Ethiopian Ambassador to Kenya Confronts his Eritrean Counterpart on Recent Clashes in Border Areas (Video)


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22 Responses

  1. Aman says:

    The Eritrean think he is in abashawel TELABET the Ethiopian is having hard time how to tell the fact about African Northkorea. Morons

  2. Ghion says:

    in my opinion, ambassador Dinan, should not have granted the interview to the Kenyan TV, station. Why give the credence, to the lawless eritrean ambassador.

  3. Muchie says:

    አሜሪካ ኤርትራ የምትባል ትንሽ ሀገር እንድያው እስከመኖርዋም የምታውቅ አይምስለኝም። ባንፃሩ ‘አይጥ ዝሆንን አክላለሁ፣ ብላ አብጣ ሞተች ‘እንደተባለው የኤርትራው ሽፍታ መንግስት በሕልሙም በውኑም አሜሪካን ነክ ዜና ከየምድያው እያፈላለገ አቀናብሮ ማቅረብን፣ ኤርትራ ላይ ለሚደርሰው ማናቸውም የተፈጥሮ ሆነ ሰው ሰራሽ አደጋ በዚችው አገር ማላከክን ሥራዬ ብሎ ተያይዞታል።ድሮም ሆነ አሁን እርዳታ ፈለጋ እገሩ እስክቀጥን ስርያ፣ ኢራቅ፣ ግብፅ፣ ሊብያና ክዋታር እንዳልተመላለሰ፣ “ጅብ የማያቁት አገር ሄዶ፣ ቁርበት አንጥፉልኝ” እንዳለው። ዛሬ የበላበት እጅ ነክሶ ለዜህ የበቃሁት ያለምንም እርዳታ ነው ቢል የምያታልለውና የሚያሞኘው ራሱንና እንደከብት የሚነዱት ደጋፊዎቹን ብቻ ነው።

  4. Be ewnetu says:

    ይኼ ‘እንካ ስላንትያ’ አንድ ቀን መቆሙ አይቀር…..
    ውይ ሂደው አይሄዱ. ምን አይነት መዥገርነት ነው. ሠላም አይሰጡ. በውጭም ከኢትዮጵያ ኮምንቲ አጠፉ. ከነ ጥላቻቸው። ተገነጠልን ቢሉም ተመልሰው መጡ። ተመልሰውም በፍቅር አይኖሩ… ምን አይነት መዥገር ባህርይ እንደሆነ … በነዚህ ስደተኖች እና ባለስልጣናት ሰላም አጣን…… አንድ ቀን መቆሙ ግን አይቀርም።

  5. hermi says:

    As expected the Ambassador from Eritrea was rude and arrogant. Typical of Shaebia style he was arrogant and a liar. Our Ambassador could have been more assertive and better prepared. His command of the english language was mediocre which was visible when he was wasting precious time strugling to express his point of view. My observation? One was a liar, shrewed and a street punk while the other was a pleaser, unprepared and inept. Not impreasive!!

  6. Erta says:

    The Eritrean ambassador was not answering questions he asked. The Ethiopian ambassador was not prepared for the interview. The Ethiopian ambassador could have used the number of Eritrean refuges in Ethiopia and Sudan, which is 250,000 counter Eritrea’s denial of 5000 Eritreans leaving the country. IF you divide 250,000 for 5000, you get 50 which is the number of months needed to reach 250000. When people talk about 5000 refuges per month from Eritrea they are talking about recent patterns, the last five to six years. Before that the refuges were coming in few numbers. If you add all Eritrean refuges in Africa the number can easily reach 400,000. The Ethiopian ambassador could also give some examples how many times Eritrea provoked Ethiopia by, sending mercenaries, kidnapping and shouting at border guards. Conversation in front of an audience is just like witting an essay, give examples and detail information rather than back and forth argument without substances. Most of the time Ethiopian officials brief their audience with getting figures and numbers to support their argument. State the general issues give few examples and provide figures and numbers to back up claims rather than talking out your heart out with emotions.

  7. Osayres says:

    Awramba times where is my comment, I was told this is free any one can comment.
    So let go our business now
    I heard the incompetent weyanne regime has burned the only helicopters he has last Monday
    This regime has failed where ever he go taking Ethiopian with him ten feet underground

    • Solomon says:

      We ethiopian , don’t allow banda like you.
      Eritreawnat is bandant.
      Osayres ,your father used to sell his ass to Italian for leftover past.

  8. us for us with us says:

    You do something because of you have in mind to achieve/get something else. What is the purpose of Ambassador Dina’s interview/discussion with the disrespectful, irresponsible, ignorant and life time rebel knows nothing but full of lies and being arrogant exposing the true nature of the bunch of shabias behavior this way?

    Until 1993, Eritrea was one of the 12 Ethiopian regions. Eritrea is a tiny desert place with 9 Ethnic groups living there. If Ethiopia has to have the same number of Ethnic groups with the population proportion with Eritrea, Ethiopia must have at least 200 Ethnic groups but she has less than 80 which is the list number comparing with many other nations in Africa, Asia, Latin America and also the west that has all human races, ethnic groups, religions, cultures, traditions, languages and so on in every country.

    So, what is the reason worrying about or taking about the lawless and dying Eritrea taking her seriously rather than keeping the situation as it is and being always more than ready and determine to crush them militarily if they try again as they did in 2000? Those representing and working for 96 million Ethiopians have no time to spend for nothing or reason to worry about the tiny and dictatorial lawless Eritrea with 4.5 million very desperate and helpless populations that needs someone to free and save them from issayas and his shabia decade’s long crimes as UN recognizes the situation this way. .

    There is always a big respect and trust towards Ambassador Dina. As a foreign minister spoken person, he did a very nice job. He is a typical Ethiopian; gentle, respectful, genuine and confident.

    However, he having an Interview like this on the most corrupted African nations TV that is practically under the Anglo-Zionists/Jews Colonization and worst than that agreeing to sit down side by side and trying to make sense to someone that is senseless, disrespectful, life time rebel, irresponsible including about own people that is leaving the country by thousands every day to escape the brutal and terrorist regime, is making to ask about him as a diplomat weather is he good enough to represent our nation.

    Almost all of those talking nonsense and too much in the name of Eritrea are Tigrigna Eritreans. All of those ignorant talking lots of shits, hates, lies, calling bad names and acting as if Eritrea is still a country and belongs only to them but not other 8 Groups are also Tigrigna. Yet, Tigrigna are flooding to Ethiopia and acting as if they have the natural right to get what they want and to feel at home in Ethiopia. This life time rebel so called Eritrean official representing an isolated tiny nation that has no constitution, has no any form of democratic process, never conducted any form of election and has no parliament is also a Tigrigna as Issayas and almost most of the core shabia members are.

    Ethiopia has no reason to sit around with anyone that has affiliation with shabia to talk or discuss about anything maters to Eritrea and Ethiopia. Shabia is a criminal rebel group black listed in the UN crime watch list finding it with crimes against humanity and enslavement. Ethiopia has many reasons and possibilities to sit down and talk about the Eritrean future with others that are in Ethiopia, Sudan, and the west- representing all 9 Ethnic groups belong to Eritrea.

    How can a human being like Ambassador Dina allowed himself to sit side by side with an evil human thing that has no respect to himself because of all shabias are the known liars or have no care to Eritreans as he is. He has no a moral ground to talk about anything in the name of Eritreans that are 9 Ethnic groups. Issayas is not elected by the people to work for them but he is on the final mission making Eritrea hell on earth and empty with citizens.

    What Ethiopia needs is keeping the situation as it is while protecting her boarder, punishing the terrorists send by Shabia and most importantly dealing with the mass Eritrean refuges that are flooding our country with thousands every day while their government is none stop and for so long declaring Ethiopia as the enemy of the shabia’s Eritrean people. If Ethiopia is an enemy, why is hundreds of thousands Eritreans are flooding her for their safety and better life escaping issayas/shabia where this so called Eritrean diploma in Kenya belongs to? If the Ethiopian situation is worse than Eritrea, why is they are coming to our country with thousands every day?

    The Ethiopian government and people must aware about the unknown but predicted long term danger the mass refuges that are coming to our country from all directions would cause. Ethiopia is sheltering by far the biggest number of refuges in Africa. Yet, the Zionists/Jews evil world that is run by their lies and propaganda wars to destroy nations is none stop talking shit about Ethiopia. And of course the Zionists/Jews conspiracy that is destroying nations with mass refuges is also quietly doing its Satanic jobs in Ethiopia to destroy her by bringing hundreds of thousands of primitive and backward refuges deep in to the country such as Gambela and Assosa towns and so on.

    The EU chief kiss to PM HIlemariam Desalegn recently in Brussels was not really coming from hurt but mind they are having in our country to destroy her with mass migration. They are/will tell our stupid officials to legalize these backward primitive refuges and bringing them deep in the country using the toilet look like money as aid/ help or corruption reasons- buying some officials to implement their damaging agenda against our country.

    Ethiopia must not too much worry about Shabia but the mass refuges coming to our country and the Zionists/Jews -English involvement with it to destroy our nation as they do to Europe with mass Arab/Muslims refuges by destroying their nations with wars and supporting the family line Wahhabi dictators. Before issays and shabia, we need to deal with western so called Medias, journalists, NGOs, Charities, Aid agencies and you name it that are the greatest dangers and frets to our nation and society and the Zionists/Jews from the west and English establishment are behind all these.

    We are hoping this has to be the last happening any Ethiopian official allowed him/herself sitting side by side or from the distance to talk about Eritrea and Ethiopia. Ethiopia has no reason to be invited for talk with Shabia. Just keep the situation as it is. It is working for Ethiopia while the whole world knows how the Eritreans situations are.

    Don’t make us feeling shame allowing yourself sitting side by side with this shameful and life time rebel has nothing in mind or life but always lying and being arrogant while they are nothing and the citizens are massively leaving the nation from all sides of the country. Make us proud by not talking with these creatures but keep them away while protecting our nation from them as we are doing till now.

    Use the Eritrean refuges to deal with Shabia. Create the unity of all Eritrean 9 Ethnic groups to fight against shabia as one force and also separately. This is the best and only way Shabia fears and can understands as it took power this way after years of waging civil war against Ethiopia supported by the west.

    Having said that, there is always big respect, trust and admiration towards Ambassador Dina. Keep doing what you are doing as an ambassador representing you country and her 96 million people the best ways including by not having anything to do with those uncivilized, lawlessness, ignorant and liars Eritreans associating with the life time rebel Shabia.

    There are many Eritreans that are civilized, informed, wise, with good intention and strong enough to deal with issayas by themselves coming from all Eritrean Ethnic groups representing all Eritreans looking genuine assistances for their fight against shabia. These are the kind of Eritreans the Ethiopian officials have many reasons to talk with and assist them the right ways.

    There are very few Ethiopians in Eritrea and all of them are there to be used as terrorists against Ethiopia. There are more than 225.000 Eritrean refuges so far and that number is growing everyday and more than that number are Ethiopians with Eritrean back grounds. But Ethiopia is not helping them to deal with shabia which is the right and easiest thing to do. Why?

  9. Hager says:

    እብድን እንደ እብድ ሳይሆን በሌላ ካወቁት
    አጥፊን በአጥፊነቱ በወንጀል ካልቀጡት
    ማን ምን እንደሆነ ከስር መሰረቱ
    ምስጢሩ ተጋልጦ ካልወጣ እሱነቱ
    እንዲያው ዝም ብለው ከዚያ ከዚህ ካሉ
    አላማ ሳይዙ አቅም ሳያክሉ፡
    የዚህ አይነቱም አብድ፡ እሱነቱን ያጣ
    ክብር ይሰማዋል፡ እያለበት ጣጣ፡
    አምባሳደር ዲና ለአንተ ማዕረግ፡ ክብር
    ጊዜህን አታጥፋ ከዚህ አይነቱ ጋር

    ኢትዮጲያ፡ ኤርትራ ዝሆንና ተኩላ
    አይምጣ ወደ እኛ እርሰ በእርሱ ይብላላ
    የኢትዮጲያ እድገት፡ የኑሮ መሻሻል
    ምስጢሩ ግልጽ ነው፡ የኤርትራ መገንጠል
    ስንት ደማን፣ ስንተ ሞትን፡ ስንቱስ ወደመብን
    በኤርትራ ሰበብ ጉዳት ደረሰብን
    አይምጡ ወደ እኛ፡ ከነሱ ድነናል
    ያ የሆነው ሁሉ አልፏል ይበቃናል፡
    ሳይጣን ሁሌም ሰይጣን ይህ ነው ተፈጥሮው
    የኤርትራን ጉዳይ በዚህ እንደምድመው

    መቀመጥ ይሻሻል እጅ፡ እግር አጣጥፎ
    ባዶ ከማስመሰል የንብን ቤት ቀፎ
    እንዴት የሻቢያ ካድሬ ስለኢትዮጲያ ያውራ
    የአለሌ አህያ ይምሰል የአሳማ አውራ
    ውስጡ ባዶ ሆኖ አፉ ቢለፈልፍ
    ወስነው ሲታዩት ወዲያው ነው የሚረግፍ
    የኤርትራ ችግር አለም የሚያስቸግር
    ምንም የላቸውም አንድም ለቁም ነገር፡
    እንበል ረጋ እንሁን ለሚሆነን
    የኤርትራ ጉዳይ ደግሞ አይፍጀን ይብቃን

    ራሸዳ፡ ሳሆ፡ የቀይ ባህር አፋር
    ሌላውም ብሄረሰብ በኤርትራ የሚኖር
    የሻቢያ ጠላት ነው ከኛ ጋር ሲስማማ
    ኢትዮጲያን የሚወድ የሚላት እማማ
    ሻቢያን በማጋለጥ፡ ከህዝብ በመለየት
    ከሌሎች ጋር ወዳጅ ይበጃል መግባባት፡
    አንድ ብሄረሰብ ኢሳያስ፡ ሻቢያ
    የሁሉም ዜጋ ሀገር እናት ኢትዮጲያ
    ከአሁን ወዲያ ይቅር በሻቢያ መጎዳት
    ማጥፋት ነው መፍትሄው ገብተው በገባበት

    አምባሳደር ዲና አንዴ አየኸው ይብቃ
    የሰው ቆሻሻ ነው ሰገራና ጭቃ
    የኢትዮጲያ አቅም፡ አማራጭ፡ ችሎታ
    ታላቅ ቁም ነገር ነው አይደለም ጨዋታ
    ትንሽ ኤርትራ ቀርቶ ምስቅልቅል ያለባት
    እርስ በእርስ የተጣላ አለም ያገለላት
    ለሌላም ይበቃል አቅም፡ ችሎታችን
    አፍሪካና አለም ነው በሀቅ መስካሪያችን፡
    ሻቢያን እንደ ገዢ፡ ኢርትራን እንደ ሀገር
    የሚገምት ካለ ባለማወቅ ይፈር

    ስር የለው፣ መቆጠሚያ ወይም መቀመጫ
    ምንም አቅም የለው ቢያወራ፣ ቢንጫጫ
    ወስነው ከያዙት በዚህ በዚያ ካሉት
    በአንድ ሌሊት ይጠፋል አይደርስም ለጠዋት
    ይብቃት ኢትዮጰያ በሻቢያ መጎዳት
    መፍትሄ ለማምጣት ብዙ አማራጭ አላት
    የራሱ ሀገር ዜጋ ትንሽ ትልቅ ሳይል
    ጥሎት እየወጣ እንዴት በኛ ይቻል፡
    የሚያርስ፡ የሚያመርት፡ የለው የሚዋጋ
    አፉም ቢለፈልፍ ተከቧል በአደጋ
    በደካማ ጎኑ፡ በማያዳግም ጥቃት
    ወዲያው ይወገዳል ሳያስቆጥር ቀናት፡፡

  10. Laloo says:

    To me as an Oromo, I don’t see any difference between Both Ambassadors. They both are incompetent and arrogant. Most of their expression show how the highest appointees of both countries at international level act like kids. This shows both countries know nothing other than oppressing and killing their own citizens. For God sake, you both do not have any moral ground to talk about Oromo. I mean including Ethiopia Ambassador even though he is an Oromo, being Oromo doesn’t give an OPDO to address the pain and suffering of Oromo.

    • Osayres says:

      Your Galla brother is trying to be more Catholic than the pope weyanne
      I think we Eritreans have a mistake here , you Galla are not worthy enough to live in freedom, we better help the Amhara than you Galla

  11. Aman says:

    The three stooges!! The moderator ain’t any better than the two goons!!

  12. Daniel Joseph says:

    I am an eritrean if there is so called eritrea.My point is how could a great nation like Ethiopia waste the time of ambassador Dina to argue with shabia scoundrels.

    • Osayres says:

      Agame boy on Eritrean close,
      You the agame people are better known with your inferior complexity towards Eritrea so you are Agame , the leftover from dedebit

  13. Haile says:

    The Eritrean is the exact copy of his administration which is arrogant, incompetent and stupid who doesn’t have the basic diplomatic skill or coherence . He was trying to hold Ethiopia responsible for every Eritrean problem in a very rude and stupid way.The Ethiopian ambassador went unprepared and one thing he should remember is there is no diplomat in any Eritrean office and trying to be nice with them is to be ready for humiliation. Therefore, he should never appear in any discussion or debate with Eritrean herdsmen masquerading diplomat. Also, please stop referring them as “our sisters and brothers” . If appeasing eritreans would bring some positive response from them , we wouldn’t have been in this situation. Hailesilase was the biggest appeaser and their response was the opposite; inflated ego, prevarication and exaggerated self importance

  14. Yahya says:

    Mis shifts Mengisti kof elka mizirab wurdet eyu. Zom shefatu arigomwin bahriom ayliwetin? Very unfortunate. Habit is a shirt made of iron. As an ethiopian, I feel sorry for the Eritrean people to be represented by these kind of thugs.Tesfa eyu zekurits. Elu elu Gina meftihi kirikeb eye. Hizbi Eritrea tselot giber kiwegih eye.

  15. dembidolo says:

    lol poor Eritrean aka shabian amabasader looking all frustrated. Ethiopian ambasader seems to be enjoying this laughing in his face lmao. The funny part is that shabia just prroved to the worled Weyane is their master kkkkkk he said we were doing what you told us to do thats why we envaded Yemen kkkkkk what a pathatic government they have. Now Meles is gone there is no one to stop Ethiopia from destroying shabia. You didnt appreciate Melesis generosity kindness and probably soft heart for his cousins but now its over lmao.

  16. ethoash says:

    Ambassador Dina Mufti, always could have done better but in life all u need is one goal more the your opponent.

    the Eritrean Ambassador said his country ready to start diplomatic relationship if Ethiopia as soon as Ethiopian army left BEDME and give back BEDME back to Eritrea

    okay what would Ethiopia get in return

    would Eritrea close AGE77 AND OLDF office , would Eritrea return our helicopter and stop supporting ESAT With money

    my other point is if demarcation is so important for Eritrea then why is it for them to lose here and their to win some and to lose some in the end both party will be happy that means win win

    otherwise what is Ethiopia win to leave Badme we have it good as of now we don’t lose anything by staying in fact we harm Eritrean so much we love it to stay where we r we make Eritrea lose million if not billion on war machinery so we having good time staying so what is our win by leave it is not in our advantage to leave but if Eritrea agree to follow what Ethiopian way demarcation we both win otherwise baby here I come cold war

  17. Assasib says:

    Higher number of Amaras died in Badme than allother ethnicities combined. That is why in 2016 Amaras need to control their ego and go against the Amara culture of going to an all out war sacrificing their men whenever the TPLF media claims Ethiopia is under attack . This conflict should remain a conflict not a war. Amaras need to think twice before going to war in high numbers like the 1998 war. Whether we like it or not Hailessealsie and Mengistu Hailemariam are being considered form Amara ethnicities eventhoguh they are 25% Amaras. All the people that didn’t get the chance to personally kill Hailessealsie or Mengistu are currently killing anyother Amara they find in their area for the last 40 + years until this day. The only time Amara is needed and given full privilege by the current leaders of the TPLF is when the TPLF is forced to go to war. Everytime TPLF wants frontline fighters The TPLF somehow convinces the Amara females to push their brothers , sons and husbands into going to war fighting in frontline when the Tigrayans hide in the back.

  18. ደስታ says:

    በእኔ አስተያየት አንባሳደር ዲና ሙፍቲ ከኤርትራው አንባሳደር ጋር መቅረብ አልነበረባቸውም ምክኒያቱም የሻቢያ አመራሩ ከኢሳያስ ጀምሮ እስከ ታች ያሉት ኢትዮጵያን የማተራመስ እቅድ አውጥተው ለሊት እና ቀን እየሰሩ ይገኛሉ ለዚህም ማስረጃ በቅርቡ በኢትዮጵያ ቲቪ የግንቦት 7 አሸባሪዎች በኬንያ በኩል የኤርትራው ኢንባሲ ተቀብሎ ለጥፋት ማስማራቱ አይዘነጋም። በርካታ ሙከራዎች ተደርገዋል በመሆኑም ይህን ሁሉ እያወቁ እንደዚህ አይነት የወረደ እሰጥ አገባ አሳፋሪ ከሆነ የኤርትራ አንባሳደር ጋር መቅረብ አልነበረባቸውም ኡትዮጵያ በጣም ትልቅ አገር ናት የኤርትራ ለዛም ነው በዲፕሎማሲው በመንግስታችን ጥረት እየተሳክልን ያለው
    ለወደፊቱ ባይደግሙት ደስ ይለኛል አንባሳደር ዲና

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