Ethiopian Airlines to start manufacturing and supplying aircraft parts to Boeing, Airbus and other aerospace companies


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16 Responses

  1. Dan says:

    Is this some type of joke ?

    If you say that Ethiopian Airlines will produce the paper towels and the brooms used in the aircrafts, it will be believable.

    Why would a South African company that needs neither the expertise not the capital from the Airline will partner with Ethiopian Airlines to produce and provide parts to an American company ?

    • Ermi says:


      There is nothing more to say other than lol.

      Btw, what happened to the natural gas reserve found in Arba munch?

      Peace to all but woyanes!


    • Beza says:

      Dan, Do you ever see EPRDF joke. When it says It delivers the jokers are in you, opposition part.

  2. Osayres says:

    Weyanne air line has spare park munifacturing industry .
    But my I ask about the closer of debrezeyti air port and opened in mekele? Many people say that is good question bu they never answer it.
    By the way Tigray republic going to be prosperous country in near future from the name dry land Tigray

    • Solomon says:

      Banda Osayres ,you can not sleep if you hire anything good about ethiopian.
      You have inferiorty complexity.
      Because you know ethiopian are better than you.
      Special tigrawiyn ethiopian still rule you.
      Tigrawy ethiopiawi esayass will rule you for next 100 yearso.
      Eritreawnat= bandant.
      Italian and arbes cock suckers.
      Have no dignity.
      Have no culture.

  3. Osayres says:

    Weyanne has 36 billion loan from China turkey uk imf
    All this fake double growth is a drama but weyanne has no shame at all
    The good news is the Ethiopian people kind of buying it.
    A government who live in aid and loan is like a man on a life support, you never know when when going to dy
    But for weyanne it is very near

    • Solomon says:

      Osayres ,Loser banda cock sucker.
      Your eritraw father used to sell his ass to Italian.
      Now essays selling his ass to saudi areas.
      Just like your forefathers.
      OSAYRES be proud of your culture selling your ass for leftover past and a loft of bread.

  4. Abegaz says:

    Habesha cement signed a joint venture agreement with a South African company. As a result of this agreement, the company got the legal ownership of the company based on that joint venture agreement with 35%? of the company. When once they got that right and became part of the company, they did what they did which was changing the agreements and demanded 49% of it. Without proper discussion and explanation from the Ethiopian side, the Ethiopian side agreed. The remorses are saying it was done so easily and quickly through the power of manipulation and corrupting the individuals by this South African company.

    Again, they started demanding the majority share ownerships of the company; at least with 51%. Again, they got what they demanded. Corrupting individuals was the biggest weapon this time too in order to get easily and quickly what they had demanded. No one knows who owns the Habesha cement today and with how much percentage is the Ethiopian side ownerships.

    Here we go again with another south African Apartheid company this time getting its dirty feet and stealing hands in the Ethiopian airlines as they did in other sectors including being part of the foreign companies monopolizing the Ethiopian breweries with the fraction amount of money from its real values and almost no contribution to the country but looting to the bon through health risky products as alcohol is.

    They even don’t pay proper tax, buying water with the real values, using Ethiopian Barleys or paying adequate salaries to the workers. Instead, they are replacing the workers with machines despite the government main goal to privatize the nation breweries in to foreign hands was as much as lots of job creations and knowledge transfer which is none of it is happening but against.

    When the Ethiopian tobacco announced to sell its 40% Stake to foreign companies, 4 of the world biggest tobacco companies computed against the government offer to get the price down as low as possible while making secret agreements between them. Morison, BAT and the other one associated with USA and UK tobacco companies, were engaging with tricks, tactics and games to manipulate the process and building friendships with involved individuals for better deal at the expense of the country. One company gave about half a million dollar in the name of aid for the el Niño victims with goal to get the tobacco deal at least with less than 1/4 of its real values which is offering only 120 million while the other two offers were not more than 140 million. .

    However, God bless the good nation and also companies such as the Japanese tobacco, it agreed to buy 40% the company share with 510 million dollar which is more than 4 times the three other companies agreed secretly to offer thinking Ethiopia has no other choices. This is the way how they managed to get the country breweries almost with free despite it worth billions of dollars just to get in.

    As some stories are saying, these three companies including BAT(which is the worst criminal company in Africa spreading corruptions and making out of market and businesses the natives tobacco related companies such as in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda), were angered against the Japanese tobacco company for offering the right price and it got the 40% stake in the lucrative and profitable Ethiopian market with quality tobacco growing and production potential for the African, Middle east and as well as international markets knowing Ethiopia has the best climate and altitude for the best quality tobacco farming.

    So, the idea of joint venture with western companies could not be seen always as useful and safe investment to Ethiopia. The Apartheid South African companies are known with bad behaviors as they are always changing or denying their words for the sake of new and best agreements at the expense of the other sides. Every time when they are putting efforts and resources in the company, they are demanding the change of the agreements rather than taking it as a loan in order to get it back from the results.

    The western companies do think they are to smart against the blacks and they can get what they want at the expense of the dark nations ruled by easily manipulated, corrupted and sold-out officials. So, celebrating this agreement could be premature knowing they are unpredictable and always have something secretly behind with any agreement they are making openly.

  5. Tesfu says:

    Dear brother fekadeshiwakena I have read your comment regarding fikreslase new book I am extremely happy with your comments thank you so much

  6. micheal says:

    osayres you damb head leader could not manage 3–5 millions eritreans and you people are on the streets of europe abd israel. a small country contributing the 2nd largest refugees to the world just next to syria. Weyane has very well managed the affairs of 100-millions ethiopians. unless you are blinded by stupid hate Weyane deserves a credit. 20-years a go your intellectuals projected to make Eritrea Singapore by now. was it day dream or what happened your country has become the source of trouble to the global community.
    my friend we know Ethiopia is a large country with complex cultures if you see trouble here and there do no be excited it will cool down with out much overall impact. It is just the manifestation of our complex social composition. The other day dream to use Tigray as transit corridor from Central Ethiopia to Eritrea is dead for good as well.The last but not least, if a need arises, Tigreans are more than capable to destroy and rebuit your Eritrea with out seeking help from others. Your Shaebya leaders know that very well and that is why they are with out option except crying. the Urban Eritreans currently are suffering Identity crisis, and you will bite every on your way like mad dog. I suggest you contain your self and never over step to cause war; the reason your stupid gen can recover with in the coming generations either by instinct or through education and therefore your children and my children can love and support each other. In death there is no second chance. After all how much percent does the Tigrigna speaking in Eritrea and Tigray count of the total world population? it is absolutely insignificant, and to make matters worst, you are tempering and provoking for war. after shabyean back stubbing do not expect the two governments to trust each other and run business as Usual, if you think that way, you must be naive. the only thing you should pray is Tigray does not build high wall fences all along the boarder or your sick minded president does not become a cause for another all out war by repeated provocation in that case the Tigrigna speaking people both sides will loose a great deal. I on my part do not want to see that happened.

  7. Abegaz says:

    Addis Ababa like some other cities and towns in the country has still huge opportunities, capacities and facilities for more and diverse investment activities including the biggest ones. It is the centre of the country easily reachable from all sides, the population is growing faster and bigger with the trend by 1930 it could reach 8 million. Its fundamental natural gifts and the location are good enough to facilitate and protect it.

    However there are cities, towns and regions in Ethiopia do have very limited capacities and opportunities to facilitate investments particularly the big ones. Take for instance Mekkele and the surroundings which are in the far north eastern part of the country. It has limited capacities to facilitate no more than 500.000 residents. It is a city with the lack of rainfalls, shortages of water and affected time to time with draught. Enough water availability is fundamental for human settlements, development activities and continuity of civilization.

    Many cities, towns and regions have been abandoned throughout history all over the world particularly in North Africa, the wider Middle East, the Americans and Australia. The reasons are many and different one another. However, the shortage of water, resources and bad climates are the oldest and main factors. Wars, conflicts and diseases are also among the reasons.

    Among the Ethiopian regions that are vulnerable for huge human settlements and have no guarantee for long term development activities are Afar, Ethiopian Somali, the Southern edge part of Oromia and Tigry. Mekele is the most vulnerable biggest city in Ethiopia for climate changes causing the shortage of water which is basic for life and development.

    So, the Government needs to invest wisely by itself and also must facilitate foreign investors in the right places where water, good weather and locations are good enough to facilitate them. Investing as much as lots of money and resources as they are coming including from abroad in places that have limited potentials for long term investment is not a good idea but loosing opportunities, times and energy that could be very useful if they were invested in the country where the proximities are easily and quickly reachable and there are enough and long term resources and consumers to make it able to continue working, improving and growing.

    Investment activities in the best investment places and regions like Gonder, Bahir Dar, Debre Markos, Debre Birhan and the likes (the neglected region, cities, towns and places) that are not only ideal, safe and essential but also are reaching tens of millions consumers in the regions and abroad the bordering and nearest countries such as Sudan, South Sudan, Chad and all west African and North Africa as well. These places and the region can play very big and long term roles for the country development if it gets some attentions as the investment in Addis and the surroundings, Dire Dawa, Hawassa and the likes are playing the biggest roles in the country as well as abroad reaching all sides in the centre, east, west, south and North.

  8. Band says:

    Use gas and fire in a bottle it so effective for burning buses and cars
    Make Ethiopia ungovern
    Dear Oromo people and Amhara people we saw your suffering and we hear your voice. We are with you!!!
    Kill all those tribal supporters

  9. Agazit Commando says:

    Hardly a month passes by without Ethiopia’s reputable National Security and Intelligence Service and Federal Police Joint Anti-Terrorism Task Force issuing a statement either of it nipping in the bud a G7-Shabia terrorist attack, or that it has succeeded in apprehending armed groups sent from Eritrea in order to scupper our durable peace, our pluralistic democracy and our onward march to growth and prosperity. Equally true is the Government’s umpteen “calibrated and teachable” mostly aerial attacks on targeted positions inside Eritrea.
    While there is no question that Ethiopia’s retaliatory attacks did succeed in destroying anti-Ethiopia terrorist camps around the Ethio-Eritrea border and in despoiling Eritrea’s military installations inside Eritrea, there must be no denying the irrefutable truth that these efforts have so far failed miserably to rid Eritrea’s tyrant leader off his soaring ambition and unshrinking determination to destabilize, not to say to dismember, our “Oasis of tranquility in a troubled Region.”
    Last month when news of a border clash between Ethiopian and Eritrean forces dominated the airways and cyberspace, I was sipping coffee at a packed German Café in that part of Kazainshis dubbed “Addis Manhattan.” There customers were unabashedly praising the Government’s retaliatory actions. Surprised at the way customers were venting their pent-up feelings of anger and resentment at Shabia’s incursions to maim and kill innocent Ethiopians, I joined in the discussion. To my pleasant surprise, I quickly found out that I was on the same wave-length with the customers. While we all agreed that extreme poverty, and not Eritrea, remains our one and only enemy, the sad truth, however, is that the State of Eritrea – not Eritreans – is wedded to a dogged determination to destabilize Ethiopia.
    To the great majority of Ethiopians now, push has come to shove as far as our relations with the State of Eritrea is concerned. You dare not accuse me of being a jingoist, for I am not. Nor am I a pacifist for that matter. I am a realist. The primordial duty of any government has from time immemorial been the safety of its citizens. In this regard, the ruling EPRDF’s track record in general and those of our security and law enforcement forces, not to mention, our defence forces in particular is redolent with fulsome praise. Today’s reality on the ground, however, spurs us to ask ourselves whether the ruling party’s renowned sense of genial tolerance has outlived its sell-by-date.
    The recent binge of street violence in Gondar which, according to the Mayor of Gondar, took the lives of 14 law enforcement officers, was planned and executed by quislings from Ethiopia who take orders from what Minister of Government Communication, Mr Getachew Reda, speaking on Radio Fana, euphemistically referred to “Foreign Enemies of Ethiopia.”
    With election-win dodger turned guerrilla fighter, Dr Birhanu Nega, and his official organ, ESAT, churning out notorious lies, there is no way in which Isaias Afewerki is going to abandon his vision of destabilizing and dismembering Ethiopia.
    It’s high time that the Government indulges on a re-think. Is the Government going to continue ‘punishing’ the rogue state knowing full well that its calibrated retaliatory measures against Eritrea have so far failed to stop Isaias Afewerki’s terrorist incursions inside Ethiopia? Or is the Government going to do the unthinkable and issue a final and public ultimatum to Isaias to stop meddling in Ethiopia or face the full force of our tried and tested defence forces. Only an all-out blitzkrieg attack, coupled with a carefully crafted exit strategy will ensure durable peace and stability so that the Motherland can continue to flourish

  10. us for us with us says:

    Whey a country needs foreign investment?
    -Because she lacks the know how producing, making or building things with quality, quantity and variety on time by herself using own citizens.
    -Because she lacks the know how to trade or distribute effectively within and particularly in the export and import activities.
    The problem will be solved only when the country becomes committed and good enough producing quality with quantity citizens through modern and useful educations and experiences with the Chinese, japans and eastern styles.
    Why countries need to export?
    – In the Ethiopian case it is purely for foreign currency reasons and the same times creating jobs for the citizens.
    Why is a country need foreign currencies?
    -It is to finance imports, paying back foreign debt related the costs, for foreign trips and relationships.
    The best way to deal with foreign currency issues is not concentrating with expanding and increasing exports but minimizing imports by producing the import items in the country. This is the best and right way to decrease or stop the foreign currency pressures by producing the import items in the country while in the process creating more jobs, acquiring the ownerships, improving the skills and building sustainable economic activities.

    The agriculture sector is the base and fundamental source for development activities in Ethiopia. More than 90% all raw materials needed in the manufacturing and food processing industries are agriculture related. Cotton, leather, cereals, grains, fruits, vegetables, meat, spies, trees including bamboos and so many others are agriculture related activities.

    Therefore, in order to develop the manufacturing as well as industry sectors, it is important to develop the agriculture sector as well. You cannot develop the manufacturing sectors by importing raw materials such as cotton, leather, fruits, vegetables, grains, cereals, meat, spies, wood and so on. These things are easily growing and can be always cheaply but with high quality accessible in Ethiopia.

    That means in order to decrease or stop the foreign currency pressures, it is needed to decrease the import trade volumes and costs by producing the import items in the country. This is not a difficult mathematics issue. Increasing imports alone is not solving the foreign currency issues but decreasing the import items by producing them at home for domestic consumptions before exporting them to abroad.

    Foreigners are coming to Ethiopia to invest because of the huge market and enormous opportunities. Yet, we are looking to export while importing more and more creating Trade unbalances and debts with high interests.
    Ethiopians must concentrate how to produce import items in the country using own citizens and raw materials. Universities and colleges need to produce these kind students or else they need to go to hell.

    Trades between nations will not grow in the future decreasing down to the very limited and specific items with those difficult to make/produce them in the country. Other than that, each and every nation will be able to produce its own manufacturing and as well as industrial products including cars, wash machines, refrigerators, TV, phones, computers , Machines, medicines and so many others. The Ethiopian garment, leather as well as other manufacturing and industry products important and huge market will be in Ethiopia and Africa as a whole before looking towards the ME, Asia and elsewhere.

    Africa has more than 300 citizens in the Middle class categories so far and growing very fast. There is no doubt; most of them clothes, shoes, bags and the likes are not made in Africa but Europe, Asia and North America. If Ethiopia manages to produce clothes, shoes, bags and the likes with quality using the Ethiopian best cotton and leather raw materials thanks to the highland climate, she can sell them in Africa with the same or even higher prices than she is doing elsewhere. In order to do that she needs to be smart and quick equipped with trade minded and selling skills learning from others. She needs to avoid/eliminate the thief middle men that are making more money than she is including selling her coffee and flowers to Europe, Russia and elsewhere. She must sell her products directly to the market if she is not able to distribute to the consumers by her selves.

    Don’t rely on foreign investments or markets but own investments and market and Africa. If she knows how to use this advantage, Ethiopia can’t satisfy even the neighboring nations markets alongside with her own no matter how many manufacturing products she is going to produce. Desert nations will always import clothes, shoes, bags, food and drink items, spies, wood related products and so many others. Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Djibouti, North and west Africa as well as the rest of Africa market is so big but too empty and hungry with manufacturing products Ethiopia is busy to develop , expand and produce/make them with plenty keeping quality as priority.

    Developing the agriculture sectors in order to get the manufacturing sectors raw materials from home such as Cotton, leather, wood, grains, cereals, spies and so on is essential for the manufacturing industry development. Instead of importing cars from china or Japan, it is important to bring them in the country to produce those cars for domestic as well as African markets using Ethiopians workers and raw materials.

    Be smart and self created based on the facts and realities in the country, region, Africa and the world. Don’t copy from others in order to apply them directly in the country. This is a very different world and will continue dramatically changing beyond recognition. That means nothing remains the same including relations between nations but adopting always with the circumstances.

    Continuing having relation with China, Japan, Italy, India, Russia and so on is essential while having new development and strategies relationships with other countries in eastern Europe such as Serbia, Czech republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland and the likes. Their agriculture and other development activities are more than enough to transform the Ethiopian economy and society easily without any cost including bad influence and interference in our internal matters and social fabrics as the west are doing. So, work with them too instead of still continuing suffering by choice under the old songs in the west.

  11. us for us with us says:

    The African airlines total market shares in Africa is less than 20%. The rest is occupied by none Africans.

    This is shame and disaster telling how blacks are stupid and the AU is worthless. They are talking about free African passports and political Union while closing doors for economic reasons between African nations while opening widely to none Africans instead of being otherwise. Africa needs to open its markets and economic activities between African nations in the continent than to anybody else beyond the continent. It also must continue closing boarders by rejecting free human movements until the economic and political situations between nations are solved, improved and become safe and sustainable.

    The African citizens are diverse and they are not ready and good enough for free human movement in the continent. But they have to commit for free and easy movements related to economic activities including trade and airlines. They are giving free and easy accesses for trade and economic activities to Europe and others while Europe is not allowing them to come in even with Visas.

    African nations must open the African sky for the African airlines making them able to get at least 50% of the continent aviation market shares.

  12. Dazi Dag SF says:

    Established in the 1984, the Dejen Aviation Engineering Complex (DAVEC) & it was incorporated into the Metals and Engineering Corporation (METEC) as the Dejen Aviation Industry (DAVI) in 2010.
    Few years ago Dejen Aviation Industry (DAVI) quitely manufactured and distributed military aircrafts for national security use , location on the whereabouts of the planes is kept secret from the public to ensure strategic military advantage same as Ethiopia is quietly building its air defense systems without specifieing the exact loication they are tested at. .

    Located in Bishoftu town, 47 km to the south east of Addis Ababa, DAVI has eight plant facilities including: fixed wing production factory, rotary wing production factory, aerospace & mechanical factory, avionics system integration factory, power plant factory, body and frame structure factory, UAV production factory and a test center factory.

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