Ethiopian Officials Dismiss Eritrea’s Claim to Have Killed 200 Ethiopian Troops


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27 Responses

  1. Aman says:

    War takes life away. There shouldn’t be any sarcasm even when only one life is lost!

    Tsorona was a test. Whereas Woyane failed, Shabiya appears to have passed the test. The report card is coming home soon, watch for it!

    Where is Gen. Deriba Mekonen?

  2. Tola says:

    Getachew Reda Knows the Truth More than You Do Awramba…Where is Gen. Deriba Nekonen?

    • Beza says:

      Who is Diriba Mekonen? Did he join the dying regime of Eritrea. What about Wakjira Tola the commander of OLF who defected to Ethiopia?

  3. Muchie says:

    According to the Eritrean casualty figures, by now the total number of Ethiopian soldiers killed exceeds the whole Ethiopian defense forces. This remembers me the 1998 border war where the mad man said “The withdrawal of the Eritrea forces from Badme means, the sun never dusk again” where his army was already on the run and the gallant Ethiopian forces almost reached at front gate of Issayas palace. It seems that, history is about to repeat itself for that poor country.

  4. Ghion says:

    what’s new with the monotonous dictator of eritrea, issayas afeworki, and his gangs!
    The whole world knows they are pathological layers and apathy, making fun of the Eritrean people. Can you imagine counting the dead Ethiopian soldiers, they were not able to collect the wounded soldiers, of their own, let alone counting the dead Ethiopian soldiers.
    They are pathetic!

    • Isayas says:

      Your base was overrun honey. The conservative estimate is the dead and wounded that were left behind when your soldiers made a run for their lives like a fox chased by a Lion.

  5. John says:

    TPLF should ask the Obama’s administration to save them, this time no more TPLF, they will go before November !! No more Susan Rice=no more TPLF.Eritrean and Ethiopian will live in peace forever !! This isn’t a dream it’s reality

    • Isayas says:


    • Dembidolo says:

      Ironically thats what your government said about TPLF 25 years ago. To say the current Eritrean government wants the best for the Ethiopian people is like saying Egypt no longer wants to use the Nile water. So Mr John take your shabia ass to your shabia website. We don’t want to deal with the likes of you nor have to read your fairytale comments. If we wanted fairytales we would watch Disney movies and read Disney books.

  6. Be ewnetu says:

    IsaiAss was being crying by sending letter to Algeria PM like 2000 to Clinton. If Shaebia able to kill 200 soldiers can quite for single day of Bademe???? But what I more wonder is his Dogs ESAT /Mesay/says “Ethiopian army is not strong enough to attack Eritrean soldiers” I amazing how he dare to comment as a mllitary analist? and as economist? They interviewed each other as a guest with zero knowladge. Just Sell their dignity for daily bread. The modern ‘banda’ of Africans. Not for Europe/Italy….. anyway they are all working anti-Ethiopia. I don’t surprised about EPRDF.they’re Eritreans. But I really wonder about Gim6+1/ESAT…..

  7. Muchie says:

    ብርሃኑ ነጋ የግንቦት 7 ሊ /መንበር ከሚታወቅባቸው ነገሮች አንዱ ለከት በሌለው ዱርዬ ንግገሩ ነበረ። አሁን ግን በጌታው ኢሳያስ አፈወርቂ መመታት ደንግጦ ይሁን ፍራንክፈርት ላይ በገጠመው ተቃውሞ ተረብሾ ባላቅም ጥቂት የኤርትራና ኢትዮጵያ ድያስፖራ ደጋፊዎቹ ሰብሰቦ ያደርገው ንግግር ወረደብኝ። ተደናግጦ ይሁን የሚናገረው ጠፍቶት ሃራምባና ቆቦ ሲረገጥ ሰማሁት። ከድሮ ጀምሮ የአፍ እንጂ የተግባር ፈሪ መሆኑን ባቅም ለረጅሙ ትግል የዘመተው ሰውዬ ልሳኑ እንዲህ በአጭር ጊዜ ተዘግቶና ተስፋ ቆርጦ አየዋሎህ ብዬ አልገመትኩም።

  8. Be ewnetu says:

    I mean “Fasil’

  9. Yonas says:

    Already Ethiopian goverment spoke’s person admitted as war take away life.however,the remaining that you want try to explain is trash.
    No one happy when we lost life in both sides but if you make that happyyou, will see it in social media soon. And then enjoy baby enjoy!.

  10. Isayas says:

    Deriba and his troops crossed to Eritrea after a lightning EDF counter offensive. The shock waves inside the Weyane ranks could be felt here in London…

    • Be ewnetu says:

      Shaebia /refugee-face/ is weaker than new somalian and S.Sudan army /Regarding to -world firepower standard, but u r lucky. Your uncle’s in EPRDF save you. For 40 years. ጠረጥቲ…

  11. awaet says:

    Gen. Deriba Mekonen is not the only one.the Ethiopian army will turn their guns against woyane very soon.
    watch this space.

    • Solomon says:

      Awate banda .
      Shut the fuck
      Go sell your ass to Italian just like your forefathers .
      Awate slave is always slave .
      Your history is slavery still your Brian is still in slave.
      Go free your Brian to talk eqoul with free people like ethiopian special your always rulers tigrayn ethiopian.

  12. Sami says:

    Why shibiya claim defeat and killed that much Ethiopian army ,and why shabiya ask protection from UN? They ask UN to protect them from almighty Ethiopian army .those SAWA. Chikens never come close to the Ethiopian army ,

  13. Ghion says:

    The former slaves of fascist Italy and now, the slaves of Arabs, as well as the inferiority complex Eritreans are known fore their vicious lies, and an empty pride which never existed, what so ever and therefore, live Eritreans for what they worth of to be and allow them to rotten with the monotonous dictator, issayas afeworki and be proud of their respective slave hood mentality.

  14. shiromeda says:

    It is fishy and the news shows the opaque nature of Wayne when dealing with Shabia. First of all there is a lot of conspiracy behind this war and the ending of the war also indicating proof of the conspiracy. when politics or its system is corrupted the best scapegoat is to create war and divert public attention and most of the time this kind of war has unsuccessful result and create animosity among the politician that the end report is vague. EPRDF has to clean first its foul smelling house before to show to its people any positive . Enough is enough a corrupted system does not take anywhere except shrinking the whole .

  15. sam says:

    Awrambatimes you and other “news”websites need to stop being lazy or biased and learn to dig deeper. The ethiopian spokesperson is utterly clueless and is contridicting himself. Leaving aside all the contridicting statements he had made about the clashes on the weekend, he himself admited that there were significant casualties on both sides albeit “more on the Eritrean side”…and now he wants to claim that Ethiopia did’nt any loses while Eritreas army was significantly weaker?? We are talking about two armies with 100,000’s soldiers.

    Btw, 16 years after the border war between the two countries ended Ethiopia still refuses to admit and acknowledge it’s losses. So it’s always been painfully obvious that they have always incured heavy losses in their battles against Eritrea. Ethiopia’s army is not “stronger” than Eritrea’s, it’s just that ethiopia is more willing than eritrea to take on bugger loses in life.

  16. Dembidolo says:

    Shabia and Eri tv is known to spread a lie under the slogan serving the truth lol. although i feel sorry and bad for the Miskin peace loving Eritreans, their government on the other hand is a diluted war monger dictator and i hope they get rid of them once and for all because Eritreans deserve better than this mad man Isayas and his poppets.

  17. Dengjock says:

    hello the chief of our feraymisnary how are you lead we fighting with those who tesaba our country Ethiopia Example errtera and othere

  18. ebra says:

    why u of them need awar , while we are one people a still now .

  19. us for us with us says:

    “JP Morgan, the Bank of America and other financial institutions have been funding including for the production of banned cluster munitions, which are responsible for the deaths of thousands of civilians in Yemen.”

    This is just one of the million stories happening only in one country(Yemen) while their involvements in all countries in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin America and even Ukraine is huge. Financing and waging wars, spreading propaganda lies, causing destructions, killings, occupations, unfair trades and agreements, lies, enslavements, colonization, lootings, exploitations, hates , divisions, manipulations and you name it are the ingredients of the western so called civilization that is benefiting only the few while badly affecting and destroying the mass.

    UK’s (England’s) main exports are weapons and war and security related goods and services in the so called third world nations mainly ME, Asia and Africa. Wars, destructions, killings and all human made conflicts and disasters are the source of economy, development and way of life to them. They will continue creating divisions, wars, causing destructions and so on all over the world mainly in the ME and Africa because of Arabs and negroes are brainless and savage creatures; feeling happy and successful when they are used by their common enemies and destroying themselves to benefit their real enemies this way for centuries.

    Imperialism/savage capitalism couldn’t be born and continue existing for so long till this day if there was/is no slavery, colonization, divisions, hostilities, wars, destructions, killings, corruption, lootings, unfair trades and other damaging agreements and activities in the so called third world countries. The western European and North America (Jews lead Anglo American) politics and the way they are behaving in the world is designed by the few criminal cartels, money minded creatures, liars, disrespectful, dishonest and greedy criminals after WWII.

    They used WWII as a weapon to cheat the world as if they were the only victims and acting as if they do have the free ridings all over the whole world as they wish for more than 71 years based on that self made fictional horror story images. They even don’t allow anyone to talk or challenge their lies about the WWII victims to know the truth weather it was really happened or not the way they are none stop and one sided talking, writing, filming and … about it for decades and the rest of the world have to listen, read, watch and accept them without questioning or verifying it.

    Russia lost more than 26 million (some are saying 40 million-when the wounded counts because of early death related to it) while many more(50 million) injured during WWII. Gypsies and even Germans have died with millions. Russia was the one badly affected by the war and paid sacrifices to defeat the Nazis as they did many times before against the western European capitalists/imperialists doctrine invaders including Napoleon. Napoleon was invaded and colonized Europe easily until he tried to do the same against Russia and Russia as usual crushed him and the rest of Europe became independent as a result. Russia did the same to Hitler and managed to free Europe from the Nazis occupation/colonization.

    yet, thanks to the Zionists/Jews monopolizing the entire media or any other writing, talking or filming activity including radio, TV, newspapers, Hollywood, books, magazines and you name it, the great Russian contribution and huge lost during WWII is lost in the back while they are none stop talking about them telling the world as if they were the only victims and the world has to give them the free rides about anything they are demanding. That is why they are doing all the satanic and evil activities against the world mainly Europe, Africa and ME without exposing or opposing them for the last 71 years monopolizing the MSM (main stream media or JSW-Jews extreme medias) and anything that is spreading propagandas and misleading fictional stories. .

    They are all over Ethiopia engaging in all directions doing different kinds of damaging activities being there in the name of media, Journalism, right groups(wrong groups), NGO, aid agencies, Charities, peace corp. diplomats, investors, Tourists and you name it. That is why anything damaging, bad and negative about Ethiopia including the El Niño effect is none stop appearing on the Zionists/Jews monopolized criminal and money making medias including, Reuters, Bloomberg, BBC, Guardian, VOA, NY Times, Washington post, WSJ, those criminals sheltering in South Africa and Kenya and so on without verifying it.

    The Zionists so called journalists and criminal medias are waging wars against Ethiopia for years including being in the country and in Africa such as Kenya and South Africa vomiting and painting anything bad and negative without verifying. They are mentioning as best sources mentioning the terrorists like Al shebab, IS, al-Qaida and the isolated and attention hungry dictators like Issayas than the truth coming from recognized national, regional or continental bodies such as AU and governments including the Ethiopian. The funny thing is that these evil Zionists/Jews are doing all these against us for so long including being in our country feeling free, powerful, accepted, respected and safe. What is wrong with us, people?

    However, there is always an end especially for something that is its foundation and existence is based on lies, crimes, manipulations, cheatings, lootings, stealing, and every crime we are witnessing happening in the world because of the few criminals and greedy imperialists/capitalists. The mass Europeans (western citizens) are already waken up and starting to fight back against them. The people are now challenging the post WWII political and economic systems designed by the few (Zionist/Jews and those associated with the English establishment) to destroy the rest for their benefits.

    Look at who controls USA, UK, France and so on? That are the Zionist/Jews and few collaborators (mostly are those associating with the English establishments). The Zionists/Jews are only 1.5% of the USA population. But look at the control, domination, influence and power they have including the entire state department, securities, Senate, congress, justice system, economy, the Obama white house, monopolizing the entire medias for propaganda reasons, wall streets, banks, all financial activities and sources, institutions, and you name it.

    One thing is certain and that is their era in the west including North America and Europe will be over soon. Their next victim will be Africa as they are already managed to destroy the ME (using USA, Canada , EU and NATO together with the wahabbi dictators from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan and Bahrain) that was a fence and corridor for Africa; protecting the Africans from them. The road towards Africa is now open, free and defenseless. But for how long? Are the negroes allowed themselves to be victims again this time too by the same people as they had been under 300 years of the worst form of slavery and then for long time under colonization conducted by the Zionists/Jews and the English establishments?

    Africans must get some brains and need to act as human beings in the 21-century. The Zionists/Jews so called Medias and Journalists are the number one enemies and they must not allow being there even for transit reasons. They must be rejected and eliminated from the entire world knowing they are there for the good of themselves/Zionists/Jews while the worst of the rest. They have nothing to offer but to cause all troubles with goal to create divisions, conflicts and wars inflaming it by spreading none stop lies and imaginary fictional stories while working together with their groups all over the world engaging in all directions and activities including in eth name of NGOs, Charities, aid agencies, IMF, WB, UN, WTO and …..

    Anything bad, negative, untrue and damaging story about Ethiopia is purely the product of the Zionists/Jews so called journalists and Medias as well as experts, scholars, diplomats, politicians, NGOs, charities and …. . They are acting as if they are in control about everything on earth including in the west; the same way they were feeling and acting that way in the 1920s and 30s before the storm was started.

    We know we cannot stop them by ourselves from doing what they are doing against us. But we also know and are certain that we can stop them in our country and then in Africa and the world working together as once force against them. This time; one thing is clear and certain and that is the mass European population(Youth) is waken up and will stop them completely from the continent starting from the so called journalists, politicians, business people, investors and so on which is good to the rest of the world to follow the Europeans defense mechanism and treatment against them.

    We know the 200 solders being killed by shabia is a lie and it is here just for propaganda reasons as it was the case with the al shebab claim and the recent Zionists/Jews private club so called Human rights another full of lies report. However, the Zionists monopolized so called medias including, BBC, Reuters, Bloomberg, NY Times, Washington post, guardian, VOA, daily mail, AP, AFP and you name it are spreading it all over the world like locust while doing it as a job and making money from alongside trying to implement their evil agenda and plan in our country including in the name of UN, EU, Investment, aid…… We all know why they are doing this and why targeting Ethiopia?

    The answer is clear and simple; Ethiopia as well as Africa must not allow them in the countries and continent as a whole knowing they were the leading criminals for the 300 years of Africans slavery and the brain behind for the scramble of Africa and colonization and anything happening in Africa ever since caused in the name of west (USA, France, UK and so on). Let them go to hell with their hedge/equity funds criminal plans and agendas in Africa/Ethiopia and the so called Journalists and Medias alongside with so called NGOs, Charities, aid agencies and so on.

    Europe, USA and the rest are the best only when the Zionists/Jews and those associating with the English establishment and those are part of the WWII western political systems are not around. However, all of them are maneuvered and used by the Zionists/Jews including in the medias such as the sold out brainless and slave negroes like in Kenya for face renting in order to mislead that Africans are there too which is the known old games against African by them. Their centuries old tactics using Ethiopians against Ethiopians, Africans against Africans or Europeans (whit people) against Africans must be exposed and stopped.

    Ethiopians and Eritreans are one and the same people. The two people have lots of things in common. The problem is issayas and his shabia groups that are few in numbers and are old. They are the worst enemies against the Eritreans than anybody else including Ethiopia. How many Eritreans are leaving the country every day for many years now? How many of them are suffering in the country and abroad and dying everywhere while they are on the way towards Europe? The country has no even a constitution, never conducted any election, has no parliament or any democratic process or human right values.

    Yet, the Zionists/Jews monopolized criminal medias and evil journalists are vomiting too much for so long and dancing around with happiness about conflicts, hates…. between Ethiopia and Eritrea which is a lie but their wish, desire and best work to create wars as they are doing successfully against the mentally retarded barbaric in the ME and elsewhere. Ethiopians and Eritreans that are more than 100 million people together will never fight and destroy against each other for the sake of the Zionists/Jews and English establishment agenda in the two countries, region, ME and Africa as a whole. They know their era in Europe and also North America and elsewhere is coming to an end because the mass have had more than enough with them for so long controlling, owning and dominating everything.

    ME and North Africa is destroyed by them and they are now free to travel to the rest of Africa for another destruction and suffering. However, the 21-century Africans are not the same that of during slavery and colonization were. Idamin of Uganda was/is the first African leader to this day expelled them from all of them Uganda/black Africa. So, there is no doubt others will do the same to them if they don’t stop their satanic behaviors including media wars, and through other channels including in the name of NGO, Charities, aid agencies, politics, diplomats, UN, IMF, WB, EU, USA, Canada……

    Boycott the Zionists/Jews monopolized Medias. Stop the criminal Zionists/Jews so called journalists, scholars, experts, NGOs, ….groups, aid agencies….peace corp. and you name it in your country. Death to the Zionists/Jews hedge/equity fund criminal activities they are designed to colonize, exploit and loot Africa.

    It is a big hope and also will happen in 2017 that is Germany going to get a new German born government (without foreign influence)to serve the German people and protect the Germans interest within Germany coming from the new political establishment as it will happen in France, too. The European/west including USA political system, economic activities, development directions including unfair divisions of wealth ….and any human activity for the last 71 years is the product of WWII; designed by the few to work and serve them while making the rest to feel bad and guilty about what happened to them during the war and the innocent and new born generation(after the war) have the duty to pay them back the ways they are freely running, controlling, influencing, dominating and benefiting from worldwide by having the base in the west and doing it in westerns/White people’s names; making the victims to feel bad against the west/white people despite they(white people) are the longstanding victims of these evils that have no what so ever respect towards humanity, nature and God. They are pure satanic and barbaric can do anything for money, influence, domination, power and control.

    It is a big hope that Europe and Africa (white and black people) would start truly and freely respecting each other, working and benefit together by completely avoiding the centuries old Zionists/Jews and English establishment union conspiracies and evil activities intentionally creating bad images and conflicts between them (White and black people) in order to get all the benefits from both sides with the divide and rule styles.

    Viava to China, Russia, Japan, Italy, and the rest when they are getting completely free from the Zionist/Jews controls, influences and dominations including using them to affect the rest participating directly and also doing it in their names.

  20. wedinkafa says:

    What could woy-ane say but lick their wounds and deny, Awra amba nothing new here!!!

  21. Roman says:

    1 out of 20 Ethiopian adults and 1 out of 40 Eritrean adults are HIV infected with no possibility of getting medication insight . What better way to stop the epidemic among habeshas than to start a war between the two countries .Most would like to die with their dignity in war than to die sick with AIDS.

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