High-level Ethiopian Delegation Led by Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael Makes a Working visit to Sudan


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  1. us we us for us says:

    Good relationship with neighboring countries is vital and very important. Sudan (particularly North and eastern Sudan) and Ethiopia are naturally and historically the same people including during the Axumite era. Many Sudanese that are bordering the highland and in Khartoum have the same ancestry. That is why our music and culture as well as natural looks are the same and related to one another.

    It was changed after Islam is arrived in the 15 century in Sudan and particularly when Sudan was occupied in the 1880s by the Albanian descent Ottoman agent Ali pasha Grandson that had the colonization base in Egypt for 500 years. Before that Sudanese people were not even speaking Arabic let alone to have culture from the Arabians imposed on them treating them as slaves. Sudan means black/slaves named by Arabs. What is Khartoum today was part of Abyssinia during the axumite era. Then the English made it worst by drawing lines between them and calling it boarder despite the biggest part of eastern Sudan was part of Ethiopia for generations.

    What is important is not what the history was and saying but what the realities are on the ground today. And the realities are telling when Ethiopia have peace within and the neighboring nations and works together for common benefits, her achievements would be enormous and certain with less costs. Sudan and Ethiopia must continue working together knowing Sudan is in a bad situation within.

    Sudan has more than 406 Ethnic groups too different and hostile one another. There is war almost all over the country for years in the areas called ABCDE. That is Abei, Blue Nile, Cordofan, Darfur and Eastern Sudan. There are also other conflicts, divisions and the likes all over the country. So, Ethiopia needs to work with Sudan to improve the situation not only for the Sudanese sake but her knowing mass refuges from there would cause problems in Ethiopia.

    Sudan’s and other nations’ in Africa markets are the future to the Ethiopian agriculture and manufacturing products including leather and cotton products. So, Ethiopia having good relations with neighbors is the right thing to do knowing Africa and Asia are the future to her foreign relationships including market.

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