Ethiopia grab spot in next round of CAN 2013 qualifiers


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  1. Andinet says:

    The very few hirelings of Meles are busy making ridiculous desperate noise in Washington, D.C. in the name of sport festival. In reality, what they are busy doing is a ballyhoo meant to hoax and distract the Ethiopian community in the D.C. metropolitan area and all across the U.S. from converging in Dallas, TX, for the 29th ESFNA festival. Their main goal is not sport but dividing and weakening the Ethiopian people. It is the latest blatant assault on the unity of the Ethiopian Diaspora by Meles and his minions in the area. They are financed by Meles’s security apparatus under the cover of the disgraced Saudi billionaire named Almoudi. It is the long hands of Meles’s security apparatus that is at work here wearing Almoudi as gloves. Almoudi might have partly contributed his own money for this evil act of dividing and weakening the Ethiopian Diaspora in the U.S. Needless to say that Almoudi is one of the main beneficiaries from the spoils of Meles’s unabated terrorism against the Ethiopian people and he is sucking the resources of the country unbridled like ticks attached to cattle. Therefore, Almoudi has as much interest as Meles to keep the Ethiopian people divided and weak as Meles does so that they both can continue to loot the Ethiopian people. It is in Almoudi’s vested interest to participate in any way, form or shape in any efforts that Meles is making divide and rule the Ethiopian people including those in the Diaspora. But it is naïve to think that the money to divide and weaken the Ethiopian Diaspora in the U.S. is coming only from Almoudi’s account. It might come in Almoudi’s name but such futile exercise is mainly bankrolled by Meles through his security apparatus. Meles and Almoudi work hands in gloves with hands being that of Meles through his security apparatus and gloves being Almoudi whose name appears on the check. So it is Meles who is financing the dividing efforts under the guise of Almoudi. Meles measures his success in this evil effort not only by the number of people that attend his fake festival meant to confuse but mainly by the number of people who will be hoaxed and won’t go to Dallas, TX as well. His only goal is dividing and weakening ESFNA and through that the Ethiopian Diaspora His main yardstick for his success is the turnout in Dallas. Therefore it is not only enough to boycott the fake drama in D.C. though that is very important. It is also crucial for those who are able to attend the real ESFNA Ethiopian sport festival in Dallas, TX from July 1-7, 2012. I will see you all in Dallas. DO NOT FALL FOR MELES’S TRAP.

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