Benjamin Netanyahu Arrives in Addis Ababa


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5 Responses

  1. Osayrese says:

    All the Ethiopian monk came out of the cave great the white man thinking he is God to save them from hunger and famine.
    Even the hawzin politicians are Neptune coming out to share the white man holiness.
    May be he is going to baptizethe whole agame tribe.

  2. us for us with us says:

    Can someone explain about the following lies the ignorant and stupid brainless primitive and weak individuals are vomiting about?

    “Ethiopia and Israel have long standing historical and religious relationship and recently they are working to expand their trade ties.

    1. Was there or anywhere a country called Israel before 1948?
    2. Was there any diplomatic, people to people, trade, education or any relationship between Ethiopia and Israel before the 1950s?
    3. Which religion are we talking about?
    A. Christianity means a religion came after Jesus. Before that there was no a religion called Christianity. Jesus was not a Hebrew but Aramaic. He was not speaking the old Hebrew but Aramaic language. However, they lie about to deceive the sheep and pathetic so called Christians to take them to hell as they are doing in the west.

    B. Do they believe in Jesus meaning are they Christians or did they killed him(although those killed him were the real Hebrews with dark skin as Jesus was unlike those saying are Jews today that are from Europe, central Asia, Arabs, Blacks and so on have nothing to do with the real Israelites of 12 tribes)? Judaism is a religion like any other religion where its followers are and can be all human beings including you, me, he, she and they. 90% those saying are Jewish are not the real Israelites from the 12 tribes but central Asians and Europeans converted to Judaism since the 12th century.

    3. Having anything to do with them is choosing to get to hell by own choice because of them.

    They have been expelled more than 109 times till 1945. It addition, they have been expelled from many Islamic and Arab nations since 1948. What is the reason they are continuously targeted for centuries all over the place they have been present? The new wave against them is on the making in Europe and The Americans including USA and Canada because of they are the dark forces causing all sorts of problems in each and every country including the propaganda wars against Ethiopia by monopolizing, controlling and running all medias, entertainments and writings in UK, USA, France, Canada and even Germany despite they are about 150.000 which is less than 0.2% of the population as they are with very limited numbers elsewhere including in USA which is about 1.5% of the population but controlling everything where money, wealth, power, influence and domination is.

    So, instead of being practically less than human by own weaknesses and bad choices and behaving as weak and trusted slaves in the 21-century towards the known slave owners, traders, the brains behind the scramble of Africa and all sorts of crimes and sufferings black people have been through including today, why don’t you get some brain and do the jobs by yourself? Ethiopia is more than 55 times Israel with including the occupied territories. Almost all the territories in Israel are desert. They are making it useful with lots of efforts and costs including water, energy, raw materials and so on.

    Yet, the dumb and shameless blacks are asking help from that tiny Israel created illegally on the Palestinian home land. Do you think they do care about you? They even don’t accept blacks as human beings but using their snake head that is none stop producing poison every time when they opens their mouth, writes and films about others based on their own agenda and plan.

    Why don’t you be the human beings of this time with responsibilities and capabilities to do the jobs by yourself and with useful, respectful, safe and hardworking nations rather than opening the country doors and windows for the known demons and savages they are taking no time or have no hesitation but to do anything worst possible for the sake of money, wealth, power, influence and domination. Don’t think he is here for your sake or for the sake of win win relationship based on respect and understanding.

    They (the Jews/Zionists) have been selectively targeting Ethiopia for decades coming in the name of USA, UK, France, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Western Europe and all over the places they are living while hurting the natives in many ways. The media propaganda wars, lies, misleading stories, horror films, writings, and you name it against Ethiopia in the name of journalism, scholars, UN, IMF, WB, WTO, aid agencies, NGO, Charities, Institutions, Wall street, banking, peace corp., politics, diplomats and you name it coming in the name of USA, UK, France, Canada, Germany and all over the palaces, is now taking the next step which is opening widely and legally with signing papers the new gate doors and windows towards the endless deep and horrible hell.

    Arabs are stupid and barbaric. They lost badly the war against the Jews and the corridor to protect Africa is now broken and widely open. Being dark means being stupid, lazy, ignorant and less than human when we continue witnessing their brain that is not functioning properly telling them to see, understand, chose and do the right things.

    This is nothing else but the new era of the worst hell is coming to Africa by choice as it was by force during slavery and colonization where the most part were conducted by the Jews being the brains behind. Don’t expect any long term benefits coming from this so called state visit other than accepting multiple hells with signing paper the tricks and games to get in and control in order to destroy you for their benefits as they are knowing this way in every country they are allowed to be there. They are the worst snake’s heads with full of poison and they are none stop producing it against the rest.

    How come Ethiopia has a historical or religion connection with Israel as Israel is created in 1948 on the Palestinian homeland; the people have lived there continuously for thousands years.

    Do you know how do they treat the so called Ethiopian Jews in Israel? Do you know the horrible situations they are facing that looks like with the same pattern with blacks in USA? It is not secret about those playing those deadly and damaging games in USA; becoming between blacks and whites making sure the blacks always becoming as the worst victims of all and suffering badly than any human being anywhere? Yet, the dark monkey so called leaders in Africa are kneeling down and signing papers with the mother, father and entire family of all evilness humanity is facing including today.

    What is the reason they don’t allow/take the so called bête Israelis from Ethiopia to move to Israel as they are waiting for years while Jews from elsewhere are welcomed anytime as they wish? Is that not a black thing and racism against blacks?

    90% all propaganda war stories, talks, writings, films and almost 100% all media channels distributing them are done, own, control and run by Jews. The rest are just their being the balls and play grounds to read, listen, watch or do anything they are telling them to do.

    They are polluting and poisoning humanity very badly controlling, owning and running everything where money, wealth, power, influence and domination is. This the reason why they are looking now in Africa, including Ethiopia to destroy humanity not only materially, physically and spiritually but also morally and culturally as they have done to Europe by destroying its Christian values and bringing mass refuges.

    They defeated and destroyed the brainless and barbaric Arabs and now Africa is becoming a target under their evil mind to destroy it with peaceful and friendly approaches look like this one on signing papers which is the tricks and games they are knowing playing with as they did in 1948, in Palestine before they forced them to become refuges and strangers in their own homeland for 68 years while holding their house keys and ownership right papers with map and on it in their hands with hope to go back where they belong and have the rights.

  3. Dagna says:

    Just marvelous,
    Welcome to Ethiopia Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

  4. lima says:

    Dawit, eyene yeweta spy? you evil , red eyed

  5. SH says:

    Brainless & primitive, they will steal your gold as usual.

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