A Wake-up Call for Ethiopia and Eritrea: Crisis Group Issued a Report on Recent Tserona Incident


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13 Responses

  1. Osayres says:

    June 15, 2016 at 6:45 pm
    Ezi qomal sahsah hizbi Tigray should be thank to the Eritreans
    Ezi qomal hizbi Tigray has. 1 ethnic group that is Agame ethnic
    Ezi sahsah Agame has no Red Sea
    Ezi qomal has one profession that is begging
    Qomal hizbi Tigray 10 hearts use for deciv steal
    Tigray has on song Mariam tihabkum AmneAregawi
    I feel for you qomal sahsah hizbi agame begger tribe

    • Daniel Joseph says:

      NeMen tezerf aloqqa n Goitaqa issayas Agamme meqqanuu ressiqayo diqaa
      Affqqa has

    • Mek1 says:

      I hope you are not talking representing Eritreans because what you have said is ignorant and idiotic I don’t know about others but I don’t want to be part of it, how dare you insult people? insulting TPLF is something else because it is a distorted political group with no hope for change but the people have nothing to do with it, remember what can they do? they are their own blood and flesh there are bad apples form every society including Eritrea, watch your mouth.

  2. Be ewnetu says:

    You /EPRDF/ have no any credit regarding Eritrea issue. EPRDF. CAN-NOT/SHOULD NOT. Make any deal regarding Eritrea.
    Shaebia/Eritreans have to know any agreament with EPRDFmight not impplimented. I think Ethiopians might not accepted any agreement by the current regime. Until next GVT’s come in both side. Forget the politics – 99 Ethiopians hate Shaebia include Gim6+1. That means, you can imagine and guess on EPRDF……

  3. Muchie says:

    ሁሉም ሃገራት መንግስት እንዳላቸው ሁሉ ተቃዋሚም አላቸው። በሀገር ጉዳይ ግን ሁሉም አቅዋማቸው አንድ ነው። የሀገር ሉዓላዊነት። ወደሀገራችን ስንመጣ ተቀዋሚ ተብየው የሚያስቀድመው ግን አጋጣሚው ተጠቅሞ ሆነ ከጠላት ጋር ተሞዳሙዶ ሥልጣን ላይ ለመንጠላጠል መሥራት ነው። ሰሞኑን በኤርትራ እና ኢትዮጵያ መካከል በተነሳ ግጭት ይህ አቅዋም ተንፅባርቅዋል። ኤርትራውያን ከሕዝብና ወገናቸው ጎን ሲቆሙ፣ ኢትዮጵያውያኑ ግን ለጠላት ድጋፋቸው ገልፀዋል በፕሮፖጋንዳም ሻዕብያን ሲደግፉ ይታያል” በሬ ከአራጁ ጋር ይውላል።
    Ethiopian opposition
    ESAT Special Radio Program On TPLF Regime aggression on Eritrea
    Eritrean Opposition
    Meskerem net. During such a situation all Eritreans will be behind our country

  4. us for us with us says:

    The Zionists/Jews so called medias, journalists, experts and …. Including those in South Africa and Kenya are happily getting busy these days doing the nasty things they are good at, known with and love very much which is talking too much and none stop lies, fictional stories and misinformation about others they have nothing to do with and are not welcome. This is what is going on with this article, too. Divisions, Conflicts, Wars, destructions, sufferings and killings among others are their best and free raw materials they are using for their damaging jobs that is giving them the lives they are having.

    There is no one understands, does care and related to Ethiopians and Eritreans but both of them with/to each others. However, look at how the Zionists/Jews behaviors related to the conflicts happening between Ethiopia and Eritrea that had been always one and the same people living in one nation before the racists, colonizers and criminals came to divide, affect and rule them till these days.

    These criminals need to shut up and leave Ethiopia and Eritrea alone. They have nothing to do with. They are the root causes for everything happening related to Eritrea for the last 100 years. Yet, they are still here dancing around wishing and doing their worst possible satanic tricks to see an all out wars between the brotherly and sisterly people living in Ethiopia and Eritrea.

    • Be ewnetu says:

      አውራምባ- ይህ ሻእቢያ ለምን block አታረገውም። መርዝ ነው የሚረጨው። የተረገሙ። that’s why messed up our nation in tribal hostility economic crises by robb the country …….

      • awaet says:

        tribal hostility??…robb the country …….(rob)..who are milking mama Ethiopia dry??? Who are killing the oromos? who are vilifing and demonizing the Amharas day in and day out?
        who are biting the hand that feeds them?
        you will pay dearly for your crimes.

    • Osayres says:

      Agame boy you should be brother with Amhara Oromo they are who live with you fight beside you
      We…. We the Eritreans hang you we burn on the street of Asmara Karen why do you call as brother
      We were taught from the beginning you are begger subhuman deciv full Agame qomal
      We don’t like Agame dirty proffesional begger

  5. Sami says:

    Please any one could tell me the definition of Eritrean Tigringa’s exceptionally Fighting, biting, and abusing any one around them

  6. Dembidolo says:

    Here is my two cent for the day. I am 99.9% sure Eritrea started this point being. Point one, They want to proof to their people and the international community why the military service is important. Second point is in hopes that it will some how unite the ongoing division that has been going on with the Eritrean people. Third point, they are starting to relise that Ethiopia is becoming more and more powerful by the day so it is a tactic to slow down the economic growth and slow down the influence that Ethiopia is gaining in the world not to mention slow the many projects that are taking place in Ethiopia from becoming a middle income country. Third point Ethiopia currently is going thru a difficult time with the Oromo protest so what better time than now to put sault in the injury. I can go on and on with my analysis but the fact of the matter is Ethiopians need to unite now more than ever. If you think Eritrean government cares about Ethiopia and Ethiopians then you need some soule searching to do. Eritrean government will support any so called Ethiopian opposition group like onlf olf g7 who has nothing in common and the result is clear “esatina shid” makes fire. Ethiopians need to wake up and relise that pfdj has mobilised its young people around the world to distablise Ethiopia as little as, they are making fake facebook and youtube profile accounts pretending to be Ethiopians and ceate hate amond the diffrent ethnic groups in Ethiopia. Last but not least, for Eritreans to think they got their independent on their own is laughable. There is a story in amharic that goes like this. A fly was on top of an elephant s back and the elephant steps on a wood and breaks it. The fly says “yanin enchet sebernew adel zihonye”. The moral of the story is without Ethiopia and Ethiopians Eritrea would have never gotten its indepence let alone survive. So Ethiopians wake up wake up wake up. Kemogn dejaf mofer ykoretal ayhun negeru. With that said peace to all peace loving people.

    • Osayres says:

      No one going to help you now ,agame boy you are alone now , you abuse Ethiopia and Ethiopians for so long,
      Now it is fair fight the Agame qomal from Tigray you are going to match Eritrean now no Oromo no Amhara

  7. Observer says:

    As usual an article based largely on facts strerched to fit personal opinions that lacks a specific angle and no real point at the end as well as a title that cannot be backed by the story just enough to attract attention – well I guess not that much attention regarding the comment section that is choke full of worthless opinions…what’s new! I do not think there will ever come a day where there will be an insightful article on Ethiopia together with a comment section which reflects critical thinking. Alas! Then again to each his own – maybe this is the kind of response and article this website is looking for.

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