Rio Olympics 2016: Almaz Ayana of Ethiopia smashes 10,000m world record


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26 Responses

  1. Abegaz says:

    Nice, Nice, Nice…..

    These brave, bright and hard working heroes are always making us proud, happy and our nation well respected with gold and in front. Ayana is a new Golden Star. Tirunesh is always number one to all Ethiopians.

    The TPLF involvement in sport as they do in all the national affairs and matters, managed to represent the country with shame and disgrace with that fat hamburger eater so called “swimmer”. For them was good enough he was their man. Who cares about the rest of Ethiopia including the shame and disgrace caused by him?

    This is what they are doing in the country holding almost all high and decision making positions and the result is always becoming disaster for the nation as their Ethnic policy and kilil based on language is becoming in the end.

    People, don’t judge me. If he was prepared good enough and doing his best, he would be appreciated and also admired for his participation in the Olympic which is a big event and al about love, respect and togetherness among the human society worldwide. But he is not a swimmer at all for sport reasons, but worst than millions that are swimming everyday including myself for conditions and hobby as well.

    • Ras demera says:

      She should have been the one to carry the Ethio flag at the opening ceremony ,not that woyane lard ass.

    • Sol says:

      Haters and Dividers down!! proud Ethiopian are shining all the time no matter what happens whether they win or lose, you have to start some where ” you talk the talk, but you can not make the walk”

  2. Osyres says:

    Agame for embarrassment ,Oromo for glory, after the embarrassment from robel the whale unfit only chosen by his father this lady achievement is a great sweet

  3. Yared says:

    Osyres; we will be at your throat soon do not rush! we will settle Neftegna dust and then back to the business which has been entrusted to Us by the UN human right commission which is to try Shaebyan top leaders. I know you are salivating with hope that the riot will last longer but one way or the other will be over Soon.

    • Ras demera says:

      Another borcham Tigre .how dare you back stab the Amharas while feeding on their food?
      Thanks to Kiros he showed to the world what TPLF’s “Robel the whale” syndrome is.
      blame Eritrea too.

      • Solomon says:

        I am sure you are not ethiopian.
        You are banda Italian cock sucker trying to get ethiopian hate each other so your little banda country can get a little gab.
        We ethiopian can destroy this little italian slave country with our one hand tied behind.
        DEATH TO BANDA essayass!
        Death to banda shabia!
        Death banda Italian cock sucker italian slave eritea.!
        DEATH TO essayass cock sucker BRHANU NEGA.!

      • Yonas says:

        Please save you sister and brother from Libya instead talking shit here

    • Marew says:

      @ Yared, you know what your own brothers and sisters across mereb say when you bullshiting? GUAF AGAME!

    • This article about sport wake up!

  4. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    Thank you Almaz, for making my day one of the best ones!!! I did not see the whole competition alive but saw the clip. That is called total annihilation!! You totally destroyed the field, kid. Folks!!! She made me ‘arrogantly’ proud!!! You can see the pride gushing and over flowing all over me. And there is nothing you can do about it. I want you all to celebrate (This is an order!!!) this unheard of feat by this gallant young woman. Yes you heard me right. I said ‘unheard of’. That is right!!! I still have the goose bump from this morning. She was just jetting and floating in grace like a gazelle lapping almost everyone of them!!! I am telling you she made me drift into a trance, man, watching her running the last 200 yards!!! What graceful stride!!! Yeeeehaaaaaw!!!!!

    • Sol says:

      Thank you, please tell those haters act humanly and enjoy the game, I hate negative people!!

      • Multitalented Demie says:

        If you hate negative people, Woyane should be on the top of your list. Because Woyane is the most negative group that has happened to Ethiopia ever. Thanks to the Rio Olympics, the entire world come to learn about Woyane and the Robel-the-Whale Syndrome!

  5. Greater Ethiopia⛪️ says:

    She did wipe out the whole world.

  6. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    Yes this is the one moment that we should sit back and savor. The way she threw her galloping legs forward, the way she slings her drop dead gracious physique, where else can you find it? Only from that glorious country we still hold dear to our hearts!!! I was hypnotized, man!! Have you also heard some of the comments by some old timers and jealous has-beens about Almaz’s outstanding performance? The Radcliffe’s in all? Paula is telling us that she doesn’t believe it until Almaz’s explains as to what happened and how she did it. Someone please hold me back on that one!!! Paula, Almaz has already explained by shaving off more than 12 minutes from the previous world record. That is all the A-Z about it. Her late ‘uncle’ Obbo Abebe had done it already in 1960 and again in 1964. Obbos Kenenisa, Haile, The Steelman Mamo, the memorable Yifter The Shifter, The Dignified Derertu, Fatuma, the diminutive but more potent than The Carolina Reaper Pepper Meseret on and on and on!!! Almaz just told the rest of the field that they are damn too slow sloths. And she was off to the ‘promised land’ just like somebody let loose a mean Doberman on her. No, no, no that was her, a furious cheetah bolting like a rushing Midwest tornado lapping almost everyone else. She told everyone ‘walking’ there ‘This is my house’!!! Assume that was your luckiest day, Paula. She could have lapped you not once but may be three times. You don’t know this but you see she was possessed by the same raging spirit that had driven her Barentu great grandfathers and their Amhara and Tigrayan friends one hundred twenty years ago and pulled something ‘unexpected, astonishing, shocking’ feat. She was in the same zone!!! And next watch our precious Genzebe and more. You just sit back watch, Paula!!! Almaz and her friends have just started warming up!!!!
    Folks, I told you not to start with me!!!!!

    N.B. I was watching Diro this morning and I was left heart broken. I noticed that there was something that was bothering her even at the outset. She was pulling out the edges of and trying to loosen her shorts many times. She was poised to destroy the field. And all of a sudden to my agony, she was down. But she was up , threw away her nagging shoe and socks and went back to running on one barefoot. And do you know who was cheering her? The late Obbo Abebe Bikila!!!! But now I am totally relieved to hear that the Olympic committee has given her the permission to compete in the final. Now I am like a kid in a candy store, man!!!!

  7. Abegaz says:

    Fat Robel; the disgrace and shameful TPLF Olympic Swimmer!

    Have you ever seen that disgrace and shameful woyane so called Olympic swimmer before in any national, African or world swimming computation in any discipline? No. Never.

    From where they did find him? In MacDonald having quadrant Mac in his left hand and a two or three litter’s cola bottle in his right had both close to his mouth? Yes, that could be the right answer but not all. He is part of the TPLF secret as well as open members of the clubs they being always in front and on top holding powers in the country because of they are Ethnic Tigre despite they are less than 4% of the Ethiopian population.

    It is good enough to be a Tigre in order to become the next day a multi milliner business man/women, a villa owner, a CEO in government owned businesses, leader of big projects, high officer, general, a minister and you name it where up to 90% of all important positions are occupied by them. This is what is going on with that fat little head so called swimmer can be easily and always defeated by anyone who can swim including myself. You know what he said” I train everyday swimming about 3000 meter long “. Really? Lying is another TPLF/Tigre nature. We know it.

    However, it doesn’t matter to them as longs as they are getting what they want and as the result damages are causing against the nation and people physically, mentally and morally. He was there because of his father who is a milliner so called business man (not because of he is really a business man but an Ethnic Tigre as it is going on with others as well in the country). His father had a tiny jewelry shop in Nazreth selling rings and small things when TPLF arrived following guns, killings and destructions and took power by force. Now he is a milliner while others that were better business people during that time are not there anymore.

    As it is the same story elsewhere with others, the fat Robel; The TPLF Ethnic swimmer’s father is a high official in the Ethiopian sport authority. The reason he is there is not because of he has any sport background as participants or had any sport education back ground. He has none of it but he is one of them and he can get what he wants as he wish because of the country is under their merci and the population under their physical and mental torture and open prison.

    Where are our heroes such as Miruts Yifter, Belayneh Densamo, Gezahegn Abera, Derartu Tulu, Gete Wame, Fatuma Roba, Meselech Melkamu, Aselefech Mergia, of course Haile Gebreselasie, Kenenisa Bekele, Turunesh, Meseret, Genzebe and many many other our heroes when that fat Robel was allowed to carry the Ethiopian flag during the Rio Olympic opening ceremony? Miruts Yifter who is our and the world hero is in somewhere struggling to make the living while the fat robel’s father is on the top of the Ethiopian sport authority making huge money and causing so many injustices using his authority including sending his fat son to the Olympic while the Great Kenenisa Bekele, Meselech Melkamu and many many international admired best athletes crashed out of the game by own so called sport authority totally run by the TPLF like the disgrace and shameful Fat Robel’s father.

    The good news is that the international communities have seen the real story behind what is going on in our country thanks to the Fat Robel. The World knows Ethiopia as the best middle and long distance runner nation all time. If you see the Olympic medal, 90% those in this catagory particulalry 5 and 10 KM have won by Ethiopia and Kenya has won only one in 1984 Loss Angeles because of Ethiopia was not present, never by any female athlete from Kenya or Africa as a whole.

    This is a small thing telling about the whole big picture in the country under the tinny minority rule controlling everything. Look at the Wolkait Tegede Telemet and Alem wuha zuria issues in Gonder. Tekeze River is the historical and natural boundary between Gonder and Tigry since the time of memorial. This fact is supported by many international written and made documents from the 14th century including the 51 gages English written document that can be read on the internet goggling.

    Tigres were crossing the Tekeze River before the river is getting high and after it subsiding to reach Gonder. They are coming before June mainly in May as laborers to work during the rainy season, and they go back in December and January taking the money they had saved. Then another group of Tigre crosses the Tekeze River to beg after the rainy season when the river water level gets low. They were called Tigre beggars; accepting them as professional beggars doing this for living. The good thing about them was they were not engaging with stealing or other criminal activities but destitute beggars. . They stay there begging the whole summer till a week or two before Easter/fasika and they leave. This is repeating every year with the same cycle for generations.

    Dergue took power in 1974/1966 Ethiopian calendar. Few Tigres mostly from Addis Ababa University and high school including evil Sebhat was a teacher there from Tigry agreed to fight for only Tigry and they started in 1975; not fighting but just having the organization by name. Because of it was impossible to stay in Tigry because of the government solder presence there, they crossed the Tekeze River in 1979/1972EC to Gonder just with few old guns but nasty and hateful feelings against the people living there associating them with the Amhara Rulers. Then they started targeting the native Amharas like the invading and colonizing forces d; destroying their homes, farms, properties, taking their animals, killing those resisted and in the end forced them to leave their area the same way we see what the IS doing in Syria against those are not Sunni or agree with it.

    The same times the Tigre laborers in Wolkaite became land owners taking the native lands they were working there as laborers. TPLF criminals continued targeting the native Amhara with goal to take the land and widen their presence. In wolkait were other rebel Groups, too and all of them had Ethiopian ideology which is unlike TPLF that had only Tigry. Edu, EPRP, Meison, Shiftas and so were presence in Wolkaite.

    But because of they had Ethiopian principles; they taught the TPLF rebel group would be part of them abandoning their separatist plan. As a result they tolerated them instead continued fighting against each other. The same time TPLF used that opportunity and managed to get more land, resources and brought more Tigres in Wolkait which is still today legally part of Gonder; no matter what the Ethnocentric TPLF says about by having all the national matters under its own authorities and can do anything it wants based on own interests and benefits as the fat Robel is a living testimony about them and what they are capable of doing things in the country as they wish.

    Long story short, TPLF managed to destroy the government owned huge farms and private farms in Wolkait, Humera and …, they took the farms and all the equipments as their own in the 1980s. Because of the TPLF Ethnic cleansing was well planned and executed against the native Amhara is Wolkaite, their number gone down dramatically to the level of none existence and the same times they continued bringing mass exodus of Tigres from Tigry. After they took power in 1991/1983EC, TPLF main job was populating wolkait massively and widely by bringing Mass Tigres in the name of settlements. They are still doing with alarming number and speed.

    The funny thing is that they are talking about Tigrens are the majority in wolkait according to the 2005 TPLF private telling and as a result the region belongs to them. You see what kind logic these…. are having. They populated the area with massive settlements by bringing Tigres from Tigry since 1979 and mainly 1991, in some estimate more than 500,000 and the same times continued targeting, assassinating, imprisoning and chasing away the natives the same way IS is doing, and now they are talking about the Tigres numbers living there.

    However, we are living in a modern world where international laws are there to decide about the issues like the wolkait. We will see about that when the Tiny and stony Badme was handed over to Issayas in international court legally. Yet, TPLF refuses to turn it back and instead it is continuing invading and colonizing Wolkait in Gonder that is the most fertile, water rich and naturally gifted land with the size of more than half of the Nederland’s land mass.

    We are expecting TPLF will try to handover Badme to Issayas in exchange for peace and co operation knowing they are in a big trouble all over Ethiopia and they need support from Iaayas as he was the one brought them to Addis and allowed them to take power to work together for their benefits at the cost of Ethiopia. However, issayas will never reconcile with the Evil TPLF members including Sebhat, Abay woldu, Abay Thsehay and so on. As a result he is continuing searching another force coming from Tigry to work with while TPLF is waiting issayas’s death to get other Tigrigna Group to work with although Tiny Eritrea has 9 Ethnic groups and Tigrigna is one of and Tigre (in Eritrea) is the most powerful and certainly will take power working together particularly with Beja, Saho, Afar and reshida when issayas is gone.

    In the 1950s and even the first half 1960s, there were with very very tiny number of foreign people in Western Europe came from beyond Europe. Look at Europe Today. That means according to the TOPLF logic and rule of the jungle these none Europeans have the right to claim the areas they are living with the majorities number as their private region/country/city or whatever? These people came to Europe based on rules, registrations and so on legally with closed door. But the Tigreas in Wolkait are coming with open door migration as they wish in any time with massive migration settlement program with the speed they can reach millions within days and feel at home as it is going on while the natives are almost cleansed out by them.

    TPLF is everywhere including in the Olympic causing so many shame, disgrace, hurt and you name it as it is going on in the country in each and every course of life against the None Tigrians that are 96% of the population. However, it will become an end soon. No doubt about that. However, we need unity and be ready to pay some sacrifices including the hard ones as we know what kind…. they are.

  8. Fact says:


    These are what we hear from COWARD SHEPHERDS
    The brave act wisely

  9. Down with tplf says:

    amen, freedom is near brother

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