Where is the so-called ONLF, by the way? (Mohamed Olad)


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  1. Osayres says:

    Weyane Tigray systematically and purposely destroyed Ethiopia that what we are now Ethiopia is beyond repair, what could be the main reason of this evil deed , Many may say
    1, feeling insecure about governing a country with a population nearly 100 million to rule by the 4% ethnic Tigraen,
    2, unless they divide Ethiopia, a country that vast and most populated country in Africa by ethnographic longitude, it is hard to govern and it is hard to give the Tigraen people that the promise weyane hadde to rule Ethiopia at least for 50 years after that independent may guarantee through desolation Ethiopia for EVER
    …. So with this all this ideologically toxic and empty Ethiopian agenda that country is ruled by people who has neither dream nor hope

  2. Be ewnetu says:

    The difference of EPRDF from the previous governments is knows how to handle some undeveloped areas, Ogaden Somali and Afar was almost out of contron by the previous regimes. But now the equality development ans self administrative is good wheel to drive these rural dwellers tribe to feel them seves as a Ethiopian citizen.
    Second the current somalis civil war is asign of dismay for hoping to be Somalians.
    Third. The border to Somalia is under Ethiopian army control. So can’t get any support from Qatar. Egypt . Eritrea or Germany…. the massacre of 8 Chinse and 72 Ethiopians in Ogaden was with Shaebia fighters. There were Eritrian soldies ID with the dead body. /EPRDF didn’t say about it/.
    So the real peace of Ogaden and Afar is good Example to Gambela. /the gamble table of EPRDF and US/…….

  3. us for us with us says:

    “Where is the so-called ONLF, by the way? (Mohamed Olad)”

    This is one of the many questions we Ethiopians do have to the Zionists/Jews evil dark forces that are operating secretly as well as openly to destroy nations and humanity as a whole through different approaches and methods including creating divisions, wars and destructions using lots of heavy weapons such as the mass destruction corporate medias designed for these purposes and all of them are monopolized and run by them for pure propaganda reasons and evil activities.

    They managed to affect Ethiopia as well as Eritrea with long and very damaging civil wars by creating alliances with the Arabs and Muslims including Sudan. They are the ones behind the brains for every bad, negative and damaging situation happening in Ethiopia for decades coming from abroad including USA and England.

    How do they do that and how come these kind evil small group of people managed to behave the way they do not only against our nation but all nations mainly Arabs, Europe, Africa and North America?

    In USA, they are only 1.5% of the population. But they are controlling everything where the money, power, influence and domination is. They are in charge with the USA foreign policy and state department from top to down till diplomatic levels. They are controlling the USA security branches and spy agencies including the Electronic ones. They are monopolizing the USA corporate Medias. They are running the USA justice system that is jailing 25% of the world prison population where 60% are Blacks while USA citizens are less that 5% of the world population.

    The Obama white house is under their merci from eth start as they are preparing for the worst starting in 2017 under the Hilary Clinton White house. They are working for it for years to put her there. They will use her worst than they managed to do so with Obama because of he is trying to resist them. But with the known Liar Hillary, they will use the white house, state department, pentagon, justice system, Senate, congress, military, security, institutions, and the economy to wage a kind of WWIII with goal to destroy the world which is in line when and how their so called messiahs must come to save only them while destroying the rest as they are busy doing based on that principle.

    Few days ago about 50 USA old and new diplomats wrote a memo asking Obama to invade and bomb Syria. But we all know almost all of them are the Zionists/Jews as they are controlling the state department that is responsible for USA foreign policy and diplomatic activities and also foreign spay agencies. Why Syria? We know the answer.

    Go to wall street, banks, insurances, all financial activates, investments including the evil hedge and equity funds designed to loot and the likes. You will find they are totally in charge and everything is running under their rules and for their benefits. Of course, who owns, controls and runs the Federal Reserve? They are having it as private property. Meaning USA Dollar which is the world currency till now is printed by private companies like Toilet paper and owned by them since 1913.

    Their involvements in all important and useful matters is the same as well in France despite they are less than 1% of the population, Canada less than 1%, UK less than 0.5%, Australia 0.5%, the Nederlandse less than 0.2% , Belgium less than 02.%, South Africa 0.15% and with very limited numbers in other nations , too. Yet, they are controlling the money, banking, financing, investment, politics, media and the likes in those nations, too.

    Why is this happening?

    The answer is known but the world is still keeping quiet so far. But for how long?

    All wars in the Middle East that is created so far 12 million refugees/displaced in Syria, 10 million in Yemen, 5 million in Iraq, and many more in other nations including Libya, the Sahel(4 million), Nigeria 1.5 million, Sudan(more than 1 million), Ukraine(1.3 million refuges crossing to Russia), Colombia(millions internal displaced for decades/) and so on is the creation of the Zionists/Jews and English establishment crimes for the sake of capitalism/imperialism in the Global/NWO order system created, and run by them and works only for them.

    If you think UN is working for the United Nations, you must be something…. So thing again. They are created and using IMF, WB, WTO and anything in the name of international or world for their benefits at the huge expense of the world. The so called NGOs, Charities, Aid agencies, right Groups (wrong groups), peace corp. (which is under USA state department that is run by the Zionists/Jews), and the likes are part of the Zionists/Jews and English establishment tools/weapons of mass destructions to destroy nations and the society peacefully acting as if they are there to help while they are there to destroy and kill.

    OXFAM, Save the children, care, aid…. MSFN, and you name it are the evil creations they are using to destroy poor and weak nations acting like the colonial solders and missionaries. They are evil mercenaries to destroy the society and keep nations under development which is the best strategy to control them till their own family and personal lives.

    Strong leadership, patriotic citizens, peace, unity, good education, hard work, development and prosperity are the things they hate to see in Africa. That is why they are specifically targeting Ethiopia knowing the country is on the right track doing things the best ways by herself while working with useful and trustworthy nations like China, Russia, Japan, Italy and so on for her own citizens’ benefits in the ways other Africans would watch and learn from. They are doing all the satanic activities they could to stop Ethiopia having strong leadership, patriotic society, peace, unity, educated and committed citizens, hard workers, self confidence, self sufficient in all levels, development and sustainability for long term strategy.

    Look at BBC’s, Reuters, Bloomberg, Guardian, Yahoo.com, VOA(CIA), Al Jazera(run by the Zionists from UK, Australia and so on), daily mail, NY times, Washington post, and all those countless Zionists/Jews owned and run criminal corporate medias activities against Ethiopia. These money making weapons of mass destruction propaganda machines are part of the Zionists/Jews and English establishment (the Zionists/Jews are running the establishment, too; not the innocent and victims mass English people) project they are having in our country, too.

    They are trying everything and none stop for so long creating brainless and inhuman human dogs, pigs, insects, bacteria and viruses with hope to destroy Ethiopia. Semayawi party, slave Wahabbis, so called Bloggers, activists, ONLF, OLF, Ginbot 7, Shabia, Al shebab and you name it are their creations, projects and hopes to use them to destroy Ethiopia the way the did/doing in Afghanistan and Pakistan with Mujahidin (the birth mother of all Sunni terrorists), Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Tunisia, Sudan, Ukraine (using the Neo Nazis), Egypt and all the places destroyed by them.

    Just look at the Zionists/Jews monopolized criminal Medias and evil journalists’ behavior against Ethiopia including those are coming in our own country by themselves; spreading lots of heavy weapons propaganda lies after lies repeatedly with hope to create civil wars with self creating none existence realities and facts. The worst evil creatures and known racists against all blacks like them are talking about religion and Ethnicity in Ethiopia with goal to create divisions, conflicts, wars and destruction.

    They are less than 1.5% of the USA population while controlling more than 80%, 90% even 100% of the nation’s wealth, power, banking, financing and even the dollar. Yet, they are not talking about the majority or minority issues there because of it is against them while doing none stop in other countries including between shia and Sunni in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq and so on as they managed to destroy Ukraine based on ethnicity between Russians and Ukrainians that are all white and the same people but not the Zionists/Jews that are whites, browns, yellow, blacks and all human races within making them too different from one another.

    Yet, they are not talking about the huge natural as well as human made differences within themselves while some invisible human made ones among others. They are so evil to these levels. They can do anything including none stop lies based on their own agenda and benefit at the huge expense of the rest. They are so evil seem have no human conscious or feelings at all but being the biggest part of the satanic nature of the creation.

    The answer is clear and simple. We must wake up and be part of the world movement to stop them what they are doing and having damaging secret plans to our country against our society and the country future. They (Zionists/Jews and English establishments) are the greatest fret and worst nightmares we are facing for decades as the rest of the world does. They are now slowly but surely colonizing Kenya in the name of investment and…. and Kenya could become another Palestine in Africa as they started the show this way before the Palestinians became homeless and sate less in their own historical lands.

    We also know, Arabs/Muslims and Europeans will unite knowing the refuges issues to destroy Europe is intentionally created and planted by them as they are busy doing so in Ethiopia, too bringing backward and primitive refuges deep in the country, instead of keeping them in the boarders to make the situation easy for their return back to home.

    Death to all the Zionists/Jews monopolized illegally huge money making medias and criminal journalists including those are in our country only for bad, negative and damaging reasons based on their preplanned agendas and plans working for dark forces that are financing and fueling them. All others they did try to use them so far are failed and the only hope remains to them to destroy Ethiopia through civil wars as they did all over the ME, Ukraine and so on, are trying to use oromos and Ogaden against own nation and people. They are so stupid and criminals have no idea about the Oromo and ogaden |within. More than 70% Oromo and almost 90% ogadens are Muslims. There are clan systems within including 29 clans and many sub and sub sub clans within Oromo. It is the same in the ogaden, too.

    Do really the Zionists/Jews think the oromos and ogadens will be used by them to destroy their own country meaning themselves as the Arabs are doing against themselves for the sake of the Zionists/Jews agenda? No. That will not happen in Ethiopia. The Zionists/Jews are the worst, longest and evil slave traders, masters and the brains behind for the scramble of Africa as they are behind all other bad, negative and damaging situation in Africa ever since. They are doing all these in the name of USA, UK, France, Canada,…, EU, UN, IMF, WB, WTO, NGOs, Charities, Aid agencies, Thinks thanks, law firms, lobby groups, and you name it.

    Ethiopia will never ever become another victim of their evil and secretive agenda and plan they are having in Africa and the world at large; which is destroying nations by destroying the leaderships and Society creating civil wars and none stop inflaming it using their monopolized criminal corporate Medias.

    Let them go to hell. We are not only hoping but certain that soon the world will massively and together rise up to confront and stop them as it happened against them many times in the past including in Europe started during the Pharos Era and continued with Roman times too. The English Kind expelled them in 1290-1675(almost for 400 years) from England. They allowed to come in because of another King of the time needed money to fight the war within and they paid lots of money for their presence in England and now they are in control not only in England but also in Scotland, Wales and North Ireland, too making the common people life in hell. Idiamin of Uganda was the first Black African leader expelled all of them from Uganda in the 1970, accusing them with crimes against the nation and danger to the society. But their evil Medias are not talking about these facts against them but busy creating fictional horror stories to destroy other nations including Ethiopia.


    Ethiopian Ambassador in Israel said this week: “Israel Significantly Contributes to Human Development” hahahaha……

    what is he stands for and from where he got this idea? Was there a country called Israel 68 years ago? Was there a country called Israel ever even 2.5 thousand years ago except a fairytale and myths written about on paper? There were 500 years ago very advanced nations in the Americans where more than 100 million natives were living. 200 years ago were living only black natives in Australia. 100 years ago were advanced and well organized kings and governments in Africa including in Benin, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Buganda in Uganda, Ghana (Ashanti), Mali and so on before destroyed by the colonizers. Yet, no one talks about these happening from few hundred years ago while talking lots about a myth on paper mentioning Israel as state from 2500 or 3000 years ago.

    Mr. Ambassador, everything the ignorant world has been none stopped bombarded with stories is a lie including what really happened during the WWII. Open your eyes and get some brain before saying what you are saying including during the 2007 Ethiopia new year’s interview on the Amharic language bête Israeli TV saying” God protect our country Israel” Do you remember that? Are you Ethiopian with knowledge, patriotism, diplomatic tools and all necessary elements representing and working for all Ethiopians or another one with silly mentality and brainless agent serving the real enemies as we know some of them are including those in higher positions acting as if they are foreign agents such as the foreign ministry where Ethiopian diplomats do belong, too?

    “Where is the so-called ONLF, by the way? (Mohamed Olad)”

    The answer is nowhere but in the Zionists/Jews and English establishment union criminal medias and evil minds to use it for their evil agenda and plan in our country as they are hoping and doing with others including oromo, Ginbot 7, Bloggers, activists and you name it.

    However, they will never ever succeed but making all Ethiopians to wake up and stand up against them(Zionists/Jews and the English establishment) together for the sake of all of us knowing who is losing and suffering in all nations that are suffering with civil wars created and inflaming by them in the name of religion and Ethnicities. All the citizens are suffering while the Zionists/Jews are achieving their goals including in the ME and North Africa while having secret plans and agendas in the rest of Africa targeting strong, united and well organized nations like Ethiopia to achieve that without resistance.

  4. Dagna says:

    It is just a beauty, thank you Awrambatimes for such a good article most of all many thanks to the writer Mohamed Olad, god willing I will visit Kebere Dahir and its new Airport.

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