Netanyahu’s Visit will significantly strengthen further relations between Ethiopia and Israel, says Israeli ambassador


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  1. us for us with us says:

    What we want first and foremost is to leave us alone and completely stop those evils and criminals engaging with all sorts of wars and attacks against Ethiopia for decades using medias, entertainments, institutions including universities and colleagues, NGOs, Aid agencies, right groups, charities, diplomats, law firms, lobby groups and … where almost all of them are directly and indirectly associated with Israel. Those racist and criminal so called writers, journalists, scholars, activists; UN, EU, IMF, WB, WTO and so on representatives/agents where most of them if not all of them are directly and indirectly associated with Israel/Judaism have been the source of all troubles, setbacks and sufferings we have been through for decades including Ethiopia losing her sea coast right and intentionally and continuously damaging her ancient and beautiful images.

    BBC(the mother of all evil medias),, Reuters, Bloomberg, VOA, Guardian, daily mail, FT, the economist, NY Times, Washington post and all the criminal medias numbering with thousands are controlled, owned and run by those directly and indirectly associated with Israel. These criminal Medias and evil and racist Jewish Journalists are the worst enemies Ethiopia is facing them for decades. if they don’t write, talk, film and so on about Africa targeting Ethiopia and black people including in USA, they would be out of job long times ago.

    But they are here making billions including the racist and evil Murdoch (trying to get the Ethiopian media through kana TV run by stupid bandas while in the west is none stop attacking black people because of their race) while doing those things about Africa and black people they have nothing to do with. They are doing all these to affect Africa and black people to make sure remaining the way it is going on because of them started during slavery took 300 years long and followed by colonization.

    Just make some research about them and observe their daily criminal activities in the name of media, Journalism, scholars and so on to understand about their writings, talks, speeches and films. The vast majority is about Africa including Ethiopia and black people. And they are the Zionists/Jews that are having a direct or indirect connection with Israel.

    So, before anything else, the Zionists/Jews so called medias and criminal and the racist Journalists, scholars, activists, and others that are making the living by talking, writing, speaking, filming and the likes about Africa/black people must stop doing so to affect Africa where Ethiopia is the most targeted and badly affected. Then we can agree for the next steps to benefit together based on respect and understanding.

    There was no a person called queen Saba (Nigest Saba) but a Saba kingdom from the base in Yemen/Sana as Pharaoh was in Egypt. As there were many Pharaohs including kings and queen, there were also kings and at least one known queen in the Saba kingdom, too. The name of that Queen is Makeda/Maqeda. Or better known in the west the Queen of Sheba/Saba. However, in Ethiopia they are wrongly talking about the queen called Saba. Saba is not the person’s name but the Kingdom of Saba/Sheba.

    What we learnt from history and we have to call her is Nigiste Saba. Meaning the queen of Saba/Sheba. Nigist Saba means queen is her title while her name is Saba which is false. Her true name is Makeda/Maqeda.

  2. dratu says:

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  3. Be ewnetu says:

    Israel and Ethiopia relation is not only in the Queen Shaba visit. Also the 200.000 Jews settlers in Northern Ethiopia. And the military food support /የስጋ ጣሳ እና ኮቾሮ/ to Israel army in Majesty era.
    Ethiopia /Orthodox/ is the only country to worship by king David order of Judism worship style by Ethiopian St..Yared worship orchestra founder.
    Now for this ironic relationship Israel should not sell weapon to Al Shabab. Instead East Africans have to buy more weapons from Israel. And Israel also support to Ethiopia to share the red sea for monitoring the gulf of Aden /now tottaly controlled by Saudi and Egypt/. While EPRDF is in power i absoultly not expect for port. Probably after pure Ethiopian GVT took power.
    Now Eritreans in Addis and Debrezeit officialy vote to defend thier country if Ethiopia envade Eritrea…. has big confidence no body to quation them at this time in Ethiopia and the Embassy of Ethiopia in the world.
    So Israel must consider EPRDF is more soften to Arabs as Eritrean dominated.

  4. us for us with us says:

    Let’s continue always asking and answering about serious and very important issues we all need them very much having or not having in Ethiopia based on our benefits. Relaying on others particularly those known with bad, negative, evilness and horrible things against blacks and Africa is the worst thing we are continuously doing against ourselves in our own place. If we change our mindsets, understands what is good or bad for us and do our jobs with quality, quantity and variety on time based on our benefits, there is nothing we cannot achieve by ourselves which is the only way any nation has to do and relay on.

    We are humans naturally on Equal basis like everybody else. Our weaknesses, shortages, problems, sufferings and being on the bottom is not our fate imposed on us naturally but us allowing others to destroy us using lots of tactics, tricks and methods for their benefits. Therefore, we have to behave and do the things in our ways in our country as others are behaving and doing in their country based on their benefits. Don’t think the known bad, negative, racists and evils from aboard coming by themselves for your sake. They are the reasons what we have been for centuries started ways back 500 years ago.

    We have 100s thousands of intellectuals. We are graduating 100s thousands every year. We have millions of young, disciplined, energetic and more than ready to work hard citizens. We have the best country naturally gifted with many things including the fundamental ones such as the best weather throughout the year, abandoned fresh water, fertile soil, breathtaking landscape with different altitude and the best location. The problem is we; the people are not doing the human being jobs in our own place as others are doing in their place. Look China in the 1940s, 50s and even 60s and today. Non one changed their bad situation to the best but themselves with bravery, being smart, hard work, being skilled, confidence and disciplined doing the jobs with quality, quantity and variety on Time.

    The so called Medias, Journalists, aid agencies, NGO, Charities, Institutions and so on from the west particularly UK and USA are not the solution for anything but the main reasons to affect us based on their plan and agenda on us in our own country. Look how they are treating blacks there making their life in hell executing them on daily basis and imprisoning them with millions despite blacks are having the same citizenship rights as everybody else does. Do you think they have any good and positive feeling for you and they are coming to help you? It is all about them and their agenda and plan on you in your own place using the known tricks and tactics playing with your head including creating divisions, quarrels, conflicts, wars and destructions and spreading corruptions against the people that are blacks as those in USA and elsewhere are.

    1. Is Ethiopia still committed with state owned and controlled economic policies and doing with government direct involvements in the country matters in order to create a fair and just society by having the developmental government? China has become the way she is based on these principles. The biggest Chinese companies are state owned till these days despite the country is the richest and strongest nation on earth. Chinese private companies are owned by Chinese including service sectors, manufacturing, industry and construction activities.

    So, Ethiopia must continue having the developmental government system with the best policies and commitments as long as it takes in order to create stable, faire, peaceful and relatively equal society which is unlike in the west where less than 1% of the society is controlling 99% of the wealth, power, influence and domination.

    2. What was Ethiopia thinking few days back when the wahabbi terrorists committed crimes against foreigners namely Italians, japans and Koreans in Bangladesh?
    What is Ethiopia doing when the Italian, Japanese, Scandinavians including Sweden and almost all garment, shoes and other manufacturing companies in Bangladesh are leaving Bangladesh to other nations that are safe and have the potential for their investment?

    ***Ethiopia must play smart and bold games here in order to get especially the Italian, Japanese and the likes garment, shoes and other manufacturing companies that are leaving Bangladesh, Pakistan and India fearing the region is becoming the new, biggest and worst hell burning spot to the wahabbi terrorists that are created and supported by the wahhabi dictators in the gulf that are themselves created and supported by USA and UK are regarded as best friends are allies to them. Bangladesh alone is earning more than 26 billion Dollars a year from garment sectors. It employees more than 4 million directly and many more indirectly. Because of the wahabbi terrorists, the tiny, poor and backward Bangladesh is losing those companies and her fate is now becoming the worst hell close to the see while sitting on the worst with silt infested ground/drinking water.

    3. What is Ethiopia thinking and how is she preparing to protect herself not to be affected directly or indirectly from the eminent chaos, destructions, killings, mass refuges and so on that will happen in the wahabbi gulf dictators safe heaven so far while causing all sorts of evilness against the region and world as a whole? Now it the time, the final show has to be conducted at home where it is created, financed and supported to affect the rest for the world which is against the wahabbi desert oil and gas nations.

    Within less than 24 hours, the wahabbi terrorists bombed the Al Saud Saudi Arabia with 4 bombs. 1 against the USA consult in Jeddah, 1 against the grand mosque in media and the other two in Qatif in the eastern provinces of Saudi Arabia where the Shia lives and the oil and gas come from. Everyone know it is about when not if the wahabbi terrorists going to target the wahabbi dictators in the gulf that are the root cause of all chaos, destructions, killings and sufferings in the region, Africa including Ethiopia and the rest of the world as far as Europe and North America including 9/11 and all those mass shootings.

    The political chaos, the public rejections and the economic meltdown as it is there only through none stop economic mass propaganda wars to cheat and mislead in the form of with 80-90% over valued stock exchanges and banks in UK and USA, the world is hoping, the wahabbi dictators that are the root cause of all terrorist acts, anything happening in the name of Sunni/wahabbi Islam including indoctrinated the youth all over the world financed by them, the Islamic invasion of west and other nations with the Arab culture including females dressing codes in the street, offices, at school and so on, are now in big troubles. Their creators, guardians, advisors, servants, and you name it that are the English and USA are now in troubles within themselves because of the troubles their propaganda economy that is there only by name on paper at the stock exchanges, banks and other financial activities and services is facing and the citizens are having enough with the few criminals that are running these two countries based on their own benefits at the expense of the rest.

    Saudi Arabia is not a holy land but the desert land belongs to the al Saud family. It is created in 1933 after long and bloody wars by the shifta leader called Al Saud for more territories supported by the English. Easter provinces never been part of the Al Saud private nation called Saudi Arabia. Eastern provinces are shias and almost the entire Saudi oil and gas are from there. However, the shias in Saudi have no what so ever right to be equal citizens but regarded as none believers and have no what so ever right including to be in the military, police, security or have own schools or names. They are about 15-20% the Saudi population.

    Another Shia population in Saudi are the Yemeni living in Southern Saudi Arabia three provinces that had been always part of Yemen for thousands years but since 1933 are forced to be part of the al Saud private project called Saudi Arabia. The total shias population in Saudi is about 30% while the wahabbis are 20% and the rest are with different Islamic sects. However, the 20% wahhabists are entirely dominating the Saudis lives and they are causing all sorts of crimes against humanity within and beyond as far as the whole world.

    The Saudi total native population is about 18 million. Saudi Arabia has more than 200 tribes where the al Saud family belongs to one tribe. The country has about 7 million foreigners forced to live under the most oppressed sharia law the world ever witnessed. Other wahabbi dictators that are going to face the crimes they have committed against the world for the last 35 years because of USA and UK supports are the tiny desert creatures such as UAE (united Arab emirates which are 5 different Emirates with separate rules created a united country not long ago after the English gave them independency), Kuwait, the aid virus Qatar and Bahrain; you even cannot find her on the earth map.

    The total native population living in these five evil wahabbi dictator desert hell nations is not more than 21 million. However, the damage and bad influence they are causing against the world is enormous; because of the UK and USA money minded services to them. If USA and UK are telling them to stop and abandoning them telling “we are enough with you”, these worthless evil and cruel wahabbi absolute dictator family line monarchies will be gone the next day without any fight. They are not up to fighting face to face but using oil and gas money to fight others the ways we are witnessing in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, 9/11 and all the crimes the wahabbi terrorists are committing in the name of Islam.

    The point is that Ethiopia needs to think always ahead of her enemies including poverty and backwardness and doing things the best ways for her benefits. Never relay on foreign nations mainly UK and USA in their current form and known behaviors including serving and guarding the wahhabi absolute dictators to cause the damages they have been causing for decades including against USA and UK, but in ourselves while working very closely with trustworthy, useful, hard working, friendly, genuine and respectful nations like China, Russia, Japan, Italy and so on.

    We are not only hoping but waiting to see happening the evil and criminal USA and UK establishment era disappearance and the coming of the new and workable era to benefit the citizens rather than the few that are as worst as international criminals and trouble makers do. USA and UK citizens need to kill and bury the 71 years old (since the end of WWII) politics, economic and social ownerships where the few criminals are owning and controlling everything.

    The USA and UK financial, banking, business, media, politics and other ownerships and activities must be changed if this tiny earth is allowed to see fairness, honesty, peace and benefit at least for the majority if not all. USA and UK in their current forms have been the greatest disaster and all sorts of sufferings on earth creating divisions, hostilities, rebels, terrorists, fascists, and working together with the evil wahabbi absolute Dictators for oil and gas money.

    Thanks to the good citizens of the world, oil and gas will be declared unwanted and poison, soon replacing them with clean energy that have enormous sources including solar, wind, water, and the likes sources. There are nations having big plans to stop using cars that are using oil or gas by 2030. There are nations having long term plans to stop using oil and gas for anything including for cocking by 2040. There are nations that are building homes right now without plans having gas pipe lines knowing gas will not be used for cocking or anything in the future but clean energy.

    Making oil and gas unwanted and accusing it as the biggest enemy to the environment and life and replacing it with clean energy is going to be the biggest achievement humanity ever made not only protecting the environment but also stopping the absolute wahabbi gulf dictators affecting the world the way they are doing using the oil and gas money they are getting for free from the world and using it to affect the world as well.

    The point is that Ethiopia must think differently than what others are thinking for themselves based on her circumstances and the region she is living which is a hell because of the wahhabi dictators that are supported by the west mainly UK and USA. South East Asia mainly the Chinese economic model and political system based on the Ethiopian circumstances is the best way forward. We must not thinking and doing for us the way others are thinking and doing for themselves based on their benefits.

    We are hoping Ethiopia is going to be smart and act quickly and wisely in order to bring the Italians, Japanese and other garment and shoes manufacturing that are leaving Bangladesh, Pakistan and India as well fearing the wahabbi terrorists devastating plan in the region. They are looking Cambodia which is a tiny nation with 3 million populations and Sir Lanka which is a tiny nation in terms of territory with no capacity to deliver raw materials such as cotton and leather.

    But Ethiopia has all including huge, educated, energetic and hard working young population. The country has millions of hectare lands suitable for cotton productions; the country has one of the world biggest domestic animals population and by far the biggest in Africa. Not only that because of the climate and highland altitude, the Ethiopian leather quality is by far the best in the world. It is soft and very strong. The country is also the best place for food processing knowing she has more than 100 million hectare suitable for agriculture with less cost and efforts able to harvest throughout the year. Africa is going to be the best market for manufacturing as well as industry products and goods as the rest is overcrowded and flooded with those products including Europe, Asia and USA as well.

    Ethiopia must bring the Italians as well as Japanese garment industries that are leaving Bangladesh as well as other manufacturing companies including food processing. Places like Debre Birhan which is the oldest in the country with the best proximity to all sides and most suitable place for investors must be seen as the best investment place alongside Addis Ababa, Dire Dawa, Hawassa and so on. Ethiopia must stop importing anything she can produce them at home but exporting them all over the world starting in Africa such as shoes, cloths including the Italian and japans suites.

    The country must be free from the idea of foreign aid that is happening by the USA and UK conspiracy using it to control the country and destroy the society. So called aid agencies, NGOs, Charities, institutions, Think Thanks, peace corp. and the likes coming from UK, USA and the west in general must be seen as the worst enemies operating the same way the missionaries and colonial solders did back then in order to colonize Africa, loot it and destroy the natives with the legacies we are witnessing till these days. Stop these criminals including the Zionists/Jews monopolized Medias and scholars affecting us while serving the Globalists/NWO agendas and plans to be imposed on us in our own place.

    If really they do care about democracy, humanity and nature, why don’t they start it first with their evil wahabbi absolute dictator friends and allies that are not even allowed the word “human rights including the right of women and girls, democracy, election, freedom, free speech and so on” to be present in the countries even for a second. We must stop being stupid and ignorant affecting ourselves by allowing the so called aid agencies, NGOs, Charities, Peace corp. institutions and you name it in our country getting their ways on us.

    They are enemies not friends. They have their own agenda and plan on us, not based on ours benefits in our own place. They are not only feeling but also acting as if they are by nature superiors and better than us including in our own place. In short, stop all of them and concentrate to build our nation by ourselves creating real economies working together with respectful, useful and hard working nations like China, Russia, Italy, Japan and so on. Stop the UK and USA so called agencies, NGOs, Charities and so on that are criminals coming for their own sake at our huge expenses we are living with them as a result for decades because of them. Look how they are treating blacks in their own countries.

    Look how looks like blacks’ life and situations there including with Finance, wealth, jobs, positions, housing and so on. So, do you still think they are coming in Africa because of they do care about blacks and will improve the situation for the Africans benefits? Noooo. It is all about them and as usual badly against Africa and black people including in Africa as they are used to be for centuries.

  5. Kafantaris says:

    Trade is the name of the international game and don’t anybody forget it.

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