Ethiopia: Ruling Party Old Guard Back in Action Amid Ongoing Protests (Video)


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60 Responses

  1. ethoash says:

    this is a great news

    the first thing to arrest the revolution to do that we don’t need gun we need video camera to shoot and kill the revolution by video taping what kind of distraction the so called revolution doing … had those foreign farm had security camera by now we would have full evidence who is doing the looting and the rioting

    even after the fact the govt. news report should have gone and videotape all the damage those rioter did and even interviewed those mother and father who lost their kids in the protest asking them very simple question who in hell they let their under age kids go out on the street ask them who is responsible for their under age kids should they know better to hold their kid at home yes this kind of investigative interview look like heartless but some body must do it we we dont want to happened again

    not stopping here going to each so called opp. leader and ask them who is responsible for those under age kids to go on the street … this is child abuse if u ask me therefore the new reporter must report why in hell the oromo protester use children and even encouraging them to be in front of the protest and exposing them to danger so called protest leader must be asked to answer this question

    to the EPRDF

    they should allowed tax free security camera import and every company should have one to get insurance.. hotel, factory and any big business and even public bus must have security camera enough is enough


    THE next thing u should do is announce big investment in regional govt. … the best investment is public housing just like Addis Ababa condominium project this industry employee millions youth and they will not be interested in revolution if they r busy in work

    to EPRDF

    when ever u go and invest us should invest 1% of the investment in public relation i cant emphasized this any more u cant just go to gambella and start investing billion while the local let in poverty u have to do something for them this public relation goes a long way ….

    to EPLF

    FOR NOW u have to use media to fight back drama will go a long way how those domestic enemy form USA instigating war in Ethiopia while they r sitting in USA

    ANOTHER thing to do is debunking live in USA 98.9% Ethiopian r taxi driver and parking lot attendance they dont have it good but this the same people r instigating war in Ethiopia therefore ETV OR EBS must travel to America and video taping this people in their work place and interview them while driving taxi i know they will run for cover that would be gold

    • Who is responsible? You are a joke brother or sister! What kind of government order it’s security forces to shoot and kill it’s own people? With that being said they security forces need to understand their loyalty is to the people of Ethiopia not the leaders of Ethiopia! And you need to relax with your camera obsessions. Plus EBC is too corrupted to send people to the states and do a documentary like that. Finally, use your brain to think not your asshole! Asshole.

      • The security forces * not “they”

        • ethoash says:


          dont correct few word here and there i understand the content or your message even so it is useless… in what kind of world u live in why not try to break the law and order of USA AND let see the police will not shoot u … in America they dont even joke they will tell u they going to shoot to kill u cant even resist arrest if u do u r dead man in time of emergency the police they dont joke they take back their
          city once the governor declare curfew u cant even come out of ur own house if u do ur risking your life am talking here in SWEET USA where law and order run supreme

          • BitchImtheshit says:

            So you are telling me that you actually heard/seen Obama order the security forces shoot to kill when there was a BLM protest?
            Let me ask you quick question, are you arguing and defending TPLF because you are Tigre or a member of TPLF or is it because Ethiopia is fair for every ethnic groups in the nation?
            P.s, Americans don’t change the constitution every other week to satisfy their desire! And democracy is for the people by the people. If u can comprehend what that means please go explain it to your so called leaders.

          • BitchImtheshit says:

            FYI I respect and appreciate the fact that they changed the economy of the country even if only the rich got richer and their(tplf) members got even richer, but unfortunately money isn’t freedom.

        • ethoash says:

          dear BitchImtheshit

          on September 9, 2016 at 11:14 pm

          So you are telling me that you actually heard/seen Obama order the security forces shoot to kill when there was a BLM protest?”

          and here is your answer in USA OBAMA follow USA constitution he doesn’t make the law here is what the low saying regrading police power to use deadly force

          follow the link

          i hope i answer all your question

      • Aman says:

        Security forces kill Black man in evry streets of America for doing noting and if they kill somrene like you “Bush negger ” nobody even talk about you. If people kill security forces what do you think Will happen forget Ethiopia but any democratic country they Will putt a100 bulets in to your body. Go out in the country you liv and say you see how much right you have.

    • Ermi says:

      @Old guards, if you admit there are some corrupt woyane officials within and under you, don’t you think it is time to resign for allowing such individuals to exist under your leadership. Even if you were clean from the corruption, was it not your responsibility to make sure such corrupt individuals were not given an opportunity to do what they did right under your leadership.? Does it not show your incompetence?

      But, you are the true corrupt and criminal mafia who bleed the citizens and the country. The people are fed up of you. you belong in prison as we will soon witness your fate.

      Peace to all but woyanes!


      • ethoash says:


        why should i change one flat tire with another flat tire

        u think if we hire DR.BIRR form AG7 he will not corrupted the guy who sold us paper citizenship for 500 dolalr and no dody know where those 500 dollar is this the guy u want us to hire or THE olf Let me know

    • Mintie says:

      You guys should learn you can’t kill your way out. Now this old farts tried to calm down the situation but they are making it worse bc they are not addressing the core issues. This is a desperate measure from a desperate ruling party. You are going down its a matter of time.

      • ethoash says:


        why not u try what u preach in USA why not riot , loot and burn other people property and let see if the police will not shoot u … what kind of crazy talk r u talking no one have the riot and the loot right u have a right for peaceful demonstration that is why it called peaceful demonstration end of story

        • Truth says:

          Are you saying if someone comes to your crib and take it away from you with out no compensation you won’t fight back?

          • ethoash says:

            yes i am saying i will not die form my crib i only fight if he come for my life ./.. why should i die for my car or my property they r insured my life is all i have .. only stupid died for his car or iphone give it up ur life worth more

            now when i come back to your analogy between the thief and the EPRDF All i can say to u they r special kind of thief just imagine someone broken in to your home and clean your dirty dish and wash all ur dirty laundry even left money for u would u call him a thief or God sent

            TPLF make Gondar and all other region beautiful they make investment possible they conceived even the white investors to come to Ethiopia and invest this is not easy task …/ Africa was dark continent the Western doesnt want to invest because of this kind of revolution and looting a billion dollar company if they lose ten million dollar is not a bid deal the question is who is going to come even if the TPLF removed and dr. birr replaced do u think the white know the difference between two monkey it would be another ten years wasted or even 20 years if we r lucky ./../ i dont know what EPRDF did make him thief beside give u more right that u can handle and investment that u hate because now u required to work

    • dontbother says:

      Atleast you don’t have to be a woyane cadre to get a job in the states. word of advise, educate yourself prior to writing anything in english. Then maybe we can understand your central point.

  2. Eliana says:

    Only thing is too much blood is spilled already and is as we speak. More enemies created as a result.
    Even people like me who were happily sitting on the fence are off the Fence. There is no way we tolerate this level of abuse to innocent people and God knows what is happening behind closed doors. God be with them!!! HUMAN DIGNITY please and I dont care if the EPRDF whatever rules forever.

    Politically, they are trying to create 1 party instead of the coalition with ehnicity and replace is with chilota. The irony is everybody else will now be ‘tebab’. ‘ chuheten kemugne liyadergut new.

    • Be ewnetu says:

      Ethnicaly adminstratikn was aned in 198y in Temben when Dr Aregawi removed and Meles replace on the top by Sibhat and Solomon /Shaebia advicer/ in the name of MLLT.
      Purposly desjgned by Shaebia to destroy Ethiopia 30 yrs ago.
      Thrkish seeking to extradiction Glen from US by suslected for the coup. EPRDF never ask US about Birhanu Nega who is officially a commander of rebels reside in US. Becouse ESAT/Gim7 working with EPRDF by underground wire of Shaebia to destroy the nation. most EPRDF are Eritreans Samora Bereket Sibhat Abay-woldu Niway Arefaine Tewedros…. But ESAT/Gim7 is for money. And now wants to live in Ethiopia as a millianer all Esat/Gim7 by removing EPRDF . SO the tribal admi stdation is the top agenda of EPRDF. and will not interested to integrated rule in Ethiopia.
      Derg was integrated 4 parties ’emaledih’ to ESePa /WPE/.
      Derg is bad regime. But nationalist. EPRDF IS concerning only either for Eritrea or his power.

  3. Observer says:

    ችግር ኣለ ብሎ ኣምኖ አንነጋገርበት ማለት በራሱ ኣንድ ትልቅ አርምጃ ነው። የገዢውን ፓርቲ የውስጥ ችግር ለማየት በውስጡ የተዋቀረ / Inbuilt mechanism /የግምገማ ኣካሄድ ስላለ በየጊዜው ሲካሄድ ቆይቶኣል ሆኖም ግን ኣሁን ከተደረሰበት ኣስከፊ ደረጃ ለመከላከል ኣልቻለም።
    ብስብሰባው የተጠቀሱት ችግሮች ዛሬ የሰማናቸው ሳይሆን ቀድም ብሎ በቀድሞ ጠቅላይ ሚኒስተር በተደጋጋሚ ሲወሱ ከርመዋል። ዛሬን ለየት የም ያረገው ችግሮቹ አየተከማቹ መጥተው በተለመደው ኣስተዳደራዊ መፍት ሄ ሊወገዱ ኣለመችላቸውና ኣድማሳቸው በመስፋቱ ሊፈቱ የሚችሉት 180 degree በመዞር የፓሌቲካም መፍትሄ መሻታቸው ነው .
    They require a qualitative ,high order political solution.
    ከላይ ከተጠቀሱት ኣስተዳደራዊ መፍትሄዎች በተጨማሪ የሚከተሉት ቢጨመሩበት ሰላማዊ አና ዘለቄታዊ መደላደል ይፈጥራሉ ብዬ ኣስባለሁ
    1. ገራ ዘመማዊ በሆነ ኣመለካከት በ 100 %አና በመሳሰሉት ኣሽንፈናል ተብሎ ሀገርን ለመምራት መሞከር በህዝብ ዘንድ ተቀባይነት አና አምነት ስላማያገኝ ፣ በህገ መንግስቱ መሰረት / Pluralism /በሀገሪቱ የፓለቲካ ብዛህነት አንዲያብብ በመፍቀድ የፓለቲካ ቦታውን/ Space / ማስፋት
    2. በ21st ክፍለ ዘመን ዘመነ መሳፍንትን በሚያስታውስ መልኩ ትግሬ፣ ኦሮሞ ፣ ….ወዘተርፈ በማለት ሀገሪቱዋን በዘር ከፋፍሎ መምራት በሀገራችን ብቻ ሳይሆን በኣለም ተሞክሮ አደጋ አንዳለው የተረጋጋጠ በመሆኑ ይህ ስሪት የተለያዩ ዘር ኣባልትን መብት ባስከበረ መልኩና ኣንድ ሀገርን ከመፍጠር ኣኩያ ከሌሎች ያደጉ ሀገሮች ለምድ በመውሰድ ስሪቱን መቀየር።የተለመዱ የመክላከያ ሀሳቦች የትም አንደማያደርሱ ኣይተናቸዋል።
    በቅርቡ በፌስ ቡክ አና በፓልቶክ ባለፉት 25 ኣመታት ተውልደው ያደጉ ወጣቶች ዘርን ተተርሶ የሚቀያየሩት ስድብ ላየ ሃላፊነት ለሚሰማው የሀገር መሪ ዱርጅት ከዚህ የበለጠ ኣስከፊ ነገር የለም።
    End result : It has resulted in partiality and undue benefits at the expense of others .
    3. ብነጻ ኣውጭ ስም ፣ በዘር የተደራጁ ፣ በሃይማኖት የተቁዋቁዋሙ ፓርቲዎችን በህግ ማፍረስ ፣በህሳብ, ideals ,ኣይዲኦሎጂ በመሳሰሉት የተቁቍዋሙትን ማበረታታት።
    4.በጫካው ትግል የተሳተፉትን ታጋዮች በክበር ሸኝቶ ፣ፓርቲው በተማረና ኣዲስ ትውልድ አዲመራ ማድረግ as it requires a new outlook and energy.
    5.የቀድሞ የኢሃዴግ ከፍተኛ ባለስልጣኖች 1,ጄኔራል ጻድቃን፣ 2, ጄኔራል ኣበበ፣ 3.ኣቶ ታምራት ላይኔ አና ሌሎችም ከውጭ የሚሰጡትን ሀሳቦች ከሳጥን ውስጥ ወጣ/ out of the box/ ብሎ መቃኘት። ናቸው
    ምክረ ሀሳቤ በስራ ላይ ለማዋል ከባድ አንደሆነ ይገባኛል ሆኖም ዲሞክራሲያዊ ስር ኣትን ለማምጣት ከተከፈልው መስዋትነት የበለጠ ኣይከብድም።
    God bless Ethiopia

    • ethoash says:


      u cant ask for election and removed the govt. that u could not do in battle battlefield

      ከላይ ከተጠቀሱት ኣስተዳደራዊ መፍትሄዎች በተጨማሪ የሚከተሉት ቢጨመሩበት ሰላማዊ አና ዘለቄታዊ መደላደል ይፈጥራሉ ብዬ ኣስባለሁ
      1. ገራ ዘመማዊ በሆነ ኣመለካከት በ 100 %አና በመሳሰሉት ኣሽንፈናል ተብሎ ሀገርን ለመምራት መሞከር በህዝብ ዘንድ ተቀባይነት አና አምነት ስላማያገኝ ፣ በህገ መንግስቱ መሰረት / Pluralism /በሀገሪቱ የፓለቲካ ብዛህነት አንዲያብብ በመፍቀድ የፓለቲካ ቦታውን/ Space / ማስፋት

      AG7 using election as war cry to hoodwink the power out of EPRDF hand they r not interested in democracy they use democracy as the tools to achieved their ulterior motive recapturing their lost power

      this is like saying white apartheid asking for fair and free election to come back to power and doing their old trick do u think the South Africa will buy this trick

      so forget it if u r not free and fair dont ask EPRDF TO be one what did stop u u had 3000 years to give people democracy if u had in you u could have given people democracy now EPRDF introduce it u try to hijack it … it doesnt work

      2. በ21st ክፍለ ዘመን ዘመነ መሳፍንትን በሚያስታውስ መልኩ ትግሬ፣ ኦሮሞ ፣ ….ወዘተርፈ በማለት ሀገሪቱዋን በዘር ከፋፍሎ መምራት በሀገራችን ብቻ ሳይሆን በኣለም ተሞክሮ አደጋ አንዳለው የተረጋጋጠ በመሆኑ ይህ ስሪት የተለያዩ ዘር ኣባልትን መብት ባስከበረ መልኩና ኣንድ ሀገርን ከመፍጠር ኣኩያ ከሌሎች ያደጉ ሀገሮች ለምድ በመውሰድ ስሪቱን መቀየር።የተለመዱ የመክላከያ ሀሳቦች የትም አንደማያደርሱ ኣይተናቸዋል።

      Russia Russian 79.8%, Tatar 3.8%, Ukrainian 2%, Bashkir 1.2%, Chuvash 1.1%, other or unspecified 12.1% (2002)

      Sweden indigenous population: Swedes with Finnish and Sami minorities; foreign-born or first-generation immigrants: Finns, Yugoslavs, Danes, Norwegians, Greeks, Turks

      Switzerland German 65%, French 18%, Italian 10%, Romansch 1%, other 6%

      United Kingdom English 83.6%, Scottish 8.6%, Welsh 4.9%; Northern Irish 2.9%, black 2%, Indian 1.8%, Pakistani 1.3%, mixed 1.2%, other 1.6% (2001)

      United States White: 211,460,626 (75.1%); Black: 34,658,190 (12.3%); Asian: 10,242,998 (3.6%); American Indian and Alaska Native: 2,475,956 (0.9%); Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander: 398,835 (0.1%); other race: 15,359,073 (5.5%); Hispanic origin:1 35,305,818 (12.5%)

      Germany German 91.5%, Turkish 2.4%, Italian 0.7%, Greek 0.4%, Polish 0.4%, other 4.6%
      Korea, South homogeneous (except for about 20,000 Chinese)

      በቅርቡ በፌስ ቡክ አና በፓልቶክ ባለፉት 25 ኣመታት ተውልደው ያደጉ ወጣቶች ዘርን ተተርሶ የሚቀያየሩት ስድብ ላየ ሃላፊነት ለሚሰማው የሀገር መሪ ዱርጅት ከዚህ የበለጠ ኣስከፊ ነገር የለም።

      HERE IS ur answer

      3. ብነጻ ኣውጭ ስም ፣ በዘር የተደራጁ ፣ በሃይማኖት የተቁዋቁዋሙ ፓርቲዎችን በህግ ማፍረስ ፣በህሳብ, ideals ,ኣይዲኦሎጂ በመሳሰሉት የተቁቍዋሙትን ማበረታታት።

      r u referring AG7 AND OLF who r organizing based on their ethnicity no Amhara in OLF no oromo in AG7 tell me how u going to stop this armed groups

      4.በጫካው ትግል የተሳተፉትን ታጋዮች በክበር ሸኝቶ ፣ፓርቲው በተማረና ኣዲስ ትውልድ አዲመራ ማድረግ as it requires a new outlook and energy.

      this one i agree with u but how would u በክበር ሸኝቶ how would u do that paying them their 3000 birr and when TPLF removed would this money and their freedom would be respected because they give up power now what is the deal here yes for u to say but would u pay them the real market value

      5.የቀድሞ የኢሃዴግ ከፍተኛ ባለስልጣኖች 1,ጄኔራል ጻድቃን፣ 2, ጄኔራል ኣበበ፣ 3.ኣቶ ታምራት ላይኔ አና ሌሎችም ከውጭ የሚሰጡትን ሀሳቦች ከሳጥን ውስጥ ወጣ/ out of the box/ ብሎ መቃኘት። ናቸው

      i dont know about the other but this guy called .ኣቶ ታምራት ላይኔ he should shut his mouth because he signed pardon to come out from jail now he running his mouth i think he should retired as ur advice to because why r u only asking EPRDF OFFICIAL to retirement while u r hiring .ኣቶ ታምራት ላይኔ who is the same age like the rest of them

      • Observer says:

        የድሮ ንጉሶች የተራውን ህዝብ ስሜት ለመረዳት” እረኛ ምን ኣለ” ”ምን ዘፈነ ”ይሉ ነበር ይባላል አረኛ አንደልቡ የሚሰማውን ስለሚገልጽ።
        አኔም አንደ ኣንድ ዜጋ ለመሪዎቻችን አታች ያለን ሰዎች የሚሰማንን ለመግለጽ ያህል ነው ።ያቀረብኩትም ባፍራሽነቱ ሳይሆን በገንቢነቱ ሰላማዊ መፍትሄ ለማቅረብ ነው። ግቤ ለመሪዎቻችን; ለበላዮችህ ነው ለዳንተ ኣይነት ሰው ኣይደለም ።

  4. The big question is, will the “old guard” bring peace and order to the country? In my opinion it might delay things but won’t bring lasting peace, for two reasons. First, only a naïve will believe that the “old guard” was not leading from behind. Second, the problem isn’t will the younger leaders but inherited in the governing party’s programs. Anyone, who really wants to bring peace should look a closer look at the programs and policies of EPRDF.

  5. wedinkafa says:

    In political history of humanity WOY_ANE is a unique decrepit party with a suicidal mission, we have seen deruge amputated its right hand and WO_ANE is putting the noose on its neck, can not way for the to froth, viva Ethiopian people throw away this trash mercenary government.

  6. Desta says:

    Is there any new things that they didn’t tell us for the last 25 years? Why they didn’t include guests who disputes their claim?
    Democracy is about debate, not telling one side and old story.

  7. Dagna says:

    Not so good but good enough mug shot for Kilinto jail.

  8. Dagna says:

    “Not so good but good enough mug shot for Kilinto jail.” If they do not mean what they are saying.
    But for now the blood shade must stop. Right Now.

  9. Sam says:

    I heard the discussion. I am disappointed. I think these guys are not capable of learning something new. They still believe the problem with EPDRF is having some bad apples among the party elites. Just get rid of them and everything will be fine. That is the whole discussion. Well, Somebody has to wake these guys from their fantasy. No, it is not some party bosses who cause the misery Ethiopians are living under. Rather it is the very politics of EPDRF. The EPDRF politicians totally underestimate the political knowhow of the people they govern. They think they are the only Ethiopians who understand politics. This arrogance might have not been challenged seriously before, but I do not think in the future it will be the same. By the way do you know what getting rid of some politicians mean? Yes, transferring the minister to be an advisor to the prime minister. A minister who is demoted from being a minister because of lack of ability or corruption will become an advisor to the prime minister. Is it a demotion or a promotion? Nobody tells. They took as for a fool. The EPDRF politicians are not learning because they do not believe there is anything for them to learn. They know it all. Why then the discussion now? Indirectly to tell us how wrong we are. We Ethiopians took the whole thing out of proportion. The discussion important point is this: we Ethiopians have no choice except being governed by EPDRF. When there is problem, it is only EPDRF which will have answer for it. I think the majority of Ethiopians have a different understanding now. The sooner the EPDRF politicians embrace that fact, the better for Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

    learn nothing new. They still believe the problem with EPDRF is having some bad apples among them. Get rid of them and everything will be ok. Do you guys believe these guys still have it? I mean they lost the power of thinking, assuming they had it before.

    • ethoash says:


      “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”Albert Einstein

      do u realty think if u replaced TPLF with another leader u will get different result if the system is the same u get the same result so the solution is to change the system i give the answer u pay them billion birr to go away peacefully instead of try to use revolution and uprising why not just pay them billion birr just to go away peacefully ,,,, u try to tell them to ago way with their 3000 birr retirement money even then their safety is not sure if this govt. change and AG7 OR OLF COME TO POWER they r saying they will take away everything what the EPRDF leader own and u want them to give up power and lose their life any how i give the solution in deital go and read it

  10. Melkan says:

    @ethoash, you might be right that 98.9% of Ethiopians in the US are taxi driver and parking lot attendance…but i would argue that the live better life than 99% of the people live in Ethiopia, and they are by far the largest hard currency source foe the Ethiopian Govt.
    As we all knows this people’s kids are attending the highest ranking universities and college in the US….. on the other hand as it’s well know the first generation immigrants of any orgin usually have hard time to get a good paying job….
    When we back to the Ethiopian People request….they are asking about Fairness as far as i understand……they are asking the govt to be fair to all…, not to favor one group over the other because of ethnicity, political affiliation, religion, sex etc…

    Melkan ( former parking lot attendance, now Sr. power electronics engineer from California )

    • ethoash says:


      America is land of opportunity it doesn’t matter where u come from Obama mother or grand mother took welfare money too that is the point the point is u work as parking lot attendance and u study part time and u make something out of the opportunity u r given but had u stayed as parking lot and now u r in your golden age then u r a loser regardless of how much money u get paid ,,,,this dollar we talking about because of USA stranded of life not because u work hard beside u send 100 dollar per month that is nothing here in USA

      AGAIN for the last 25 years u send money to Ethiopia to your family and go and look your family life how it is improved ? again this happened because u r taxi driver and you don’t know any better u have no education that is why u send money hoping u helping your family only to drive the inflation high and now u cry the price is to high

      if 98.9%where educated if they were not a taxi driver and parking lot attendance both of us agreed that those taxi driver send one billion dollar per year for the last 25 years … as u can see is u pool the money together it become one billion dollar but individually it is just one hundred dollars

      when u talk about the taxi driver sending one billion dollar misleading they dont send one billion dollar they send individually one hundred dollar

      now if those taxi drivers where smart they could have started share company or investment company and buy 100 dollar bond in this investment company and this investment company take this one billion dollar and borrow another 10 billion from Ethiopian national bank or 90 billion dollar what ever the rule is and look how much power u guys have if u pool the money otherwise saying we send phantom billion dollar only work if u r taxi driver otherwise u know and i know u dont send one billion dollar u send only one hundred dollar end of story

      • Ermi says:

        @ash, ok, for the sake of argument, we say those taxi drivers are “looser”. what would you say about those cyber defenders of woyane criminal mafias who can’t write one grammatically correct sentence in any of the forums they post comments?

        How about welfare collectors in Canada whose only job is to write comments in defense of the dying woyane mafia s 24/7, are they looser too?

        Peace to all but woyanes!


        • ethoash says:

          my dearest Ermi

          i think u have wrong calibrating of intelligent

          in ur house intelligent means if someone cant write one grammatically correct sentence than he is less intelligent in what house u think that is logical

          it is now the grammatical error that determined your intelligent but the content of your sentence …

          here r few college dropout billionaire

          Ted Turner (Net worth: $2 billion)
          Ralph Lauren.
          Mark Zuckerberg.
          Michael Dell. ….the founder and CEO of Dell Inc
          Sheldon Adelson. ….casino magnate.
          Larry Ellison. co-founder of Oracle
          Bill Gates.
          Steve Jobs.

          what qualified u is not ur education level or even driving taxi what qualified u as loser is u set in your comfortable taxi and declare war then that qualified u as loser u could be PHD holder but if u try to send some one to war while u r sitting here u r loser now if the phd guy tell u to give money for his phantom war and if u give money i say u must be taxi driver or parking lot attendance otherwise how in hell ESAT PULL fast one on u many time over …. but if a guy who taking welfare money and say to u put skin in the game that that qualified him as smart one because he doesnt fail for ur idiotic war while sitting in here

          dear Ermi

          let me ask u personal question if war erupted would u go ? u dont go so if someone who taking welfare telling u to stop it or put ur skin in the game meaning go and fight otherwise doesn’t instigate war how this make him loser u tell me i don’t know u r the smart one u have degree to show for it

          by the way my dearest Erimi

          why Ethiopian code name for Amhara open only bar business in Washington Dc why for Amhara business means opening bar or restaurant why is that

          now EPRDF said Ethiopian is open for business what did those Amhara did open up night club. and sport bar and more nail and spa

          pls stop me before i am going to tell everyone how those Amhrar looted the parking lot and drink the money away

  11. Good says:

    የህዝብን ሃብት የመጠበቅ ግዴታ አለባችሁ፡፡
    ህዝብ ከጎናችሁ ነው

  12. AlawahaMilash says:

    All power to Tegadalay president Abay Weldu, the iron man of Ethiopia, EPRDF, Tigray and weyane.
    He must have replaced Meles if the current situation was to be avoided.. Alas the wishy-washy and spineless, opportunistic retirees like Bereket, Adisu , Sibhat , Arkebe, Abay, etc, favored some unknown quantity who took that eminent position without giving him the wherewithal to do the complex job. They did that because theyenvied Meles, specially his historic legacy and wanted to see the death of Ethiopia before they passed away.
    My next favorite for the PM position was the brilliant iron lady from welkait, the first Ethiopian first-lady ever , EFFORT CEO, Tegadalit Azeb Mefsfin.
    The only 3 reasons why I criticized both Abay and Azeb in the past are the following :1) For not giving the Army the greenlight to eradicate Shaebia. 2) For not industrializing Tigray and making it the lindustrial base of Ethiopia (sadly, instead they spent trillions of birr to industrialize the smelly towns where the thankless and rotten neftegnas still live).3) For not reclaiming our ancestrally related people, and their respective lands, such as: Lasta, Sekota, Kobo, The entire Semien zone, Metema and Adi KuraE or Kwara, Gash-Setit, all-Afar including the contiguous Red Sea coast/ports, etc.
    Mr AlawahaMilash,
    baal Minishir baal Demelash,
    proud son of Tigray who hails from Kobo city and Waja-Tumuga..

  13. TT says:

    ልማት ፡ትምህርት፡ እድገት ፡ዲሞክራሲ ይስፋፋ ፡፡

    ጠላት ጠበል እንደገባ ቡዳ ይለፍልፍ ፡ይንፈራገጥ ፡፡

  14. Gonder says:

    Old dogs (Killers) what the matters you hand is washed by Millions Ethiopians blood do you think you will change Ethiopians now too late you the killers & your familys next to die for now deviles shutdown you ugle dirty mouth we Ethiopians coming to you , bo where to HIDE.😜😜😜😜

    • Good says:

      ምነው ለአቅመ ፌስ ቡክ ያልደረሡትን “ለጅል የተከለከለ የሚል” ማስታወቅያ ቢታከልበትና ሞባይል የመጠቀምና የማመዛዘን ስልጠና ቢወስዱ ፡፡ በተለይ አሜሪካ በግርድና ያሉ፡፡

  15. ethoash says:

    i am doing extreme think if i have to write my last blog this would be

    i was think what is the root of the problem?

    and the answer always come back to me money that all it is some might tell u it is not about money but when they say that i should understand it is all about money nothing else

    everyone telling us about the problem but no body offer the solutions is how to divide the money pie

    every one tell u they need good governance, they want govt. free of corruption, they want effect govt. and so on but this the same people only want to pay 3000 birr per money but get Obama kind of govt. u cant get diamond for 3000 birr all u get is fake diamond

    i scan the video every one talk about good governance without taking about money in fact one of the official even say to be a good governor all u need is a good heart how long this good heart take u r we looking for collection of angle or human being if we want the best leader we should start paying 3000 birr doesn’t cut it and expecting our leader not to be corrupted while we pay them 3000 birr is a joke

    The Ethiopian people r not ready to start paying our govt. official even so called the economist will tell u it is our national salary scale so the minister know the pay scale before they took the job so it is their responsibility not to take the job if they dont like the pay scale that is what they will tell u

    the EPRDF did not take the govt job only for pay but they took the job for the power but power and the pay scale two different thing even so MELES only got paid 3000 birr he was the most powerful man in Ethiopia … what i am saying the Meles power responsibility is not matched by his pay scale

    as u know AGING but they cant afford to be retired so they will stay until their death without grooming replacement leaders …. when EPRDF LEADER removed in mass by revolution or force what REPLACE them doesn’t have roll model therefore it would be on the job training the next govt. cant hit the ground running as soon as they take over the power therefore we will pay dearly by creating anarchy and revolution and we will lose billion in the process instead of paying our leader fair market value and avoid all this revolutionary nd anarchy

    now the question is home much is good enough i say one time payment of 100 million on retirement if any govt. offical stay in power for 8 years and want to retire he get 100 million birr
    if he stay more then ten years he will get 80 million birr every one years they stay in power they going to lose ten million birr this way they will be intensified to leave power

    now the question when Ethiopia will have this kind of money the answer is very simple

    we give them each one mega projects to run and we make them share holder say 10% on retirement

    while they have in power 1% on each mega project they established under them it they established 10 mea project then they get 10% in total so they have incentive to established more business

    i know this is new line of thinking what i want is up front payment then paying later

    i know some people will not phantom paying billion to our leaders so i will give one example

    LET TAKE Haile gebrselassie BEFORE him long distance runner were not paid that much and they live in poverty so what benefited us making our long distance runner poor but when we start paying haile gebrselassie million or allowed to keep his million he started business now he have 7 hotel and hiring over God knows 100,000 people all in all … that means paying or allowing haile gebrselassie to keep his own money is good for Ethiopia not only haile gebrselassie he become a roll model for other athlete to become business minded and almost all of them have some kind of business and creating more job

    so paying our leader 100 million is good for Ethiopia because our leader will start a business and they will hire people and make Ethiopia work but if we keep them poor they might end up in USA if they lucky they might get job in their education if not they will end up taxi driving just the rest of Ethiopian in Washington Dc … the point is what would benefit us keeping our leader in poverty

    as i said when we start paying the real salary of our govt. official then almost all the problem will go away if not we will reduce it acceptable level

  16. Melkam says:

    @ethoash, with all due respect I disagree with your ‘root cause ‘ analysis…in my view its a question of Fairness….the people want fair and responsible govt….the .govt needs to be run by educated smart people while can address people questions and need as the economy and other opportunity expand….when I was in Ethiopia in 2001 G.C I earned only 930 birr per month good enough to support my family…..after 15 yrs the inflation is over 1000% but people pay increases only by 250%….how does that work….this is the lack of leadership who see things ahead of time and adjust things to accommodate the expanding economy….but the people running the govt has been busy looting its own people…this is fact across the board regardless of ethnicity….the only beneficiary is TPLF and its co…

    • ethoash says:


      dear MELKAM ,U said u r power electronics engineer therefore u have no idea how economy work so i don’t understand why ur dolling yourself with economy and making uneducated suggestion

      1st who told u only educated people should run the country ,,, American president Reagan
      was a movie star even ur California governor arnold schwarzenegger were just movie start this doesn’t stop him form becoming a leader i don’t know who told u u have to be educated person to be a leader format education mean nothing if u have wisdom for example u also would accept this fact MELES was super leader that come once in 3000 years … my second point is even if we agree we should elect educated people those EPRDF LEADER were in disadvantage because they give up their education to go to war to liberate us now u want to give power to the guy who run away to USA AND finished his education while left Ethiopia to defend itself …my 3rd point YES EPRF can hire adviser but he cant shut them out of power because they r not educated beside they win the war how you going to take them out

      “Ethiopia in 2001 G.C I earned only 930 birr per month good enough to support my family…..after 15 yrs the inflation is over 1000% but people pay increases only by 250%…”

      this is another misconception…. u want life to stay the same like 15 years no change … why not check how much thing cost in America 15 years ago and compere it today… in Ethiopia case if u ask why inflation because of progress when u have progress u have inflation that is a fact but over inflation is the problem … u only invest in house here USA if u think after 15 years the price will go up but if u think the price remain the same or go down do u think u will invest in house the same logic here small inflation is good

      about accusation of looting u THINK if AG7 DR.BIRR come to power and start getting 3000 birr he will not start looting what is your point instead of changing the people why not change the system and pay them 100 million birr to go away and they will go away and give them protection dont accuse them looting they will keep their money in Ethiopia… otherwise what do u want to happened to ex first lady Azeb Mesfin Haile be honest what would happened to her if TPLF REMOVED u want her to come to USA AND WORK COFFEE shop when u cut her 3000 birr that u pay meles stopped because AG7 took power … if u want to fix the problem we have talk the root of the problem it is not about fairness we r not the collation of angle u dont collect angle we collecting people people need money u pay them they work for u end of story

  17. Action says:

    1-ስራ ፈጣሪ ሰዎችን ማበረታታት
    2-በስራው ላይ የተሠጠውን ሃላፊነት የማይወጣን ፡ሠርቶ የማያሠራን ፡ችግር የማይፈታን ወደ ቤቱ መሸኘት
    3-በደሀ መቀነት የሚተዳደረውን ያለ ርህራሄ መቅጣት
    4-ያለ ችሎታው በየ ሙያው የተጎለተውን ገለል ማረግ
    5-ነውጥ ና ሁከት አቀንቃኙን ወደ ግዞት መላክ ከበድ ያለ የጉልበት ስራ ሰርቶ ወገኑን እንዲክስ ማረግ፡፡

  18. Anthony says:

    No excuse they must go!

  19. Zmmm says:

    ” 1-ስራ ፈጣሪ ሰዎችን ማበረታታት
    2-በስራው ላይ የተሠጠውን ሃላፊነት የማይወጣን ፡ሠርቶ የማያሠራን ፡ችግር የማይፈታን ወደ ቤቱ መሸኘት
    3-በደሀ መቀነት የሚተዳደረውን ያለ ርህራሄ መቅጣት
    4-ያለ ችሎታው በየ ሙያው የተጎለተውን ገለል ማረግ
    5-ነውጥ ና ሁከት አቀንቃኙን ወደ ግዞት መላክ ከበድ ያለ የጉልበት ስራ ሰርቶ ወገኑን እንዲክስ ማረግ፡፡”

    …ethoash & AlawahaMilash.. please go back to school and read and read and read before you write comments …

  20. Zmmm says:

    Well said Action.

    …ethoash & AlawahaMilash.. please go back to school and read and read and read before you write comments …

  21. Zmmm says:

    Well said Action !!

    …ethoash & AlawahaMilash.. please go back to school and read and read and read before you write comments …

  22. Sam says:

    Ethoash, do not get me wrong. When I criticize EPDRF, I do not mean the opposition parties are the solution. Not at all. I criticize EPDRF because it has total monopoly in running the government. However, some opposition parties that denounce violence to get power have political policy which is to my liking. EPDRF cannot tame leave alone contain corruption because it owns the very reason of corruption: land. The late prime minister said the government owns the land because the peasants are not forced to sell their under finacial difficulties. Let them sell if they fail to make a living out of farming. By the way 80 percent of Ethiopians are farmers. No one with a little commonsense beleives 50 years ftom now still 80 percent of the poulation will be farmers. The late prime minister knows that. He is not concerned about the peasants fate as some believe. He used the peasants as a means for him and his party to have a total control of the country. Oh man, do they have total control! They are in a business of selling the country’s land for nothing.

    • ethoash says:


      i am new here why everyone start new thread it is difficult to follow the thought …. u guys keep on starting new thread …i totally forget even what i told u to cause u this kind of reaction

      any how i agree with u if they denounce violence they should be give power share but can u name one party that denounce violence wink wink they will denounce violence in front of u but they contacting ESAT AND AG7 they even take selfie with ESAT TEAM and getting interviewed by ESAT what kind of denouncing we are playing here …

      about land i also supporter of land owned by government so that the former cant sale it land his his security insurance.. if the farmer bankrupted they cant take away his land let alone his land u cant take away his oxen so his well protected … what u need is ownership paper if the farmer get ownership paper then he can borrow money against it and no body can take away his land if he have his ownership paper that will solve most of the problem

      when technology progress and the farmer get factory job of course less and less farmer remain so what is your point the rest of the land still will be cultivated using modern technology using less people … by the way do u understand what leverage means EPRDF USE LAND AS leverage TO pull us out of poverty and it is working u give big investor free land that is your leverage that is what we Ethiopian and we use it as leverage to attract investor the investor will come because our instinctive once they come they invest billion dollar and hiring 100,000 people and Ethiopian earning foreign currency if i have to explain to u this simple logic then it would be a long long way out of poverty pulling people like us his more harder then uneducated farmers

  23. Melkam says:

    @ ethoash,
    You are right I’m not economist , but I took engineering economics course if that helps :-)….you said it right inflation also increases here the US but the govt at Federal and state and even city admin increase the minimum wage….one of the city close to where I live passed a proposition to increase the minimum wage to $15/hr….15 yrs ago it was $7.00…..

    I don’t disagree anymore …the average person may run the country as big as US….but look who is around the president …very smart advisors and cabin members….

    I’m in agreements with you to increase the compensation and benefits of higher officialy….but not 100 millions:))

    • ethoash says:


      1. Ethiopian cant increase the minimum wage to high because that is our leverage (advantage ) we r telling the whole world our labor cost is cheaper then China and telling them to come if we increased them to much we lose the advantage…

      even then it is not the answer for reducing inflation or price i give u one example

      one Portland cement bag n Ethiopia used to cost 40 birr mengistu haile mariam but no body building anything not even one building added in the country during our beloved leader time

      during EPRDF time one portland cement bag used to cost 500 birr even 600 birr

      based on ur logic if we increased Ethiopian people minimum wage they could afford the Portland cement one problem as soon as u increased the minimum wage the cement price will increased to much with the increased income

      what would be our dear your father mengistu haile mariam answer kill those The Merchant of Venice and he done it during his time

      now enter EPRDF

      they stablized the price by importing cement and then build new cement factory as soon as Al amouidi finished his cement factory the price of cement fail to 250 birr so the price control is more product not increase minimum wage yes it might work for USA but not for Ethiopia


      i like u r not blind opposition u reasoning u also reason and agree with me increased the compensation and benefits of higher offiical but not 100 million birr

      but u did not how much we should pay them

      100,000 birr
      one million birr
      ten million birr or
      100 million birr

      CASE ONE :-

      One percent is “one per one-hundred”, that is 1/100. .) Hence one percent of a billion is

      1/100 1,000,000,000 = 10,000,000

      CASE TWO

      $ 10 billion = $ 10,000,000,000 dollars

      1 % of $ 10,000,000,000 = 0.01 (10,000,000,000) = $100,000,000

      They got a $100 million dollars

      DEAR melkam

      let me ask u one question

      let say u r Ethiopian people or u representing Ethiopian people
      and i am Ethiopian official or representing Ethiopian govt. official

      i come to u with proposition

      pay me 100 million birr my compensation

      u say no hell but agreed only to pay ten million birr

      my question is which one is good deal for Ethiopian people to pay ten million birr or 100 million birr

      if u answer ten million you might be wrong

      let take two govt. official

      both run two region in the end of the year the two come to collect their compensation

      one demanded ten million birr for his service the other one demanded 100 million birr the question is which one is cheaper one

      again it depended

      the one who demanded only ten million he grow the economy by one billion dollar

      the guy who demanded grow the economy by 10 billion dollar

      now which economy would u like the ten billion birr even so u paid 100 million birr

      so what u should do is tell those govt. offical their compensation is tie with the economy if u grow economy by ten fold u get 1% what increased u make

      so if the guy increase the economy by one billion he get 1% of that amount
      and the guy who increased the economy by ten billion he get 1% of that amount

      i explain to u in detail it is not in our culture to pay the right price we want short change people and demanded 1st class service Ethiopian people start learning pay to play or u got what u pay for

      thanks and i am out

  24. obsaa says:

    Many people witnessed that the protesters were peacefully expressing their views and this is their right. The blind- minded government officials ordered the killings. The current rulers of the country are responsible for the crimes they are commuting.

  25. Zmmm says:

    peasants ??

  26. TT says:

    የአማራው፡ህዝብ በጠላትነት እንዲታይ ያደረጉ አማራ ነን ባዬች ያረጀ ባንዲራ አውርደው የህዝቦችን ሉአላዊነት የሚገፍ የደርግን መፈክር እያሰሙና እየፎከሩ በከሰሩ አስር አለቆች እየተመሩ የበለጠ እንዲጠላ እየሠሩ ነው ፡፡ ያለፈው ጉስቁልናው አንዳይበቃ ያለችውን ሀብት እያነደዱ ይሞቃሉ፡፡ መቼም ኢንቨስትመንት እንዳያገኝ ይሞክራሉ፡፡ ከሁሉ በላይ ከሌሎች እምነቶችና ብሄሮች የሚያጋጨውን እብሪትን ይሠብካሉ፡፡
    ወግድ በቃችሁ ሊባሉ ይገባል ፡፡

    አዛኝ ቂቤ አንጓች ፡፡ በህዝብ ጀርባ የተከለሉ ፀረ ህዝቦች ፡፡ህዝብን የተጣቡ የድህነት አራዛሚዎች ፡፡ ዳቦ የማያቀረቡ የወሬ አርበኞች ፡፡በስደት የተዳከሙ ተስፋ ቢሶች ፡፡ በሠለጠነው አለም ለመኖር ኑሮ የከበዳቸው ፡፡፡ጌታ ይንቀላቸው፡፡

  27. Tiger Fox says:

    Dawit do you know the where about of Getachew Reda the trash talker, the arrogant, the egnorant, who does not respect his potion, did he flee to USA to live because he know this is the end of tplf.

  28. Tiger Fox says:

    To AlawahaMilash there is no place in Ethiopia like you who think on locust brain.

  29. Tiger Fox says:

    These four people are the most corrupt ones because of this nobody listen them.

  30. Sam says:

    Ethoash, I noticed you have a little regard for truth unless it fits to your preconceived idea. You said in Ethiopia there are no peaceful opposition parties. That is lie. In fact the most partisan EPDRF cadre cannot lie on this matter as you did. You might not like the parties policy because it contradicts what you had been filled so long by the party you worship, but they exist. And they struggle peacefully under the constant oppression of EPDRF. Whether the parties are visionaries or not is a matter of debate. But that is not what you are concerned about.
    As for privatizing land, you said you are against it. That is your right to believe that the government has owned for the benefit of the peasants. I am not sure the Gambella peasants who were forced to relinquish their land for Indian millionaires agree with you. I am not even sure the peasants around Addis who were pushed to make a room for the millionaires would agree with you. Oh! that is for the development sake you could say. Do you not see a contradiction here, a government that owns land because of concern the peasants sell it and be on the street being the same government which forced them out of their land to give it for Indian millionaires for free? Maybe facts do not matter in your political circle. But it matters to the majority of Ethiopians. The majority of Ethiopians do not want the government to micromanage their life because it controls the only means of production which is abundant in Ethiopia. I think Ethoash it is time to retire it is for the peasant’s sake argument. It is for the interest of EPDRF that land remains in the hands of the government. If EPDRF loses political power to another party, it would be the vocal party promoting for privatization of land. You know why? A government that owns land control the people. The EPDRF politicos know it. It is the “controlling” which is important to EPDRF.

    • ethoash says:

      dear sam

      do u know what eminent domain means the right of a government or its agent to expropriate private property for public use, with payment of compensation.

      even in good USA Even if u own ur own home if the govt. want it for public use or for economy development they can take ur land or home after they pay u kassa … here in USA

      ABOUT Gambella peasants

      THEY have only one hector per person if they want it they can have it in other place those Indian hire 100,000 poor Gambella youth and make more money then being small farmer

      Gambella peasants doesnt own the whole Gambella land all they own is the land they farming the rest is federal land ….

      anyhow i will come back

  31. B news says:

    የአለም ውሸታሞች ፡ በሬ ወለደ ፀሀፊዎች ፡ የጥላቻ ኤክስፐርቶች፡ የምጸአት ቀን የመጣ የሚያስመስሉ ፡ ዘረኞች ፡
    የብሄር የሀይማኖት ብጥብጥ ሰባኪዎች ፡ እሳት በሩቁ ሆነው የሚጭሩ ፡፡

    ነቄ ነን ላሽ በሉ ፡፡ አትጃጃሉ፡ ሺህ ጊዜ ብታንቋርሩ ጉሮሮአችሁን ትልጣላችሁ ገንዘባችሁን ትከስራላችሁ እንጂ አገረ አትፈርስም ልማት ላፍታም አይገታም ፡፡

  32. Good says:

    ይድረስ ለ ኢንተርኔት ቦተሊከኞች

    ፎቶና ቪድዮ ስትቀጥሉ ስትቆርጡ ስትለጥፉ ብትውሉ ፡ የ ሠበር ዜና መንጋ ብትደረድሩ ፡ ያፈተለከ ፡ በስውር የተቀዳ እያላችሁ ብታብዱ ህዝቡ ግን እንዲህ ይላል ፡፡

    get lost አመዳሞች ከዚህ ጥፉ ፡ ምድረ ኪሳራ

  33. Addis Zemen says:

    Tigraians are advised to clear from Gonder, Mettema, Armachiho, some parts of Bahirdar, and many small villages in Gonder not to risk being mistaken as Amharas by the Security Forces..
    So far about 40000 people have arrived to Tigrai through Mai Tsebri, Mai Kadra, Dansha, Humera and many other towns in north western.
    The Meles Zenawi Foundation has established temporary shelters in Humera, Endasilasse Shire, Axum, and Mekelle to help the deportees and register them. Many of these Tigraians have been living in these parts of Ethiopia for 30, 40, and or many more years. This is pure and simple ethnic cleansing based on race not politics or political stand. Many of those are families including women and children who have nothing to do with politics. Some of them are business people who invested millions in the local economy and who employed many people who were forced without anything. Some are government employees who fled with cloths on their back.
    The Tigrai State Emergency Response Organizing Committee is registering every individual including what they did for work, how many family members they have, what they owned, what they left behind, and other detail information needed for reinstatement of their regular life soon.
    Still there are many Tigraians stranded in many parts of Amhara state and their lives is in danger. We all have to do whatever it takes to help them out.
    The people and government of Tigrai are grateful to the people and government of Sudan for their support and helping hand to our people.
    Every single Tigraian throughout the globe and friends of the Tigrai people should make a stand on this issue. If you are Tigrawai do everything in your power to support our people in their time of need by sending financial assistance to the Meles Zenawi Foundation. This is not the time for falt finding on anyone including the state government. Now we need to be there for our people dispite our differences in the handling of the current unrest in the Oromia ,Gurage and Amhara region.

  34. Bomb squad says:

    I remember way back in 80’s and before. The god smuggler in east Europe. Inside the bible their were a gun to kill the innocent people the preacher priest was anarchy. To day in 21st century Ethiopian government the economy smuggler with the racism and gun. We learn from the past how those bastard collapsed.

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