak, easily being blackmailed, manipulated, cheated, ignorant, divide and at war within herself or neighbors as it was the case in the past because of foreign involvements including Egypt using USA’s 1.5 billion Military aid every year for 35 years. Ethiopia is marching on the development paths working day and night by herself with goals soon to become the developed nation with fair share of the nation wealth. So, the El Sisi way is the only way guarantees the flow of the Nile water to Egypt. Ethiopians greatest natural wealth is water alongside with her best weather in the tropic where both of them are the product of the great Ethiopian highland. Building the dams to generate energy without affecting others is the only way and choice Ethiopia has and will continue doing so in order to meet the country hydro potentials i.e. 50,000-65.000mw.

    6000MW hydro Energy means lots. The benefits coming from it is more than 25,000MW energy coming from oil, gas or nuclear. When the hydro dams are built once, there are no much additional costs and efforts needed to make them working. Hydro dams are working using water as raw material while other energy sources do need constantly expensive raw materials and skilled human powers to make them working and cost lots every day/month/year. Hydro is not danger to life, nature and so on comparing with nuclear, oil or gas stations that are badly affecting the environment, health and consuming lots of resources to make them working. The nuclear stations’ remains/dumps are the greatest dangers for thousands years will continue affecting life and nature with cancer and death when it left above the ground, dumped in the sea or buried under the ground including contaminating the soil or ground water.

    Therefore the healthy, most profitable and problem solving Ethiopian Hedase dam will be built according to the original plan not to hurt anyone but to benefit all including Egypt. If anyone doesn’t see that, it is his own problem not to Ethiopia. The minister is right and his is telling what the Ethiopian position is and in the people’s mind and unstoppable efforts and supports to finish the dam on time as it is planned. 6000Mw hydro energy source is huge have the abilities to benefit the country more than 25,000mw produced from nuclear, oil or gas. What is in our mind is to see the dam being built and producing energy without affecting anyone but benefiting everyone among the neighbors including Eritrea after shabia. Other than this, we have no time to think, stop or doing and behaving differently.

  2. hermi says:

    This so called news is old and not accurate and it was disclaimed by the office of the Ethiopian FM. You should have checked the veracity of the story with the named minister Reda before you fell for it and spreading such a twisted sinister agenda. The least you could have done was include the disclaimer from the ministry. The issue is not whether or not GERD is 70% or 100% completed, it will since the construction is on going and the ultimate goal is to finish it sooner or later. The problem is the unnecessary and unhealthy innuendo and fanfare being stated by those that are against the GERD from day one. Such misrepresented and seemingly positive accomplishment loaded with empty bravado has no other purpose except to incite sensitive emotions aimed at scuttling the fragile win-win atmosphere between the affected countries.” ሞያ በልብ” ይላል ያገር ሰው.

  3. us we us for us says:

    What we are hoping is the future best relationship between Ethiopia and Egypt the ways that would stop the Zionists/Jews satanic and demonic ongoing interference and involvement in the Ethiopian, Egyptians and Africans affairs committing crimes in the name of media, Journalism, USAID, NGO, Charities, peace corp., institutions, think thanks, lobbying, law firms, politicians, diplomats, investors, scholars and you name it. They are the greatest fret and longstanding enemies our nation is facing for so long.

    Look at those in the country right now in the name of media such as Reuters, Bloomberg, VOA (CIA), BBC, Al jazera, Guardian, … Mail and all those countless evil Medias from west that are monopolized by Zionists/Jews. what is the benefit they are offering to us except acting as scavengers and naturally born demonic enemies talking about us always searching or creating none existence negative and bad situations/stories and magnifying them before spreading all over… with aim to damage our country image, undermine us and create conflicts as they are known all over the world.

    They are talking nonstop lies and spreading misinformation about others saying free speech while making billions from. But when someone talks the truth about them, all of them start to behave like savage pack of wolves to silence that person saying anti Semite. Hahaha. Are they the Semite people? No, they are not. Semites are blacks as Arabs are categorized as blacks like the Ethiopians Semites are. These are not Semite but kazars and central Asians converted to Judaism but acted as if they are the real Hebrews.

    Of course, they are monopolizing the entire information networks including educations systems as we know in USA, UK, France…. they are in charge in all important branches including the foreign affairs committees and so called international development… Not only the English establishment, USA, France, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Benelux, Germany and so on medias are monopolized by them but also Al jazera is run by them from top to down particularly those Zionist/Jews from England.

    However, the world is woken up and rising against them. Their number is now half what it was 15 years ago in France. Their future in Europe will be that of like in the 1930’s and 40’s. We are hoping they will be stopped being against us when the time comes. Any bad and negative story based on lies and misinformation about Ethiopia is always done by them. They are evils looking to colonize us using all tactics including hedge and equity funds; the dirty money they are looting with billions every day from the world.

    Death to the NWO and Globalists that are operating in the name of media, journalism, NGO, aid agencies, Charities, investors, institutions, think thanks and so on and when it comes to Ethiopia almost all of them are the Zionists/Jews. They are the greatest fret we are facing; not Egypt or anybody else. Be sure about that and never forget the consequences when they are around for any reason. They are doing the good things only when they are not around and have nothing to do with that nation and forget about her if she is not there. But they don’t do that unless they are forced to do so as history that is not written by them is telling the world the truth about them.

  4. ethoash says:

    i always think why not use the stone form the Quarry built house near by so that we can established new town around NILE DAM AND MELES LAKE

  5. bikila says:

    engineer simegnew is brave and great man in our country. please other educated person taking lesson from this gays.

  6. jambo desta says:

    Thank U Bikila !! U say true . When I seen Simegnew Bekele in the Tv screen , directly I remember the great leader Meless zenawi . Simegnew Bekele is one of the great managers who work day & night to his lovely country . Look the great Ethiopian manager in the Tv screen . He doesn’t care about his reese , hair or his cloth. the thing that comes to his mind is that how does the Rennaissance Dam is finished & how does it give braight light to his lovely country & people . Thank U Simegnew Bekele for your devoting your time , energy & knowledge for your people & country. U R the great & number one model manager who leads a huge project in the world .

  7. Yared Seyoum says:

    They wait!!                                          Thank you, mr. Admin for sharing with us your beautiful comment. It’s good to know our Dam will not be affected by the technical reports. Egypt has a wise politician leader. He will never be aggressive unless he is sure of winning. Now they new our Dam has became a reality, they new we are stronger than ever,  they have  no choice except wait till we are weak & helpless. Egypt is one of the 5 states who didn’t give  voice, when our FM is elected to be UN’s security council member. They  didn’t object, but waited in silence. If they find us weak & helpless, it’s from them objections will be heard loud & clear!!!                           Thank you.                                           Yared Seyoum.      

  8. mohammed gemeda says:

    thanks both of them work together simegnew and anthere stronger ethiopiansto build the dam which is for our fetuer development and sesstanabil economey awerness and techinology offor new generation

  9. tesfay alema says:

    70% እንዳደረስነው 100% እናደርሰዋለን ። ያኔ ጠላቶቻችን ወዳጆቻችን ይሆናሉ እግዚአብሔር ኢ/ያን ይባርካት

  10. Nasruldin Satti Muhammad. says:

    Dam engineers,, Administrators, All staff
    All of us are proud of you, carry on, God save you All
    Nasruldin Satti Muhammad (Sudanese).

  11. Elias says:

    The grand Ethiopian renaissance dam is becoming a reality under our enemies eye. Thanks PM Meles Zenawi. Thanks Engineer Simegnew Bekele.

  12. HAILU says:


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