Rio Olympics 2016: Feyisa Lilesa of Ethiopia Wins Silver Medal in men’s Marathon


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55 Responses

  1. Gosaye Zenebe says:

    This guy is feyisa lelisa

    2013 n 2015 boston marathon champion is lelisa desisa

  2. Here is a man not only an olympic champion but also a patriot! This is huge for the oppressed Oromo and shame to whomever suppresses them. People all over the world are talking about his “funny way” of raising hands to victory. Little does the world know the significance…..

  3. Kadir Mohammed says:

    Poor OLF, you win because of Ethiopian people it is not due to OLF
    Rabish remain tied for ever, stupid

    • Hiding your head in the sand won’t help you out. He might have just stole the man of the Rio Olympics by just standing up for his oppressed people!

      Who gave you the idea that he is an OLF, which shouldn’t be a problem even he was in the first place,? Appears to me he has a different wrist band flag on him during the press conference. A striking difference between him and your other olympian, Robel-the-Whale. Think about that for a moment!

    • Abel jalata says:

      tewo tewo xeru ayedleme gata yayale ke semaye

    • mamush says:

      shame on you Kadir for this comment ,is your name kadra or Kedir ? it looks you r part of the decaying /falling regime

  4. Mereja says:

    ፈይሳ ለሊሳ ወደ ኢትዮጲያ አልመለስም አለ፡፡ የፖለቲካ ጥገኝነት ጠየቀ፡፡

    ሌላኛው የህወሃት ክስረት ማለት ይህ ሲሆን የወልቃይት ጉዳይ ግን በዚሀ መልክና ፍጥነት ይሆናል ብለው ያልጠበቁት ዱብዳና እንደ ኒውክለር ቦምብ የሆነባቸው ሲሆን በዚህ ቢሉት፣ በዚያ ወይም በማንኛውም መንገድ የነሱና የወልቃይት 37 አመት ሙሉ በሰቆቃና ህዝብ ማጥፋት ላይ የተመሰረተ ቅኝ ግዛትና ዝርፊያ ያበቃለት ነው፡፡ ከተከዜ ማዶ ጎንደር እንጂ ትግራይ የለም፣፤ ኖሮም አያውቅም፡፡

    • Beza says:

      We are talking about the Asylum seeker athlete. If you want to talk about Wolkait go to Wolkait and they will show you. Gonder ketema adelem wolkait yalew, I think it is in Tigray. Wolkait leadis ababa minu newna new selamawi self wuta yemilut yeadisaban hizb.

    • wayne says:

      የፈይሳ ስራ እንኩዋን ለሌላ ሰው ለራሱም እንደሚገርመው እርግጠኛ ነኝ:: ስደት ካላማረው በስተቀር እንዲህ አያደርግም:: ከመረጠ ግን አይገደድም:: እንኩዋን እጁ እግሩም ሊቆልፍ ይችላል:: ኢትዮጵያ ግን ሁሌም የዜጎችዋ ሃገር ትሆናለች:: ከሃዲ መቼም ቢሆን አይጠፋም አገር ግን የከሃዲዎች ሳትሆን የእውነተኛ ዜጎችዋ ናት:: ኦሮሞች ደግሞ በፈይሳ ስራ ቢያዝኑ እንጂ የሚደሰቱ አይሆኑም:: ይህ ፈይሳ ሊገባው ይገባ ነበር::

      • You must of out of your elements! His crowedfunding campaign is about to break a record and you telling us here that Oromos are not proud of their jewel?

        Wakeup and smell the ashes!

  5. Beken Dinkessa says:

    The best man in the world

  6. mahmoud says:

    Athletes are supposed to compete as independent Olympians at the Olympic Games representing their country and flag. Not government or Political Party. Feyissa Lilesa, who stood second place in Rio Olympic men’s marathon interviewed with EBC in Afan Oromo instead of the official language Amharic, then after, the unnecessary gesture he showed at the final lap and refusal to swing the Ethiopian flag at the end of the game reflects, this man uses the Olympic game to reflect his political mission. Moreover, the overall Ethiopian athletes performance at Rio Olympic isn’t to the standard and as expected. The failure is mainly due to the toxic Diaspora meddling and influence. The government should initiate an investigation of treason charges on those who are involved in this shameful crime.

  7. Paul, olympia says:

    First of all what’s his answer if he’s asked who he represented, himself, the oromo people, or the country ” Ethiopia”. Even though I admire him as an athlete I found him very much immature by his actions. He doesn’t seem to know anything. Anything about the very meaning of an event like the Olympic and a protest. Though I respect him as a person I felt harassed by his actions. His indecent act by any standard doesn’t represent the entire Oromos. The Oromo people, culture and way of expressing differences shouldn’t have been degraded in this manner and by this level as if we are uncivilised. The guy was not representing the government in Ethiopia. He wasn’t representing himself or the political party he supports ( which he is allowed to) . I am sorry for him that he let himself to be a weapon for those selfish diaspora, who always think they are the only ones who went to school ( if they did). Idiots. He disgraced our fathers, our Olympic heros, Abebe Bikila, Mamo Wolde, Miruth Yifter ,Derartu Tulu, Haile G/ Sillasie , Kenenisa Bekele, Tirunesh Dibaba, Gezaghegn Abera, Almaz Ayana and all the other heros who I can’t list them now. They didn’t represent themselves , the government then or EPRDF but they represented A NATION and ITS PEOPLE. I honour them and the will remain honoured in history.
    He missed the responsibility he was given – representing a nation, a nation he undermined in front of the whole world is Ethiopia, not a party or government he doesn’t support. How come his common sense, if not intellect didn’t tell him all the thousands of athletes there from nearly 100 countries may or may not have a problem back home, may or may not support the government back home. What example he set for his young children.
    Those idiots want us dead for them to sit in power. That will be their worst nightmare, not even in their coming life. They didn’t care to misguide this innocent man, what to disagree means. We should forgive this man to forgive himself. He was misguided by those hatemongers, idiots who are only after their cheap popularity. When our diaspora darlings prefer our historical enemies than us, when they wish our death to pay their bills, when they’re filled with hate and disrespect us, when they count us low – they are actually low. When they are lower, we grow higher. WE DON’T HATE.
    God Bless Ethiopia.

    Paul, olympia

  8. Lomi says:

    #kedir You are the most stopped person I ever seen…..b/c you don’t know even the difference b/n Ethiopia & OLF…..ንፍጣም ነገር ነህ፡፡ የሸርሙጣ ልጅ፡፡

  9. ldia says:

    Gegna Ethiopia men my Hero.

  10. Paul, olympia says:

    Dear Editor By the way how about the song,
    ” Eddy is DEAD shot in the head for a Dollar” by Tony Wilson for our historical enemies and their victims.
    Thank you.

    Paul, olympia

  11. Beza says:

    This man is asylum seeker politician not sportman.

  12. Abdul says:

    I urge the Ethiopian government not to touch this foolish.He should be left for himself and we will see if he can become any better than under the support of the government of Ethiopia.Poor

  13. Tiger Fox says:

    To Kadir he did it because his people is killed every day by your master the evil tplf.

  14. Sol says:

    I think he will be asking for asylem there or he will be joining diaspora extreme now, without knowing the rules he will be stripped of what he won, a politician in sportsman shirt, what a shame!!

  15. Menilik says:

    This motherfucker idiot is doomed forever!!!! Let him apply for asylum in Eritrea .

  16. Lorraine says:

    A man of courage! I salute you Feyisa Lelisa!

  17. muleta says:

    ager bet simeles metaser alebet…..period..

    • Beza says:

      Man yinekawal yihenen chemlaka. Miruts was tigre while his families were killed in 10th of thousands he didn’t defect. But this guy has a right to do so not in this way. His medal will be stripped. Why is he staying in the west if he is really concerned about his people he should go back and fight for freedom. He should say he has planned to get asylum.

      • Ermi says:

        Miruts was forced into asylum during woyanes and he aged in Canada till recently. But before woyane, he was leading a comfortable and respectable life in Addis. He was even in authority in Ethiopian sport federation because of his skill (not his ethnicity ). Ethiopia had ethnic blind government then. He was the flag holder in the Olympics he represented his country, Ethiopia just because he was our pride. who do we have now? Robel The whale just because he is woyane. you are narrow minded and insecured tribalist who can’t think beyond you woyane family.

        peace to all but woyanes!


  18. Dagna says:

    Thank you Feyisa Lilesa, you are a brave man, and the greatest of all by representing the Ethiopian people in the Rio Olympic. You showed in the world stage your defiance, the symbol of defiance of the Ethiopian people to the looters agent and tyrant and corrupt to its core of the Ethiopian ruling gangsters.

    God bless Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people

    • Sol says:

      What ever, at least they are building roads, schools, electric dams than the previous Governments together, are you on your right mind or you just hate them because they didn’t stick their money in Swiss banks or in Zimbabwe, watch out what you wish for before you open your mouth!!

  19. Tesfa Tesfa says:

    Feyisa Lilesa, my hero!! The Ethiopian people and history will remember your just action!!
    The disobedience will continue!!
    A government that massacre its own people simply because they rejected its authority through demonstrations; will face justice for innocent blood they cowardly spill on the streets of Ethiopian cities and villages.
    I defended TPLF as a movement that can correct itself, during repeated human rights violations for too long. I feel ashamed of myself of this miss-judgement. I take a burden up on myself to make sure that the thousands of innocent life lost in the hands of TPLF and its crony assassins will not be lost in vain!!

    I join hands with thousands of international volunteers that trace, record and persecute in-front of the court of justice, the crimes that the TPLF government committed on to the Ethiopian people.

    Awramba Times Thanks for reporting this news.

    Justice ! Justice!
    No justice, No peace!

  20. Shewandagne says:

    What an Idiotic gesture, Ethiopian is your country not kenya, the real reayality of OROMO PROTESTERS are naked now a days.
    he said he wanted to Kenya and fight for independence from ethiopia good luck with that .
    IN the ethiopian diaspora the members of OLF are infiltrated every where look in EVERY DM the OLF flag is persent.
    OMN (OROMO MEDIA NETWORK) IN ESAT a lot of oromo people including ERMIQS LEGESE, NEIEMN ZELEKE even G7 are allied with the oromoes including ethiopian the opdo is invaded with OLF.
    The foolish diaspora are not yet awakening until the disintegration of MAMA ETHIOPIAN.
    OLF and Shabia tried to create animosity between amhara and tigrean to their Grand mission which independence “BELISUMA”
    Wake up people!
    The IAAF has to file a lawsuit against this guy .
    Olympic is free of religious and politics thus this idiotic symbol has no purpose in the Olympic game.
    Will see what will happen next.

  21. Erta says:

    This is the kind of person the extremists have been targeted; uneducated, young radicalized, and politically immature. The people in Addis Ababa though, are becoming politically mature understand of how local politics is related to regional and global politics. Addis sent a strong message to the whole country that illegal demonstrations are not good for Addis Ababa and it is not good to other cities either. I believe very soon each major city in Ethiopia will follow suit the example of Addis Ababa. Expect more of the same as the Ethiopian Olympian did from other people who have the same caliper as he has. Most people in Addis though are digesting information before they apply any of that garbage from Facebook and internet. We are seeing a pattern now that people who are easily persuade by Facebook information lack the sophistication to process that information and the government has to do a better job of informing the public , particularly the young.

    • Mkasha says:

      All I can tell you is that you are one of the few unfortunate people created on this planet with unfit brain. Good-luck with that …

  22. Kassa says:

    Wolkayit is billion times useful, important and legitimate to Gonder/Amhara than Assab to Ethiopia. Raya and other places are billion times useful, legitimate and important to wollo/Amhara than anything Ethiopia is looking in Eritrea. The Amhara region lost more than the size of Eritrea from its historical and legitimate land because of the TPLF Ethnic policy and kilil designed specifically to target the Amhara waging hateful and genocide wars against them since 1975. Eritrea is our friend, not enemy but TPLF and its crazy supporters that are suffering from the worst form of the Rwandan Syndrome. I can be easily and truly become a good friend with any Eritrean but not with libe Tigrians.

    Tigreans so called politicians are criminals. Look at the 84 years old Sebhat Nega and his 12 brothers and sisters. Arkebe Equbay, Abay Thsahy, the so called security chief, Brhane Gebre Kirstos and you name it. All of them are family related with blood or marriage. They are looters, killers, criminals working together. Debretsion is the PM of Ethiopia appointed by the TPLF criminals.

    The funny thing is the behavior the so called Tigrian intellectuals that are created by TPLF with no competency or education but getting free degrees from UK with the exchange of money, business, and political reasons using them for their projects in our country including that sick Theodros Adhanom who will be on the ICC court with crimes against humanity targeting the Amharas working together with racist and hateful foreign forces particularly from UK and USA including so called NGOs, charities, aid agencies and so on all of them are known and their crimes are recorded.

    They think they are smart to hijack the Ethiopian people attention from overthrowing them and free our nation and people. They are talking about Port Asab; these evil Tigreans themselves gave it to Issayas.

    No, we don’t care about Asab port or anything else but TPLF and its sick Tigreans supporters the crimes they are committing in the country. Wolkayit is billion times useful, important and legitimate than anything else in Eritrea or elsewhere to all Ethiopians. Raya is the same. The Eritrean issue is started 120 years ago. The Wolkayit, Raya and other Amhara land issues are officially started 20 years ago when the criminal TPLF invade and took them by force despite they are the historical and natural Amhara territories belongs to all Ethiopians including Metekel and huge areas in Shewa.

    No one cares about Asab but you. When you are gone, Ethiopia and Eritrea can solve all the differences between them and work and benefit together. You are the cancers between them. You are the one waged war against them and lost the case after 10,000s Ethiopians and Eritreans killed and lots of property lost.

    Ethiopians and Eritreans will work together to eliminate TPLF from the Ethiopian soil. Eritrea is not only Tigrigna but other 8 Ethnic groups as well including the mighty Tigre (not Tigre in Tigry)

    • Sol says:

      Yes, you clearly showed what you are is an Agent of the Eritrean Government, I do not care where welakayit or raya goes too, but you will not rest in peace, when your neibougher burns you will too, learn from Somalia!! By disintegrating Ethiopia, you think, you will live in peace is impossible!! Human being will pass, but history will be there who you are ” band as”

  23. tewodros says:

    It was clear it’s defection.while he was giving a brief to z media in bole air port Before his deparation he wore oromia alert around his neck & said he does not need team spirit in z game. He was talking in oromia. Also during z ceremony he had oromia flag in his arm as if he was competition for oromia. So, his problem is not with z gov’t but Ethiopians. Shame on u. Who cares about u. Simply OLF. Why not disintegrate into pieces.

  24. Fact says:

    Chauvinism and narrow mindedness must be quashed
    With zero mercy .
    Next time , we should be careful on who should represent Ethiopia .back ground check comes here .

    Back ground check on Athlets

  25. Korem says:

    “አንቺ ባለ ጊዜ ሆነሽ ባለ ቀን
    እንዳንወቃቀስ እንዳንሆን ሆነን”

    አላቸው በዜማ በእስክስታ እያጀበ
    በማስጠንቀቂያ መልክ ሀይል እያራገበ
    ግን እነሱ አውሬ በዝርፊያ ላይ ያሉ
    በሰላም ከመኖር መሞት ይመርጣሉ
    ያ የደረቀ መሬት አምላክ የረገመው
    የሰው አውሬ ፈጥሮ ህዝብን አሰቃየው

    ወልቃይት፣ ጠገዴ፣ ጠለምት፣ ከሁመራ
    የጎንደር አካሎች ጥንታዊ የአማራ
    ተከዜ ለአናንተ አባይ ነው ለጎጃም
    ዳርድንበር፣ መከታ ተፈጥሯዊ አቋም
    ታዲያ ይህን ቦታ ትግሬ እንዴት ፈለገው
    ከሱ የሚያገናኝ ምክንያት ሳይኖረው፡
    ውሸትና ጉልበት አቅም ከመሰለው
    ህዝብ በሱ ይነሳ እሱነቱን ይየው

    እንኳን አሁንና ድሮም አልተቻለው
    አማራን ለማጥፋት ወያኔ እንዳሰበው
    ትግሬ ዘሩ ባንዳ ከድሮ ጀምሮ
    ጉድለት ያለበት ነው የእሱነት ተፈጥሮ
    ከተከዜ ማዶ ከጎንደር፤ ከአማራ
    በጉልበት ካሰበ ይሆናል አቧራ
    እንኳን ጥጥ፣ ሰሊጡን እጣኑን ሊዘርፍ
    ለሰኮንድም አይችል አቋርጦ ለማለፍ

    በክፋት ከሆነ ማንስ ከማን ያንሳል
    የዚህን እውነታ ከአሁን ወዲያ ያያል
    ማንሰ በነገረው እውነቱን በአሳዛኝ
    አማራ ሲቆርጥ እንደሆነ ጨካኝ
    ለ37 አመት በአማራ ጨክኗል
    በወለድ ተባዝቶ በሱ ይከፈላል
    መዝረፍ ካላቆመ ዜጋን ማሰቃየት
    ልኩን ማሳየት ነው ገብተው በገባበት፡፡

  26. Tsefaye says:

    I like when Ethiopians air their dirty linen for the world as they continue to pretend to be a might country



    . በአጥቢያ አብያተ ክርስቲያናት አንድነት ማህበር የተሰባሰብን ተወካዮች ባካሄድነው አስቸኳይ ጉባኤ በሀገራችን ኢትዮጵያ ያለውን ተጨባጭ ሁኔታ በሰፊው ተመልክተን የጋራ የአቋም መግለጫ አውጥተናል።.
    . የኢትዮጵያ ውድ ልጆች በየቀኑ በወያኔ ጥይት መቀላት ብቻ ሳይሆን በወያኔ ቆመጥ ተደብድበው እየተገደሉ ደማቸው እንደ ጅረት ውሃ እየፈሰሰ ከሞት የተረፉትም ለቀጣይ ግድያ እንዲጠባበቁ በጅምላ እየታሰሩ ናቸው። የዘረኛው ወያኔ የግፍ አገዛዝ ፅዋው ሞልቶ ከፈሰሰ ቆዬ። በመሆኑም እኛ በሕጋዊው ቅዱስ ሲኖዶስ ሕገ-ቤተክርስቲያን መዋቅር በሰበካ ጉባኤ ማደራጃ መምሪያ ሥር የተሰባሰብነው የአጥቢያ አብያተ ክርስቲያናት አንድነት ማኅበር አባላት ይህን የአቋም መግለጫ በጋራ አውጥተናል።
    ፩ኛ/ መላው የኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ ከሕ.ወ.ሓ.ት የባርነት ቀንበር ተላቆ የሰላምና የነፃነት አየር እንዲተነፍስ ትግሉን በየአቅጣጫው እንዲያፋፍም ጥሪ እናቀርባለን። እኛም በማንኛውም ረገድ አስተዋጸኦ ለማበርከት ቃል እንገባለን።
    ፪ኛ/ አረመኔውንና ዘረኛውን የወያኔ ቡድን ለማንበርከክ ሁሉም ኢትዮጵያዊ በተደራጀና በተቃናጀ መልኩ በየቦታው ዘብ ይቁም።
    ፫ኛ/ የሀገር አለኝታ የወገን መከታ የሆነው ወጣቱ ትውልድ እንደ ጽጌረዳ አበባ በየቦታው እየረገፈ ነው። እናት ልጇን ተነጥቃ ግንባሩ በአጋዚ ጥይት ተበርቅሶ ሲወድቅ እያየች የወላድ አንጀቷ አልችል ብሏት የሀገር ያለህ፤ የወገን ያለህ፤ ድረሱልኝ እያለች ትጮሃለች። ከዚህ የበለጠ ምድራዊ ገሀነም ምን ሊኖር ይችላል? በመሆኑም መላው የኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ ከዳር እስከዳር ተንቀሳቅሰን ይህንን ዘረኛና ገዳይ ቡድን ልናስወግደው ይገባል በማለት ወገናዊ ጥሪያችንን እናቀርባለን።
    ፬ኛ/ ሀገር በቀል የሆነው ከሀዲ ወራሪ ኃይል ቀደም ብሎ በነደፈው የከፋፍለህ ግዛ ያረጀና ያፈጀ ሥልት ሊሠራለት አልቻለም። ሕዝቡም ነቅቶበታል። አንድ ለአምስት በሚል አደረጃጀት ያዋቅረውን የሰሜን ኮሪያ ኮምኒስታዊ የአፈና አገዛዝ ሰንሰለት ኢትዮጵያዊ ወገናችን በጣጥሶ ጥሎት በአንድነት ፀንቶ ቆሟል። ድል ለኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ እስከሚሆን ድረስ የነፃነት ትግሉ ይቀጥላል። እኛም ድጋፋችንን እንቀጥላለን።
    ፭ኛ/ ወቅቱ የኢትዮጵያ ኦርቶዶክስ ተዋህዶ ቤተክርስቲያን አማኞች የፍልሰታ ፆምን ምክንያት በማድረግ በየቤተክርስቲያኑ በጸሎትና በሱባኤ ላይ ናቸው። በስቃይና በመከራ ላይ ያሉትን ወገኖቻቸውንም ዕለት በዕለት በጸሎት ያስባሉ።በአንፃሩ ግን ወያኔ በሃይማኖትና በእምነት ውስጥ ገብቶ ታጋይ ካድሬዎቹን በካሕናት ስም እያሰማራ ቤተክርስቲያናችንን እያመሰ ይገኛል።.

  28. ethoash says:

    poor Feyisa Lilesa mistaken RIO for America what he doesnt know is Rio is crime capital they will kill him for his money or he should go to KENYA as he suggested and sit there for next five year waiting his asylum paper processed by that time he will be to old to run …

    the poor Feyisa Lilesa doesnt have right to protest on Ethiopian govt. dime … yes he a have freedom of speech to protest but not in our dime he who paid for his hotel and his air fair … his Ethiopian govt. responsible form now on for his cost of living how this thing work?

    anyhow another thing i notice is those Washington post Tv and newspaper encouraging hims and calling him a hero and even telling him to bring his family and wife to America they said they will welcome him open hand

    mind u this idiot Washington post encouraging one man to come to America by doing so instigating civil war in Ethiopia and when Ethiopia become another Libya and Syria would this idiot form Washington post will say let Ethiopian poor come because they would be responsible for the civil war …. no they will change their tune

    even so this idiot Washington post telling the poor man come in we take u as if they have the power or the means to do it … USA immigration law doesnt work that way everyone is equal everyone must wait online and that line might take five years but gullible trust them and the million oromo might think America support them and they burn their own city in hope of going to America

    i beef is not with gullible Washington post journalist but with Ethiopian govt. they should hire people to fight online and answering the Washington post this is war on internet i dont think Ethiopian govt. ready for it this Washington post tv show where the journalist encouraging and telling the runner to come to America should be challenged by Ethiopian govt.

    how they like it if Ethiopian govt. telling all American black athlete who support black life matter to come to Ethiopia if this Washington post would say the same thing if black America did the same thing and support black life matter on the Olympic stage those athlete would be lost million in endorsement they would be untouchable and guess what the Washington post would not say the same thing

    i dont know why American Washington post support violent oromo protest that burn the city down and riot and loot why this violent protest claim they have no idea about Ethiopia but still support the athlete without knowing anything and caused harm to Ethiopia that they have no skin in the game if Ethiopia become another Libya … i think Ethiopia govt. should sue those journalist damaging Ethiopian brand even Ethiopian govt lose that would be good for us the oromo back home think Washington post is not above the law

  29. tewodros says:

    @ Kassa: fuck nefetegna.

  30. mer bel says:

    can we all please stop for a second and think?! people in our country are safe and happy why would want anyone want to ruin that?! please we all just need peace! even chinese are living peacefully when they only have one party in their political system. please cant we all ( oromo, amhara, tigray etc) just live in harmony? please just think about the peace loving people!

  31. Kadir Mohammed says:

    What do you exepect from such immature people, he better remain dish washer & begger no respect can be earned from the Ethiopians
    Donkey head

  32. dgee says:

    All of you are fulush

  33. Tiger Fox says:

    To Beza I am not sure about your gender if you are female you are the worst hore .

    • Beza says:

      Tiger fox this is ethiopian issue u faag Shabiya; get lost. Is that all you can say. By the way Shabiya is messing with Ethiopian politics. That’s why as we speak the Ethiopian airforce is bombarding Asab, Massawa and Asmera. Kita Ras.

  34. dereje from arba minch,
    the action of this athlete implicates two things ;-
    1st, since our constitution recognizes one’s right to reflect his opinion, I don’t think his action is wrong.
    2nd, rather than focusing on his ” wrongful act” it would be better if we appreciate him for his contribution for his country than those who seeks crisis in our country. Africa needs the support of Africans no matter how you are with odd bhrs/opinion. inability to recognize this fact shows how backwards in our understanding of the true meaning of freedom.

  35. Kadir Mohammed says:

    Tiger Fox
    Kizenam neh ende athlete
    Agly face and mucousey brain you are simply full of mucuos- nifty, nothing more- nothing less
    Don’t think with your muscle
    You are an ass kingdom

  36. Bote says:

    Hero………. he did well thanks bro!!!!!! we know Ethiopia government is lion for external police but he is master killer of his people!!!!! and he stand only for one nation (all track driver from Ethiopia to Djibouti is tigre, mekelakeya is all tigre, forgian affairs , ….,etc )so this all tigre people abuse this guy he did wrong hahaha !!!!!!! Feyissa is our hero he tell ur fault to worldwide

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