Pluralism In Light of Multinational Federal System: The Case of Ethiopia


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  1. Tatek says:

    Bewenetu’s argument that  his country is a Federal State flies in the face of the very concept of Parliamentary democracy which celebrates DIVERSITY and DISSENT and seeks to exclude no one from the benefits and protections of citizenship. He deliberately wanted to avoid drawing the obvious contrast that Federalism and Regionalism are completely different things. Ethiopia’s so called Federalism is actually Regionalism, which according to Winston Churchill’s The Will of the people, applies to Regions which are just satellite creations of the Central Govt which may be as easily destroyed as created. The official also knowingly ignored the point that Federalism and pluralism in Ethiopian context, if they ever existed, existed only on a paper and are used solely as political sweet potatoes to help milk Western Aid Dollars by singing a lip-dance to their Western sponsors. He seemed to have felt a chill down his spine that his Govt’s political enemies, the Anti-peace forces, often dismiss ”multiculturalism” and praise pluralism. But ”Multiculturalism” in Ethiopian context is something that divides people heavily along ethnic lines, and while encouraging and appreciating political pluralism is a very healthy way of building a society with a solid democratic footing, basing ethnicity, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation and the likes as the foundation of a Federal system is tantamount to dancing at the precipice of a deep political ocean from which no wreckage could be traced. It is simply heavily bigoted, extremely despicable and ripe for biases and exclusiveness. How many times has this same system failed Ethiopians so miserably, resulting in countless deaths, uprooting and destruction in the past, as the system creating EPRDF attempted to feign innocence in all instances by shamelessly blaming such tragedies on ”lack of capacity” and a work of ”unskilled officials” who had hardly been to school?  In countries where pluralism is appreciated and celebrated and Federalism a way of life, the role of the Federal Govt is to just raise ”the kids”, and when such time comes that ”the kids” want to try their own wings, just open the cage and let them fly; even if ”the kids” would wound up living quite far away, or in a completely different culture, way or space. But in Bewenetu’s Communist Ethiopia, what we see is his EPRDF Govt clinging to the Satellite States the regime created in its own image like a life raft in a stormy sea, when the bitter realization of self-determination hits the EPRDF with the force a wrecking ball. The official also argues that his country had realized that accepting and appreciating political pluralism the EPRDF way is the sole way for the nation’s continued existence, and as such, Ethiopians had a national duty to work toward such a goal. How ironic! He doesn’t care that Ethiopians consider themselves to be in an express train they hadn’t bought a ticket for, and didn’t want to be on, to a destination they hadn’t known in the first place — with the EPRDF Communists in the driving seat. As fully opposed to what Bewenetu wants us to believe, there is nothing that is non-negotiable in politics, for reasons that there is nothing constant in politics. If there actually is anything constant in politics, it is CHANGE and anything else changes as generations come and go. From such argument though, it is transparently clear that the regime is afraid to go out by itself and needed to shield itself beyond public interest as it rightly assumes the streets are more than knee-deep in rivals waiting to knock it off, with the number of culprits working as ghosts against the regime growing in sync with the nation’s population.  

    Ethiopians know that it was hard to deal with the Communists or the spin the regime and its developmental media constantly put in its favor, but these guys are the worst of what was ever written about politicians, that they were extremely hypocritical and dishonest and covered this with false sweetness and charm. Bewenetu and his EPRDF need to know that almost about anything they preached to the nation in the last twenty five years was a lie, perhaps a blatant one, but Ethiopians felt confronting the regime on any of this head on was going to rock the boat quite violently, or may be even sink it, and as such, they weren’t ready to face that yet and that frankly doesn’t mean that they believe there is any shred of Federalism or Pluralism in their country as purported by Bewenetu.  

  2. us with us for us says:

    What were and are the reasons for the massive and inhuman black enslavements for more than 300 years, damaging colorizations, hates, discriminations, humiliations, criminalization, selectively targeting, mass incarceration, disfranchising, jobless, being poor, homeless and living in crime infected ghettoes in USA and west in general? What were the reasons the occupation of the Americans, Australia, New Zealand, Apartheid South Africa and the wiping out of hundreds of millions natives in these places? What were the reasons for the centuries old brutal colonization in the Indian sub continents and others including Africa and Asia such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Burma, Vietnam…..? Was that because of ethnicity differences within or between them and the occupiers and oppressors?

    Those things were done happily and aggressively as policy and way of development without any feelings and remorse what was happening to the natives because of race differences and race war, domination and supremacy, not Ethnic differences with in or between the native victims and invading oppressors. .

    Yet, today, they are none stop and too much vomiting about Ethnicity in Africa while they are doing the same things against the rest because of race differences including in USA and west in general. Are we still stupid and dump to read, hear, listen or watch the evil Zionists/Jews lies, misleading, inflammatory and fictional stories about ourselves and others with goal to affect us/others the same way they are none stop creating, supporting and using the Sunni terrorists against the ME to cause the mass Muslim migration against Europe and the rest of the world while weakening the middle east nations that were/are strong enough to stand for themselves and the Palestinians causes.

    Stop being ignorant and stupid doing the Zionists/Jews agenda on yourself behaving the way they are telling/looking to see from you which is their agenda and plan making others destroying against each other while making them singing, dancing, hugely making money from and preaching about in the name of their satanic God for making it happen for them while destroying the rest.

    Boycott the Zionists/Jews so called medias, writings, Global ideology, thinks thanks, institutions, wall street/hedge and equity funds, banks, bad investments, unfair trades and anything coming from them is the one choice and the solution the world has to make and do knowing it is all about the worst of the rest while the best of only to them.

    This article thinks like that of the previous one that was using the weakest hand which is left rather than the right hand and none stop shouting down with imperialism, capitalism… acting as if they were beating and killing it with face to face physical fight. They were acting as if they were the greatest and committed communists in the world while in reality they were nothing but brainwashed creatures, toothless animals, rootless trees, with baseless foundations and savage criminals destroyed the nation and killed many in the process.

    The EPRDF Ethnic politics thing is like that of the monster Durge communism acting as if Ethiopia is the only nation has multi ethnic population while she is having the least numbers in the world. Ethiopia has only Ethnic differences while many other nations including USA, UK, Germany, France, Benelux, Canada, Australia, Western Europe, India, Russia, Arabs, Central and southern America, Mexico and the likes are living not only plenty human ethnics but also all human races.

    What is causing problems in the west including USA, UK, Europe, India, Asia, and South America including Brazil, ME and the likes? It is not ethnicity but race. In USA are living all black, white, brown and yellow human Ethnicities. What makes them discriminated, hated, humiliated, undermined, accused, exploited, quarrel, fighting and killing each other is not Ethnicity by race differences.

    Some examples: In USA, Canada, Australia, Western Europe and so on are living all human Ethnicities, races, religions, cultures, traditions, customs and so on in each nation. USA is now harvesting the seeds it has been none stop sawing to make others fighting against each other and destroy their own nation in the name of Ethnicity, religion and so on. Instead USA citizens are now massively demonstrating on daily basis and with war stile shouting against each other and fighting in the name of race, division of wealth, power, equal opportunities, influence, the right of equal citizenships and so on; not based on ethnicity as they (Zionists/Jews) are wishing to see happening and none stop preaching about in other nations as propaganda wars using their international monopolized criminal corporate medias, criminal so called journalists and education and other influential institutions.

    India has more than 2151+ Ethnic groups so far, many human races, thousands religions, cultures, traditions, customs and so on. About 350 million Indians are seen today as naturally cursed and untouchables which is the worst form of racism exists today on earth. The reason is not because of Ethnicities within the untouchable but race differences and cast systems within the country.

    Russia has about 250 Ethnic groups and plenty human races. In Turkey are living plenty human races including about 3 million blacks, Armenians, Kurds, Greeks, and other Ethnicities and races. Small countries like the Philippines are living more than 100 Ethnic groups and different human races. Indonesia has thousands Ethnic groups and different human races. It is the same in Vietnam, Burma, Thailand and others. Pakistan has hundreds Ethnic groups and different races as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and the likes do.

    It is the same in the Middle East and North Africa. Go to Saudi Arabia and look at the population. It has more than 200 tribes/Ethnic groups and different human races. It is the same in Iran, Algeria, Morocco, Libya….. Even look at the tiny Israel. You can see clearly the huge natural and human made differences among the population there. Egypt is less than 5% with Arab descendents and the rest are native Africans mainly in the south such as the number of Nubian ethnic groups, Beja, Berbers, Greeks and others while the vast majorities are from central Asia and ME came there during the 500 years of ottoman Turk colonization ended in 1918(1890s in Egypt-after colonized by France and then England till 1956/1959 war between them called the Suez canal war).

    When we come to Africa:

    Democratic R. Congo; more than 700 Ethnic groups. Nigeria more than 500. Sudan More than 400; Cameroun more than 250; Tanzania more than 130, South Africa not only different ethnicities but also races. Small nations like Ghana, Liberia, Angola, and the likes are living more that 100 Ethnic groups each. Neighboring nations such as South Sudan 70+, Kenya 70+ Uganda, 60+, Tiny Eritrea 9 and other have with similar situations.

    Ethiopia with more than 94 million people has less than 80 Ethnic groups that have lived together for many years as free and independent citizens with own administration and rule including during the time when the rest of the world mainly Africa and Asia were suffering in their own places under slavery and colonization. Yet, our silly and jobless dumb EPRDF cadres that are look like the ignorant and stupid Durge cadres are none stop talking about Ethnicity; making it as if it is a big deal and is only in Ethiopia while the rest of the world is having all human races and ethnicity under one nation rule mainly in all western nations that are trying to use Ethnicity to destroy the weak and ignorant nations as they are created and supporting the Sunni Islamic terrorists to destroy the ME and North Africa.

    Look the Zionists/Jews that are none stop waging propaganda wars against our country including talking about Ethnicity in Ethiopia making it as if it is a big deal while our ancient and big nation has the least number of Ethnicities comparing with others including in Africa. They (the Zionists/Jews) are too different one another including naturally but acting as if their religion is a kind of human race and acting as if all of them are from the same race and ethnicity which is a total lie and denying even the facts that are clearly to see among them and created by nature. How are the Ashkenazi Jewish treating the black Jewish, Arab Jewish, Indian, Asian, Sheepherian or other Jewish because of their race, not Ethnicities they are trying to use it making differences between the same people living in other countries such as Africa with aim to create divisions for their ultimate goals such as all out wars and destructions we are witnessing in the ME because of them using religion differences with is the same sect of Islam and among different sects in Islam to destroy all of them as they destroyed Christianity from Europe and elsewhere where the white people were/are practicing. .

    These dumb EPRDF cadres need to get some brain and engage doing the things matter the most and make differences including improving the people lives through hard work using modern technologies. They need to open their blind eyes and narrow minds and look at around the world starting from the neighbors including Sudan that has more than 400 Ethnic groups while its population is 32 million and Ethiopia has less than 80 while her population is 94 million. It is the same with smaller nations like Kenya, South Sudan, Uganda, and even the tiny Eritrea. They also need to travel around the world accessing the situation intellectually in order to see how things are in other countries including in the west such as USA, UK , Germany, France, Canada, Australia, South Africa , Israel and the likes that are using ethnicity to destroy Africa as they are using the Sunni Islamic terrorists to destroy the ME. We also know who those are behind this. Not the innocent white people living in these nations but the few evils that are maneuvered and used by the evil Zionists/Jews for their agenda and plan to destroy the world for their benefits.

    Is that ethnicity differences making blacks suffer in the west? Nooo….. It is their race because of they are blacks. It is the same with others so called minorities living there. They are discriminated and suffering in many ways because of they are having different human races calling them Asians, Indians, pakis, Negroes, Mexicans, Arabs, Muslims, Christians, and the likes.

    So, stop making out it of proportion something that is minor and not even visible comparing with the rest of the world. Instead do something that has values including writing Ethiopian school text books and have the Ethiopian school curriculums and teaching methods based on the Ethiopian situations and benefits rather than being stupid animals using the old and thrown away English text books that are written by them for them and you ended up the way you are as a result; with no progress but still begging for food in the country that is doing farming for thousands years, has the best agriculture environment and mineral rich fertile land, abandoned water and nice weather.

    Why don’t you wake up, stand up and use your hands and brain to make equipments that are making the farming community job easier and increase the harvests? We are tired of your bushit Ethnic policy and ethnic this and that daily story while our country has the lowest number of Ethnicities comparing with the number of population and only Ethiopians in Africa have lived together under one administration for so long while the rest of Africa is created by slave masters and colonizers not long ago.

    If you have some brain, you have to fight the real and merciless enemies that are in and beyond the country affecting all of us because of race differences. These evils that are against all of us because of race differences are using Ethnicity to make us quarrel and give them the opportunities to become between us to destroy all of us. This is how the evil Zionists/Jews criminal corporate medias including those in USA, UK, Canada, …. western so called NGOs (but in reality they are governmental working for dark forces and their true name is Dark groups organizations-DGO) such as save the children, care, Oxfam and others from the tiny England, western Europe and North America; Charities, thinks thanks, peace corp., institutions and the likes from these nations are working together engaging in all directions to affect all of us using Ethnicity in Africa while race in USA/west against blacks.

    You need to have some brain that is making you in the right direction doing the right things to stop these evils affecting us at least them being in our country. The reason they are in the country is because of we are the way we are and they feel free, powerful, superior and…. capable to do anything they want against us as they are doing so for years in the name of delivering aids and assisting… while killing us and intentionally destroying our nations images as we speak.

    Ethiopia uses about 14 million hectare land so far. If she increases the productivities and adding at least two quintals harvest per year in a hectare in one season, she can get more than 28 million additional quintals. 28 million quintals is about 1.5 billion dollar. How much money we were/are seeking for aid to coup with the el Niño effect and how much they were/are giving while using that money to be there and doing the worst possible things against us targeting the children, females and the youth?

    But if we use the El Niño disaster effect as best opportunity to make us stand up and make huge changes within ourselves in order to make working our situation the best ways including transforming the agriculture sector, the country can double the annual harvest within less than 7 years. 14 million hectare with the average of 50 quintal per year including twice and three times harvesting a year is like harvesting more than 700 million quintals per year which is 300 million quintal more than the country needs. This is for sure achievable within short period but with determinations and hard work. To achieve this we must stop none stop nonsense talking about Ethnicities and ethnic politics but working together as one force in all development directions and fair sharing the results.

    Before talking about anything like this article is, do something to stop the real enemies that are using our weaknesses, stupidities, ignorance, poverty and natural disasters like el Niño as best opportunities to affect us in many ways because of we have race differences with them as we know what they are doing against blacks in their own countries for the same reason. Nothing is to stop them from doing this against all of us because of our race but taking responsibilities being smart, knowledgeable and development doing the real jobs and creating values for us by ourselves. Talking about our differences is what they are looking from us and using it to intensify and inflame the situation to see our country the way they are doing against nations in the ME, Ukraine and …. using different reasons.

    Ukraine is destroyed by the Neo Nazis based on Ethnic differences between Russians, Ukrainians, polish, Hungarian, Serbian, tartars, Moldovans, Romanians, Slovaks, white Russians and the likes living in the country done by the Zionists/Jews including the evil G. Soros, and USA state department that is run by them including USA assistance secretary for Euro-Asia Victoria Nuland the same way another Zionists/Jew Herman Cohen was among them destroyed Ethiopia using Eritrea as a fence and weapon including him being as assistance secretary for African affairs. They are behind each and every conflict, war, destruction and conflicts going on; on earth for long periods of time including in Europe for centuries.

    Open your eyes and look at what is going on in the west including USA, UK and others. It is not because of ethnicity but race. The evil Zionists/Jews corporate Medias are using race in the west to affect the vast majority innocent white people and blacks while they are using ethnicity, religion and so on in Africa to destroy all Africans with black on black style as they are doing in the west against all blacks.

    Get some real jobs, man. Go to the Rural areas and help the farmers to plant quality seeds and use the right methods instead of shiting nonsense about Ethnicity while sitting in offices in the country the western so called NGOs(DGO-dark groups organizations) that are working for the Zionists/Jews NWO/Globalization agenda and plan are spreading all sorts of lies about Ethiopia to damage the country image and undermine the people while they are getting the money in our names for their luxury lives and huge salaries including accommodation in abroad while in their own country they would be jobless.

    Protect the children from them. Don’t being destructed by their well taught misleading names and lies including when they are saying save the children, care, trust, close or whatever misleading names they are using. Only the last 6 months, 1 British man jailed because of he abused Kenyan children mainly boys for more than 22 years being in the country in the name of charity and helping eth children. One young USA citizen also jailed because of he abused Kenyan children including boys for years; being in the country in the name of aid agencies. Another English man was sentenced to jail for 22 lives this week because of he abused hundreds children as young as 6 months old baby in Malaysia and Laos being there as religion missionary.

    These are just few out of the big and plenty very dark and evil pictures going on against the poor and defenseless children including boys and girls by these westerns acing they are there to help. So, protect the children from being affected physically as well as mentally and socially by them rather than being stupid trusting and believing them when they are telling you they are there to help while they are damaging our nation image in the name of begging aid from their people in our names. But it is all about them getting the money and jobs with high salaries while doing the nasty agendas and plans they have on us in our own places using our weaknesses and stupidities as their best opportunities and doing their best to keep the situation as it is if not making it worse.

    Doing the right things for us by ourselves is the only choice and weapon to stop them interfering, influencing and damaging us in many ways including the children, youth and females. Instead of talking nonsense like this one, do the real jobs that are creating real values and making the real changes in peoples’ lives such as improving the agriculture sectors and making the Ethiopian education systems and universities good and competent enough to produce workforces that are good enough to create values rather than being brainwashed by the English/western old and thrown away text books written by them for them and as a result we still are ended up with full of unqualified and ignorant young people with no skill and abilities but diplomas and degrees only their names and titles on it.

    Are Amhara and Tigre two different Ethnics or One and the same? What makes differences between ethnics? It human made and most the time the few are using it for their advantages. Amhara and Tigre were and still are one and the same from the start since thousands years ago. They have the same history, culture, foods, drinks, dress codes, traditions, customs, behaviors and natural outlooks.
    Among the Semitic people are Arabs (Yemen and Some part of Saudi), Habesha, Assyrians, Hashemite (in Jordan), Palestinians, old and real Hebrews (not the fake and converted Jewish believers that are acting as if they are the real Hebrews) and the likes. When the rest remaining as they were/are like Arabs do, the Habeshas divided themselves calling Amhara, Tigre, Guragee, Adere/harari and so on based on the places they lived and some changes because of the human made situations following the ottoman/Arabs Islamic invasion wrongly calling it Gragn war between 1529-1543. . However, there is nothing to make particularly the Amhara and Tigre as two different ethnic groups but always one and the same.

    Their language was Geez as Arabic was for Arabs and Amharic and Tigrigna are almost the same but the most part is only accent differences between them. The reason why some Ethiopians that are living in abroad are still Ethiopians is because of they are having the same history, culture, tradition, traditional dressing codes, foods, drinks and the likes that of in Ethiopia despite they are not speaking the languages. So, those giving language as a reason for being or not the same Ethnicity is wrong knowing including Ethnic Germans in USA, Canada, …., Latin America and the likes are speaking English , Spanish, protégées…. while they are still Ethnic Germans and it is the same with others too.

    The point is that Ethnicity in Ethiopia is and must be seen as an asset to unite us together colorfully; not the way the Zionists/Jewish are wishing to use it for our destructions the same way they are using the Sunni terrorists against the Arabs, the Neo Nazis against Ukraine/Russia, mass Muslims immigrants against the Christian and the innocent victim white Europeans by the monsters/Jews for centuries including making Europe to fight against each other while they were financing both/all sides ( such as the Rothschild families) and doing the inflammatory propaganda wars within Europe/white people for the sake of money, wealth, power, influence and domination.

    They are using medias, journalists, NGO, Charities, aid agencies, Institutions, bad investments, unfair trade, hedge and equity funds, banks and so on to destroy Africa using the ethnicity and religion differences within the same people living in the same country and continent and are the worst victims of the none Africans where the Zionists/Jews are behind all what happened to Africa and blacks in the name of white people including slavery, colorizations and all wars, conflicts and poverty that is still going on.

    Don’t hate or have bad feelings towards the vast majority white people but these evils and those few white people like the English establishment working together with them for the destruction and suffering of the world including Europe. Europe is suffering because of the Zionists/Jews NWO/Globalism agenda intentionally creating wars in the ME and causing mass Muslim immigration to the Christian Europe that has very different culture, tradition and way of life where the Muslims will not accept or adopt in to but will destroy it by imposing their own on the natives as history is telling the true nature of them.

    It is the biggest wish from my side to see the mass innocent white people working together with the centuries old victims black people starting from opposing, exposing and boycotting the evil and damaging Zionists/Jews all kinds’ activities including the none stop Media’s propaganda wars and full of lies and misleading writings and talks including at education institutions.

  3. Yunus Hamid Yishak says:

    Food safety, zoonotic diseases (transmissible between people and animals) emerging diseases, and diseases associated with agricultural major focus of Oromia Pastoralist Association (OPA) research is approaches to food safety and disease control that can work in informal markets and marginal areas. This program combines risk analysis, epidemiology, socio-economics and gender analysis to identify, test and adapt appropriate options for food safety assurance and control of zoonotic diseases within the context of developing countries.
    Animal Science for Sustainable Productivity (ASSP) is a global program working to increase the productivity of livestock systems in developing countries through high-quality animal science (breeding, nutrition and animal health) and livestock systems research. The program aims to increase the supply and quality of animal feed from forage and crop residues, developing animal breeding strategies that are suitable for small scale farmers and identification and control of diseases that impair animal health. It also tests how new approaches to increasing animal productivity can be implemented in different livestock and farming systems.

    The program has been created to bring together ILRI teams working on animal feeding, animal breeding, animal health and livestock systems. This integration will allow a more unified approach to bringing applied animal sciences to bear on the challenge of sustainably increasing livestock productivity. Within the context of livestock systems, it is rarely possible to isolate the different aspects of animal science. For example, introduction of more productive genotypes usually requires better feeding and animal health care. On the other hand improvement in feed availability opens up opportunities for smallholders to keep more productive breeds.
    The program objective is to provide high quality, relevant research that is able to guide research and development initiatives aimed at improving the livelihoods of women and men operating in livestock value chains. Working with other programs, LGI works toward identifying promising technological, organizational and institutional innovations; assessing their likely impact on women and men; building strong partnerships with other research institutes, the private sector and government agencies (including line ministries and local government authorities), and to test interventions in order to assess their impact and potential for scaling.
    Program activities are directly aligned with one of the four components of the .Research Program on Agriculture for Nutrition and Health, namely, prevention and control of agriculture-associated diseases. It also contributes to the value chain work of the . Research Program on Livestock and Fish.

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