Amnesty International called on Eritrean authorities to immediately and unconditionally release prisoners of conscience


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  1. us for us with us says:

    Do you believe this garbage talk?

    “Amnesty International considers all 21 prisoners of conscience and has campaigned for their release since they were arrested 15 years ago. It is a travesty of justice that they have been held incommunicado for so long without charge or trial,”

    Campaigning for their release for 15 years?

    Rubbish. This shows how the so called Amnesty international is trash stands for nothing that has to do with the rights, truth, facts and realities on the ground but has own missions in the name of UN. The only difference between HRW (a political mission private company owned and run by the Zionists that are having close ties with USA politics, UN, EU, business, wall street, hedge and equity funds and so on) and Amnesty international is only the name but the people that are running both are the same (Zionists/Jews) and the location are as well the same in NY (the Zionists/Jews international head quarters where UN and other organizations are located and they are using them for their own things all over the world).

    How big, strong, organized, democratic, peaceful, safe and independent (politically and economically) is Eritrea even Amnesty international in the name of UN became unable to achieve anything despite it is doing it for 15 years? Eritrea is the smallest, most disorganized, dictatorial, disturbed, unsafe, poor and isolated nation not only in Africa but the whole world. Her citizens are leaving the country massively and become the biggest number of refuges contributor in the world despite it is a tiny nation.

    EU gave Eritrea more than 230 million Dollars few months ago in 2016 in the name of aid which is a reward to issayas for Eritrea giving them more than 47.000 asylum seekers to the EU only in one year which is in 2015. This is like giving Ethiopia almost 6 billion dollar based on the population proportion living in both countries. The Zionists in the west including the evil old Herman Cohen and his many other evil Zionists are the reason why Eritrea is became the way she is and issayas is still there.

    So, don’t take this crap lies as it is. In reality Amnesty international belongs to the evils but they are using it for their own things in the name of UN.

    We all know USA and UN that are controlled by the Zionists/Jews are the Issayas’ Eritrea long time care takers started back the days when they created Shabia and financed and supported it to wage civil wars against Ethiopia. They know Eritrea has 9 Ethnic groups and only one Ethnic group that is Tigrigna where issayas and most Shabia core members do belong are controlling Eritrea. They also know, 8 others Ethnic groups namely: Tiger(the majority in Eritrea and almost 100% Muslims), Beja, Red sea Afar, Rashida, Saho, Billen, Nara and Kunama that are isolated and marginalized by shabia would become the best allies and friends with Ethiopia when their dictator agent is gone from Eritrea. And they don’t want to see that happening which benefiting both Ethiopians and Eritreans in many ways.

    They created Eritrea as a narrow fence parallel to the sea intentionally to block Ethiopia thinking this way they would control Ethiopia forever by weakening her in many ways including politically and economically. However, the Ethiopian situation is getting better and better every day since Eritrea is gone and particularly since Issayas started the war in 1998 and they stopped coming in and having any involvement in Ethiopia including with the economic thefts and sabotage they had done without any objection or fear between 1991-1998 that made Eritrea one of the coffee exporter nations in the world above Ethiopia while there is no a single coffee three growing in Eritrea.

    They looted from Ethiopia and exported to get foreign currency and they used that money to buy weapon and training to start the war against Ethiopia. Not only with coffee but also they looted Teff and other items coming deep in the country rural areas including all over Gojam buying it with high price using the looted Birr and making it worthless causing inflation and unstable the market. Between 1991-1998, they were the kings and queens in Ethiopia while Ethiopians were hopeless and helpless in their own country because of them.

    The point is that don’t listen, trust or believe what they (most of them are the Zionists including in the name of UN, EU or whatever name they are having) are saying about Eritrea or anything else. They are doing anything only based on their own agendas, plans and benefits; not based on the rights, truth, facts and realities on the ground. They are the once keeping issayas the way he is and making the situation in Eritrea as it has been for the last 25/15 years.

    What Ethiopia has to do is keeping her boarder safe, secure and closed. We don’t need more Eritrean refuges coming in while we all know they voted to leave Ethiopia where all of them were told and believed blocking Ethiopia from the sea was a good thing for them while bad for Ethiopia. The Ethiopian government must wake up and very much aware about the huge number of refugees coming in our country.

    This is the greatest danger and fret to our future. We have more than enough our own people that need lots of assistances, jobs, education, housing, development and you name it. So, accepting backward and primitive mass refuges from abroad is a suicide mission we are making by our choices; influenced and corrupted by the Zionists/Jews conspiracy they are on the mission to destroy nations including though mass refugees and migrations.

    Ignore about anything going on in Eritrea. However, don’t allow Shabia to affect Ethiopia the ways it is doing till now including using the terrorists. If it doesn’t stop, Ethiopia must do the worst possible things against shabia including actively organizing and supporting Eritreans that are very much capable to deal with issayas by themselves but lacking supports. Ethiopia must support Eritreans including those in Ethiopia and elsewhere to create a strong force to topple issayas. What issayas is doing against Ethiopia so far is not met by Ethiopia but giving him a message to continue doing so and Ethiopia will not response directly or indirectly against them including supporting Eritrean oppositions such as the red sea afar, Kunama, Saho, Tigre, nara, Libben, reshida and the likes.

    Let’s ignore what is going on in Eritrea. Concentrate what is going on in Ethiopia because of Shabia and Eritrea including the mass refugees. Don’t take time to respond severely against shabia if it continues doing what it is doping against Ethiopia. We need no more Eritrean as well as other refuges knowing. It will badly affect us in the future. Support Eritrean rebels and oppositions militarily as well as politically. This is what issayas is doing for years against Ethiopia.

    The chance Eritrea to become a failed state is very much visible and huge. No one is to blame for that but Isaayas’s and shabia’s long standing foreign backers and supporters including those greedy and evils in NY, Washington DC, London, EU and the likes.

  2. Be ewnetu says:

    How about the killed 17 Arbegnoch’s in the single day by col. Fitsum?
    How about the captured in 1991 and 1998 Ethiopians?
    How about the jailed Gim7/patriotes and OLF Ethiopians?
    Is the Human right is sided with EPRDF and ESAT ???? Or does Eritreans life is more valuable than Ethiopians??
    Look, how arguing UN the tiny country Djibouti to bring the captured war prisoners back to thier home and family…. Awramba if you don’t mention these outrages, history will hunt you down like Gim7/ESAT and EPRDF…..

  3. billfree says:

    IS IT THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF THE EPRDF ? Dawit, you didn’t say any thing about human rights watch’s report on the the death OF Oromo people. actually now I heard an information that you were EPRDF’s spy for many years. Even you were
    spying Wubeshet taye when he was the member of awrambatimes news paperm.


    • Beza says:

      Billfree, who is Wubshet? You guys are known from your Derg era, accusing people from nowhere and killing them. Why he should spy on a person who is appearing on your Derg website and talking empty bravado? Why are you so concerned about Artera?

    • ethoash says:

      dear billfree

      those killed oromo protester where was they when they were killed? they were at home minding their on business or rioting and looting and making revolution to remove government and replace it with Anarchy like Sryia is that WHAT U WANT?

      Second do u know the government have the right to kill u to stop u from burning down the city … in good America they will declare state of emergency once the state of emergency declare all ur right will be suspended u have no right if the police tell u to stop and u dont stop or if u resist arrest they might shoot to kill u there is no joke about this this is not ika ika

      3rd dear billfree would u hole JOYWAR PART responsible for the death of the oromo youth because he encourage them to face the police man with gun and telling them as if the police have no right to kill them then why the police have a gun if they dont allowed to use them ….JOYWAR LOST but nothing happened to him he have no skin in the game

      shoot to kill order in state of emergency is not EPRDF rule it is international rule … under international rule the government have power to shoot to kill in order to stop u from breaking the law and order of the city

      the sad thing is the western media also fanning the fire by implying the government have no power to kill u and they never talk about JOYWAR responsibility theretofore the poor oromo youth think the western media and government support them and start revolution … once they succeed and anarchy replace EPRDF NO Western media would be found they will closed their border and start reporting how many Ethiopian die try to reach Western country and the Western county will not accept our refugee learn form Syria

  4. Sam says:

    The foreign minster has said they will be tried when the government chooses. Wanting to have political openess was their wrong doing. For that they were imprisoned for fifteen years, having no contact with humanity. Now, the minister is telling us they remain where they are until the govetnment decides when to try them. When will that be? I think it is never. In fact, I very much doubt that all are alive.

  5. smash bandas says:

    Shameful TPLF site.
    you deserve stiff middle finger.koshash , low IQ agames

  6. noah says:

    Asaias must appear before the ICC immediately release for the prisoners

  7. enough is enough says:

    Dear Dawit and awrambatimes staffs. please don’t be like tigriaoline enough about Eritrean news. let us focus on our own issues. Thank you.

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