Adigrat University: Another Jewel of Northern Ethiopia (Video)


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17 Responses

  1. Osyres says:

    The time is agamino time
    Amhara and Oromo suffered from all unjust threat from Tigray ruling regime, on other hand agamino is never been happier
    Wake up Oromo
    Wake up Amhara
    Wake up Ogaden
    If don’t I stand for freedom I wouldn’t shed tears for

    • Hager says:

      The problem is not you but the one allowed the sick, crazy, hateful and dumb failed creatures like you to get their ways like you are doing in this Ethiopian home born and growing blog.
      What is the justification and benefit when worthless immigrants like you angry behavior and hateful vomit allowed in this blog? It is easy to see how disappointed you are in life and you already gave up to live but suffering from deep anger caused by hate. Frustration, anger and hate coming out of you hurt no one but yourself.

      The good news is that failed and worthless human things like you are living the worst possible life any human being could face in life. You can continue praying to Satan, being the trash garbage for the Ethiopian enemies. But, be sure, there is nothing you or the enemies that are stupid like you thinking they can achieve something bad in Ethiopia by reading and relaying on your likes, will never ever get their ways in Ethiopia even for a day. What her enemies are doing for her is big favors reminding, telling and motivating her to be more prepared and always vigilant in order to defeat her enemies and protect herself.

      You are one of the few worthless immigrants unable to make decent lives for their own in abroad but totally failed, disappointed and lonely immigrants. Ethiopia has tens of millions beloved and committed ready to pay any sacrifice citizens in Ethiopia for her safety, security, development and future. Didn’t you see when more than 50.000 university students graduated in Ethiopia only in the past weekend? So, do you think there is anyone who notices even your existence together with other trashes that are few and sheltering in USA, UK and West in general thinking they can use them to destroy the nation as they are doing against other nations using immigrants, terrorists, rebels, self created so called activists, Journalists, Bloggers, ….?

      You are hell from inside and go to hell which is your home. The problem is not the crazy and hateful worthless like you but the blog that allows human wastes like you to vomit their hate. What is the benefit and who is benefiting from? Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people?

    • Solomon says:

      Banda Osayres.
      You so scared by agame .I thought you and your father were italian cock sucker but now I guess you were bitten by agame.
      So you couldn’t sleep of joules of agame.
      You have inferiorty of agame.
      And I am sure you agame because you hate yourself.
      Just like boss banda agame esssyass.
      I think you are agame.
      But I as ethiopian and agame .l am so proud to be agame.
      WORDATGNA banda hizbi eritean.

    • Rame says:

      Retard, you are so consumed with hate and you are vomiting all over the network by watching this gleams of development. This is just the beginning more is coming from that place . There is nothing you can do to stop it not the mad man from the north nor gm7 brehanu. We are watching you patiently while you are burning from inside out. Please remain ignorant and stupid for the world to watch.

  2. haile says:

    Multiple universities in Tigrai is just the showy nature of the narcissistic TPLF’s leaders . One high quality university in Mekele would be the best choice. What a waste of resource!

  3. Helen says:

    Good job, Dawitway.

  4. Tekeste says:

    Wow! What an amazing production. Thanks Dawit. Keep up the excellent job.

  5. Hager says:

    ዩንቨርስቲ ማለት ምንድን ነው ትርጉሙ
    እንደ ስሙ ሆኖ ካልታየ በጥቅሙ
    ህንፃ ቢያስመስለው አሸዋና ደንጋይ
    ዝንብ እያመረተ ለማንም አይታይ፡
    ስንት መዕሀፍ ፃፈ ስንቱ ፕሮፌሰር
    ስንት ተማሪ ወጣ በቅቶ ለምርምር
    ስንት ችግር ተፈታ፡ በራስ ፈጠር ውጤት
    ምን ያህል ጠነከርን፡ ሆን የሳይንቲስቶች ቤት
    ስንቱ ትምህርት ተቋም በሀገር አነጣጥሯል
    የውጩን ተቃውሞ በራሱ ጠንክሯል፡
    በምዕራቦች መንገድ በተለዩ ከኛ
    የመጨረሻ እንጂ አንሆንም አንደኛ
    የነሱ አላማ፡ ተግባር ምን ጊዜም ግልፅ ነው
    በራሳችን አቅም፡ መንገድ ለኛ እንዳንሆን ነው

    በራሱ ምርምር በራሱ ቁሳቁስ
    በራሱ ምሁራን ፡ ፀሀፊ ቀሳውስ
    ስለራሱ ሀገር ህዝብና አካባቢ
    ስሌላው ጉዳይ የሆነ አንገብጋቢ
    በራሱ ችሎታ በራሱ ምርምር
    ቁሳቁስ ሳያቀርብ፡ በደንብ ሳያስተምር፡
    ከእንግሊዝ፣ አሜሪካ ከሆኑ ዘረኛ
    ለአፍሪካ፡ ለጥቁር ጠላቶች በአንደኛ
    ዘመን ያለፈበት፡ የወጣ ከጥቅም
    ዘዴና ቁሳቁስ ለትምህርት አይበጅም

    የሀገር ዩንቨርስቲ ሁሉም ትምህርት ተቋም
    በሌሎች ግልጋሎት ስለራሱ አይችልም
    የራስን ግልጋሎት ዘዴና መጽሀፍ
    በኛ ያተኮረ እኛ ለኛ እንፃፍ
    እኛ የምንፈልግ፣ ማድረግ የሚገባን
    ማሻሻል፡ መመለስ የህዝብ ጥያቄዎችን
    የምዕራቡ ጉዳይ ትምህርትና ሌላው
    ችግር ፈጣሪ ነው አምርረን እንጥላው፡
    ከቻይና፡ ከጃፓን፡ ህንድ፡ ሩሲያና ከሌሎችም ሀገር
    ጥሩ ጥሩ መቅዳት የሚያዋጣ መስመር
    በአሜሪካ፡ እንግሊዝ የትምህርት አሰጣጥ
    እንደ ለማኝ እየሆን በጉዳት አንዋጥ፡፡

  6. Tirhas Gidey says:

    Dear Editor Dawit
    Thank you so much for your initiative to travel to my home town to produce this unique production. Tebarek zahawey

    Tirhas Gidey
    Columbus, Ohio

  7. us for us with us says:

    The European type of modern education is new in Ethiopia. But Education that uses talking, writing and reading with tests and examines in Ethiopia is at least 3000 years old. When we had lots of education surrounding religion, society and the nations activities, benefits, safety and securities, the west mainly the none Latin Europeans had no idea about the existence of education that uses paper, writings, readings and alphabets. Their education started in the 14th century following the coming of Christianity by the Romans as almost the entire Western Europe was for 900 years under the Roman colony including England for 400 years.

    Greek went first to Africa and copied everything for there and it used the knowledge from Africa to educate the southern Europeans including the Romans. Then the Romans came to Africa and copied everything from there including farming, science, engineering and building activities. And then, they colonized Europe for 900 years that changed Europe from the dark and cold sufferings long age to become the way it is including enslavement, colonization, occupation, lootings, exploitation, wars, killings, destructions and you name it against the world for the sake of land, money, finance, power, influence, domination and race superiority which is still going on in different forms and with different approaches but for the same reasons.

    That is why many education materials do use Greek or Latin words. The English language uses at least 180.000 Latin and Greek words. So, don’t think you are speaking English when you do but the origin of the words are from ancient Greeks and Latin especially in the education including medicine, politics, economy, philosophy, sociology and the likes activities.

    Atsbaha and Abraha were among the scholars Ethiopia had at the education centre in washa Michael at Addis Ababa. After educated themselves to the highest levels, both of them went to Axum and declared the country as a Christian nation and Atsbaha became king in the name of Ezana. Since that time which is 333 AC, education in Ethiopia continued being widely regarded as the way of better life among the society. To become a deacon, the students had to learn up to their 21 years meaning at least 17 years of very demanding education in hard life condition.

    The old and big books and manuscripts Ethiopia had including those thousands destroyed, stolen and looted by Europeans are the living testimonies about the old age and level of education in Ethiopia. This shows, Ethiopians are very much related with education and they are good enough to have own education materials, systems and development with own capacities based on the country demands and benefits.

    Although modern education is new in Ethiopia, education in Ethiopia is among the few oldest nations in the world like it is in china, India, Iran, Syria, Armenia and the likes. What we have to do is developing our own education system based on our ways in order to benefit ourselves with our efforts. The English, USA and the likes education materials, systems and goals are not written or planned for us but them based on their situations and benefits. If we continue using their old and thrown away materials and damaging systems, we will continue being worthless and incompetents.

    Ethiopia must concentrate in practical education activities giving more attention such as to math, science, engineering, IT, Technologies and Ethiopian language(s). we must stop giving attention to the English language which is not African, Ethiopian or black people but using it to get education from them as we have to do from other countries including China by learning mandarin and use the knowledge in Ethiopia in the Ethiopian ways communicating in the African/Ethiopian and black people tongs.

    Ethiopians must stop losing their time learning English including how to pronounce it but how to use it easily and quickly in order to get the knowledge written in English. What we need form abroad is practical and Technical knowledge that don’t need much language skills but smart brains and hands to copy and apply them using very limited language skills. It is a good start and has to expand all over the country learning mandarin and other foreign languages in order to learn and copy useful knowledge from all over the world.

    Stop losing your time, energy and resources learning English more than we need it to get foreign knowledge. The best and important foreign knowledge and skills Ethiopia needs the most are in China, Japan, Italy, Korea, Russia, India and the likes, not in England, USA or other English speaking occupied nations that are not good enough to own citizens especially those with black or brown skin colors.

    We must stop worrying about our pronunciation or capacity of English language as it is not African, Ethiopian or black people but the knowledge we are getting using any form of English skills that is good enough to facilitate us for that. We have our own African, Ethiopian and black people languages and the only African born black people Alphabet we are using for thousands years. We have to concentrate on this instead of continuing being stupid and ignorant Negroes as they see us that way because of our behaviors and activities that are destroying us because of we are not valuing and using our own things feeling they are ours as Africans, Ethiopians and black people.

    Learning mandarin, Japanese, Russian and the likes foreign languages in order to get new and useful knowledge is the way the 21-century Ethiopia must do for herself. Ethiopian education, politics, economy, trade, development and future must look towards the east where the sun is rising and coming towards Africa everyday with light and warmth free us from darkness/night time where Ethiopia is the get way to Africa including getting new and workable knowledge easily and quickly together with friendly, respectful and competent experts and scholars that are more than ready to share their knowledge, skills and experiences with us in the form of knowledge transfer in work places and education in schools.

  8. Lula says:

    Please build more the students who goes there is Amhara , Oromo & South none from Tigers the reasion is no brain come out from that desert region only haters we love it keep building while you last.😃😃😃😃😃

    • Solomon says:

      Lula ,your inferior complax killing you but ethiopia is going a hade with or without you.
      But let me tell you what the northern tigrawiy you call dessert give to ethiopiawint .
      The 3000 years ethiopian history you so proud of is 99% of it belongs to tigray. Lula with out tigray there is no ethiopian history.
      Tigrayn give you music ( kudos Yarede) tigray give you alfapt,tigray brain gavery you all so called ethiopian culture.
      Tigray brain give you Christianity.
      Tigray brain give you Islam.
      Lula do you want more this is enough for to day.
      What can more l say to you because I know you know that what is tigray brain to ethiopia.but you brain is blocked with hate of the really frist ethiopian(tigray)it is going to kill you.
      Finally tigray brain give you ETHIOPIA.

  9. Tsegay hadush says:

    Dear Dawitom, my hats off to your excellent job, as usual. Please do more productions about Tigrai

  10. Senait K says:

    Great job, awramba times. Please tell us a few things about Tigray particularly about Adigrat

  11. Helawi from china says:

    Hahahaha lol lol lol ,, the video conference you are talking about as new thing makes me laugh out loud . by the way that shit is too old , try to walk with new technology please, update your self day to day. kefelegachu metiche new course lisetachu chilalew , because all of the IT stuffs are backward

  12. Mizan says:

    Good job Adigrat University…We are proud of you!
    The camel is passing while the old dogs are barking! We all know who are posting nonsense things and we will never give up with a big mouth owners….!
    Long Live Ethiopia!

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