My Witness of Debre-Tabor (Tibebe Solomon)


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3 Responses

  1. tedy says:

    I appreciate your concern and write about debre tabor. I was born and grow in Debre Tabor. we have appreciated asphalt road built 5 or 4 years ago, even though it was too late. you have seen some buildings built by business men. I appreciate all that.
    But, DT is still suffering from shortage of water, electricity, health facilities, roads, homelessness and poverty. What you have written above “Farmers wore very thorn and tattered clothes, walked on bare foot, had no major benefits from the city. Very lazy and ill-treated horses drag a heavily loaded cart now and then in the grabbled road.” still there brother.

    Specially the quality of life the people living is deteriorating everyday. it is a lot worse than before. DT is relatively cheap city to live but most of the people are struggling with high level of prevalent and deep rooted poverty. my message to you is dont conclude with this shallow analysis based on a couple of pictures used for propaganda.

    • ethoash says:

      dear tedy,

      AG7 Dr.birr Job cut out for him why not AG7 invest in Debre Tabor ? why not the Debre Tabor PEOPLE demonstrate denouncing AG7 saying we want development not war … why not ask those toxic Ethiopians who demonstrate in front of white house to come and invest in Debre Tabor

      second the Debre Tabor all in with EPRDF and support them and work hand to hand

      for example when EPRDF invest in oromia they call it is looting when they invest in Southern Ethiopia they call it land grab so the question is r Debre Tabor PEOPLE are ready for investment ? they WILL not burning their factory by calling protest like the Ambo did what is the deal u do your part and EPRDF will do their part

  2. us we us for us says:

    Are they really woken up from the long and deep sleep and mean it or still walking and working sleeping and living a happy and hopeful life in the day dreaming while being lazy, uninformed, unaware, ignorant… and suffering from old mentalities wrongly telling them about working and getting dirty from is bad and for low class citizens? Are they getting back their human brain of this time and they are ready and determine to use it the right ways?

    As it is known and the facts and realities are on the ground, the so called the Amhara region is the heart, mind, history, wealth and existence of Ethiopia and beyond. The great Ethiopian highland which is the biggest on earth in the Tropic is located in this region creating the best climate and natural gifts to all Ethiopians and beyond through Western Sahara to the Atlantic Ocean and as far as to the Caribbean and USA. The wind that is created in the Ethiopian highland/Semien Mountain is the source of food supply to the Atlantic Ocean ecosystems and is the birth place of the Hurricanes in the Caribbean and USA. We are expecting the region will suffer this year with huge and multiple hurricanes knowing the Ethiopian highland is getting more than 40% of the average rains and longer than normal which is between 4.5-5 months a year.

    The region is rich with basic and fundamental natural gifts such as fresh water, best weather (8-25 degree on year basis) and fertile soil that is rich with different kinds of minerals coming from deep inside the earth when the highland was formed through volcanic geological activities. Because of there has been the human presence and civilization for many 1000s years, the region is degraded through erosion, primitive way of cultivation and neglect. However, it is the ideal, best and easiest place to recover it thanks to its mineral rich soil and best weather, landscape and abandoned rain water. The only problems are the people that are not doing the 21-century human being jobs being smart, intelligent, hard working and skillful.

    We all know Kilil is created just like that and the Amhara region was the one targeted from all sides that leads to lose its historical territories and natural inhabitants. However, who cares Ethiopia from boarder to boarder all sides belongs to all Ethiopians. The kilil divisions must be seen as economical administration not a boarder within knowing it is not historical or natural and is created 20 years ago by few based on their own…. . As a result the Amhara region was, is and always will be/has to be the secret, private and personal property to all Ethiopians because of it is naturally gifted and will be there for all Ethiopians when the country faces difficulties related to nature/climate or human made causes.

    Meaning only Ethiopians and those very much trusted, respected, useful and friendly nations like Russia, Japan, China, Italy and the likes must be allowed to invest there based on the Ethiopians wish, interest and benefits while totally rejecting and avoiding the presence of the evils that are the Zionists/Jews and English establishments coming in the name of USA, UK, France, South Africa, Canada, Australia, Benelux and even Germany. The Zionists/Jews and English establishments and the shadow forces from the west are the greatest danger and fret we are facing mainly the highlands. The region doesn’t need them around for anything but sees them as the worst enemies and destroyers to nature and human values and norms.

    The Amhara region is bigger than England, Wales and North Ireland together. Its population is 20 million while in the above mentioned three nations are living more than 60 million. yet, they are talking about the number of our population while nothing about them and they (Zionists /Jews and Evil English establishments and others from the west) are in the region targeting the population/females and the way we live in the ways that are causing lots of problems and damages including western created and planted diseases such as autism and infertilities that are related to the Zionists/Jews lead UN, USAID, EU and England conspiracies and Bill and Melinda gate vaccines in the name of helping while killing them. Save the children and others from England and west are there to do these kind crimes, too.

    This region has been selectively targeted by them for so long and the result is here with us with lots of problems, bad effects and damages. Those so called Ethiopians plaid their parts with will /must be identified and pay the price. What are doing the Zionists/Jews and English establishment westerns including females in the region in the name of NGO, Charities…. females, children and the vulnerable citizens must be protected from these evils that are the source of human and nature destructions.

    The region has no what so ever desert or useless land including the mountains. Mountains are the source of rain, good weather and best landscape. The Lake Tana fresh water alone is much more than the entire water wealth England has. The region needs no energy or additional costs to cool it off or warming it up but has natural air conditioning systems throughout the year. It is the best place to live, work, get benefits and feel safe (if we are keeping the Zionists/Jews and English establishments out of our affairs and matters). It is the safest and always will be that way no matter what can happen to the rest of Ethiopia/region including with natural causes such as climate change.

    What the region needs is smart, wise, intelligent, hardworking and determine leaders that can lead the ancient and hard working people that is known with including farming for thousands years. The region must remain in the Ethiopians hands meaning only Ethiopians and those useful, respectful and safe nations like Russia, Japan, China, and Italy and so on allowed to invest there based on the Ethiopians benefits. But not the Zionists/Jews and English establishments that are monopolizing the country breweries because of there are some Ethiopian agents serving them including in the foreign ministry. Ethiopians from all regions, courses of life and the likes must unite and invest in the region and keep it under their ownership knowing it is a safe and useful region will be always there for all Ethiopians particularly during bad times. This is the 21-century and Ethiopia belongs to all Ethiopians including this region.

    Don’t allow the evil Zionists/Jews and English establishment to colonize and destroy this ancient region in the name of investment coming with dirty money they are printing like toilet paper or looting easily from the world. The region must not allow the evils to get it in the name of hedge and equity funds which are part of the NWO/Globalists (Jews/Zionists) weapons to colonize and loot the weak and ignorant part of world. Ethiopians must do the jobs, own the place and get the benefits from, not the evil Zionists/Jews and English establishments that are there for their own agenda and plan on us in the name of…..

    Debre Birhan and Debre Markos are the two very important locations left out till now because of the dumb officials can’t see the realities and benefits coming from looking the situation from all angles and the long term benefits. Debre Birhan (2800 M above sea levels) is the oldest modern city in the country and on the best location with lots of benefits within and the surrounding including Addis Ababa. Debre Birhan has to be the centre of investment, education, science, innovation and development alongside with Addis Ababa. It is the safest and naturally best place located in the best position.

    Debre Markos is located in the highland about 2400m above sea levels and has the best climate. It is located in one of the best Ethiopian landscape allowing the farmers to harvest more. Debre Markos is located in the region that is harvesting/producing more than it needs and feeding the rest of Ethiopia including Addis Ababa for decades. So, it is wrong and stupid Debre Markos and this very important region to all Ethiopians is not getting the most possible attentions in order to support the farmers with modernity to make them able produce more and more in order to feed the rest of Ethiopia. .

    It is the best place growing different types of Teff as well as Wheat, barley and other cereals and grains. It is the richest with water, climate and fertile soil. The people are hard working and still producing more than they need for themselves despite they are not getting modernity supports from the officials knowing it is the best place for agriculture. So, the city needs to get city wise modern treatments while the region needs to develop its enormous agriculture potential to be materialized through modernity and creating food processing factories, infrastructure development, construction, manufacturing, small and middle scale enterprises, and market chains.

    Creating the family or group levels small scale breweries are the best and ideal choice the region has to do since long times ago in order to modernize the traditional Thella and Tej drinks and create hundreds of thousands direct and indirect jobs(if not millions) instead of allowing the foreign evils to monopolize the nation breweries and replacing the work forces with machines, paying no tax at all, they are not buying water (beer is water) or other ingredients including barely. They are buying those things from abroad to benefit others while exploiting and looting us until noting is left and taking the money out of the country.

    Ethiopians must keep this region under their ownerships knowing how it is important to all Ethiopians particularly when bad time occurs including climate change. 90 million Ethiopians don’t need extra people from abroad that have nothing in common with including communication in the Ethiopians ways. Ethiopians must wake up and do their nation jobs including investments by themselves.

    We need slow, certain and useful development activities where the benefits have to be for Ethiopians instead of handing over the nation to the foreign evils that are acting as investors but in reality are colonizers and looters have no what so ever respect to us but in the mission to destroy us and our nation in many ways. Dignity, safety, human values, norms and justice are more than any western investment by enlarge is conducted by the evil Zionists/Jews including in the form of hedge and equity funds.

    Death to the Zionists/Jews weapon of destruction hedge and equity funds from the base in New York, London, Paris and other western cities. Death to the western/Zionists/Jews and English establishment so called medias, journalists, NGO, Charities, Aid agencies, Think Thanks, Scholars, investors and you name it that are in the country by themselves acting to help while they are happily and successfully killing and destroying including the human values and Norms and the racists against all blacks are creating conflicts among Blacks/Ethiopians as they are doing among Arabs, Ukrainians and so on to destroy all of them as we are witnessing happening.

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