[Shocking Video] Ginbot 7 “Freedom Fighters” Get Wild In Front of Camera


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32 Responses

  1. Gebez says:

    The biggest victory weyane achieved against the dergue leftovers is that it drove them crazy. They are psychopaths. Look at them. :)))))))

  2. Solomon says:

    G7 is banda’s banda shabia kitrgna.
    Neftgna banda .
    Death to banda shabia’s listro BRHANU nega.
    She crazy unethiopia culture.
    What do you expect from walfer queen birches.
    I guess she did not get enough food stamps from the government.
    But she doesn’t deserve more food stamps because she is all ready too fat.

    • revolt says:

      TPLF/WOYANE AND TIGREE Is a TERIORST organization and government in ethiopia believe it. he kill you ; he rape you and torch you

  3. Alemayehu Maru Semmie says:

    O h ! Is she an Ethiopia by the way ? I don’t
    think she is . To be honest I was an active member of Ginbot 7
    for quite sometimes and I used to contribute my fare share
    to the movement . However ,Today just after I watched and listen the dirty words
    from the old lady who claimed herself supporter of the movement I personally feel ashamed ,
    and embarrassed to wait as a member of the movement . Therefore effective
    today I dismember myself from being Ginbot 7 member.
    To continue working with these kind of lempenish uncultured individuals
    disgrace ,defame , and dishonor my people and my country i
    including our Legendary Artists like Doctor Tilahun Gessesse and others is
    completely an acceptable .Therefore , apologize my Ethiopian brothers and sisters for things that I committed
    on individuals and my country during my stay in the movement .
    God Bless my beloved country Ethiopia .

  4. ethoash says:

    I always said SHOOT them to kill with Camera….

  5. us we us for us says:

    What is this? Is it he, she or it? When someone is created naturally confused, it looks like this one?

    Roman is a beautiful and respectful Ethiopian loved, touched , respected and admired by the best Ethiopian artists ever; Dr. Tilahun Gessese. What she did for Dr. Tilahun Gessese during his bad time which is taking care of him until his end, was a blessing and very few and the chosen ones are achieving that which is unlike would do this ugly and worthless look like a female creature but not a human one. Roman is the best example how to behave with a lover, partner and best friend when he/she faces bad time and needs care and supports. Ethiopians know everything she did for Dr. Tilahuna during his sickness until end and she is admired and respected for that by the people. But did this ugly ever touched by a normal human lover even once by mistake or by ugly monster as she is? Look at her. She is ugly from outside as well as monster from inside good enough only the way she is behaving for hate: not love and respect.

    “Ginbot 7 ‘ Freedom Fighters’ Get Wild In Front of Camera”

    Freedom fighters? Hahahaha. From where and against whom? They even cannot fight and win the fight to have at least a kind of acceptable life in USA or where ever they are in Europe or elsewhere ready to be used by the Ethiopian enemies for leftover rewards. This is who they are and how they do and everything is finished with accomplishment when they are behaving like this ugly is doing.

    How many are they? Two, three or may be four? Do we really have time and gut to take these the ugliest and worthless seriously other than laughing at them knowing they are the human trashes and wastes with no future at all in any place including in abroad. Most Ethiopians are beautiful. But this one is too ugly even to watch her let alone to touch and share anything with her.

    Give me a break. Let these trashes trashing in abroad. No one cares about them but treating them as worthless and lawless failed creatures ended up in vain in life.

  6. Beza says:

    Min aynet balege Arogit nat. Lij.yelatim yemimekrat.

  7. Shumye says:

    @Us we us for us, the word, freedom fighters, is under quotation in the news. Did you notice that?

  8. Kassa Wendim says:

    Wendimoche inkoan hizb temelketw inzih nachew
    Birhanu Nega be DC alugne yemilachw degafiwoch
    seawu ke Shabia gar ijena guant huno mesrat
    sijemir neaw irasun maglel yejemerew . Setyewa
    ina abrewat yemichohut 5 sewoch beqeteta yemetut
    ke Eritrea Embassy yewulo abel tekefloachew neaw
    yehie tera sem matfat sayhon betchebachi masreja
    maqreb yechalal . Sichohu kenberut bemulu yetawqu
    wenjelgnoch kemehonachw gar teyayezo beqerbu
    be Orthodox Betekerstian lay yetfat zemecha
    lemadres sinqsaqesu tedersobachw yetebareru behibrete sebu
    ijeg yetetlu ina berasachew tesfa yeqortu zeqachi seawoch nachew .
    Metawk yalebet yeinzih seawoch alama ye Ethiopiawintn ina
    berqiye lejochowan maward ke Shabia yetsetachw teleko neaw .
    yehie yemiyasayw ginbot 7 kehulum aketacha
    be Ethiopiyawiyan yetetfa mehiedun neaw .
    Mechem ke indzeh aynet weradanet kuchira tera
    yalut kezih werada balegye yasadegat betam yeteshalu nachew . irgetgna negne
    hiywoitwa yeteblashebat tesfa yeqoretch indhonech
    giltse neaw . ingdih ye Birhanu ginbot 7 yehenin yemeslal
    bezuwoch derjetun melqeqachew yadebabay mister neaw .
    ahun yeqerut Birhanu ina Kitffow bicha nachew .

    • Senay says:

      You are not only illiterate but also stupid and ignorant.

      Amharic has own alphabet. Is it difficult to learn how to write in Amharic using Ethiopic which is the only African born and black people alphabets? You are part of the shameful and worthless generation good enough into the dirty and stinky human garbage.

      በዚህ መልከ የምታጠፋውን ጊዜና ጥረት በአማርኛ መጻፍ መማርን ጨምሮ ለሌላ ብታደርገው እንዴት በጠቀመህ ነበር፡፡ ይሁንና አንተም እንደ መሰሎችህ የሚታይ የማይታይህ፣ የሚሆን የማይሆንልህና ከመስመር ጨርሰህ በመውጣት ስትጠፋ የምትለማና ስትወድቅ የምትነሳ የሚመስልህ ዋጋ የለሽና ከንቱ ነህ፡፡

      • TGA says:

        Senay, come down don’t insult someone due to his opinion. Any difference you may have with his ideas could be challenged with better ideas. I think this is how you can show that you are better than him.
        Amarigna had never had its own alphabets. It uses Ge’ez alphabet. Yes it is Ethiopian and African alphabet. May be you are right he doesn’t know how to write in Ge’ez alphabet. Instead of insulting him you can help him learn how to write using Ge’ez alphabets.

  9. Girmay Kalayu says:

    Those folks are out of their mind. See how naive they are. Have no clue of politics, just hatred driven remnants of Derg regime. They can’t even control their emotional vampire. Sorry for them.

  10. Manyahlie says:

    leaving the politics aside, i know w/ro Roman while we are working together, an Ethiopian manner very disciplined and polite woman, most importantly a humble and has greetings with all folks up or down scale. i know her not because of the soul king tilahun(nefs yimar) but simply cause she is a typical Ethiopian women who is kind and supportive to all citizens in the organization we are working. what the lady has said about roman never and ever deserve to M/M Roman,i always consider W/ro Roman as a symbolic Ethiopian lady. just consider insulting W/RO roman mean insulting the majority Ethiopian ladies.

  11. Meles Lives !!! says:

    I think she might be a remnant of the feudal era ‘pseudo-aristocrats’ because I remember Mengistu Hailemeariam saying that after the Derg took over the palace of the king, what he doesn’t forget was how foul-mouthed all the so called ‘royal’ ladies were. He said he was so surprised to hear the disgusting curse words and dirty (bilgina) insults that they used,1 because from the outside everyone saw them as dignified and respectable (chewa). Wustun le kess !!!

  12. fox tiger says:

    Dawiet how stupied you are your brathers the tplfs are doing worse things 24/7 for 25 years you say noting but you open your mouth to critsize others

  13. Ben says:

    There will never be WE any more that was our weakness

  14. Yimer Idris M says:

    Tetyaqint yelew derjt indzih behizb fit yegaletal
    chigroch lay weyeyt indedrg betdegagami teyeqin
    yeand seaw yegil nebrt inji lelawun mewkel yemaychil
    derjet mehonu yehiw zeqete . kenzih gar abro mekomim
    lenie yasafrgnal betely telequn abatachin wondmachinin
    maward ijg ijg azgnalehu hultegna ginbot 7 yemil qal
    be joroie indalsma . iske ahun laderkut betam betam
    ye Ethiopian hizbn yekerta ityeqalehu .

  15. bb says:

    We don’t have to expect good from this kind of ugly dude!

  16. Ruta Brain says:

    If these bunch of idiots were given a one week chance to lead Ethiopia, they would have converted the country into a SHOUTING AND BRAWLING MALL. These jobless and senseless diaspora will certainly keep on shouting while EPRDF will continue vigorously working to develop the country at rapid stride. This vidio provides abundant testimony of the fact that EPRDF is flourishing while opponents of the pary are perishing. Good Job EPRDF!!!!!!

  17. Hager says:

    አይሰሩ፣ አያሰሩ ምናምን ሆነው የቀሩ
    ከውጭ ጠፍተው ጣዕረ ሞት የሚያቅራሩ
    አያዩ፣ አይሰሙ፣ ሀቅ አይገባቸው
    የጥሩ፣ የመጥፎ ልዩነት አይታያቸው
    ስላም ሲሰፍን፣ ህዝብ ሲተባበር፣ ግድብ ሲሰራ….
    ሚሾ የሚጮሁ ሆነው በጋራ
    ከውስጣቸው ተርብ፡ ከውጫቸው ዝንብ
    ለራስ ሳይሆኑ እንዴት ለሀገር፡ ህዝብ

    አይ አስተዳደግ የደርግ ውሾች
    ባዶ ጭንቅላት መሳይ አውሬዎች
    ስራ እንጂ ሌላ የትም አያደርስ
    ለጊዜው ቢመስል ያበቃል ሲፈርስ
    ጭንቅላት ባዶ፣ ጉልበት ደካማ፡ ባሀሪ ዜሮ
    ከናንተ የለም የሰው ተፈጥሮ
    ጩኸት፣ ረብሻ፡ ስድብ፡ ጉዳችሁ ….
    በህይዎት ባዶ፡ ከንቱ አስቀራችሁ

    እናንተነታችሁ ይታይ በስራ
    ህዝብ ይታየዋል መብራት ሲበራ
    ሺህ ብትጮሁ ከውጭ ጠፍታችሁ
    እንኳን የህዝብ ልብ ጆሮ አይሰማችሁ
    ተው ተፈወሱ ዳኑ ከሰይጣን
    በናንተ ሰበብ መታመም ይብቃን
    ከሁሉም በላይ ለናንተ ጥቅሙ
    እንደ ሰው ሰሪ ሰላም ስትሆኑ፡፡

  18. ደስታ says:

    በጣም የሚያሳፍሩ ትልቅ ሴትዮ በሰልለጠነ አገር አሜሪካ ሆነው ስድብ እና አስፀያፊ ቃላት እኝህን ከሚያክሉ ሴትዮ ስሰማ በጣም ነው እንደኢትዮጵያዊነቴ ያዘንኩባቸው
    አሜሪካን አገር ስንት የኛ አገር ጉዶችን ነው የተሸከመችው
    በእንደነዚህ አይነት ሰዎች እጅ አገራችን ብትገባ አለቀላት ማለት ነው ተራ ስድብ ለአገር አይጠቅምም ለተሳዳቢውም አይጠቅምም ክብሩን ከማዋረድ በስተቀር ሌላ ትርፍ የለውም
    ጋዜጠኛው ትእግስቱን አደንቀዋለው
    ጥላሁን ገሰስ የምንወደው አርቲስት አሁን በህይወት የሌለን ሰው መስደብ እጅግ አስነዋሪ ነገር ነው
    ተሳዳቢ ሴትዮዋም ሆኑ ሌሎቹ አብረው የነበሩት በእጠቃላይ የሚያምኑበትን ወይም የሚከተሉትን ድርጅት በፈፀሙት አስነዋሪ ድርጊት እርቃኑን እንዱቀር ነው ያደረጉት
    ሴትዮዋም ሆኑ ሌሎች ተሳዳቢዎች ልቦና ይስጣቹ እግዚአብሄር

  19. Dawit Brook says:

    It’s is so unbelievable to
    hear such a bad words from such an old lady claim herself
    Ginbot 7 supporter . As an Artist my heart is deeply broken. It’s not only Tilahun Gessese & his honorable wife who are humiliated ,crushed and degraded its rather the entire Ethiopian Artists .
    At this embarrassing moment
    I call all my Ethiopian Artists to distance themselves from
    any politically affiliated activities.
    I strongly condemn those who
    stands against our Legend Ethiopians !
    Long Live Ethiopia

  20. billfree says:

    dawit why don’t you report about the 77billion birr which was stollen by the tplf defence force officials .Is there any big agenda than this issue at this time ?

  21. us for us with us says:

    This is a cursed Zebra race anti Blacks serving the enemies in Africa from the enemies’ base in the corrupted, lawless and colonized Kenya.

    This is one of the many damaging tools the evil Zionists/Jews including the 85 years old demon Soros are using to affect Ethiopia from the lawless and colonized Kenya. Even they started to use the Dutche welle which is a German foreign policy propaganda machine to spread lies about Ethiopia serving the centuries old racist enemies against all blacks including in the west while this time talking about Ethnicity in Ethiopia with goal to create conflicts among Ethiopians because of they have no a clue about the united nature of Ethiopians when it comes to their country, themselves and against foreign enemies like them.

    Look at USA where less than 1.5% Zionists/Jews are living while controlling almost everything where the money, wealth, power, influence and domination is as they do in many nations in the west including France, England, Canada, Australia, Benelux and south Africa. . Yet, they are talking about Ethnicity in other countries including Ethiopia to divide the citizens and destroy the nation as they are doing in the Middle East, Ukraine and many other nations.

    Look at how the 52 million blacks are living in USA because of the greedy Evil Zionists/Jews and their Ethnic English collaborations. Yet, they are coming to Africa acting differently towards blacks which is part of the game they are playing and are now in the position to destroy Blacks in Africa from the safe heaven and base in Kenya since 1907 including UK military base.

    People are talking about economy in Kenya. But they don’t have a clue who owns the Kenyan economy, politics and even Tourist destinations and the fertile lands. The Top 30 Kenyan companies are not in the hands of the native Kenyans. 70% of the Kenyan economy is in the hands of few none native Kenyans while all the Kenyan medias are in the hands of none natives except the president’s private media.

    Ethiopia must watch out the Zionists/Jews and English establishment conspiracy and preparation against her from the base in Kenya including using the sold out Kenyans such as the zebra race Lynne Muthoni Wanyeki and others that are working slaves for Soros and other Zionists agenda in Africa from the base in Nairobi and elsewhere. She was working in the Kenyan human right and currently by Amnesty international. Yet, she is working and financed by the evil Soros. How come she was part of the Kenyan human right and now at Amnesty international while we know who Soros is and how is he destroyed/and destroying many nations in the name of open society, democracy, election, human rights, liberalism, NWO and Globalism.

    He is an evil Zionist globalist the world is facing badly including with other Zionists like the war criminal Hennery Kissinger, media criminal Robert Murdoch, genocide Rockefellers, the Rothschild, Goldman sache, Leman brothers, Jp Morgan, all corporate medias in USA, UK, France, Australia, Canada and the likes that are owned by them including BBC, wall street that is using the worst looting and colonizing machines such as hedge and equity funds and you name it. Ethiopia and Africa as a whole must aware what is going on in Kenya; a country is in the process to be totally colonized and ultimately overtaken by the Zionists/Jews and English establishments in the name of investment, media, Journalism, Think Thanks, institutions, NGO, Charities, aid agencies, human right, UN, IMF, WB, WTO, and you name it where all of it is happening because of the Zionists/Jews that are having long and damaging plan in Africa after destroying blacks in the west including USA. Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia and the rest in the region also must ware if this.

    The kind of gathering in the name of the so called 25 years of Durge…. in Kenya few days ago was not planned by Ethiopians but the racists and enemy of Africa and black people from their base in Kenya with goal to affect Ethiopia. We know the Zionists/Jews and English establishments and their associates that are colonizing Kenya being in the country in the name of…. are behind it and they will continue doing so unless as soon as possible the fire is starting to burn Kenya and these evils forced them to leave Kenya and Africa as a whole.

    They are the wolves in the sheep’s territories acting as if they are there for the benefit of the Sheep while it is all about them and to kill all the sheep. Never ever trust or believe them for anything. They are the long standing enemies to humanity where blacks are their easy catches and worst victims including during slavery, colonization and it is going on till today in many ways including in the west.

    Who is this sold out zebra woman working for the long standing and deep rooted black people and African enemies from the enemies’ base in Kenya?

    “Lynne Muthoni Wanyeki (born 1972) is a Kenyan political scientist, human rights activist and the current Regional Director of Amnesty International in East Africa. Wanyeki is also the former Executive Director of the Kenya Human Rights Commission and former Executive Director of the African Women’s Development and Communication Network

    Wanyeki was born in 1972 of a Canadian mother and Kenyan (Kikuyu) father, and grew up in Kenya. Her father died in 1990.

    In 2007, Wanyeki was appointed as the Executive Director of the Kenya Human Rights Commission, a post she held until June 2011.[5] Appointed during the political crisis in early 2008, she received death threats due to statements she had made about the elections, describing her as a traitor to the Kikuyu people.[6] As of 2011 she was a member of the International Advisory Network for the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre.[1] She is currently a member of the board of the Open Society Justice Initiative.[

    Open Society Foundations (OSF), formerly the Open Society Institute, is an international grantmaking network founded by business magnate George Soros.[2] Open Society Foundations financially support civil society groups around the world,

    Open Society Institute was created in the United States in 1993 to support the Soros foundations in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.[

    In August 2010, it started using the name of Open Society Foundations (OSF) to better reflect its role as a funder for civil society groups around the world”

  22. hermi says:

    Irrespective of our stand in Ethiopian politics, she is a disgrace to all …

  23. Gemal says:

    እቺ ልብዋ የቀመለ አሮጊት ደሞ መጣች የሞተ የተገላገለ ሰው ላይ

  24. Fekere Mariam says:

    Yehe bidmewa opposite sexton Ga hida
    tawqalech ? Tilahunin simunm seleterch
    Zegnenognal afwoa bicha siyhon hulunegroa yeqerena neaw.

  25. Danny says:

    Mesfin Bezu is such a smart professional Journalists he knows what he doing as he always shoot with his Camera he is killing them right on the spot from their mouth
    the illiterate Gim -7 supports don’t
    have any knowledge of they being
    Screwed up . kkkkkk

  26. Hager says:

    የእነዚህ አይነቶችን ነው ምዕራባዊያን ተቃዋሚ የሚሏቸው፣ መጠለያ የሚሰጧቸው፣ የሚያስተዳድሯቸው፣ የሚመክሯቸው፣ የሚያሰለጥኗቸው፣ የሚመኩባቸው፣ የሚተባበሯቸው፣ የሚረዷቸው፣ የሚደግፏቸውና በኢትዮጰያ ላይ የሚያሰማሯቸው፡፡

    እይ ጊዜ፣ ዘመን ሲቀየር
    የዚች አይነቷን ያሳያል ፍጡር
    ምነው ቢበቃት አሁኑ ብታልፍ
    ምን ላይሆንላት ሺህ ብትለፈልፍ
    ሀዘን ለዘመድ ይችን ጉድ ለሚያውቅ
    ስንቱን አስከፋች ስትጨማለቅ
    ምን ትመስላለች ሴት አይሏት፡ ወንድ
    ሲያልፍ የማይነካት ማንም ቢገደድ

    እነዚህ ናቸው ግም ቦት ሰባቶች
    የሰው ቆሻሻ፡ ዝንብ በሽታዎች
    አፍ ሲለፈልፍ፡ ቀውስ ሲመስሉ
    ዋናው ስራችን ይህ ነው ይላሉ
    ጭንቅላት ባዶ፡ መሆን አያውቁ
    እንደ ቆሻሻ የትም ሲወድቁ ፡
    እንኳን ለሀገር ለራስ ያልቻሉ
    የዚች አይነቶች የተበደሉ
    ሲለፈልፉ፡ እንዲህ፡ እንዲያ ሲሉ
    ከማሳቅ አልፈው ያሳዝናሉ፡፡

  27. Abeba says:

    This is a heart breaking video to watch the insults and the name calling against our musical king who has departed this world. It is shocking to see our Tilahun, who has united us more than anybody in our generation being, insulted and degraded by this sick individual. I do not even want to give her a sense of satisfaction by calling her “opposition”, because, she does not deserve the title. Do this people know what democracy is? Are they doing this in the name of democracy? Our political lows has reached the lowest point… Having said that, it is also sad to see EPRDF eliminate all political oppositions and driving the so called oppositions to be insane and lose their mind and dignity. I really do want to see change in Ethiopia but if the leaders are like the ones that are shown on the video, Ethiopia is in a better off with the current government.
    0 Le 0

  28. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    Would someone do me a favor and translate what that lady was saying? My Amharic is very poor and would like to know what and at whom she was yelling. I would really appreciate it. Galatoomaa!!

  29. ldia says:

    The lady is right Roman is his 10th wife .

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