Social Media Sites Temporarily Blocked in Ethiopia to Prevent Exam Leakage


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18 Responses

  1. Kebede says:

    That’s true…Keep it up the good work EPRDF…
    Let’s them bark these moron,loser and lifeless Diaspora…I am not saying about good once

  2. D says:

    I wish they banned forever. It adds NO value to society except it has been used by foreign extremist to create havoc in Ethiopia.

  3. Ayano Legese Zeleke says:

    irresponsible social media users poor minded who wont inspired by killing millions time must be responsible in the feature by not using fake names. every body has the right to express his thought but responsible for illegal distractive use. so social media has to make correction the correct names of the users. and correct a dress our fathers and mothers are uneducated irresponsible social media users are affecting their psychology .What is accountability?in using social media?some users were saying that stool exam propagating false propaganda aimed to distract our culture and patriots .Avoid false name. fake names. unknown address unless we have choice how to protect our right responsible citizens. who are doing wrong with these social media are those mony minded want to sell citizens cheap.

  4. us for us with us says:


    This is one of the many things the responsible government has to do based on the circumstances and its implications for the sake of the nation and its citizens acting quickly, wisely and decisively in any time when things are occurring to danger our best, peaceful and useful situations.

    Do we know who hacked the youth, women and sport minister account and wrote about her support for the gay and lesbians’ sickness getting free rides in Africa praising Mandela for that while attacking Museveni for protecting his people from the foreign inhuman behavior sickness like these are? Not the Ethiopians did that but we know who and why they did it.

    They are always around us looking anything weakness, bad and negative to affect our country. BBC was in the ambo unrest in 2014 followed by other English and USA so called Medias even before the unrest was started. It was just preplanned together with the unrest itself by them. Of course BBC world service is under the foreign ministry and all embassies are under the foreign ministry. That means BBC is part of the embassies, they are using it for their damaging propaganda activities in the countries. And it was there for propaganda wars in order to inflame the situation. BBC, Bloomberg, Reuters, VOA, Guardian, AP, AFP and the likes all of them are owned, controlled and run by the Zionists/Jews including BBC from behind did what their satanic agenda and behavior allowed them to do in order to inflame the unrest in some part of oromia in 2015/16, as well.

    We all know the USA, UK and other western countries so called embassies, NGOs, Charities, aid agencies, Right groups, scholars, institutions and you name it are busy for years to affect Ethiopia as worst as possible working together. But their satanic and racist activities in Ethiopia are all failed and totally exposed. However, they will continue doing so using anything possible and also trying the impossible ones to affect us.

    One thing is clear, they will never ever get their way in Ethiopia by affecting us in any way as they did in the past let’s say since the 1940s and particularly 1974 and forward. We know them who they are, what, how and why they are doing the things they are doings to affect others. Do you think the entire USA white citizens are racists and all of them are badly affecting blacks because of their race despite USA is an immigrant nation behalf the Native Americans that are the few survivals from the worst crimes against humanity happened on them? No. That are the few using anything to create divisions, hostilities, unrests, hates, criminals, terrorists, rebels, killers and you name it which is good for them while bad for others. These the same group of wolves in the sheep clothes are coming to Africa pretending…. while trying to do the same thing which is against all Africans in Africa by using this time Ethnic and religion things, not race as they do in USA and the west because of it would expose them in Africa.

    The point is that the government and people must be smart, always vigilant, determine and decisive to protect their peace, unity, development and prosperity based on the majority benefits through faire share of the wealth which is unlike in the west. What they hate is peace, unity, safety, security, getting good educations, having jobs, creating wealth, having fair share of the wealth, strong and competent leaders, strong government and prosperity in Africa and among black people.

    BBC, AP, AFP, VOA, Bloomberg, Reuters, Guardian, and you name it are around Ethiopia 24/7 acting like vultures that are looking the sick and death always selecting the bad and negatives about Ethiopia and spreading it all over the world the moment it happens and even before the Ethiopian people knows about their own situations. The so called embassies, NGOs, aid agencies, charities, right groups, Peace corp. and the likes are there all of them working together for the same goals while engaging differently from all sides which is part of the satanic game they are playing and Good at.

    Good job and thumb up for the government. If it is necessary and for the sake of the nation, anything has to be done let alone blocking so called social medias that are making humanity the kind of dangerous and worthless massive insects losing its human values, norms, capacities and future.
    The Ethiopian securities and intelligent communities are smart enough to find out and know the truth behind anything happening in the country. The incidents intended to embarrass the government, damage our images and affect the country with issues through social Medias and internets that require skills and efforts are the most part done by foreigners and we know who they are and why they are doing those things. Worthless and trash Diasporas so called Ethiopian immigrants are stupid and unskilled even they have no brain that is allowing them thinking about let alone taking actions and doing those things. The enemies are doing those things in their names and the name of other Ethiopians including without their knowledge.

    However, the diseases we know can’t harm us that of we don’t know. And we know them to the very detail than they are thinking about us. The 21-century society is no longer fool, weak, poor, defeated or having anything related to that of from the 16-20th centuries. This is a very different world started from the turn of the century facilitated by 9/11 and all the things following after that. They are not even in the position to defeat the few and primitive Taliban, Al Qaida, Al shebab, IS or any other Sunni wahabbi groups they created them the first place in the name of Mujahidin to use them against others including the soviets before the terrorists turn on them. Instead, thanks to them, we are witnessing the birth of the new Sunni terrorist groups every day and their slogan is first and foremost being savages against the Jews/Zionists and infidel west.

    Their objections to achieve and what they are good at is creating divisions, hostilities, conflicts, wars, chaos, destruction, killings, and mass refuges affecting all sides while pretending they are doing the things to benefit…. which is a lie and everyone knows about their true nature and merciless behaviors including in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen and you name it where the worst and longest victims are Africa and black people for centuries. So, don’t have any hearing for them about anything they are vomiting about us in our own place. Instead, they must answer about the blacks’ lives and general situations in the west including USA because of them.

    What Ethiopia has to do first and foremost is improving the agriculture sectors and developing the healthy food processing and distributing mechanism alongside with manufacturing and also industry activities in order to satisfy first the basic needs and then necessities with our own abilities and capacities with domestic products and harvests. This is the biggest achievement and any normal nation of this time has to acquire in order to stop the unnecessary foreign involvements and interference using our shortages and weaknesses for their best advantages to hurt us while pretending to help that took decades without us becoming totally free from so called foreign aid they are talking lots about for propaganda reasons as if Ethiopia is the only one.

    We have to develop our agriculture sectors working very closely with useful, respectful, trustworthy and capable nations that are genuine and honest to share their skills, expertise and knowledge. From Europe; nations like Italy, Russia, and other east Europeans that are Slavic people and the likes agriculture development is more than enough we can learn from and work together to develop ours. China, India, Japan and the likes agriculture sectors development and food processing is what we want to have them in our country which is the best place for agriculture.

    Developing our agriculture sectors and producing our entire food and drink needs and making our clothes, shoes and so on domestically and other manufacturing and industrial activities is the only way we have to do and achieve the results in order to benefit us in many ways including becoming totally free from the idea of western NGOs, aid agencies, charities and you name it. They are there to keep us the way we are if not making the situation worst which is good for them as it has been for more than 3 decades and very bad for us in our own place.

  5. Be ewnetu says:

    If the telecom chiefs good for media blocking why the trouble network and Internet of Ethiopia still not solve so far?
    The capital city of Africans, deplomats and investers Ethiopia is slower than most African countries Network service. Also huge amount of money spent from the country’s budget in the last decade…..

    • Hager says:

      This is the whole level of your empty and retarded brain and entire existence.

      Which one is demanding, costly, time consuming and important?

      Is that laying down the irrigation systems or controlling the flow of the water in order to use the irrigated farm land for better and useful harvests? If you have some brain left, by know you would know how easy and important is controlling the flow of the water by turning on or off the water tubs.

      Internet networks reaching everyone all over the country are like irrigation network systems in the farm. If we let the amount of water more than needed in the farm, that would cause flooding and flood is damaging farms, destroying property and killing lives. If we don’t control the internet networks to the very detail with 24/7 efforts identifying what comes in or going out, the damage would be nationwide and very devastating.

      You stupid also vomited about Electricity/energy supply in Ethiopia. Do you have any idea how it works? How much did you spent so far for the Hedase Dam that is going to transform the country energy levels meaning everything producing more than 6000MW (thanks to the Ethiopian engineers upgrading it again in 2015) with the value of 6 billion USD every year without demanding additional costs such as raw materials to run it as other types of energy sources are using like oil, gas, coal and so on?

      Your father monster Durge total energy production was less than 300mw while less than 150mw was reaching to the consumers. Ethiopia is currently producing more than 5000mw and within two years it will reach more than 15.000mw. 15.000 mw in Ethiopia; a country doesn’t need any energy source to cool off during summer or warm up during winter because of she has the best wealthier thought the year in the tropic thanks to highland is like 50.000mw elsewhere in Europe, middle east or other too hot or too cold places that are using energy to overcome including at work places. However, as usual you will continue thinking, talking and felling the same way as you do today because of you are nothing but a dead alive.

      For worthless like you, things are always getting inside out and upside down you have no idea about anything because of you are doing nothing practical and useful but breathing hates, stupidity, ignorance while waiting to die in vain in abroad.

      Choices are deciding the outcomes. You are continuing suffering from the wrong choices you have made in the past because of you are unable to see the realities in Ethiopia and adopt with it in order to be the best part of it where you, your people and country ; all the three can benefit from. From your current attitude no one benefits but you are losing badly. Smart people and in general those having lives including plants and insects are naturally gifted adapting with the situation/circumstances for their own sakes and benefits.

      Therefore, for your sake, you need to change your attitude and thinking in order do something that makes sense and brings you something practical and useful as well as to other, too. Or else, your end will be like of the animals in the wild.

      • Be ewnetu says:

        You talk too much. I just asking about Network. R u the one from the disrupted shits?
        The unseccessful TpLF’ts
        Telecom cheif.
        Bank board cheif
        Fainanciainancial & economy board and advicer
        Sugar Factory.
        Tigrai Administration of projects
        All those are Shaebians
        R u stand for the nation interest or ur personal?

  6. Beza says:

    They did good, to prevent those hooligans from destroying the young generation, by educating how to cheat. Good job EPRDF.

  7. Sam says:

    I agree stealing exam questions and posting it on social media is absolutely nonsense. It has forced the authority to come up with another exam. That is ok. What is not ok is to still let the bad guys dictate the situation. A government which cannot write national exam without shutting down social media is in very bad shape. As for the communication minister saying it was done for the students sake so that they would not be distracted, I have a one word answer: nonsense. The social media have been shut down because the government is not sure of stopping another exam questions from being posted on Facebook or another social media. In other words a few individuals took the government hostage. And the government admits its being taken hostage. Moreover, it admits it cannot do anything about it. How sad!

  8. Hager says:

    አንድ መሪ ለሀገር የንብ ንግስት ለቀፎ
    በብቃት ሲመራ በጋራ ተቃቅፎ
    በሰው የሚሆንን ሁሉንም ይችላል
    ከመጥፎ ሲፋለም ከመልካም ይስማማል

    የኢትዮጲያ ችግር የአፍሪካም አህጉር
    ምንጩ ከውጭ ነው በሚጠላ ጥቁር
    የማይሆኑት የለም የማይምሱት ጉድጓድ
    ሰላም እንድናጣ እንዲጠፋን መንገድ
    የአፍሪካ መሻሻል የጥቁር መጠቀም
    እንደ እሬት መራራ አይጣፍጣቸውም
    አፍሪካን ሲጎዱ ራስ የሚጠቅሙ
    ይህ ነው ተግባራቸው ሁል ጊዜም የሚያልሙ

    ግን ያ መጥፎ ዘመን የነሱ ፈጠራ
    ወደ እነሱ ዞሯል ለአፍሪካ ሲበራ
    የመስራት፣ የማደግ፡ የነገ መሻሻል
    በነሱ ጨልሞ በአፍሪካ ላይ ሞቋል
    የሰሪው አቅም፡ ውጤት የማያልቅ ተቆጥሮ
    ከሀገር ተወግዷል መኖር በተፈጥሮ
    መሪዎች ይመራሉ ህዝቡ ይከተላል
    ራሱ ለራሱ ስለመሆኑ አምኗል
    ከውጭ ጣልቃ ገቢ ራስን መጠበቅ
    ሰላምና ህይዎት ውበት ነው አልማዝ፡ ወርቅ

    ኢንተርነትም ሆነ ሌላው ወሬ አናፋሽ
    የተለየ ቦታ የለውም በጭራሽ
    የሚሆነው ሁሉ ካልሆነ ለጥቅም
    ድምጥማጡ ይጥፋ አንድም ሳይቀር ሁሉም
    ሲያውቁበት ብቻ ነው የኢንተርነት ጥቅም
    ቁጥጥር ይገባል ክትትል ሁል ጊዜም
    የኢትዮጲያ መንግስት ቆራጥ ሆኖ ይምራ
    ቆሻሻ ሲጠራ ጨለማውም ይብራ
    በራስ ሀገር ጉዳይ ማንም አያገባው
    ይህ ነው አቋማችን በደም ስሩ ይግባው

    እናም ተወት ያድርገን እንኑር እንደ እኛ
    ከኛ ጋ እየመጣ አይሁንብን ዳኛ
    እርዳታ ምናምን የሚለው መሳሪያ
    ከአሁኑ ያብቃለት በታላቅ ኢትዮጲያ
    እሱ ያለው ሁሉም የሰው ስራ ውጤት
    ለኛ እንሰራለን ሳንደክም፡ ሳንታክት
    የመንግስት ግዴታ፡ የህዝብ ሀላፊነት
    የኑሮ መሻሻል የሀገር ደህንነት፡፡

  9. Kibrom says:

    Recently the well known gang named Filetew Kuretew Gang initiation activity among the young was exhibited mostly advertised and registration done on social media until the site was infiltrated. Currently the police is saying all gang members that registered can join the police force and all past crimes including joining a gang will be forgiven.

    Residents of Addis Ababa were outraged after they have found out that authorities moved to demolish two churches in the capital.

    Two of the churches are located at the ongoing demolishing site where thousands of homes were bulldozed, rendering over 30,000 people homeless.

    Last week, a demolishing team attempted to tear down the Saint Uriel Church but was stopped by the laity. Three days later, police shot and killed a priest.

    On Thursday, a demolition team also moved to bulldoze the Kidanemeheret Church, but the laity fought back and stopped the demolition.

    In all the cases, authorities demanded that the laity remove the holy tablet, which is the replica of the Ark of the Covenant from the churches so they could go ahead with the demolishing. They laity however have so far refused to do so.

    Two police officers and a local administrator were killed in clashes with residents in the ongoing demolishing of a neighborhood in Addis Ababa. The government says it needs the area for other development projects, but did not provide shelters for those whose houses would be demolished. 300 people were arrested in the search for the killers of the officers.

  10. Hope says:

    Blocking must be backed by law
    I suggest law mat be enacted to block social medias when and if

    Elections are conducted ( 10 days before and after )

    Riots takes place

    Dissiminates in constitutional topics

    Serves enemies interest

    Comes from terrorists

    Tarnishes the good image of country

    Social medias nowadays are western tool of violating sovergnity . The rich Arab nations use it to control countries . It is not untouchae as a bible or a Koran . Countries must use it to advance their desires only . Good job EPRDF . Thanks for showing Africans how to control their destined

  11. Hope says:

    Distracting students !

    It is also districting our nation building
    And democratic change focus

  12. Dd says:

    Keep up the good work. When the last exam was stolen , the country lost so much money that could have went to building more schools. They can live for three days without social media.

  13. T says:

    where they have been until exam stolen ??? I hope they don’t have self confidence this is dictater

  14. Yiku_ak says:

    It is time for Ethiopians to develop their own sites rather than being consumers of sites developed by the west. Four years ago, CODERS4AFRICA (C4A), the largest network of African software developers and one of the most promising African software outsourcing companies, was featured in the 2012 Information Economy Report prepared by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). The report revealed that Africa only impacted about 3% of the $1.3 trillion USD in global IT revenue. Yet Africa is the world’s second-largest and second-most-populous continent—with 1.2 billion people, it accounts for 15% of the global population.

    With little funding, C4A took on the challenge to get more Africans involved in the global IT economy by helping to produce African software developers who could shape a true African IT industry. C4A helped train hundreds of coders in Kenya, Senegal, Ghana, Mali, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Tunisia, and Ethiopia. But C4A needed to train many more and to provide job opportunities for them. In April 2016, Amadou Daffe, the CEO and co-founder of C4A and a native of Senegal, travelled to Silicon Valley to find investors interested in scaling C4A into an aggressive, Pan-African startup. Only Hiruy Amanuel, a young investor and self-made entrepreneur of Ethiopian origin, stood out. Hiruy’s grandfather, Kenyasmach Yikunoamlak Desta, fought in the Italian invasion in 1935. He was a patriot who fought for the rights and the liberty of his people. Amadou’s father, Mamadou Daffe, has dedicated his career to creating sustainable agricultural engineering systems throughout West Africa through his company, IDEV-ic. With these roots, it was clear from the beginning that both men shared a burning passion for the same idea: that it is time for Africa to take control of its own destiny.“We were brainstorming on how we could contribute to Africa’s destiny—Hiruy as an investor and I as a technologist. Hiruy mentioned that he had always wanted to build a school in Ethiopia. Being from Silicon Valley, it took me literally five minutes to sell him on why a software engineering academy coupled with a platform that would match graduates with clients would be extremely valuable in Ethiopia and duplicable across other African countries,” said Amadou.

    The concept was initially dubbed “DaaS” (Developer as a Service) before its name was changed to “Gebeya,” which means “marketplace” in Amharic. Gebeya was conceived as brainchild of C4A in Ethiopia, with offices in Kenya and the USA.We are launching the IT Academy Training program in Ethiopia, which has a population of nearly 100 million, of which 75% are youth. Our strategy is to make Ethiopia the headquarters for the IT Academy Training hub and graduate approximately 5,000 students in the next five years. The training will begin in mid-September 2016. We will begin accepting applications from candidates in July 2016 and will offer partial and full scholarships to selected individuals.

    Gebeya’s marketing team will be based in Kenya, as it has one of the highest demands for software developers in Africa and is home to the African headquarters of many Fortune 500 companies. This provides opportunities to accelerate customer acquisition and because the distribution channel is an online marketplace, we will reach IT professionals throughout the continent.Our purpose is to develop African IT talent while providing an online IT services marketplace for the African and global business market. We also seek to expand our students’ IT skills, eliminate tech hardware and software needs for our clients, increase opportunities for African IT professionals, and reduce IT developmental and operational costs so more Africans can utilize these services. Africa may have missed the Industrial Revolution, but its youth have no intention of missing the digital one.

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