[Must-Watch] Kebridehar Int’l Airport Inaugurated: Hope and Stability in once war-torn land of Ethiopia


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11 Responses

  1. us for us with us says:

    Good job. This is the way how a normal and competent nation with future for her own citizens benefits behaves and function which is based on her own wish, interest and benefits without bad and negative interference, influence and involvement from the known enemies. Slow but with solid economic foundations and continues development activities with own resources and abilities are the only best choice we have while working together with useful, reliable, trustworthy and responsible nations like China, Russia, Japan, Italy and the likes based on respect, understanding and win win approaches.

    Death to the greedy and evil Globalists, NWO, western financial institutions including banks, insurances, hedge and equity funds and so on designed to colonize and loot the world badly affecting than slavery and colonization did. So called western medias and Journalists, NGOs, Charities, Aid agencies, Think Thanks, Institutions and so on are working for these agendas in the poor, weak and ignorant nations because of they are free to do so despite they are the worst enemies these nations are facing and must be dealt with before against any wahabbi Islamic terrorist as they are the worst and dangerous enemies to the nation(s) and continent. We also know it is all about the Zionists/Jews agenda and plan while the rest are just serving them doing it as a job for money as salary.


    Kenenissa Bekele, the Ethiopian athletic federation and/or the Government must sue that evil Zionist/Jew so called journalist… or whatever fake name he is using to be there and hide his satanic true identity while painting as a job and spreading false and bad stories including about Kenenissa and his relationship with his country and people he loves, respects and relays on dearly.

    The evil and racist so called Journalist name is “Gregory Warner-Warner is Jew name like that of the CNN propaganda machine owner” and for sure he has been in Ethiopia in the past as the rest were/are painting his shits about the so called Ethiopian Jews; but not about himself saying from where he and all the fake Jews are including those Jews from Europe, central Asia or whatever place they came/coming from.

    This shit from New York is in Kenya to affect Africans in Africa as they are doing elsewhere including in USA as all of them are working together to attack and badly affect Africans in Africa targeting nations that are happy and good enough by and within themselves and they cannot treat and get them as they wish like the nations Ethiopia, Egypt, Algeria, Sudan and North Africans/Muslims nations are not allowed them because of they know the true, evil and damaging nature of these greedy, savages and racists being against all blacks, browns and yellow people that are 90% of the world population.


    2.2 million Adults locked in prison right now.
    4.7 million are under the prison system….

    The total of 6.9 or almost 7 million Americans are under correctional supervision.

    USA counts 25% of the world prison population while it represents less than 5% of the world population. yet, they(Zionists/Jews control USA and UK) are talking the situations in other countries mainly Africa about human right, democracy, rule of law, free this or free that including media and speech, while their Jews/Zionists corporate medias do worth tens of billions each and the speech like Hilary Clinton(the Zionists/Jews puppet ready to become president to use her as they do with Obama) speech at Goldman sach which is another Zionists/Jews criminal business empire was fetched to her almost 300.000 dollar with no much more than an hour shit talks promising them to work for them when they continue robbing and stealing the world with billions every day.

    The Private prison population in 1990 was 7,000.
    It grew to 130,000 in 2010. By now it could be more than 500,000 prisoners in the private prison corporations that are interested in profit. More prisoners mean more profit.

    About 60% of the 7 million Americans under correctional supervisions are blacks while they are only 16% of the population. Those treating blacks this way and destroying them for centuries are coming to Africa to do the same thing against blacks in their own continent and countries. They are making blacks killing blacks playing the satanic games we all know what it is and how they are doing.

    This is the reason they are aggressively in the process to overtake Kenya as their private property by coming around in the name of investment, media, journalism, democracy, human right, NGO, Charities, Think Thanks, Institutions, tourism, IMF, WB, WTO, UN and you name it. The Zionists/Jews and ethnic English are the reason why Blacks and others in USA and elsewhere in the west are suffering. They are the ones having base in Kenya to destroy blacks attacking within their own continent as they did in the past including during slavery from west coast and colonization in the colonized nations and that were all Africans except Ethiopia as Liberia was under USA colony; although they are not talking about as it was which is another denying of their history based on their benefits.

    They are demons and savage greedy racists against all blacks including in USA. Yet they are talking about Ethnicity among blacks in Africa to make them fight, kill and destroy each other as they are doing black on black in the west. They enslaved blacks categorizing them with objects and wild animals taking away their humanity by force and lies. They colonized Africa and the rest of the world in the name of civilizing them and also declaring blacks deserve no country for their own as that evil English so called explorer wrote a letter to the shapeless, ugly face and depressed Victoria telling her saying “these are ugly animals deserve no land/country for their own but we must take it for our own and make them work for us because of we can’t do the hard job as they are and the disease will kill us as we are naturally having very weak immune systems”. It was said when he was arrived in today’s D. Congo. 50% Congo’s population was annihilated by them during colonization through imported diseases from Europe as they are doing today with vaccines, tablets, so called medicines and so on; where the Zionists are taking the lead and making huge money from while destroying the population they are racist against.

    Gregory Warner is another evil racist from New York which is the Zionists/Jews headquarter talking about Ethnicity in Ethiopia. Does he know how things are in USA and west today because of race differences? yet, they are trying to create conflicts among blacks in Africa with Ethnicity no one sees it but they are talking about with goal to see black on black as they are doing black on black in USA/west and get benefits from.

    Black people/Africa must see and treat the so called western Medias and journalists number one enemies and must clean them out of the continent. Almost all of them are the Zionists/Jews hiring some brain-dead and washed Negros from Kenya and Uganda to use them as brainless tools for their damaging plan and agenda to destroy blacks in Africa including by making them fight against each other as they are doing in USA. So called NGO, Charities, aid agencies and so on are part of it where most of them are the Zionists/Jews and they are financing it using the money they are looting/stealing legally from the world through Wall Street, banks, hedge/equity funds and illegal investments and unfair trades.

    AU must wake up and enlist as criminals and terrorists the Zionists/Jews multi dimensional damaging activities against blacks in Africa from the base in Kenya. The Africans particularly the youth must wake up and fight these racist and greedy evils and make them stop and out of the continent started from those using media and journalism to affect the continent by spreading inflammatory lies and misleading stories about the continent and people they have nothing to do with but they are the know enemies and racists against all blacks since slavery and colonization.

    Evil racists and criminals against blacks like Gregory Warner from the base in Kenya are talking about Ethnicity in Africa with goal to make blacks on blacks in Africa as they are doing against blacks in the west including USA. They are jailing, disfranchising, treating badly, making them poor and forcing them to live in crime infected Ghettoes in USA while they are coming to Africa and acting as if they are peaceful towards blacks while doing the same thing against blacks in Africa the same as they do to blacks beyond Africa.

    These are enemies number one must be dealt with the hard ways to stop them having anything to say or do towards blacks in Africa. Africans must wake up and stop the evils, greedy and Globalists Jews/Zionists agenda and plan in Africa from the base in Kenya they are in charge and full control with corruption and brainwashing being there in the name of investment, media, journalism, NGO, Charities, aid agencies, democracy, Human right, think thanks, tourism and you name it. Kenya needs to watch out for her own sake before it is too late; learning including from the Palestinian situation how it was started before 1948.

  2. Mansour says:

    Good job, Ethiopian somali region as usual.

  3. Hassen Abdo says:

    Good to hear that Kebri Dahar, my birthplace has now an international airport.

  4. Keyredin M says:

    Thanks Awramba times. You are now doing an amazing job about the Ethiopian somali region. Keep up the excellent job.

  5. Abdulahi Osman says:

    This is nothing but an empty propoganda aiming to discourage those who still fight for freedom in the Ogaden jungles.

  6. i wonder some people are always has allergic good things happening, look this guy what he said an empty propaganda i will never surprises such narrow minded people because i said before if UBBO (ONLF) asked is this kebridahar airport they would say no its airport somewhere in California. therefore, please let you come with reality and live with reality, Ethiopian Somali region is moving forward and will make sure sustainable development and long-lasting peace.

  7. Abdulahi Osman says:

    @Ahmed Deeq Hussein, the right hand man of that self appointed “president” Abdi mohamed, come on…
    Listen my poor servant of a man who is loyal to a minority clique of TPLF, your trashy propoganda will never let us withdraw from the just struggle we are making to see a free Ogaden.
    Do you really consider your self as a winners?Get out of your shell and open your eye man, we are fighting for your freedom, equality and outonomy too. How on earth and what moral grounds do you guys have to call us “Ubbo”
    I am telling you, forget this temporary “victory” and wait your fates.

  8. Dagna says:

    Congratulation Kebridahar

    Good job Awramba times , it is the a jolly news that matters to Ethiopians.
    Thank you :

  9. us with us for us says:

    It is blessing and pride to be an Ethiopian and belongs to Ethiopians. let them(Zionists/Jews) lie, shit their stinky head and vomit their position hate about us and our country going on for decades because of jealousy and they are not able to get her the way they are doing in other countries including Kenya to kill and destroy her for their benefits. But Ethiopia is the best not because of her natural beauty and creation but also her beautiful, ancient, smart, brave and hard working people that is using its own everything in own ways for own benefits with pride including the only African born black people alphabet for more than 3000 years.

    It is hard to believe and accept, the same times.

    You can’t believe what you are going to read below the damaging situation going on in Africa let alone close to Ethiopia. This is one of the whole things/issues going on in that stinky corrupted, lawless and colonized……

    Do you think a country with this kind situation would have a future in the long run? No. It will be the greatest danger to the neighboring nations and the whole of Africa being the place of hell with full of crimes and criminals where foreigners/None Africans are the brains behind.

    They are not even in the position to guarantee their own securities in their own country by themselves let alone in other nations including being peace keepers/makers in Somalia. It is also not difficult to predict about the nature of the society, level of crimes and the numbers of criminals in the country when the country that is half of Ethiopia needs more than 4000 money making security firms most of them are owned by none Kenyans hiring 400.000 people.

    400.000 workers are not productive engaging with real economy which are practical education, Farming, production, construction, invention, innovation and so on but being parasite guards/securities with war stile environment among the citizens holding guns/weapons and becoming part of the problems the nation faces which is full of crimes and criminals.

    The good news to Ethiopia is that Nairobi is about 2000 KM away from Addis Ababa which is like between Paris and Moscow. . Northern part of the country that is bordering Ethiopia is also stony and flat desert where very little portion of the population is living there while the vast majorities are in the south bordering Tanzania, Uganda and so on. It is going to be bad for them before reaching to other African nations the damaging things/situations brewing from Kenya and the most part of are done by none Kenyans/Africans. In reality, native Kenyans are victims of all these foreign conspiracies to use and destroy them and we are hoping they will rise up and take their country back from…

    This is how looks like when things are damaged beyond repair and the situations are reached to the most extreme levels.


    Just read:

    Kenyan Security company considers listing, eyes Zimbabwe market

    KK Security, a Kenyan company that provides security services in seven countries, is considering listing or selling a stake in the company to help it expand.
    The company, which is based in Nairobi and has annual revenue of more than 100 billion shillings (US$100 million), is banking on increased business from the oil and gas industries in its existing markets in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, Chief Executive Officer James Omwando said in an interview June 3.
    It also plans to set up operations in Zambia and Zimbabwe within two years, he said.
    “Oil and gas will be a large sector starting in two years,” Omwando said. The company already works with Tullow Oil Plc, which has discovered oil in Kenya’s northern Turkana region, and BP Plc in Tanzania, where an estimated 58 trillion cubic feet of natural gas deposits have been found.
    Countries in East Africa have faced increased attacks by Islamist militants in recent years as al-Qaeda-linked insurgents in Somalia have carried out raids in Kenya, Uganda and Djibouti. The number of crimes reported to Kenyan police rose 4,4% last year, according to Kenya National Bureau of Statistics data.
    Mall Attack
    KK generates about 50% of its revenue in Kenya, where demand for security services has increased since al-Shabaab attacked the upmarket Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi in September 2013, killing at least 67 people.
    The company employs almost 22 000 people, provides services to foreign embassies, international non-governmental organisations and corporate clients.
    It competes with units of West Sussex, England-based G4S Plc and San Francisco-based Wells Fargo & Co. and also has operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Rwanda and Malawi.
    “The Westgate terror attack created a need and most of our clients increased their security both in terms of numbers and access control technology such as CCTV,” Omwando said.
    Kenya has nearly 4 000 private security companies with more than 400 000 employees, according to KK. Of that number, only 110 are regulated by either the Kenya Security Industry Association or the Kenya Private Security Association.
    President Uhuru Kenyatta last month signed a new law, the Private Security Act, that will help improve regulation, Omwando said.
    “We need to have a regulation body that cuts across the board that implements security standards,” Omwando said. “The implementation of the new Act would be very good for the industry.”-

    Security firms are not the solution but part of the greatest problems the nation faces when things are reaching to these levels. The nation must be peaceful, lawful, safe and like heaven to her own citizens protecting and applying the law of the nation on the land by teh citizens themselves and own law enforcements including the police force. What we are witnessing here is a lawless nation where everyone is relaying on own security hiring foreign firms to protect the citizens including in their own homes. This is in reality a failed state run by foreign criminals and their domustic colaborators that are there to make money before they destroy the nation in all out destructions and wars within.

  10. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    If this is a done project, yes it can be used as a propaganda piece. What propaganda goes awry is when a project is being presented at its conception as if it is a completed task. This is an excellent response to a ‘show me the money’ challenging question. Any thing that will help lead our Somali brothers and sisters to a settled way of life in a sustained livelihood is nothing but commendable. Mobile lifestyle is not and can not be sustainable. Move-and-grab-away lifestyle will sooner or later run into a very harmful concrete wall. I say kudos for this one.

  11. Now Somali region is doing better than previous, we are going to improve livelihood state of our people through changing pastoral community into agro-pastoral community by create basin resettlement across region. Because we have many rivers and huge irrigation land, we are working to create four big irrigation dams along Faafan seasonal river that would create around 100 Km farm land with the aim of making our people farming their land and agrarian community in close future and agricultural product oriented society in the long run.

    We have very fertile land that is more suitable for agriculture and farming as well as leadership who are committed to create enabling environment for our people to be more of agriculture and farming minded society. Therefore, for sure Somali region is showing good progress for every aspects including improving livelihood status and living standard by establishing group based cooperatives, small scale enterprises, and providing credit startup capital/seed money to income generating activities among poor families. In this week 700 women who are from 93 woredas of the region were given credit startup capital per person 100,000 birr to refund within 5 years through Somali micro-finance enterprise.

    The aim is very clear to create IGA and to be an economical productive society in order to improve their livelihood status and living standard. Obviously our leaders are maximizing their efforts to support people for betterment, now our people have better hope for future prosperity.

    By Ahmed Deeq

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