[Updated] Isaias Afeworki Launches Full-scale Ground Invasion of Ethiopia, in retaliation to recent UN report


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139 Responses

  1. Wedinatsenet says:

    Waw it mean it’s the end of Ethiopia…that’s why we wait & tolerate so long For the people of Ethiopia.we know that so much money of Ethiopia is in outside & majority this in readership they have a house some where in Europe,Asia,Africa and USA.
    Thanks of you Sunday morning good news and congratulations of the coming Promo state,Hamar state,tigrai state,ogaden state…and soon.

    • Zemen says:


      You little deportable Banda why don’t you go and read your Banda websites and leave this website to Ethiopians. On the contrary, if this story is true this is the end of Bandaland (Eritrea) as we know it. Do you remember the last war where a million Bandas had to run to Sudan and 40% of Eritrea was occupied by Ethiopia in 4 days!

    • Tesfaye says:

      Come on wake up, dont cheat yourself & don’t stay in your day dreams, especially in critical events we Ethiopian knows how to stand together & punish our enemies . good bye wodi Afeworki

    • None of your m says:

      If it is true this time the people of ethiopia and most of the army will side with PIA

    • Trus says:

      It will be the opposite; the Ethiopian government should focus and remove Isayas using this opportunity and that will be peace for Ethiopia. At least the next will be the fight for democracy with in our land with out any interference. However, my frustration is there may be the interference of Egypt but even with that the international community will be in the Ethiopian government side and this will be the last for Isayasse

    • ወዲ ሽረ says:

      ኣታ ለዛዩ ወዲ መንጠብጠብ
      ከም ቀደም ባረንቱ በፂሕና ንምለስ መሲሉካ እዩ።
      ነዚ ቀውሲ መራሒኻ ሰቂልናዮ ኢና ንምለስ።
      ለዛዩ ናይ ዓለም ጉረኛ (ከም ሻዕብያ)።

      • Patriotic says:

        Wedi Shire, let us wait a bit. We will see u bagging for Eritrean support when the Oromos chase you from 4 killo. Believe me….it is just a question of time…..agame eka nab Agameka dima kitmiles eka….because TMKHTEGNA eka. Tsigabka ayttsewurn eka…

      • Good Weyane Tigria says:


    • ወዲ ሽረ says:

      ኣታ ለዛዪ ወዲ መንጠብጠብ
      ከም ቀደም ባረንቱ በፂሕና ንምለስ መሲሉካ እዩ።
      እቲ ቀውሲ መራሒካ (ከም ጋዳፊ ዓርኩ) ስቂልናዮ ኢና ንምለስ።
      ጉረኛ ሻዕብያ፤
      ሻዕብያ ካብ ትምክሕቲ ቀፂላጉራ እያ ኣምሂራትኩም።

      • Abiel says:

        Fuck u bitch kulu gize mse hezbenan adnan alona tegraway ente mexe nehna alona eritrawi be eritrea zemexo ayfetun eyu

      • ብርሃነ says:

        ይመስለካ ይኹውን ብዘረባ ዝውዳእ
        ኣይትሓስብን ኢኻ ዘለኻ ጽባሕ ዝመጽእ
        ብወረ እንተዝኸውን ነሩ
        ክንደይ ተባህሉ ብሓሶት ተዘይሩ
        ሕጂ ግን ዕድሜ ወያኔ ክሓጽርዩ ዕምሩ
        ህዝብታት ናይ ሰላም መዝሙር ክዝምሩ

      • Delai says:

        Anta abaq agame aytitehawek kes ilka teazeb Abaq hasad

    • Yonas says:

      Dream baby dream…
      We ,Ethiopians are your God father by helping in many ways.

    • Beza says:

      I think it is better to hit him on his head. Any elements of Eritrea in Ethiopia shouldn’t be tolerated any more. By any means l, this is the time to liberate Eritrean people from this monster.

    • Sewit says:

      Ethiopia is well united as ever, but now the end has come for Shabiya and its middle east Lords. Ethiopia said enough is enough. And the final push is started last night and Ethiopian army is already penetrated deepin to Eritrea well punishing shabiya. …this is the current fact, like it or not swallow!!

    • muleta says:

      there is no war.period….just a lie……awjewjew is not that stupid……

    • Namrud says:

      That will be true In your dreams. Dear brothers get out of the propaganda you have been feed for so many years and come to your senses.

    • Asrat says:

      We never afraid of it :we ethiopians always need ertrian brothers and sisters peace that way we choose to take many refuges… Still we don’t use war as last option… But started by isayas our potential is beyond…. Take speaking example of egytian strategy to weaken ethiopian people not to finish our ren. DAM… Still in the morning egytian take lesson to stop there inside crisis… Emergency state……. Ethiopians are hero hero yesterday.. Tomorrow foreever in future…we are in work..

  2. Fikir says:

    We need to have detail & brief notes.

  3. Muchie says:

    ይህ ሣምንት ሻእብያ ለአመታት ደብቆ ያኖረው ገበና የተገለጠበትና መግብያና መውጫ ያጣበት ሳምንት ነበረ። በመሆኑም በቀቢፀ ተስፋ አንዴ ለተላላኪዎቹ ግም 7 ድረሱልኝ፣ በሌላ በኩል ደግሞ ያለ የሌለ መሳርያ አስታጥቆ በአልሺባብ አማካኝነት ኢትዮጵያን ለመበቀል መጠነ ሰፊ ጦርነት የከፈተበት ሣምንት ነው። የዚህ ጦርነት መጀመር ቅድምያ መረጃ እንዳለው የሚገመተው ብርሃኑ ነጋ እንደልማዱ ፈርጥጦ ጀርመን ሀገር መግባቱን አፍቃሬ ሻእብያ የሆነው ኢትዮጵያ (ኤርትራ)ሪቪው ዘግቧል። “ወደሽ ከተደፋሽ……… ” ነውና ጀግናው የመከላከያ ሠራዊታችን ከመከላከል ወደማጥቃት ተሸጋገሮ ይህንን ነቀርሳና ፀረ ልማት ኃይሎች ስብስብ በመደምሰስ ሀገራችን በልበ ሙልነት ወደ ልማቷ የምትመለስበት ሁኔታ መፍጠር አለበት።

  4. Goodbye isaias says:

    It’s a suicide mission for him.

  5. hermi says:

    Is this some prank? Not funny!

  6. Abbu says:

    Eritrea has to defend itself by any means necessary. It should be reminded that this war is the war between TPLF and the Eritrean people. All Ethiopians should stand by the Eritrean people in defense of their sovereignty. Badime, Zalambessa, and all areas in dispute were ruled for Eritrea in international legal court, TPLF refused to abide by. Instead of enforcing TPLF, the UN is accusing Eritrea committing Crimes against humanity, which is none sense!

    • ERITREA says:


    • Dave says:

      I give u an Ethio song called jilo jilo with zegi Zaga. are you really out of the dame Minde. regardless of who shotes on Ethio land. is our enemy whether we have a good or bad government. patriot and politic is two things you stupid fuck.
      whatever happens thousands of years back, Ethiopians are known to be the Patriots. no cowardly cancer like you.

    • Long live ethiopian says:

      Don’t be stupid ethiopia will always stay united.but you italian slaves know nothing beside war.fuck u.we ethiopian are united as one for ever.ethiopia will beat eritrea.viva ethiopia

    • Theday iscomming says:

      You must be funny.” If the war break out agin, we don’t know where we will we going to stop.” Meles Zenawi
      in few days Isayas would be exist only in history book.

  7. Nancy Smith says:

    We will stand aside our ERITIREANS brother and sister to ensure TPLF is gone for once and forever, we pushed for separation we will fight for our unity, prosperity, and freedom, no long Western involvement will help these ISIS criminals, murderers, looters from the people of ETHIOPIA,

    We waited for the last 26years asking for justice all over the world no one else except Scandinavians listen our cry, we will pay every individual country as they failed to reach out for helpless but support those criminals.

    Bring it on and we will fight, fight together the same time around the country at this time TPLF will stand alone and fight against one United ETHIOPIA including ERITIRIANS.


    • Rame says:

      Go ahead stupid let the fire start.

    • Yeha says:

      Nancy, Don’t expect the poor amhar and oromo to fight your dirty fight. you filth Nancy must put your ass in front line. then we know you are true fighter. Sacrify your life now don’t ask other people to fight for you while you are sitting in your comfortable life. now is the time go move to the front line. we will see who will put the trigger. coward stupid!

    • Dave says:

      i really wanna replay something to u that make
      sentence but as i really watch ur comment easer u r not Ethiopian. or you are sell out who don’t even know what sentence to even know there Ethiopian like u. for all thinking of s politic it have poison u.if u just understand it will not be weyane ihadig ore only tigray peuple that will be dead. it will be the Ethiopian solders witch are from all over race. and here u are saying u hate weyane because it s a racist government. I hate pathetic double moral people. thank God Milinik, Theodros, Alula died before they saw the fake Ethiopians.

    • teddy assefa says:

      hahahaha i thought you are in night mare.you know what Ethiopians done on the battel of Adwa and because of Badime.i know which is the cell of Shabiya instead of terrorism.what ever cat is couldn’t struggle with lion.but if cat is forgotten her order what is the minding of Lions?must be streach his power.to seen a cats feneral in cat hold.these is no clue.just the fuct.

  8. us with us for us says:

    There are more than 225.000 Eritrean refuges in Ethiopia and their number is increasing alarmingly every day. About 41.000 are solders and x -solders.

    If Ethiopia has a government that is smart enough, it would use them against Shabia since the day they arrived here. However, our government is sheltering, feeding and educating Eritreans that are running from Shabia, while shabia is continuing being a terrorist state against our nation. Eritrea is the only African nation never ever conducted any form of election, has no constitution, no parliament and massively and aggressively conducting forced military services indefinitely. It is a one old man show nation and the rest must accept and follow the order as usual towards destructions and hell.

    If issayas really started a war, that must be he is getting too desperate and looking his quick end to escape from the multiple difficulties and decades old isolations. We know there are Ethiopian enemies behind him telling him what to do and giving him supports including the Zionists/Jews in the west and western embassies not because of they do care about him or Eritreans but to affect Africa/black people with wars to stop development and good life in Africa/Ethiopia in order to continue declaring about blacks being always lawless, incompetent, poor, weak, ignorant, suffering from conflicts, diseases, hunger and so on which are all the results of wars and conflicts the none Africans are causing against the Africans including in Africa with aim to get the continent under their ownerships and benefits this time in the name of NWO and Globalization.

    However, Ethiopia is too powerful, determine and very much in good conditions to defeat the isolated and desperate issayas no matter who is behind to support him and once and for all to free Eritrea from these life time terrorists. Northern part of Ethiopia such as Tigry, Afar and Amhara alone can deal with shabia victoriously knowing almost 30 million people are living in the above three mentioned regions while in Eritrea 4.5 million desperate and imprisoned people looking any possibility to run away or face isayas with face to face fights/wars.

  9. simple says:

    The war is really and its underway now the time for Shabia departure numbering.

  10. magarsaa says:

    KkkkTPLF you will finishing in this year
    You are no secsesfull never you wil go home soon from Finfinnee to makele kk

    • Beza says:

      Megersa, your dream will be shattered and will be the end of your OLF. You miscalculated in November and you are miscalculating now. The Ethiopian people people prefer EPRDF than OLF. I mean including Oromos.

      • Be ewnetu says:

        Probably ‘Megersa’ might not real Oromia. Probably Shaebians, like Tesfaye Gebrebab use Oromo name ‘Geda’ to spread hostality among Ethiopians.

    • Rame says:

      if you are truly OLF-You will go to madagascar. It that simple. ignorant

  11. I hate isayas says:

    if this is true Isayas will be history and freedom for the people eritrea.

  12. አለም ምን ተስኖት says:

    You idiots you are alleging Eritira to had been committed the human rights violation and even suggesting the president to face an international trial …really? how about the atrocities , citizens masdively killed, tortured and imprisoned in Ethiopia which by any measure is deeper than any of the genocides of recent times?

    • Beza says:

      It has nothing to talk about the human rights now the small country has started the war and now it’s going to be the end of Isayas and Gim7.

  13. Hager says:

    አውራ አምባ

    ጥሩ ሙከራ ነው፡፡ የማይሆን የለምና በዚህ መልክ ራስን ለማጥፋት ሲል የመጨረሻ መጥፊያውን ሻቢያ ማሰቡ የሚየስገርም ሳይሆን ሊሆን ይችላል በማለት በኢዮትጰያ በኩል ሁሌም መዘጋጀት ይገባል፡፡ ጥሩ መነቃቂያ፡ ማሰጠንቀቂያና ማሳሰቢያም ነው፡፡

    ይሁንና ሁኔታው እንደ አውራ አምባ አቀራረብ ሆኖ እንዳልተከሰተ ግን ብዙ ሳይቸገሩ መልሱን በቅርበትና በግልጽ ማግኜት ይቻላል፡፡ የዚህ አይነት ነገር ተከስቶ ቀርቶ ገና በሀሳብ መልክም በወሬ የተናፈሰ ቢሆን ኖሮ ግን የምዕራቡ ወሬ አናፋሽ፡ ውሸታምና ነገር አቀጣጣይ የሆነ በወንጀል የተጨማለቀ ሜዲያ ከእናንተ በፊት እንደ ራሱ አድርጎ ሲያራግበው፡ ሲፈላሰፍበት፡ ሲወያይበትና በደስታ ሲስማማበት በታየ ነበር፡፡

    ይሁንና ብዙም የማይደገፍ ቢሆንም የእናንተ በዚህ መልክ የማስጠንቀቂያና ማሳሰቢያ አቀራረብ ግን ጥቅም ያለውና የሚያዝናናም ነው፡

    ለማንም ግልፅ መሆን ያለበት ግን በሻቢያ በኩል የሚከሰት ማንኛው ግጭት በኢትዮጰያ አሸናፊነት እንደሚቋጭ ማንም መጠራጠር እንደሌለበት ሲሆን በሂደትም ከሻቢያ በስተጀርባ ማን እንዳለ እና ምን እንደሆነ አጋልጦ የሚያሳይና አጣርቶ የሚያወጣ ነው፡፡

  14. tedy says:

    It should be a kind of “agamie” prank

    • Solomon says:

      Banda Tedy ,this is not “agmie” prank.
      This is bandatate eritean selling your assistance to Italian and Arbes prank.
      Just like you father selling his ass to Italian. do you remember you dad used to sell his ass to Italian for left over past.
      And you used to lesson your dad says( ankora)more like Zewditu Araya.

    • Rame says:


  15. Andargachew T says:

    Now the mad man is totally frustrated he can
    do anything at this stake . With the maximum
    security alert the war should focus right on
    key economic sites and in the town official
    houses must be targeted . KOMATA SHEMAGLE

  16. Aman says:

    If he gone launch full scale war I think he needs some time to mobilize not only two days.

  17. Yonas says:

    This is true

  18. Ezkiel says:

    The moron news. Kkkkkk

  19. Yohannes says:

    So this constitutes as journalism in Ethiopia?. Pathetic, I guess woyenne

  20. Osayres says:

    I don’t think the Tigray people is that stupid to start war with Eritrea . Don’t forget there was a war 16 years ago when Amhar ,Oromo grage were like besties like a school girls but they loose the war now no Oromo or Amara can shed blood for weyane Tigray with that Tigraen are not dammy to start war

  21. sahle says:

    This’s what exactly the weyane teams want the Government of Eritrea to do.though this war, if ever is started ( God forbid) means the end of weyane…in other words the horn of Africa in general and Ethiopia in particular will be cleared off of the cancer which has kept the region under tension for quite sometime.

  22. Bibi says:

    I hope Ethiopia should be patient and wise. War economy never good.

  23. samuel says:

    I think this is the end for fetno derash ethiopian sewariw. There will be 100 thousands of dead and yetemarwku ethio seraiwit like may 1991. Good bye weyane

  24. Slick says:

    how did Fana or ETV missed the news and awramba gets it? Kkkkkkk this is the thugrians idiocy in highest level

  25. Osayres says:

    My heart and my best intentions still tell me it is not true but We the Eritreans should be ready for every thing that desire the weyane has to fight and give a chance to Oromo or Amhara to rule Ethiopia .
    And will work on that

  26. Be ewnetu says:

    I wish to Shaebia – free region the worst than IS…. free from in and out of the country before destroyed our existence. Close the rufegee camp Kenya, take them back like Sudan and Israel. Remove away from our website to halt spread of hostility in among Ethiopian tribes. Evil comments and make confusion. …
    This fighting must be once for all….

  27. Anna says:

    if he starts war he is not alone be careful, Egypt is there, AlShabab is there, even others

  28. Anbesw says:

    ደደቦች ከታሪኾቾዉ የማይማር ዘሮኝች የጠባች ኣስታሳሰብ ራስ መግደል ኖው ፷ ስልሳ ኣመት ሁኖዋ የኤረትራ ህዝብ ናጠፋህ ናሸንፍ ኣለን ስሰማ ፣የኤረትራ ህዝብ ግን የኤረትራን የኢትዮጱያን ጬቑን ህዝብ ስላም መስጠት፣ ትምክህቶኞችና ዘሮኝች የጠባች ኣስታሳሰብ መጥፍት ኖው፣ የሄም የትም ግዝየ ቢሆን ይለጥርጥር ይሳካል ያለፎዉ ት ኣሪክ መስክርቶዋል ።

  29. Wikaw says:


    Ante DEDEB

  30. Amor says:

    Wow..a full scale war waged by 5 million ppl nation on 100 million ppl nation reported not by the National media but awaramba..
    Dawit qat meqam jemeresh endie:) lol

  31. tesfit kifle says:

    This is really really funny funny funny funny funny

  32. Benti says:

    How comes “this is the end of Ethiopia”
    kikikik! Do you want to evaluate what Ethiopia mean by its fight with its daughter. Ethiopia is a Big name never try to equate Ethiopia with what you are imaging as a government. Ethiopia is something by large bigger.
    l don’t wish Ethiopia fighting with Eritrea. Because it can never show the victory of Either. It is something loss – loss type of war. It is a little bit premature to verify the existence of current war between the two. What I recommend both sides is to refrain them selves from full-fledged war. In case there is interest to engage from either side. Disgracing to listen brother killing his brother.

    • Erey says:

      Wise talk!!I wish both governments had people like you in power.We might have came to face some differences with time and history but in the end,egoestic and ambitious politicians play thier game and I feel very sad to see the masses surrender to such individual pastimes and implant hatred among each.

    • Benti says:

      How comes “this is the end of Ethiopia”
      do you think Ethiopia will perish while fighting with its daughter.
      kikiki! Please don’t be fooled by equating Ethiopia with its government which can show only one aspect of it. Ethiopia is something by large bigger.
      actually it is a bit premature to confirm the existence of war between the two.
      however l recommend both to refrain them selves from full fledged war. It is a sort of Los Los war. Neither side can claim victory. It is disgracing to hear brother killing his brother.

      • Trueman says:

        Mengstu regime perish as a result of ethiopea eritrea war do not be arrogant. Ethiopea is a big country with a very narrow Idiolgy that is to be a servant of super powers and to assure it’s existent.loyal dog of western countries

  33. thomas Wake says:

    Dear Weyane & it’s Buchiloch! Right now Ethiopia is your heaven but a hell to the rest of Ethiopians, so go and fight with your older brother to keep your stolen assets. don’t even think about having Ethiopians on board for this Nonsense.

    • Bhhahah says:

      idiotic who the hell do you think you are who is ethiopia and who is not. keep on exposing your retarded brain for the world to see. you don’t represent ethiopia not even your self.

  34. Benti says:

    How comes “this is the end of Ethiopia”
    do you think Ethiopia will perish while fighting with its daughter.
    kikiki! Please don’t be fooled by equating Ethiopia with its government which can show only one aspect of it. Ethiopia is something by large bigger.
    actually it is a bit premature to confirm the existence of war between the two.
    however l recommend both to refrain them selves from full fledged war. It is a sort of Los Los war. Neither side can claim victory. It is disgracing to hear brother killing his brother.

  35. Weyane love says:

    Lol eritrean people are funny. We are holding badme and we had you sanctioned, even though we violated international law. We have always had the power. We manipulated our way to America’s hearts and we will manipulate and provoke you, everytime it’s suits us weyane.

  36. Melkamu says:

    Good news for both Ethiopia not Eritrea. It will be the beginning of the end of both dictatorships. FINALLY BOTH COUNTRIES WILL HAVE A CHANCE TO BE FREE FROM WEYANE AND SHABIA AGAIN.

  37. ሓርነት says:

    I hope ethiopians will continue and destroy hgdef the brutal regime, i hope they will free our people from this brutal regime, so that we can live peacefully with out Ethiopian brothers.
    By law we are still Eritrean but after hgdef, we Eritrean will never have war especially with out helpful ethiopian brothers, we share the red sea using law and order, i hope that, you will make HGDf history.

  38. ሓርነት says:

    correction; i mean with our brother Ethiopians ,

  39. Ras says:

    Black people dont be ungrateful yow.if u spit in z sky it fall right back in yr eye.what go up must come down.Eritrea is sister to Ethiopia.Ras Tafari one love must abide in hearts of africans to unite.white man win oil glut over dead african blood.stop devil by keeping our faith clean.Ethio Eritri under political slavery too long.replace politics wil love of Yesus and peace good will to humanity on african soil.Jamaicans say smoke some gamja pipe now and bob marley say we gotta unite now one love one heart.africa will save the globe

  40. Rasta man says:

    Tena yistelygn.Enquan aderesachu habesha betsebwoshBlack people dont be ungrateful yow.if u spit in z sky it fall right back in yr eye.what go up must come down.Eritrea is sister to Ethiopia.Ras Tafari one love must abide in hearts of africans to unite.white man win oil glut over dead african blood.stop devil by keeping our faith clean.Ethio Eritri under political slavery too long.replace politics wil love of Yesus and peace good will to humanity on african soil.Jamaicans say smoke some gamja pipe now and bob marley say we gotta unite now one love one heart.africa will save the globe

  41. Rame says:

    Well,Ethiopia must now destroy this Moran man. enough is enough. there are good eritrean who are ready to fight this moran since he provoked us now must finish him. those of eritrean who are in refuge camps must be protect-children those able must be ready to fight now. Eriteran must claim your country, your dignity. it now the time. he started and must be removed now.

  42. Solomon Abeje says:

    Ethiopia destroy the Air Port , the Air Force base and the
    main Military Head Quarters and the Gold Mine .
    First destroy the infrastructures and including the
    and communication structures .
    At most care should be taken on Addis Djiboti road and
    heavy anti Missiles should placed around Mekele .
    What made the liver Cirrhosis victim Isayas is
    the development of Ethiopia . We Ethiopians will
    stand up to the last drop of blood and wipe out

  43. Kumaa says:

    The cancer of the Horn of Africa, the apartheid regime of TPLF, must be removed by united forces of the horn. As long as Woyane is in power there will be no peace or democracy in the horn, thus, we have to unite to remove the evils mafia regime from Tigrai. as an Oromo, I support any force that wages a blessed war against the Tirayan apartheid.

    • Cofee says:

      It is TPLF that gave you the dignity to live like people. where is OLF. that suppose liberated from slavery of your ignorance full of shame to speak your own language. your mafia OLF run away beach did not liberated it TPLF. TPLF can take away to make you amhara. no more oromgina Go it!

  44. Peace says:

    What stupid and ignorant people you are? All your mind is full of pride and foolishness. For how long you want keep fighting and shade blooding of innocent people for brnefit of small minority groups of shaebia and weyane? Look how many people under poverty, hunger , prescription, immorality and abuse? We are one people work together and share what we have bless and make our land (habesha land ) a better place to live in peace and harmony.

    Now is the time to wake up and understand the situation and take these people to court and take their punshiment.Not the time to playing in their game again.Neither Eritrea people good under shebia nor Ethiopia good under weyane.So, for whom you want to fight?

    Don’t fight with a pig both of you will dirty but for the pig alot of fun.

    Wake Up! God may bless us and give us his peace.

  45. James says:

    The Oromo will not going to fight for cheating, backstabbing, and corrupted Ethiopia. Eritrea and Oromo will save millions of people in the horn cheated, corrupted, and their resources stollen by the fony government/Ethiopians. END to ETHIOPIA.

  46. ERITREA says:

    i was a soldier in eritrea for 12 years i have seen the past war with ethiopia T.P.L.F should destroy esayas for last i wish i see him dead like gadaffi

  47. Fissaha says:

    I think this is the golden time to finish shabiya since shabiya started the war. There is no reason Ethiopia to give another chance shabiya to revived again no more. Shabiya is the cancer for the Horn of Africa, especially to Ethiopia. I’m sure the gallant Ethiopian defense forces will do the job beautifully in short days.

  48. Said Afwarqe says:

    The END for ETHIOPIA is Coming!! #Revenge to ETHIOPIA’s poppet politics is coming. The killing of million Ertrians, the killing of million Oromos, the killing of Million Somalis is coming for ETHIOPIANS as a united force to END corruption, backstabbing, and poppet politics brought to the horn by Tigray and Amhara. #TRUE.REVENGE #Ertria #Oromo #somlia

  49. Yohana says:

    Cadres of Weyane are shouting like a mad dog. This year is the last for weyane

  50. Aman says:

    If full scale war breaks out, EPRDF (TPLF) might more venerable than EPLF. Only because Ethiopian oppositions appear to be on a solid grounds than the Eritrean oppositions. From the recent reports on the media, armed Ethiopian opposition groups are freely roaming throughout the country waiting for an opportune moment.

  51. Maes says:

    Kondafate be senkena tenbru alekum antum agame

  52. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    If this is true then this demon from Asmara should be dealt with once and for all. They should chase him and pry him out from any burrow he may try to hide. And give him to the Eritrean opposition. They will hand the justice he deserves, the gallows!!!!

  53. Ak says:

    Why do people say crazy things to each other behind a key board and monitor that they won’t say face to face. We are all victims of both regimes. We are struggling to make it in a foreign land because our people are governed by military men who shoot first and ask questions later. We should love each other, not become enslaved to our emotions. We the people have to stay away from this conflict between the oppressive regime.

  54. sewa sew says:

    ኢሳያስ ሰይጣኑ የመጨረሻህ ይሆናል እውነት ከሆነ ለማንም አትጠቅምም ፡፡

  55. Unfortunately Ethiopian regime đose not enough and good job wit cinserity and honest in helping Eritrean people to get rid in kicking SHABIA’s regime ,because Ethiopian regime has interest in the continuing SHABIA’s regime in Eritrea It looks like there is agreement between the two regimes I hope this time I am wrong

  56. Harnet says:

    Ethiopan passed so called opposition like Simer and GHDA Hidri are all the puppets of HgDF, they support hgdef and i hope ethiopians will send them back to hdef or detain them, because they are the barrier for the struggle and for the freedom of our people. They pretend to be oppostion but they are now beging the Ethiopian army not to destroy Hgdef, so what differe them from HGDF? some of them are armed to pretend that they are fighting Hgdef but they are keeping his power by making complex statements etc, we know them well and now they don’t like Ethiopias to destroy Hgdef and free out people from the hands of the brutal regime.

  57. Sami says:

    hey loser Abbu , did you ask us we Ethiopian to stand with fascist shaibiya ? Which planet you comes from? Even some times we disagree with our Governement .when it come to shibiya we are 100% with our government . Let OLF and G7. Bandas protect you, Eritrea didn’t have enough economy to fight with Ethiopia , all Eritrean city and towns will be at the mercy of Ethiopian Air Force . Eritrea has only 4 fighter jets . And Ethiopia had like 100, how you compare that , it will be monopoly game on air , god help you . Soon your dear leader issyass will be hunted at his whole like saddam Husain or will fly ours of of the country to his slaves masters , if this war continue for the next 2 or 3 days , majority of Sawa chikens will get chance to run to Sudan or to Ethiopia . The time comes the end of shaibiya .

  58. Abraham says:

    Guys,We have been fighting for over 30 years now and we all know what we gain from that. I think enough is enough, we should think about peace

  59. ilyas omer says:

    Tplf is criminal

  60. ilyas omer says:

    Tplf is criminal we need justice tgira must back to makla they’re criminal we don’t need tplf in Ethiopia wkup the people fight for justice tplf is criminal

  61. Batcha Debele says:

    Issayas is no more president of Eritrea UN has
    confirmed that all the population is treated being
    systematically enslaved and has no right at all .
    The people of Eritrea is eagerly waiting the
    security council to indorse the resolution and
    issue warrant to arrest Issayas where he is .
    EPRDF has showed its willingness to cooperate
    in enforcing the UN resolutions and hand over
    Issayas to I C C .

  62. Maharashtra says:

    It’s funny listing to the two Abashas are fight ing for the wealth of Oromia. My suggestion for the nation is stay away. Thanks md

  63. Universal says:

    I am wondering what this dirty talks are about on both side.for God’s sake stop refering to the fight to be between eritrean and ethiopian.it has nothing to do with both.its between the black sacking vampires of east africa whose greed of power and dominance at the verge of frustration.

  64. Ermias says:

    Instead of insulting each other why all Eritreans & Ethiopians work together for peace of both countries

  65. ኤፍሬም says:

    እግዚአብሔር፡ ኣብ መንጎ ክልቲኡ ህዝብታት ምሕረት የውርድ። ካብ ዝገበርካዮ ክፋእ ክትሃድም ኣብ ካልእ ክፋእ ምእታው ዘሕፍር እዩ።

  66. Teshome says:

    Let us all come to our senses. War consumes people, and more so young people. The days of Gengoism are gone. War is something you throw yourself in when all possibilities are sealed off and no other route is available. And it is going to be war between very connected people — culturally, socially, historically. This does not mean that Ethiopia has to tolerate the regime of Esayas indefinitely at immeasurable cost to its people, not to speak of the continuing insecurity in the region of Horn Africa. I think it is time for Eritreans, within and abroad, to distinguish between the lasting interest of Eritrea and the egoistic and power maniac of Esayas — the one man rule associated with him. A regime of very small aging persons who bank entirely on their pedigree of a liberation struggle. What one thing should be clear, however. Let us not all sing for war and brandish our swords. This is particularly un-comforting when we, the ‘writers’, are far removed from the battleground and we are writing from the pillows in the sofa.

  67. Teshome says:

    Let us all be viscerally conscious of the horrors of war and the devastation it brings in its trail. Modenr wars are immensely destructive, and more so, when the warring groups are extremely emotionally stringed. Who ever wins a war is relatively unimportant as the costs to be paid for it in terms of human lives. I wish Esayas Afework could come to his senses and abandon taking his citizens hostage for his egoistic whims and power hunger.

  68. Alemgena Taye says:

    We Ethiopians are always united. We stand together against any conspiracy against our mother land and state. Isayas and the whole world will witness our strength this time again. Ethiopia lezelalem Tinnuuuuuuur!!!

  69. salvatore says:

    any way war is not good for both sides.There is no progress in war.In war terms there is no winner nor loser it will continue from generation to generation.We can learn from the past.we can learn from Siria.Don’t be emotional because we are toking of thousand of lives,innocent child & mother with hope.This is not a western film.

  70. Salem says:

    Let there be peace!

  71. Rago Birru says:

    WOW ! what kind of dream we are hearing ? I am in Ethiopia and there is no single informal information about Tsorena and Zalanbesa from war.
    Thanks to technology, had it been true, we get this info just Sunday 11 June 2016 Morning. Any how, dream something good not WAR!!!

  72. mehamed Hamicd says:

    we should not fuel the war giving bad suggestion, this is not football game it is hell. those talking so you might have never tasted it. let bygone what is bygone let us be good neighbors, respect each other we had good lesson about war.

  73. wedklib says:

    I really appreciate those who give a constructive ideas about the break out of the war. we people of the time need to use the given time. Forget about the past and about the future. let us live our time. after our life span we are neither eritrean nor ethiopians, that is over. How to live the next generation is up to them. If they want they can unite, even the whole africa can unite through their wish and will. So why we are this much separated from each other. what is the cause? westerners? Ethiopia? Eritrea? You intelectuals of Eritrea and Ethiopia can discuss and solve the problem avoiding the greedy behaviour.

  74. Abrahaley says:

    Good bye Isaias Afewerki with your non humanistic intellectual sibhat efrom and yemane Ghebre Ab

  75. ኃይለአምላክ በላይ ከሰሜን ወሎ says:

    በእውነት እላችዋለሁ እናት ሀገር ኢትዮጵያ አሁን ባለችበት መሁኔታ ልማት የጠማት ሀገር ነች ነገር ግን በተለያየ ሁኔታ በልማት አደናቃፊወች እርምጃ መወሰዱ ብልህነት ነው ።

  76. Benti says:

    I hope, this bothering war has came to an end.
    Thank God Almighty!

  77. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    What happened to my comment? All of a sudden taken down? Why? Censorship? Don’t do it. Just don’t!!!!

    • Blue says:

      Stai facendo disperare pure me, perchè, forse ho il film che cerchi, tra i tanti dvd porno che possiedo, ma non riesco a trovarlo, ho smontato mezza casa, magari l’avro prestato ad un amico, ricordo la scena in cui lui immagina la bionda che l&a2#17;8ccompagna nuda, il suo maggiordomo che fa arrivare donne nella villa, ma lui non si ci può intrattenere, perchè è molto impegnato negli affari, e quindi, lo sostituisce molto gratificato il suo maggiordomo, spero di trovarlo, e di poterti dire il titolo al più presto, se è il film che cerchi, ciao.

  78. Dr Dawit of LONDON,UK says:

    Eritreans the masters of the agames and we liberated them from thre amhara slavery.We trained and gave them weapons but they could not liberate Tigray,So,EPLF galant combatants came to help of the obnoxious agames to liberate all the agameland up to Addis Abeba.Our 40,000 comando soldiers were in Ethiopia to keep the agames in power and when they noticed that they could run the country,they started war against their EPLF masters.They were defeated and losted 140,000 soldiers and 310,000 injured soldiers between 1998-2000.Most of the dead and injured were Amhara,Oromo,Somalian and minority soldiers except in Alitena,Zalambesa,Xerona who most of them agames who were ready to occupy their masters land-the land of the lions and liopness.Ethiopians can never wage war against their Eritrean masters without hiring merceneries until this day.But the great Eritreans always stand for themselves and never ask for any outside help. This time is actually different and if the agames or other ethiopians wage war against their ERITREAN masters,then this will be the disintegration of the Ethiopia.You will see.ERITREA is in different era of development.We don’t boast like the Low class Ethiopians.Ethiopians have to declare that we (ERITREANS) are their masters to world and they have obey our orders.Otherwise we Eritreans know Ethiopia better than the Ethiopians themselves.The existence of Ethiopia is in the hands of the ERITREAN masters.From now on any leader of Ethiopian has to be approved by Great people of the great ERITREA.Otherwise no peace in that area. Agames are just funny figures whose existence is in the hands of the ERITREANS.

    • zande says:

      hahaha..i think you r also laughing by the time u wrote this too.but the world knew you the other way.people of tht portion of land were slaves of italia. as we call u bandas.how come you dare to write like that??u don’t know ethiopian people r so kind even thy host and feed your refugees here in thier country now??may be i have to go to 24 kebele of megenaynya area in addis abeba besides the refugee camps where ur poor are gathered tell them wht u r saying. for sure thy will deny u.but we r not like u.we call thm brothres.a man from a barren land opens his mouth like tht..sorry for u.hoohoh…i never imagind the majority of you guys are as low as this.at least read history and come back.please fight for ur right.don’t propagate wht isayas tell u.he do this bc he want to saty on ur head for ever.but don’t forget ISu is Ethiopian too.

  79. Abadi says:

    “ንኣፈንያ ዘይረኸባ ቀጠምጠምስ ንርእሰን ሻሽ መጠምጠም”
    ኤርትራውያን ኣሕዋትና ኣብ ፀገም ዘውደቐ ሻዕብያስ ንህዝቡን ነዓዱን ዘይኮነ ሓላዊ ኢ/ያ ክኸውን ዘይኸውን ነገር እዩ፡፡ እንተ ኤርትራ ክትምዕብል እያ ዝብል ይግበሮ፡፡ እቲ ቐንዲ ሕቶ ግን መን ሒዛ እያ ክትምዕብል? ምዕባለ ኤርትራ ለንደን ኾይንካ ብምጉራን ኣይኮነን ዝርከብ ዶ/ር ዳዊት

    • Good Weyane Tigria says:

      Let just play with fire you know Tegaru you are an idioticaly ppl you play the game you grave your dig grave in same time.

  80. Lemma Desta says:

    Dawit, your and your bosses days are numbered…

  81. abebeharegewione says:

    Do not worry about shabiya or its friends because the way they follow is totally wrong .due to this shabiya and its aliens or terrorist groups will be eliminated from the earth by themselves .that is way shabiya is fish out of water.

  82. abebaw gt says:

    It is the what inside conversion into out or reverse type some times in this region found countries mostly in the same ship economic ties as tied together about the same future than the same backgrounds duked the Eritrea is not part of Ethiopia this time and has also no economic ties due to the known to all past cases of borders. So Eritrea has no reason to initiate its or else along with Ethiopia wherever whether in UN or in Ethiopia. Because Eritrea has not reason politically and economically with Ethiopia such to aggression or submerged Ethiopia forcing. It is crime and shame backing in Ethiopia for Eritrea by whatever cases they have no right in and about Ethiopia to come about any time.
    But some jeleous politians of Ethiopia as diseases their targets submerged in Eritrea desire talk a lot to baked their bread with the situation in nearby what may come stresses Ethiopia is the conflict may rise between Ethiopia and Eritrea thinking a lot take breath.
    But Eritrea is not reasonable to Comment Ethiopia where ever when ever.let’s separate the private and government needs it can give sense.personal need of Eritrea president and that of Ethiopia are not aligned because of the Eritrea government is not passed in the refination of elections what tested and challenged the leaders and polical parties ,in other hand the Ethiopia government and political parties and leaders have works at least equilateral to the European and Americans the adaptation of election whatever it system today they put the foundation for future democracy development through election,but Eritrea missed this democracy building system through personal needs in cover of people and country agitated against Ethiopia sleeping in red sea worship excited ,never back but think always where was the area don’t go to Congo or Singapore here in south Africa a lot build democracy doing empty back to home land a lot lost along with Ethiopia before crossed border a lot soldier lost how passed ancient to Egypt that much if thought where is Musie likely talk during the day is from west to east run and other day east to west they come keep in mind come down from arrival that moment a lot beaten economy zero ,what noteaningfil called economy the Ethiopias a lot lost among Eritreas.end better solver the Mussolini may awake in between the bad come along with Ethiopia allusion bite out of Eritrea fear ending.

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