Ethiopia and EU Sign Historic Joint Declaration Towards Strategic Engagement


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2 Responses

  1. Muchie says:

    በአሁኑ ጊዜ ኢትዮጵያ በዓለም መድረክ ላይ ስሟ እየገነነ መጥቷል። ኢትዮጵያ ያልተሳተፍችበት ኮንፈረንስ በጭራሽ የለም ማለት ይቻላል። መሳተፍም ብቻ ሳይሆን ዓለም አቀፍ ትላልቅ ስበሰባዎች በማስተናገድም ክኒውዮርክ ጀኔቫና ቬና ከተሞች ቀጥሎ አዲስ አበባ ከተማ የኮንፈረንስ ቱርዝም ማዕከል ሆናለች። ከብርና ምስጋና ለኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብና ለዚህ ላበቁን ታጋዮችና መሪዎቻችን!

    እንድያው ለነገሩየሰሜኑ ሰውዬ ሰላም ሰጊድ ለማለት አልፎ አልፎ ጌቶቹ ዘንድ ክዋታርና ካይሮ ብቅ ይል እንደሆን ነው እንጂ የትኛው ዓለም አቀፍ መድረክ ላይ ታይቶ ያቃል? ሰለዚህ ገና አሁንም በጫካ ሕግ ከሚመራ መንግስት ጋር እንካሰላንትያ መግጠም ወርቃማውን ጊዜ ማባከን ነው።

  2. us for us with us says:

    71 years has to be more than enough for Europe to find itself back from the huge and multidimensional losses it is suffering from since WWII in order to function properly and appropriately in the 21-century world. The post WWII generation of European politics and politicians must be rejected and replaced by the new ones with only the Europeans involvement; avoiding the Zionists/Jews mischief and drama queen style damaging interferences and influences as it is going on in Europe, North America and elsewhere for the last 71 years.

    Are you sure for certain that EU will be there tomorrow when you agreed and decided to sign about these issues to deal/conduct them together for one sided benefits although it is always described wrongly saying “EU/they are giving aid and development assistances to Africa/us while many time more billions are illegally and unfairly heading from Africa to Europe/ London criminal banks and property markets teaching how to do it, assisting and supporting, the African criminals to hide the looted and stolen money amounted billions every year? Is that not this EU gave few months ago in 2016 €200 million or $230 million free cash to the worst form of dictator ever lived on earth and that is in Eritrea; the country has no constitution, no any form of democratic process, no human right, no rule of law, never conducted any election, has no parliament and the list is long? Issayas is now using that money to wage war against Ethiopia and supporting more terrorists as he is continuing sending thousands refugees to the neighboring nations and Europe.

    As more and more Europeans have no more reason to believe and trust the EU politicians, the union has no future as it is. It is a USA/Zionists/Jews project they are running it from New York, DC, Hollywood, England, France, Canada and since recently from Belgium, the Netherlands and the likes as the new generation of them are taking over the national matters in these nations. The EU politicians as a whole in Brussels and national levels in every members of the nations mainly the old member states in western, Northern and southern Europe are the product of the political doctrine designed against Europe/white people after WWII and it was designed by the few imperialists and greedy criminal capitalists such as the Zionists/Jews and English establishments making Europe feel guilty about what happened in the past including during WWII and none stop vomiting fears among the population saying the war among EU nations would broke again if we are not keeping EU as it is.

    As a result, the vast majority Europeans (white people) have lost their national identities and white people uniqueness including their common Christianity believe and traditions. As many are saying the Zionists/Jews intentionally destroyed the white race/European nations by destroying the Christian believe and values which is not compatible with Judaism but against as the Christian messiah is already here since 2000 years ago while they are still waiting their own messiah meaning we have two different believes and messiahs. As a result they managed to destroy the European values, norms, cultures, traditions and so on in the name of freedom and human right while they are the once doing the things that are against the core of human rights and the rule of the nature laws including through aggressive and massive gay and lesbian human made behaviors and activities.

    What the EU did the worst against the Europeans/white people is intentionally creating mass migrations from the Middle East, North Africa, Asia and Africa through wars and supporting dictators and criminals like it is doing with Issayas of Eritrea despite a tiny nation like Eritrea has flooded EU with 47.000 refuges only in one year which is 2015 and hundreds thousands in Ethiopia as well as Sudan and they are continuing leaving Eritrea with thousands everyday towards Ethiopia, Sudan and EU.

    EU is a USA/Zionists/Jews project they are using it for their agenda in Europe/against white people, Africa/against black people and elsewhere the rest of the human race. Look at EUs behavior against Russia which is a great and very much respected white people nation remains today still keeping alive the human as well as Christian values, norms and life. Ukraine and Russia are the same people. Yet, the Zionists/Jews overthrown the democratically elected government in Ukraine spending 5 billion dollar and using the Neo Nazis; the Jews do see them as enemies and are associating them with Hitler when they are against them but they are becoming friend and allies to use the Nazis against others as they are doing with other criminals against other nations including creating Hamas against PLO back the days when PLO was strong. The reason they destroyed Ukraine using the Nazis, EU, USA, NATO and so on is because of Russia doesn’t allow them to take over the Russian economy and destroy the only remaining white people’s values, norms, religion and whiteness as they did to the rest of EU/white people in Europe and elsewhere including North America.

    It is a big hope the UK citizens would vote to leave EU in order to save UK and the rest of European nations and others including Africa. The Zionists/Jews are using EU to destroy Europe with mass migrations bringing them form nations that have very different religion, values, norms and behavior than Europeans. They are none stop creating wars and conflicts in the ME and Africa, in the name of anything and making it as if it is the worst thing to fight for such as religion differences within the same religion like Sunni vs shia, Sufi vs wahabbi, Ismailia vs Sunni, and the list is long and the same thing they are doing within the Christian religion such as Orthodox VS protestant……. They are also making the citizens fight in the name of Ethnicity in Africa, Ukraine, Georgia, and elsewhere while in North America they are waging race wars among the population using media and all the tools they are possession them illegally and with criminal activities to inflame it.

    However, the first, worst and greatest reason to quarrel, and fight for it among the citizens have to be for fair division of wealth, equal opportunities, jobs, power sharing, influence, and so on. 1.5% of the USA citizens that are the Zionists/Jews are controlling about 80% CEO positions, more than 50% important sectors/positions, they are running wall street, banking, financing, hedge/equity funds, media, entertainment, foreign relation such as the state department, the Obama white house as they are having even the total control plan and agenda head putting Hilary Clinton in the white house in 2017, spy agencies including electronics related, development assistances as they do with USAID and other so called NGOs, charities, think thanks, institutions including education, justice system, law firms, lobby groups and you name it. Yet, they are talking about the majority or minority issues in other countries mentioning religion or Ethnicity differences; not the real issues that are making huge differences in everyone’s live among the population such as the fair division of wealth, equal opportunities, fair justice system, fighting racism, discrimination, residential segregation and you name it as these are happening openly, legally and massively in USA and conducted by them against the rest mainly blacks and Latinos because of race differences.

    Them being with far distance the minority with their numbers, having different religion and the presence of different human races and Ethnics within them while they are controlling and running everything where the money, wealth, power, influence and domination is in North America, EU and so on matters nothing to them. But they are talking about others mentioning the things they are responsible for as reasons blaming others with goal to create divisions, conflicts, wars and destructions as we are witnessing in the ME and everywhere where the war is and they are responsible for.

    The funny thing is that they are creating and monopolizing private medias, charities, NGOs, institutions and you name it including the human right watch, human …… and they are using these things against others pretending as if it is coming from international recognized independent bodies working objectively for the good of the victims, nations or world at large. HRW and whatever else is coming from USA, Canada, London, Paris and so on including media related is the Zionists/Jews private criminal organization they are using it for their evil agenda and plan in other nations/world. Fuck the Zionists/Jews illegal and criminal private companies such as HRW or whatever name they are using these criminals that are causing the worst form of crimes against humanity including with the worst form of division of wealth, power, living conditions and so on in every country they are present or having influence.

    Brexit is the only hope to protect the Europeans as well as Africans, Asians and Latin Americans human values and norms that are under fret from the Zionists/Jews crimes in the name of globalization and NWO. The tiny number of criminals are running the whole show for so long without disturbance or objections for their own benefits while the vast majority of the EU and world population is suffering as a result. Syria, Libya, Iraq and so on were the richest nations with no homeless or poor people. Today, they are the failed states because of USA and EU that are running by the Zionists/Jews based on their agenda in Europe, ME, North Africa, Africa and the world. They are almost finishing the destruction of Europe intentionally creating mass migrations by creasing wars and conflicts and supporting dictators in order to make the citizens to flee towards EU and other nations in the region.

    EU must change or become history. It is a Zionists/Jews project including from the base in London, Paris, Belgium, Holland and the likes. They are using it to implement their agenda in the name of USA, NATO and you name it while USA is already under their control and owned and run by them despite they are less than 1.5% of the population.

    Never forget and don’t give even a shit to the so called Human right watch, human right this or that which is/are the Zionists/Jews private businesses they are using them wrongly and illegally for their Globalization and NWO plan and agenda in other nations including Africa/Ethiopia. Dividing the population, making them quarrel, fight and causing destruction are the best things they are relaying on in order to make that nation a failed state with no government or organized citizens to stand against them which is a key and get way for them to control and own that nation destroying the citizens physically, mentally, materially, morally, religiously, culturally, socially and you name it.

    They do hate the most strong, wise, informed, competent and confident government, united citizens, peace, hard working people, honesty, development and good future in other nations mainly in Africa because of Africa is their weakest, easiest and first continent they are targeting to get it under their control before moving to the rest as they were the biggest, worst and longest slave traders, masters, behind the colonization of Africa and everything bad has happened/ing to the continent for the last 500 years including during cold war and since 1990s in the NWO and Globalization form of destruction against humanity and the world designed by them for their sake and benefits.

    Don’t give a shit about anything coming from in the name of so called ‘Human Right Watch’ which is a misleading name the few criminals are using it as private company for their own project, plan and agenda in other countries. It is a private thing created and run privately by the few criminals; some of them are associated with USA politics using it for political reasons in other nations while pretending as if it is independent and impartial. Let them go to hell. They have no what so ever right, reason or justification to talk anything about the country and people they have nothing to do with but they are the known racist and greedy criminals against blacks.

    If really they are about the human right issues, there is nowhere but USA is the worst human right violators on earth for so long including by jailing 25% of the entire world prison population (despite it represents less than 5% the world population) where almost 60% are blacks. yet, these evils are talking about human right in Africa while they are the worst human right violators against blacks in USA including no fair division of wealth, Job opportunities, equal rights and possibilities, free and faire plays in national matters as equal citizens and you name it. So, the Zionists/Jews criminals including in the name of human right need to go to hell. This is Africa and they will never ever get their criminal presence and free ride again in Africa as they did during slavery and colonization.

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