Debretsion: The Wolkait issue isn’t an identity question rather a propaganda ploy designed to bring discord between the people of Amhara and Tigray


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100 Responses

  1. Aman says:

    Exactly that is the agenda of
    Shabia and Gim -7.

    • zeraye says:

      The Tigrai-Tigregn project, which the TPLF has adopted, since its origin is made by trespassing the river Tekezie and annexing a large chunk of the Gondar region west of the river and extending the southern border of Tigrai north of Anghereb valley, to include Tselemt, Waldebba, Welqait, and Tsegede.

      Thus aggrandized in the west and south , TPLF’s Tigrai has been blown up from the traditional and official size of 65,000 sq. kms to 102,000 sq. kms “restoring” what the TPLF says was land taken away from Tigrai, on the basis of an entirely unfounded , unhistorical claim and assertion that following the Woyane revolt of 1943, “Haile Selassie . incorporated parts of Tigray to Amhara provinces.” (see TIGRAY – A NATION IN STRUGGLE,” a TPLF publication, October 1979). A glance at the administrative maps of Ethiopia in the twentieth century between 1900 and 194 , including even Fascist Italy’s maps during the occupation period (1936-1941), is enough to discredit such a baseless claim intended to justify TPLF expansionist agenda. Christopher Clapham had thus exposed Meles territorial expansion and opportunism:

      • Mengsteab says:

        What a lynch mob!!!
        You mentioned that you haven’t found any evidences that showed Welkait, Tselemti and Tsegede were a part of Tigrai. First of all, could you give as the fact that the former consecutive reactionary and backward feudal governments of Neftegna Amhara hadn’t taken any land that belong to ancient Tigrai during their reign? Snatching of land and property were the customary main duty of the Neftegna rules and rulers. They tried to steal lands from Oromia by changing the names of the places and uprooting the indigenous plants and replacing them by plants imported from Australia to decisive the people not recognize thier fathers land. For example, Fin-fini was replaced by Addis Ababa, Adama was exchanged by Nazrat you name it. These are atypical showcase of what Neftegna rulers did at every corners of the country, and these are well recorded and documented in Ethiopia’s modern history.
        Second, do you have any pieces evidences that you think may refute the fact that these places were not the part and parcel of the Axumite kingdom -not to mention the fact that who the people of these respective places are and where they came from ? Because you are too ignorant to comprehend as well as blindfolded with animosity and hatred you cannot even ask yourself from where the name of Welkait , Tselemti and Tsegede originate from- not to mention the name of the trees, rivers, mountains, and the name of the towns including the capital towns of the respective woredas. Can you named any place in Amhara who has similar name as Dansha, Waldiba, Adi-Remets, Lemalmo and so on? Anyways, I don’t have to toss words hoping to educate an ignorant person who is as deaf as a post. Lastly, you can bark as much as you like, however; you can change the truth on the ground ,but you can still spit a crock of shit of yours to deceive yourself and people like yours.

        • አባይ ጣና says:

          So, names mean a lot to you? how intelligent.raya,kobo,etc come to mind.for instance derkali,wajir,marsabit,el wak,etc are all in Kenya.the names are somali and there are sizable somali population due to historical movement and settlement of people.
          the truth is welkait has never been part of Tigrai.the people of wolkaite are living proof.they vehemently reject fake TPLF history.
          just because the impoverished tigres crossed tekeze and settled there can not make the land the territory of Tigrai.TPLF wants to annex amhara land for economic’s one of the projects of greater Tigrai.
          BTW, I am half oromo and I know finfine (AA) is corruption of “ፊን ፊን “አለ, finfine is not proper oromo word.
          Remember,profanity is no civility.Sticks and stones may break my bones (but words will never hurt me).

          • Mengsteab says:

            It seemed that complexity induced animosity scrambled your little brain. It’s a wastage to riposte to a Adgi- Neftegna as ill-informed as usual.

    • zeraye says:

      Now TPLF is alone.what is left of those fat TPLF bosses in Addis?
      order their foot soldiers to get their machine guns and kill people?
      soon you all find yourselves with your backs against the wall.

      mark my words.

    • guest says:

      lie will defeat u.

      Why don’t u get da FaKa of hell and come to fight Gonderes? U are a soul broken GETATA-TPLF Vuvuzela, who are scared and wetting ur KEDADA-KUMTA ,worrying about the diminishing and the last day of @GAME only criminal activity, included stealing, cheating embezzling kidnapping, demagoguing is about to fold, together with, all the stolen wealth and ethiopians people property u have been hauling to the land of “WONBEDES and SHIFTAS” the past 30 years ganging up with ur LEBA siblings .U know the time is around the corner to deport back all the northern apes back to their’s BELES jungle and secure our boarders with electric fence and drones, performing by not only Gonderes but also, by all Ethiopians except trouble maker problem cry babies. U are a helpless, brain washed TIGRE troll and i fill sorry for u ,for coming here and bluffing ur AZZ off telling us the GOD choosen the moses lead choosen people of “TIGRES” wow i have never realized until now that all GETATAS are the results of “Mosad trained ,Delta force breed all ivy school of military science acadamia graduated with Barbaric major and lying crooks minor to be such a special people as u nauseated. Loooooool! Did some one peed in ur mouth to stink this bad? what ever ur motive is iwill tell u this! “FK u all idiots BESBASA-LEBAS ! we ETHIOPIANS knew and are prepared to KiK ur pungent AZZ & send u back to ur native jungle and drought laden shanty village where u suppose to be, not in civilaised “ADDIS” because no matter how and how many times we have tried to deodorant the pigs in a pen the second they get cornered the filthy animals sprayed us with their stink over and over to keep us in a dirt like themselves.

      Peace to only ETHIOPIANS!

      • next somali says:

        We do’t who you call ethiopia. disintegration is around the corner. shabia is smart. gonder kkkkkkkkkkk

    • hermi says:

      And the Eritrean regime is given a blank check than heating back where it hurts.

  2. Tesfalehulum says:

    really? DebreTsion? your fascist party, TPLF, orchestrated and engineered for the last 25 years to exterminate Amharas. The wolkite issue is a well known part of your long standing Greater Tigray dream to be accomplished by looting the rest of Ethiopia and by land grabbing. It looks like it is now back firing all over the country. Enough is enough! Fascist TPLF has to go and you have to face justice for your despicable crime against Amhara, Oromo, Gambela, Somali….!!

    • Solomon says:

      Banda shabia keteragna,tesfbise.
      Where have been for the last year.
      Where you in a mental Institute.
      Not only walkite half wolo is tigray.
      Half is oromo ,the good people of oromo you and you banda King minlke and banda tafri mekonene call them galla.
      Dr Debrtion did not came to power by calling names.
      Like you on food stamps.
      You consider yourself a hero because a hero of from your safe place.
      Banda shabia keyeragna tesflhulm please go back to the mental Institute because you don’t sound good still .
      Remember when banda minke sold tigray land( now Eritrea) to his master italian , Minlke grab land from tigray .

    • Beza says:

      This Tesfa Bis Shimagle Tesfa yelelew EPRP he came out from his nursing home when he think Ethiopia is in trouble. As Dr. Debretsion said Wolkait problem should be raised in Wolkait not in Gonder by Libs Sefi Atalay Zafe and retired Demeke Zewdie. Amara regional government should control the northern Gonder lawlessness. Gonder problem should be contained in Gonder. There is no problem in Amara region. It is only in Gonder. There was a peaceful demonstration in Dessie and Bahir dar before, why the Gonder one so special. In Bahir dar one year ago the young people were dancing. Of course If people were on the street with weapon the government has responsibility to defend the constitution. Oromo youths; by using their emotional behavior the tell them to bring gejera and konchera, they will get killed when they are trying to hurt other.

  3. Habte says:

    Shabia has nothing to do with this. Look in the miror pal. Shabia is not governing Ethiopia.

    • hermi says:

      You must be a moron or a die hard liar like your bosses who denied everything under the sun. Eritrea is a cocoon for G7, UIC (later Alshabab), and all the other anti Ethiopia elements. The EPRDF government has time and again proved having a soft spot for your HIGDEF at its own detriment. I hope it is time for EPRDF to realize the inevitable and take a different course.

  4. Desta says:

    Sir , the question of Welkayt was alive for the last 25 years. the people were incorporated in to Tigray for the purpose of land grab. It was not only Welkayt, It is also Telemit, and some part of Wello . The Amhara people did not have true representative their own when the regions were created.
    Garbing a land from Gondar is silly and disingenuous game of the part of TPLF, Taking a land from Gondar and Wello to help Tigray to get fertile land. Why would any Gonderie and Wolloieye (any amhara) consider TPLF as friend and equal partner in Ethiopian affair when it takeaway its land to favor their own as expense of others?
    The discontent has built up, now it has become a threat for nation . You may kill and imprison as many as you could, the issues will stay alive. It will be a cause for demise of your dream, power, looting…….

    According to TPLF, national question is the major question in Ethiopia. TPLF fought for the right of the people of Tigary to assert their own identity. Now, If you want to decide for your self, why not Welkayt people decide for themselves? why TPLF does not respect this fundamental and constitutional right? an organization that fought for self determination up to session? How come TPLF fought for Eritrean to decide for themselves and become an independent . Why not it uphold the principles it claim the core of the struggle ? Why not Welkayt people decide for themselves which part of the region they wanted to be as long as they remain part of Ethiopia ? why it is headache for TPLF? why torturing and killing their representatives?

    Dear Dr, If TPLF was truly democrat, and fought for the right of people of Tigray, I would have seen major democracy indicators such as free press, many political parties, civic societies, ,,,,,in Tigray but none of them available in Tigray, even at the level of Democracy Addis Ababa has. Tigራy is another North Korea

    Thus, TPLF leaders is using ethnic card to come to power to loot Ethiopia. The evidence is the report presented to the parliament continuously , such as sugar factory case, missing condos , missing billions of Birr from defense and others departments . The other evidence is also the admission of the government that corruption and lack of good governance is the main problem in Ethiopia.

    it is irony , TPLF , an organization for ethnic identity is denying identity , it is imposing identity on others to just get their land. You hope the issue will die by saying it was answered 25 years ago. It was wrong answer , it has to be corrected. peoples’ power and basic democratic rights will answer it.
    የአገሬ ሰዉ ባላገር ሲሰልጥን ማጭድ አግሎ ይታጠቃል ይላል። ከ25 አመት በፊት ባዶ እግራቸዉን የነበሩት የህዉሃት መሪዎች ፤በ25 አመት ዘረፋና ስርቆት ሚሊዬነርና ቢሊነር ሲሆኑ ጥጋቡ ቅጥ አጣ። አለምንም የገዙ መሰላቸዉ። አላዋቂ ሳሚም ሆኑ። ችግሩ አወዳደቁ ሲከፋ አብረዉ ይዘዉን እንዳይወድቁ ነዉ። የእነሱም ማስፈራሪያ ዱላ ይች ነች። በኛ በደልና ዘረፋ ተማራችሁ የምታስወጉዱን ከሆነ ኢትዮጵያን እናፈርሳትአለን ይሉናል። ህዝቡ ከእናንተ የተሻለ ግንዛቤ አለዉ ብዬ አምናለሁ።

    • Yonus says:

      Read history, what Haile Selassie and Menelik did to Tigray, garbing land from Tigray. Check all of them, they all speak tigrigna no amharic.

      • Atwashu says:

        Not everyone that speak English is ENGLISH.
        a dog born and raised in a stable is not horse either.
        The fact is Wolkayit people are not asking to be part of Tigraye.

        poor tigrayes think you can get away by stealing (fertile,productive land). TPLF and its blind supporters still have ‘independent Tigrai” agenda.
        to pursue.

        • Atadigi says:

          Tigrai didn’t take any land fom amra but amra did from oromo such as addis abeba.

          • zeraye says:

            what is that to do with the land Tigres stealing from Gondar?
            You will never succeed in building a prosperous TIGRAI by stealing from others. shame on all you fascist banda.
            BTW, why are all the Tigres in Addis Ababa?Gondar? Bahir dar? Awassa?Jimma?Wolkayit?
            annexing the Amhara land is based on lies and made up stories.

          • Well, more than 100K people in just Gondar think otherwise and showed their dissatisfaction with the magnificent rally over the weekend. This has given Woyane an insomnia.

          • bigot says:

            awrambatimes keeps deleting our replies. thank you so much.

        • Beza says:

          Atwashu, wusha yehonk neger, are you telling us the wolkait people are dogs in stable. You dirty you r dog not wolkait people. Wolkait was fighting the Derg regime with TPLF believing they are Tigres. They themselves will tell you our music is in Amharic but we speak Tigrigna. That’s what they tell you Lilay Abraha bilo Tigre yelem. Nigerugn bayoch. When they were coming to Gonder you used to call them you Tigres referring to their accent now you became their lawyer. Wolkait knows their origin. And if you want to know see their demonstration in Adi Remets. There is no name of Amara in Adi. All the names will tell the truth.

        • Beza says:

          Desta, you must be one of moron trying to convince people. Did you hear him of course Wolkait was in Begemidir because of geographic way of shaping ethiopia. So was Assosa in Wolega Somalia kilil was in Harar Dallol and Afar was in Tigray and Wollo. But now based on their language and culture is the core value of the constitution. Finally ras Menges ha said now the government is ruling based on language. You got it. Wolkait is not in Gonder. The people of Wolkait must be the ones who can claim their identity not some thugs in Gonder paid by Shabiya. Wolkait is peacefull and developing as we speak. So don’t use his speech as a reference. You have to listen Makonnen Zelelew interview with Kasahun Seboka. He is native wolkait and you will understand. Mr. Desta.

          • Desta says:

            Beza, how could a moron convince people!? If I am a moron according to you, then convincing people with my argument , your conclusion is wrong.
            So, all those people who were protesting in Gondar were thugs and paid by shabia.
            Well, this kind of externalization of the problem didn’t help. It is knocking the door, closer and closer… Much better to wakeup and provide answer to the demands of the people legally and respectfully.

          • Delila Reta says:

            Desta, let me ask you Gonder is in Wolkait or wolkait is in Gonder? If people are asking the question in Gonder that means Gonder is in Wolkait. Wolkait is Tigray and the people of Wolkait are in Tigray regional state not in Amara Kilil so as Kimant case was asked in Kimant places it should be asked in Wolkait not in Amaara state. Are you telling me Tigray regional state would ask Dallol Afar because it used to be part of Tigray. Beaza is right when she explained to you. Those people that I know from Wolkait they don’t even understand Amharic. Ere besmeab belu sewoch.

        • Keremela says:

          Desta, Let me invite you this. ESAT TV Mekonen Zelelew 15 December 2011

          • Desta says:

            We all want to call witnesses who justifies our Claim.So, I call my witness Eristie who used to be a member of TPLF, tenths of thousands Welkayt people who identifies themselves as Amharic speakers and Amhara people and hundreds of thousands if not millions of their supporters.
            I consider myself as the citizen of the Blue planet, believe in humanity and human race regardless of ethnic, religion, race, gender,r region. I believe in fair game too. This is where I oppose imposing identity. Let the document, evidences, historic records, census records be seen again , reexamined again if 25 years ago incorporating was justifiable. Let the country’s scholars see it and debate it publicly. What is the fear ? And why unless there is some schemes to grab a land, why it is an issue if the citizens of one country chooses different district?
            From now on, TPLF should stop using the card as vanguard of Ethnic identity. Welkayt exposed it, it was just a lip service to come to power and loot

          • Beza says:

            Keremela; they don’t get facts. The guy is the ruling family of Wolkait. And he is against tplf but he think that wolkait belongs Tigray and people are speaking Tigrigna. This lady Desta was referring to she used to TPLF fighter; now she got the money from Shabiya and she became Amhara even if she doesn’t know propErly.

          • Desta says:

            According to Beza, any one who have questions, different opinions and arguments are thug’s and paid by Shabia. Now, even Eristie, former TPLF fighter, who paid so much price along others during the struggle being called Shabia. When Beza says Eristie got different prospective about Welkayt identity now because Shabia paid her money, I wish Beza backed the Claim with hard evidences such as how much money , when, where, which Bank, who is the person who paid her………but as Welkayt claim there is no evidences. Thus, it would be waste of time to go back and forth with people with no backup evidences.



    • Year Zewdu says:

      @ DAWIT
      Did you your know hundred of your brother and sister run from Eritrea to Tigray ( Terarooo) which is the place A safe heaven for them. Please be kind to your self. This is non your business to begin with.

  6. Moltotal Demie says:

    Well, the good Dr/Minster thinks it is propaganda ploy and the people onthe ground think it’s an identity issue. We shall see who prevails sooner or later. One thing is for sure, the Welkai, Tsegedie, Tselemt and Kufta-Humera is a hot issue begging to be resolved once and for all.

    Regardless, from the size and breadth of the Gondar peaceful rally over the weekend, it is easy to see that the people on the ground have a case.

    • Atadigi says:

      so why not go through the process than looting business people. why are you rushing now to violate and bigotry. is it your uncivilized instinct driving you to madness now or never attitude. Treat and bigotory intimidation will get move one inch forward. it will give you quick rush happy movement but not long/lasting happiness.

      • Moltotal Demie says:

        Oh, I expect this issue to go for a long time as far as it isn’t solved amicably! it wasn’t solved in the last 40 years and I expect it want anytime soon while ANDM and TPLF are in bed together.

        As far as looting and distraction of innocent people’s property is concerned, it is wrong and should be condemned on strongest terms. However, any non-innocent people’s business should be a fair game!

        • Beza says:

          Moltotal demie, your Kererto.and shilela didn’t help Ethiopia. Ethiopia has been peacefull for long time.. Instead of development the Amara place you want to take over some ones business. This is what we see in Gonder. The wolkait issue had nothing to do with Amaras. You understand?

  7. Girum says:

    This is not from someone who is ready to solve the issues peacefully and the right ways but complicating them further

    “Dr. Debretsion commented “If the wolkait issue was a question of identity, it would have been raised by the people of Wolkait themselves in Wolkait, not in Gondar”
    Debretsion also said that the people of Kimant has raised an identity question themselves and that was handled as per the constitutional procedure. The same goes for Wolkait.”

    How many people do know he is a big liar?

    This is how looks like when day light lies are happening.

    1. The people of Wolkte are asking for the last 25 years since their region was forced to become part of Tigry. Only the last 2 years, the wolkte committees have been 11 times in Addis Ababa presenting their case. Instead of the right answers about the grievances they are suffering for the last 25 years, they have got none stop accusations, harassments, intimidation, jailing and forced to leave the region.
    2. Why in Gonder?
    A. Wolkite, Tegede and Telemt are the historical part of Begemeder Gonder and they have been part of Gonder until 1995. TPLF took them illegally and by force away from Gonder in the name of Kili.
    B TPLF/Tigry private agazi forces came to Gonder in the night to steal/hijack members of the Wolkite committee to take them to Tigry for punishments and make them silence. They had been forced to leave their region which is wolkite as many wolkitess did/do for the last 25 years. It was all about to silence them by harassing and imprisoning the Committee members.

    3 Kimat and Amhara people are 100% the same. Less than 1000 people speaks a kind of Kimat language while the rest are speaking only Amharic, have the same culture with the Gonder Amhara. The difference between Kimat and Amhara in Gonder is like the difference between Amhara in Gonder and Gojam which is nothing but natural. Tembien people in Tigry have more in common with Gonder Amhara than Agame in Tigry. So why don’t you talk about that. Tembien people are not Ethnic Tigre.

    Kimat people are less than 0.05% of teh people of the Amhara region. You cannot see them as if they are different from the Amhara. However, this was the TPLF tricks to cause problems in the Amhara region to counter the legitimate Wolkite issues. The ugly and old dog Genet Zewdie and Bereket Simon are among the TPLF agents trying to cause problems in the Amhara region for the last 25 years.

    The wolkite issue is not about Ethnicity but right from wrong, identity and history. Wolkite, Tegede, Telemet and Alem wuha zuria never ever had been part of Tigry in History. Almost all Tigreans in these regions came there since TPLF cross the Tekeze River and the mass settlements by TPLF since 1991/1994. Everything is documented and your lies are nothing but empty rhetoric.

    No matter how you old and retarded TPLF rebels are laying and trying to complicate the situation, now or any time letter Wolkite, Tegede, Telemet and Alem wuha zuria will be back to Gonder. The historical and international recognized boarder between Tigry and Gonder is the Tekeze River. Everyone knows that including foreign scholars and historians while you are denying thinking this is the only way you are good at and makes you win this time; too as it is going on since you started a civil war against the nation 40 years ago.

    What Ethiopians in the country and particularly the Wolkite citizens in Abroad have to do is coming together and organized very well in order to tackle the situation the best ways. TPLF will not agree for anything to solve this issue peacefully and teh right ways because of they did it intentionally knowing it was illegal to do so. Instead you have to collect all historical documents including maps between Gonder and Tigry throughout history. Then put them together the right and best ways in the form of book, film and so on. Try to make them at least in Amharic and English. Then distribute these documents all over the world including UN, AU, EU, China, USA, Russia, Kilil offices in Ethiopia, Parliament, PM office and most importantly the people of Ethiopia.

    We know they are trying to hide it with lies because of they don’t want the people know the Truth. There is no doubt the officials including the PM don’t know the truth about wolkite, Tegede and Telemt had been always part of Gonder and the Tekeze river is the natural and historical boarder between Tigry and Gonder.

    Question to Debretsion:

    When you are talking about the Kimat that are 99.9% the same as with Amhara in Gonder, what about the people of Tembien, Raya, Irob, Kunama, Afar and the likes people situations and rights in Tigry? What kind rights do they have? The Entire Raya was always part of wollo and the people are both Raya and Amhara people have very little in common with the agames. You forced them to be part of your shit Kilil since 1994 as you did with wolkite, Tegede, Telemt and Alem wuha zuria from Gonder.

    What about the Tembien People. They sing, dance, dress, use mesenqo and lots of things the same as with the people of Gonder as the Raya do with wollo while they have nothing incommon or very little with the Agames?


    The wolkite Committee members and millions of their supporting need to know how to deal with TPLF and its total lies and fabricated stories. They are still filling they are the winners and are continuing writing their history with full of lies and misinformation as all the bad winners do. This is not the time to deal with them. But this is the time to do more and more reaching Ethiopians and the wider world to make them know the truth behind this issue using the historical documents written by many experts, scholars and historians from all over the world for the last hundreds years.

    One true story supported by a legitimate document is a powerful weapon to destroy the TPLF lies than facing TPLF with force or other types. Work on day and night until all the documents are collected and gathered together and becomes a full document making it in the form of book, film and the likes. make sure first and foremost Ethiopians and the world is well informed based on eth truth and know about the historical facts on the ground before making the next step and that will be very easy and legitimate when it done step by step. Don’t be in a hurry but systematic focusing on the final results. The regions are there waiting to be rescued and until it happened they will go nowhere but waiting as long as it takes.

    • Atadigi says:

      you never care about wolkite you called them shifta. they never had proper school nor road. you don’t care about them this hot air will back fire on lairs like you.

      • Dude, cool down and have some breakfast. I think your diabetes is getting the good part of you! Why don’t you bring sensible exchange than going around and bitting like a mad dog. Try to being substance to the debate!

    • Zega Tamene says:

      You are still thinking a century back. You have the right to contest Ethnic based federalism. If you accept that Qemant is Qmeant and Wolqayit Xegede are Tigrians. Fulstop

    • Year Zewdu says:

      @ Girum
      You know nothing about Erob, Kunma Tembien people even about Kimat . I have seen clearly from the article ,you are highly political motivated and instead of provide hard facts or evidence rather than what you have heard in Bar or pub.

    • Yared says:

      if we are going back to past history, then Tigrai boundary is Ras Dashen that is where the Semen starts in the name Begemider Ena Semien. why did you change that name while you were on Derg uniform? Only Begemeder is yours. then we have the Ale-Wiha another boundary then that includes the present day Eritrea- that is the Historical territory of Tigrai. your rulers committed crimes when in the mist of some crisis they stupidly sold Tigrean Territory to invaders and snatched Raya and Semien which includes Tselemti and Welkait. Tigrai is the first settlement ancient region in Ethiopia. If there is some one new comer it could be you who is living in Towns which still preserves their Tigrean names like Adi-Arkai and Adi-Selam. you should not talk out of ignorant emotion. your elites of the past and right up to Derg have committed grand crimes on the people of Tigrai Eritrea and Oromos, in terms of territorial theft and massacre of humans. If you want to be reasonable you may go and visit the places we are talking about but from the way you are talking, I knew you do not know the regions we are talking about. but for your assurance none of you will ever dare to step to those regions for ill intention.

  8. Kkkkkk says:

    Better to say, the fake Dr. The issue of kimant is well organized by the ruling class TPLF, to make all Amharas free from boundaries.

  9. Kelemu says:

    We don’t need such a kind of disturbances.our dream is to see our country economically and politically strong .

  10. tiger fox says:

    When I see the way the tplf leaders act for the past 25 years I come to a conclusion that they are not thinking on a human brain instead they use a Locust brain transplant in their head

    • Atadigi says:

      if this not racist then what is? bigotry at its best..

      • zeraye says:

        you definitely have no idea what ‘ racist ‘ means.I suggest you get over your own ‘small man syndrome’.
        The bigots are the founders and blind supporters of have been insulting and demonizing the Amharas, past and present.there is no bigoted people in Ethiopia other than TPLF and its ignorant supporters.

  11. asres says:

    It looks like they are all the same. Is he still thinking it is in the 1980s or 90s they can lie about anything and no one gets the possibilities to find out the truth? This is how they become the way they are through lies including about the things that are there in front of them.

    The wolkite issue is not new but actively happening for last 25 years. The wolkite Committee members have been in Addis Ababa 11 times for the last 2 years and Tigry Kilil many times for the last 20 years demanding to be part of Gonder which is their natural and historical right knowing Tekeze River is the border Between Tigry and Gonder throughout History. .

    Instead of the right answers, the TPLF private criminal forces during night time secretly entered in Gonder which is not part of Tigry Kilil and tried to kill and take the remaining committee members to Tigry in order to silent them. The reason why they came to Goander was/is because of they had been forced to leave their ancestry areas in Wolkite, Tegede and Telemt by the TPLF cadres and supporters/settlers/invaders.

    Everyone knows everything related to the issue and you are lying about. It is shame you are still there.

    • Atadigi says:

      since when did amara care about wolkite? you called shifta. and never had a proper shcool or road. your issue doesn’t stand to test cristics.

      • zeraye says:

        Your thinking process is disjointed ,irrational and emotionally driven..I feel sorry for those who think they have everything to know and belittle others.

        “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is”. Winston Churchill

        • Atadigi says:

          Sir bigot is your last name. TPLF. Built Ethiopia from dust. First time in recent history, the poorest of poor by African standard started to show some respect among international communities not just Africa. This is due to the hard working people of TPLF. It is very hard for you to see and swallow this development. Every development in the country, you have been denying it. Now that you know it is true. You want to snatch by hook or crook by treat and intimidation. It about your narrow nationalist pride driving you crazy. TPLF HAS MADE IT CLEAR MY ENEMY IS POVERTY. That is all TPLF have been doing. It may not be all that great but it good start. However You wanted us to believe you your bigoted treat. Why not act like civil. TPLF showed you how speak and write. Why not speak in a civil manner instead huller like a mad person. I tell you why bothering so much. You people have it all. TPLF built your country your people are in power but you saw few Tigrans owing paps and mom store, and you cannot stand it. You want to Tigreans walking bare foot and begging food. Because this makes you a man. Makes you proud seeing a Tigrean man destitute

  12. wedinkafa says:

    Ato Debretsion you are fooling no one except your self, perhaps you have too since it is the eleventh hour to your brutal admiration that muted 25 years of killing and looting to the Horn of Africa is coming to an end, now wait for your judgement day and if you think you can join Mengie, keep on dreaming!!!

    • Atadigi says:

      treat and fear is your way of democracy. hot air.

      • mehidi says:

        threat and fear? you want to sound you know democracy.
        try again.

        • Atadigi says:

          Sir bigot is your last name. TPLF. Built Ethiopia from dust. First time in recent history, the poorest of poor by African standard started to show some respect among international communities not just Africa. This is due to the hard working people of TPLF. It is very hard for you to see and swallow this development. Every development in the country, you have been denying it. Now that you know it is true. You want to snatch by hook or crook by treat and intimidation. It about your narrow nationalist pride driving you crazy. TPLF HAS MADE IT CLEAR MY ENEMY IS POVERTY. That is all TPLF have been doing. It may not be all that great but it good start. However You wanted us to believe you your bigoted treat. Why not act like civil. TPLF showed you how speak and write. Why not speak in a civil manner instead huller like a mad person. I tell you why bothering so much. You people have it all. TPLF built your country your people are in power but you saw few Tigrans owing paps and mom store, and you cannot stand it. You want to Tigreans walking bare foot and begging food. Because this makes you a man. Makes you proud seeing a Tigrean man destitute

          • Year Zewdu says:

            Well Done you speak the truth !!!

          • Tristan says:

            በማን ገንዘብ በማን እውቀትና ኃይል ?
            TPLF አስተማራችው ስትል ትንሽ አታፍርም እውነትም ቀላል

            እውቀታችሁን ገንዘባችሁን ሀይላችሁንና ግዜአችሁን ለምን ትግራይ ላይ አታውሉትም?
            ”you saw few Tigrans owing paps and mom store, and you cannot stand it. ”’
            What about EFFORT,METEC,SELAM BUS,SEVERAL CONSTRUCTION companies and buildings owned by 4th grade generals,coffee exporters?

            የሕዝቡ ትግሥት አልቇል ወደኋላም አይመለስም

  13. Ali says:

    Yes. Thanks Dr we believe this a political game by G7.
    Dr…why the government have too much patient on this issue.the government have wright to take action on those few people. Dr we are the people support ur government but we are tired on ur patient we don’t want to see fall our country. We now for sure those are suport by Egypt and Eritria. Take theme action collect all the gun change and send them to jail those corrupt cadera Pls tell them no one was above the law. Bring them to justice those kiler do all this. Agin and agin we are tired of your patient. For how long we go like this. Look in America no one can take action on the police officer if…you now what happened we need to see like that here. Don’t play game those police officer they have life like any bodey. If you don’t do this not only from ur ename you loose ur suporter too Dr. Do this right now not tomorrow or later now.
    Awrambatimes thanks for everything.
    God bless Ethiopia
    God bless to all those police officer.

  14. Aynalem says:

    This minster of everything is not worth listening to.
    My family went to Gondar back in the 70s from Tigrai and I have never heard anyone ie priests,teachers,farmers,traders,doctors,etc from Tigrai say wolkyte being part of Tigrai.
    TPLF cadres have even bigger plan than just incorporating wolkayte into Tigrai. the future independent Tigrai will include Benishagul9neghbouring wolkayit to the south) where GERD is being according to the TPLF ethnocentric separatists leaders such as Debretsion ,independent Tigrai is inevitable and productive lands must be taken by all means.
    TPLF is messed up from the begining.

    • Atadigi says:

      keep on believing your lie. propagator is propaganda. you will add up to nothing.

      • mehidi says:

        minster of everything …..aptly named it.
        I do not think he knows the severity of the situation.war between Amhara and Tigre is in the making and can easily herald the end of the most hated TPLF a.k.a EPDRF

  15. በለው! says:

    >>>> በደርጉ ዘመን አንድ ቀልድ ነበር የወይዘሮ ውብአንቺ ብሻው ጎረቤት እሳቸውን ሁልጊዜ ቡና ስትጠራ ኮ/ል መንግሥቱ ኀይለማርያምን አትጠራም ውብአንቺ ተቆጭተው “ምነው ባሌን አንድ ቀን እንኳን ኑ ቡና ጠጡ አለማለትሽ? ታዘብኩሽ” ቢሏት እሷም “ጠልቻቸው አደለም ግን ሥማቸውን ከእነሥልጣናቸው እስክጠራ ቡናው እንዳይቀዘቅዝብን ፈርቼ ነው “አለች አሉ

    “Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael, Minister of Communication and Information Technology and coordinator of finance and economic cluster with the rank of deputy prime minister, ”
    በቀጥታ ወደ ገደለው አሉ
    , Dr. Debretsion commented “If the wolkait issue was a question of identity, it would have been raised by the people of Wolkait themselves in Wolkait, not in Gondar”
    ክልል ለከብቶች ጋጣ ነው ። አንዱ ለሌላው መብት እንዳይቆም በቋንቋ ፡በነገድ ፡በአመጋገብ ፡በአለባበ፡፡፡በጫካ ማኒፌስቶ ተበተባችሁት ለእያንዱንዱ ለሁሉም ማን ከማን መግጠም እንዳለበት ቀይ መሥመር ወየናችሁበት አደለም እንዴ ?
    the people of Kimant has raised an identity question themselves and that was handled as per the constitutional procedure. The same goes for Wolkait.

    ታዲያ ለብቻው ሆነ ከጎንደር ገጠመ ችግሩ ያለው ፈጣን ምላሽ በተወካዮቹአማካኝነት ያላገኙትን የእናቱን ልጅ ተበደልኩ ቢል ክፋቱ ምንድነው ?ህወሓት ለኤርትራውያን ነፃነት የትግራይን ወጣት ለቦንብና አዳፍኔ ማግዶ የለምን ?ዛሬም ትሸጡት የለምን ?

    “ethnicity is not something we created or strengthened. It was there all along history and the federalism was the only option for our country to continue intact” he added.
    ብሔር ነበር አለ ይኖራልም ብሔርተኝነት የወርቅ እና መዳብ ያደረጋችሁት እናንት ትንሽ ጠባቦች ናችሁ ። ኤርትራን እና ትግራይን በማጥበብ ለትውልዱ ምን አተረፋችሁለት ??

    “the federalism answered the national question and brought stability for 25 years”
    መቼም ድምፅ ማጉሊያ እና ጭብጨባ ለእናንተ ብቻ ስለሆነ ከመደንዘዝም አልፎ ተባራሪ ጄኔራሎችን ጨምሮ ደንደንቁራችኋል። ይህ ማዕበል ድሃውን ሳይነካው ትቢተኞችን ያስተንፍስልን! ይህ ከባድ የሕዝብ ንቀትና ትውልዱን ከመናቅ የመነጨ ጉራ ለከት ሊበጅለት ይገባል ።አራት ነጥብ ።
    “the Wolkait issue is a political propaganda ploy designed to bring discord between the people of Amhara and Tigray.”
    ይህን ለማድረግ ያሰበ ያሳሰበ ይቀጣል ! እኔ ዋናው ወንጀለኞች ለማናቸውም የሰውና የንብረት ጥፋት ላለፉት ፱፭ ዓመት ለትውልድ መምከን እና መባከን ለትግራይ ሕዝብ ጠላት ያፈራችሁለት ምንም ለውጥና ሀገራዊ መግባባት ሳትፈጥሩ ፡በብሔር ብሔረሰብ ጭፈራ ፡በአብዮታዊ ዴሞክራሲ ጭልፊት ፡ በሙስና መር ኢኮኖሚ ፡ የብድርና የልመና ምትሃታዊ ዕድገት ዕንቁላል ዕንቍ በሆነበትና የሀብት ክፍፍሉ በተዛባ ግዜ የጠየከውን የብሔር ማንነት ሰጥተንሃልና ዝም ብለህ እንድትኖር ፈቅደንሃልና ወደህ አፍቅረህና ፈቅደህ ልትገዛ በሕገ መንግሥቱ ተስማምታችኋልና ውልፍት የለም ሲሉ ጢቅ አሉ ።ደርጎችም ብለው ነበር !።

    “ሰዶ ማሳደድ ሲያምርህ ሀገርህን በክልል ለውጥ ” ያልነው ለዚሁ ነበር ።

    • አባይ ጣና says:

      “Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael, Minister of Communication and Information Technology and coordinator of finance and economic cluster with the rank of deputy prime minister, ” ቡናው ቀዘቀዘ

    • Futsum Mekonnen says:

      we all are the same people; but our truth about ethiopia is mainly dreven by our ethincity because there is no trust among ourselves and also incompetenet govrenement officials absoiutely they can not even articulate what ethiopia means the country that has 90 millon people .my take in these hot button issue is we all rise above the venaum that goes around in the social media stop been hateful because ultimately we need to survive together if we continue to glorify our difference it will be the end our history as a nation thank you all.

  16. SelamLekulu says:

    TPLF has never failed surprised us. They will do whatever it takes to reach their goal. Thus,
    The only way I see for Amhara to get out of this and other many problems is to get organized from scratch and be mindful of its historical enemies. Amhara has enough enemies to eradicate him from the world , and so far they have been successful. look around.

    • Atadigi says:

      Sir bigot is your last name. TPLF. Built Ethiopia from dust. First time in recent history, the poorest of poor by African standard started to show some respect among international communities not just Africa. This is due to the hard working people of TPLF. It is very hard for you to see and swallow this development. Every development in the country, you have been denying it. Now that you know it is true. You want to snatch by hook or crook by treat and intimidation. It about your narrow nationalist pride driving you crazy. TPLF HAS MADE IT CLEAR MY ENEMY IS POVERTY. That is all TPLF have been doing. It may not be all that great but it good start. However You wanted us to believe you your bigoted treat. Why not act like civil. TPLF showed you how speak and write. Why not speak in a civil manner instead huller like a mad person. I tell you why bothering so much. You people have it all. TPLF built your country your people are in power but you saw few Tigrans owing paps and mom store, and you cannot stand it. You want to Tigreans walking bare foot and begging food. Because this makes you a man. Makes you proud seeing a Tigrean man destitute

  17. SelamLekulu says:

    TPLF has never failed surprised us. They will do whatever it takes to reach their goal. Thus,
    The only way I see for Amhara to get out of this and other many problems , to get organized from scratch and be mindful of its historical enemies. Amhara has enough enemies to eradicate him from the world , and so far they have been successful. look around.

  18. G.amlak says:

    Why do we have these outbreak of chaos and protests? The government blames it on bad governance and some blame Shabia and Ginbot7.
    If bad governance is the issue , it seems this administration has failed miserably in resolving it.
    the first oromo protest should have given the government good indications of where the problems lie,but there are so many people in government who prefer to ignore the seriousness of the matter and continue on the same old blame games.what’s more we are not seeing the government dealing with those it blames.
    If the protests and chaos continue,the government will be in grave danger of losing control.during his speech,the PM implied but not mentioned the source of the problem in Gondar. obviously, the PM is unable to exercise his power and this sends the wrong signal to the public.In general, with the way things are throughout the country and are allowed to be dealt with force ,EPDRF will fall apart .
    Let’s hope the government will make sensible decision minus force.

  19. endale says:

    In the first place, I personally don’t know whether weikait is part of Tigray or Gondar…who cared in the past? Neither Godar nor Tigray used to worry about it. But now EPRDF made it clear that regional territory does matter, more important than national unity and integrity.For me, the government should stop thinking ethnicity is more important than unity for the sake of love and harmony. well, it might be late,…but late is better than never. All governments make mistakes and EPRDF is never different. Time for the government to wake up and preach national integrity, unity, love , harmony under one national flag. this is, however, my personal conviction-I don’t know whether it is contrary to the constitution or not. If it is, I still feel that I am correct.

  20. messele says:

    We want a person like you for this country. Absolutely right.

  21. ሻምበል says:

    የቆጡን አወርድ ብላ የብብቷን ጣለች I fear for Tigres in general.

  22. Korem says:

    ESAT ለምን ጪስና አመድ ይሆናል

    ኢሳት ከአሸባሪ ጋር ሲሰራ
    ይሆናል አሳተ ገሞራ
    እሳተ ገሞራ ነዶ ሲከስል
    አካባቢው ምድረ በዳ ይሆናል
    አካባቢ ሲሆን ምድረ በዳ
    ሁሉም ይያዛል በጭንቅ፡ በዕዳ፣
    የህይዎት ቦታ የስራ
    በአመድ ይተካል በአቧራ
    ይህ እንዳይሆንብን እንጠንቀቅ
    እኛን ከጠላት ሴራ እንጠብቅ

    አይሆንም እያሉ መዘናጋት
    ሲሆን ይቀጣል በማይችሉት
    ማስተናበርን ይስጠን ማመዛዘን
    የከፋ ስቃይ እንዳይዘን
    ከጉልበት በፊት ጭንቅላት
    መፍትሄ ነው መድሀኒት
    በሚሆነን መንገድ ስንሆን
    የማንችለው ምንም የለም፡፡

    ኢሳቶች ሆይ

    ለገንጣይ፣ አስገንጣይና በአረብ እስልምና ለተለከፉ አሸባሪዎች የምታደርጉት ግልጋሎት ውጤቱ ራሳችሁን ጨምሮ ህዝብ የሚጎዳና ሀገር የሚያፈርስ ስለመሆኑ ከአሁኑ ልታውቁት ይገባል፡፡ በአብዛኛው የኦሮሞ ህዝብ እስላሙም ሆነ ክርስትያኑ እንደማይወክሉትና ነገር ግን በሀይማኖት፣ በጎሳና በብሄር ስም ከባድ አደጋ በሱ ላይ እየጠነሰሱበት መሆኑን አውቆ እየተፋለማቸው ነውና ከህዝቡ ጋር መሆን ይገባችኋል እንጂ እንደ ጁዋር አይነት በኢትጲያዊነቱም ሆነ በኦሮሞነቱ ሳይሆን በሀይማኖቱ የሚያምንና በኦሮሞ ስም ይህን ለማሳካት እየሰራ ካለ ጋር የያዛችሁን የጥፋት ፍቅር ልታቆሙ ይገባል፡፡ እጅግ በጣም ብዙ የሆኑ ንፁህ የኦሮሞ ብሄር ኢትዮጲያዊያን አሉና ከነሱ መቀራረብና በጋራ ስለአንድ ሀገር ጉዳዮች መስራት ነው ብቸኛው መንገድ፡፡ ለጊዜው ወዳጅ መስለው ነገር ግን በኋላ ላይ እርስ በእርሳቸው እንደሚጠፋፉ ግልፅ የሆኑትን እንደ ጨካኙ ኦነግና አሸባሪው አክራሪ የአረብ እስላም አራማጅ የጁዋር አይነቶች ጋር መቀራረብ ጉዞው ወደ ሌላ ሳይሆን ወደ ባሰ መከራ መግባት ነው፡፡

  23. Abegaz says:

    We do agree or not there are five main human development systems in Human history. In our country Atse Haile Selasse was associated with feudalism while Dergue with Socialism.

    Is there anyone have any idea where to belong the TPLF Ethnic policy and kilil system? It has to be with the primitive one where human being was living like some animals such as Hyena, fox, chimpanzees and so on clans demarcating their territories the same way TPLF is doing with kilil. We know how these animals are defending their territories including from their own kinds because of they are from another clan.

    This is exactly what is going on in the TPLFs Ethnic based boundaries. In the animal kingdom the one that can kill and win takes more territories from the weakest ones which is the same TPLF is doing taking huge and fertile lands from Gonder and wollo and now is claiming as if these places are its historical territories which is a total lie. These places never ever had been part of Tigry.

    However, this is not the time to complain or blame one another but find the solutions based on facts, realities and the truth. This is not the time a human society has to be divided based on race, Ethnicity, religion or whatever it is but come closer and work together for common good including having peace. Look at USA, the Entire Americans, Western Europe, Middle East, India, Russia and so on.

    All human races, Ethnics, languages, religions, clans, Culture, tradition and so on are living together finding common grounds benefiting them. Dividing based on these issues is just what the Apartheid did stand for. That is why TPLF rule for the last 25 years is exactly matching the Apartheid regime principles and activities. It is a nasty Apartheid regime worst than what was in South Africa because of blacks were not divided based on ethnicity as TPLS is doing.

    TPLF is not only wrong but a nasty criminal dividing the nation in the name of kilil and the society in the name of Ethnicity while they are all the same race living together for thousands years. O, God why don’t you take down that evil Sebhat Nega and his associates. They are evils still are allowed to live by Satan to affect Tigry worse than the rest of Ethiopia. What they are doing is not for the sake of Tigry in the long run.

    However, those to blame are not these savage monster TPLF’s but the silent majorities and also blind supporters from Tigry. These people need to wake up and think about the long term rather than being part of the evil TPLFs. Remember; they are very few in number. If the old and evil Sebhat Nega, his crime associates like Abay woldu, Abay Tsehay and the likes are gone, there is nothing left who is evil and radical as they are but the pragmatic, understandable and tolerate TPLF members.

    We believe even Debretsion can be human if these evil hardliners are rejected and gone. Individuals like Seyoum Mesfin, Brhane Gebrekirstos, Arkebe Equbay and the likes can be healed and become humans the day after the evil hardliner TPLF are gone. This is the Time the silent majority Tigreans and blind supporters to wake up, stand up and be part of the smooth change in the country that is for sure going to happen but no one is sure how. It will be the best for all of us if these silent and blind TPLF supporters do join the people together with the good TPLF elements in order to make easy and useful the coming change for all.

    How come they even do think they can take as they wish lands don’t belong to them and declare it belongs to them as they are doing with the regions they added to Tigry kilil by themselves taking away from Gonder and wollo? Just take a deep breath and ask how is it possible they even can think they can get their ways by doing so knowing the other side which are the historical owners of the territories will never ever allow them but will continue demanding until they get them back.

    How would they feel if Shabia declares Axum or Adwa that are closer to Eritrea with no natural border between them than Tigry with Wolkite in Gonder where its boundary is naturally decided by the Tekeze river? We know how they did fight and still do for a tiny and stony Badme while taking huge and fertile lands from Gonder and wollo and claiming they belongs to them which is another crimes they are doing with lies. How do they feel if Afar claims Mekele and declare it is the historical part of Afar as TPLF is doing with the lands from gonder and wollo taken by force 20 years ago?

    Return back these territories to their natural and historical boundaries. Recognize Tekeze as it has been always the historical and natural boundary between Tigry and Gonder. Don’t stop the people from both sides to live, work and associate where ever they like as long as peace and security are guaranteed. Let the people from both sides to move freely as they wish in Tigry or Gonder/Amhara. Stop the damaging and primitive animal types of political and economic systems which are your Ethnic policy and kilil. Work for unity, peace, security and prosperity for all with no any boundary but character, abilities and capabilities.

    If we all together mainly Tigrians don’t stop the Evil TPLFs Like the old Sebhat Nega, Abay Woldu, Abay Tsehay and the likes, be sure things are going to very nasty to all of us and particularly to Tigry. In the 21- century you cannot live the same way that of in the 20th, 19th or before eras. Tigry is not in the position to function alone because of many reasons including the shortage of water, fertile land and time to time climate attacks.

    Think about it. Stop being stupid and ignorant thinking you are all that but in reality you are nothing. You can be all that only when you are becoming part of the people and work together for unity, peace, security and development being free and healed from the TPLF Ethnic policy and kilil looks like the primitive human being system that is still working in the animal kingdom in the wild where most of them are meat eaters i.e. killers but it is their nature which is unlike the 21-century humanity except those we know who they are and what they do behave that way. TPLF is part of these evil groups and animals in the wild as well. Drawing illegally internal boarders and dividing the society based on ethnicity is wrong and the worst crime. It must be rejected and need to stop.

    • አባይ ጣና says:

      As you mentioned above, the onus is on the people of Tigrai to show their solidarity with Ethiopians by withdrawing their support to TPLf’s parochial
      ethnic politics.It is very naive to disregard the possible reaction that is just starting in Gondar.
      It will become increasingly harder for persons from Tigrai to live and work in other parts of Ethiopia.there are already questions raised in Amhara and oromo killils about the presence of Tigres and their businesses.these are just the beginning,unless the people of Tigrai turn against the dangerous and foolish ethnic politics.

  24. Sam says:

    The minister said ethnic fedrralism is great. If not great he suggested Ethiopia would not remain intact for twenty-five years. That is a dpressing statment. Had we not applied ethnic federalism, the minister implied, the country would have disintegrated to pieces. That is an absurd assumption. The assumption emanated from the wrong belief of TPLF leaders that Ethiopia’s backwardness had been the result of one ethnic group dominating other’s. That theory might have been workable to a point to soldify support among the downtrodden. I am not saying it is right and strategically wise. But to govern reminding Ethiopians daily their ethnicity rather than nationally is a problem. Ethiopia will continue to have ethnic misunderstanding between Ethiopians of different ethnic just because the government believes the problem with Ethiopia is lack of equality among ethnicities. What a right and imaginative political concept! Don’t you agree?

  25. Moltotal Demie says:

    Perfect storm being brewed. It will wipe out the Lucifer shortly. The question that appears not too many people are discussing is “what next?”. Personally, I’m afraid to think about it loudly. May be that is why I don’t see that much of discussion about it.

    God have Mercy!

  26. Korem says:

    ውሸት ቢደጋገም መች እውነት ይሆናል
    ታሪክ በወርቅ ጽፎ መዝግቦ ይዞታል
    ምነው ባትደክሙ፣ ባታበዙ ጣጣ
    በአፍሮ የተዋበን ባትሉት መላጣ
    ቦታውም ቦታ ነው ታሪኩም ነው ታሪክ
    መቼ ፍንክች ይላል ቢታበስ፣ ቢታከክ
    እውነት አትቀበር መች ይጠፋል ነፍሷ
    ጊዜዋን ጠብቃ ሀቅ ነው መንገሷ
    የወልቃይት እውነት በአለም ተሰራጭቷል
    ያለፈው ጨዋታ አልፎበት አብቅቷል
    እንኳን ደስ አላችሁ ዳናችሁ ከውሸት
    ሰላም እንሆናለን ሲመለስ ወልቃይት

    የወልቃይት ጉዳይ ታሪክ ነው ማንነት
    ሊፈታው አይችልም ቢደረደር ውሸት
    ተከዜን ጠይቁት እሱ ይናገራል
    የትግራይን ድንበር ከልሎ ያሳያል
    ወዲያ ማዶ ትግራይ ወዲህ ማዶ ጎንደር
    ይህ ነው ምልክቱ የታሪክ ማህደር
    ቦታ እንደ ንብረት ተሰርቆ አይወሰድ
    ወልቃይት ጎንደር ነው ሁሌም የትም አይሄድ
    ዛሬ ብትወስዱት ነገ ይመለሳል
    ታሪኩን ተነጥቆ ማንስ ይቀመጣል

    እውነት አትቀበር መች ይጠፋል ነፍሷ
    ጊዜዋን ጠብቃ ሀቅ ነው መንገሷ
    የወልቃይት እውነት በአለም ተሰራጭቷል
    ያለፈው ጨዋታ አልፎበት አብቅቷል
    እንኳን ደስ አላችሁ ዳናችሁ ከውሸት
    ሰላም እንሆናለን ሲመለስ ወልቃይት፡
    እና አስቡበት ጠለቅ፣ ሰፋ አድርጋችሁ
    ሁሉም አይቻልም እናንተ እንዳላችሁ፡፡ ፡

  27. Yared says:

    Gonder used to be called actually Begemider Ena Semien. where Begemeder Ena Semien meet is right at the picks of Ras Deshen. and North of Ras Dashien used to be Parts and parcel of Tigray while south of Ras dashien which is the Begmider belonged to the Amharas. That is the historical fact which the people living in the vicinity of Ras Deshen like Ambaras and MeSheha will tell you, I personally have been in the Area and had that account years ago. if you travel north from Ras Dashen for probabily 8-hours walk by foot you will reach a small town called Adi-Selam which preserves its Tigrean name but its inhabitant has been replaced by Amharic speakers and it has been appended to the Amhara Kilil, and if you descend from Mesheha(dega) towords north west another 6-hours walk you arrive at Hawaza and farther two hours walk west words you arrive at the town of Adi- arkai which preserves its Tigrean name but by some reason its inhabitants has become Amharic speakers and had been appended to the Amhara Kilil which the villages north of Adi-Arkai and Hawaza remained Tigrigna speakers. there are some villagers to north west of Adi-Arkai who speaks Amharic as well. Adi-Arkai town from the tekeze river is 58KM away and it is called Tselemti which means blacks in Tigrigna. 28Km from tekeze river is a town called mai- Tsebri and if you travel West of mai-Tsebri you encounter the Waldiba Monastry. if you travel West of Waldiba you will enter Wekait. Welkait is inhabited by Tigrigna speakers but due to its deadly form of Malaria it was not appealing for highlanders but I know for sure they were Tigrigna speakers. to Those who making big false news you will not sway the Tigreans even a micro-meter. Tigray was never founded by such Big noise and for sure your noise will vanish to the tin air. Tigreans reserve the right to hold accountable to you the Menelikist for he has sold a Tigrean territory from Mereb to the red sea which did not belong to the Amharas and further curved out the raya and Tselemti and appended it to his own domain. The reason Derg changed the name Begemider Ena Semien to Gonder was meant to bury historical facts that was attached with that name. We all of us being under one flag however any part of land inhabited by Tigreans should be Tigrean and any part inhabited by the Amharas should be part of the Amhara and for the other Ethiopians should apply the same. I know there are Oromofia speakers that are appended to the Amhara Why? they should be part of Oromia. and if there are Amhara speakers appended to Oromia they should come to Amhara this is for Administrative convenience only. The right of any Ethiopian to work own property and live in any part of the country with out any discrimination and threat should how ever be strictly enforced so that we all feel Ethiopians. The people who are making noise are those who feel are beneficiary theft, betrayal, and Genocide of Menelik on none Amhara Ethiopians. you are only opening old wounds and you may sorry of the consequences.

  28. Greater Ethiopia⛪️ says:

    The bottom line is East belong to West, West belong to East, northbelong to south,south belong to
    Tigray belong to Gonder!

    Gonder Belong to Tigray!

  29. ethoash says:

    i have one question is the word Wolkait Amhric or Tigray?

    my second suggestion is how to deal with the next Wolkait

    why did Wolkait rise up what is the root cause

    when the EPRDF break ground for investment in Wolkait, Gamballa , and oromia they must pay 1% investment tax for the community or ten million birr flat rate if ten company pay ten million each that would be 100 million birr per year this would be enough for the Wolkait or for Gomballa community to develop their region if they directly benefited from the investment coming to their region we would not have this problem

    yes the government might give tax holiday but this 1% community development tax should not be forgiven and must be paid by all company to the community so that they feel they benefited

  30. Tessaf says:

    ትግሬ እንጂ ትግራይ ተከዜን መሻገር አይችልም፡፡
    ካናዳዊ እንጂ ካናዳ የአሜሪካን ጠረፍ ማለፍ አይችልም፡፡ የሁሉም ሀገር ህዝብና የሚኖርበት ቦታ ባሀሪ የዚህ አይነት ነው፡፡

    So, only Tigre as a person can cross the Tekeze River but not Tigry the place where he comes from. Therefore Tigre has no what so ever right to claim any part of land beyond the Tekeze river. This is how it has been all along ever since the Time of memorial.

  31. Fox Tiger says:

    It is self explanatory these people who come from Dedebit weather they are educated or not they think like animals(dedeboch nachew).

  32. Abegaz says:

    Dashen Beer pays tax to the Tigry kilil government instead of Amhara where it is located.

    Dear Awramba:

    You don’t need to tell us about the tremendous pressures, intimidations and fear the independent and patriotic Ethiopian Medias and journalists are facing under the TPLF rule. However, for how long we can keep on going this way while we know it is not right and it is our life and who we are as journalists and Medias. It is causing lots of questions without answers and sufferings from the fight within unable to do our jobs we are good at and live for. This is caused by the ethnocentric minority rulers and their blind and racist supporters.

    First of all this kind crime could never happen in any society where the real and normal human beings are. Take for Instance what is going on with Dashen Beer all along. If it happens elsewhere because of the sold out, cheap and criminal officials as it is going on in the Amhara region where the Dashen Beer tax revenue is always paid in Tigry, then the people’s eyes and ears such as Ethiopian journalists and medias like you would do their jobs freely and independently to inform the people about this crime in order to correct the criminal mistake done intentionally through agreements by TPLF and its agents in the Amhara regime officials.

    The people knew all along but they didn’t have power to stop it. Beer is 99.9% water and 0.01 are barely and healthy risky chemicals and sugar. Dashen beer gets free water and cheap labor from Gonder and is controlling the entire beer market in the region. It is making billion while destroying the traditional drink makers such as Tell and Teji out of job, income and life. It is owned 51% by foreigners while the rest could be under the TPLF hands. They are earning billions without paying any tax in the Amhara region particularly Gonder or buying anything but they are getting all free including water.

    That is why the people are now targeting this criminal health risky and looter TPLF Company. Who know it could be part of EFFORT.

    The people must boycott drinking this criminal beer. They also must demand and decide the price of water it is using and the pollution it is causing. The workers also must get the right salary. Slavery, colonization and exploitation are not here anymore. The people and region as a whole have to consume own Traditional drinks are Tella, Tej and birz that are million time healthier and safer than beer or any fabricated alcohol. They are just using Dashen Beer to loot the region because of it is water rich causing bad public health including diabetes and pollution.

    it is a big wonder how many and what types crimes are happening in the country because of TPLF and its policy to develop only Tigry at the cost of the rest as we are witnessing here against the Amhara region? For sure the region has lost the minimum of 20 billion Birr from tax revenue only from Dashen beer knowing the company costs are almost zero as it is not paying any cent for water which is 99.9% the beer content.

    How many companies are doing the same thing as Dashen Beer is doing which is paying tax to Tigry while it is in the Amhara region? If it was Addis Ababa we can say it is the capital of Ethiopia meaning all Ethiopians. But in Tigry? What is going on here people? Who are those sitting in Bahir Dar for real allowing this kind crimes happening for years? The people don’t need a criminal and looter health risky and polluting company like this but must have own beer factory and most importantly developing the traditional Tella, Tej, Birz and juice drinks in industrial scales. This way the region can create lots of jobs including in household levels and farmers growing the raw materials including barley, Honey and gesho.

    I will never ever drink Dashen Beer again. Case is closed with this criminal healthy risky and looter company directly associating with TPLF and developing Tigry at the cost of the region it is located and controlling the market.

  33. Tesfa says:

    Finally the Amhara have exposed themselves as the most extremists with centuries long intrigue of them being the only culture, religion, language and Ethiopua. That is over! It will never repeat. Now the time has come where the Amharas as an ethnic will taste the real problem after which will prove whether their extreme overloaded belief false and untrue history with respect to Ethiopia will be verified in the face of extreme difficulties they inviting. Always and time immemorial have helped to sale out the divinity and soverneity of Ethiopia. One can find these facts in the annals of past history starting with the Dynasty or Menelik who approved the boarder for the Italians.

  34. Korem says:

    የወልቃይት ጉዳይ ታሪክ ነው ህጋዊ
    የጎንደር አካል ነው በዘላለማዊ
    ግራ ቀኝ ብትሉ በውሸት ላይ ጉዞ
    እንባ ብታነቡ የሚመስል የአዞ
    እውነት ግን እውነት ነው ምን ጊዜም በቦታው
    ከተከዜ ማዶ ትግራይ ምን አገባው?
    ከጥንት እስከ ዛሬ ከቀን እስከማታ
    ጎንደር በወልቃይት አይወጣም ጥሮታ
    ከትውልድ እስከትውልድ ወልቃይት ነው ጎንደር
    ራስን እየጣሉ መች አለና ማፍቅር

    ጎንደሬ ነኝ የሚል የበረከት አይነት
    ተዋጋሁ የሚለን ለማምጣት ነፃነት
    ምንድን ይሰማዋል? ምንድን ነው ሀሳቡ?
    በህወሀት ሰበብ ጎንደሮች ሲያነቡ
    ምን በረከት ብቻ የሌሎችስ ትግል
    ትግራይን ማልማት ነው? አማራን መበደል?
    ጅብ ሆዳም ጅብ ፈሪ ሀሞት የጎደለው
    በጉልበት ጠንካራ በአንጎል ግን ዜሮ ነው
    የዚህ አይነት ባሀሪ በሰው ልጅ ሲከሰት
    ምርትን ያስረክባል ገለባ እንዲሰጡት

    ገና መች ገባችሁ የጎንደር ማንነት
    ክብር እንደሆነው ለመብቱ መሰዋት
    ወልቃይት ክብር ነው ለአባት ለአያቶቹ
    መኖሪያ ቤታቸው ለዘመዶቹ
    ይህን የሚያሳጠው ቁጥር አንደኛ ጠላት
    ለጠላት ላይመች መሀላ አለበት
    በውርደት ከመኖር ስቃይ በበዛበት
    ሰኮንድም ይበቃል ክብር የሞላበት

    ህወሀቶች ተው ጥቅሙ ነው የጋራ
    ስራችንን ትተን አንበል ጋራ ጋራ
    የኛን አንሰጥም የሌላ አንፈልግም
    ተከዜን አልፋችሁ ምንም አታገኙም
    በጉልበት የሆነ የለው ዘለቄታ
    መተዛዘን ትተን እንሁን ጨዋታ
    ወልቃይት ነው ጎንደር ለናንተም ግልፅ ነው
    የትግራይ መባሉ ውሸት ይቁም በቃው፡፡

  35. Debay Million says:

    TPLF / EPRDF never claimed to be perfect . Actually we are working to make the generations after us become better than our generation. We all work for the betterment of the whole country not to destroy the country and distabilize the region which is on the verge of caos. If TPLF/EPRDF does not remain in power who is going to make sure all the development continues. Look at Iraq when USA left the country the country became a total failed state . Ethiopian government is not going to let this looters destroy the country. Many of our forefathers paid much and worked hard to develop the country to let these looters of Gondar and Oromo take over . We will fight till the end before we let some looters take these great country again. we will not go back 42 years back and be caught up in senseless looting and killing again. I had the privilege to talk to these so called protestors in person inside the country where the protests are going on only to find out for most that are protesting their main intention of all these Wolaqait , Addis Ababa expansion and so on question protest is to create lawlessness because they are all interested in looting,since they were noyt able to feed themselves like they were used to due to El-Nino.

  36. mikicho says:

    Its matter of time…like Derge TPLF/ye tigray Nesa Awchi/ will demise and all Tigria will rule it self that will be the end. Its matter of time how they Tigrian will survive under Shabia. They will Wipe you out We Shall See.

  37. Habtamu S says:

    It is real question of an identity. The problem came from individuals whom they infected with ‘ The great Somalia” syndromes, that seek to encompass others for only they speak their language. Those individuals and groups needs not the people but the wealth in which they think on the area the people live.

  38. ENDRISADANE says:


  39. ENDRISADANE says:

    false is not true .you are not doctor .you are leba

  40. defar says:

    Simply very true!

  41. ashu says:

    d/tshion i hate u …..i don’t want to see u ……plis hide your self……..memare sewen enedemikeyer neber yemawekew ……ante gen temerehem yaw

  42. Abel says:

    Response to Mengsteab- The names you listed to Wolkite areas are recent names that new immigrant (occupiers) Tigraens gave to those locals under the direction of TPLF just for the purpose of claiming as you just did that they belong to Tiogray vs Gongar. That is the work of TPLF for the last 25 years, populating Wolkite with scores of Tigreans and make a claim for it. Now, they want the new occupants of Wolkite to decide the fate of wheteher Wolkite belongs to Tigay or Amhara. It is a fix after moving so many new Tigreans into Wolkite and driving out the Amharas by killing and harrasment, original inhabitants of Wolkite to say that it should be decided by the new occupants of Wolkite.

  43. Abel says:

    Response to Atadigi- I admit a lot of economic progress is made since TPLF took power. But at whos expense and who is the beneficiary? At the expense of unity and destroying Amahara, Oromo and Gurage. Most of the businesses are owned by Tigreans and their cronies by looting the business of Gurage, Amhara and Oromos and taking resources from all over the country including Gambella. So don’t tell me that the goal of TPLF is removing poverty and economic development for the benefit of everyone. Actually that is their crying song to deceive us and to look away from their purpose of the destruction of Ethiopia and the building of “greater Tigreans.” That is how the Ethiopian people has been deceived for 25 years, yea look at the conomic development, the building made thinking it was for the benefit of Ethiopians but we are now discovering it is just to enrich and strengthen TPLF and Tigraens to be the ruler of Ethiopia for 100 years by creating ethnic conflicts and tension among the other ethnics Ethiopian while the Tigreans florish and benefit from all economic developments and activities.

  44. abebe haregewione says:

    Every boady should give support for ethiopian government development activities and efforts .we will finish the great grand dam as we start.

  45. ethiopia says:

    The wolikait people question is identity of amhara .we are not tigiraian rather our identity is the home of great land of amhara ;
    So many places stolen by tplf the amhara land ex raya, …….
    When the wolikait people ask their identity amhara they throw to prison so stand together all of us amhara to bring them

  46. Queen of Sheba : Israel Alemayehu says:

    TPLF Declares War on the Ethiopian Orthodox Church because ex-President of USA Lyndon Johnson waged war on poverty in the early 1960’s..
    Ethiopian Orthodox church is becoming a joke for many . Many Eritreans posing as Tigrayans along with foolish Tigrayans in the diaspora are creating so called “Ethiopian orthodox church” everywhere as a kiosk in the diaspora. Many of this ex-Woyane/ex-Shabiya infested gatherings rent auditoriums from other ferfenj churches once a week just to raise money by a sack full each week only to use that money to destroy the true pure Ethiopian orthodox religion replacing it with their fraudulent sect that is claiming to be Ethiopian Orthodox Church follower but in action it is nothing like the Ethiopian Orthodox church.

    Those that hold to their true Ethiopian Orthodox traditions are getting bombarded with invitations to try these new kiosk type pop up churches for convenience of less travel distance and so on but when the invitees go there they find out it is a scam to get into their pocket ,sadly many young children go to those places thinking they are following their ancestors Orthodox tradition.To lure other Ethiopians , these kiosks type fraud scammers pop up churches claim that many prominent Ethiopians are regular attendees of their churches even if the individuals never set foot in their kiosk type pop up churches.

  47. peachcarriot says:

    what else we expect from evil TPLF . Mountain thieves and Amhara haters. He started his political education based on hate of Amhara people. Time will tell.

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