Dutch Cut Flower Company Closes Down After Attack in Ethiopia


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28 Responses

  1. Ermi says:

    All the blame should go to the Dedebit woyanes that dried the patience out of every Ethiopians. Their narrow ethno venom coupled with excessive looting bled the people and the country to the point there is nothing worse than the woyane rule. Not only the loss of fourteen jobs which also contribute to the woyane coffers, but also the closure and loss of millions of businesses and jobs is a better alternative to the woyane apartheid system and slavery. Souls are more important than materials or money.

    I support every action till all woyanes are hanged by the neck at every markets for their crimes of killing, torturing and looting the people of Ethiopia.

    Peace to all but woyanes!


    • Beza says:

      Ermi, Shabiya now you can feed them? Or as your plan details are you gonna take those who are affected by this disturbance, to Eritrea and make them work at Meazaw Getu and colonel Fitsum farm. Dedeb Shabiya. I will blame the Amara regional government for not protecting people’s investment.

      • Ermi says:

        @Beza, who do you blame for not protecting the life of the the people? Who do you blame for the loss of life in Oromia and Amhara region? oh.. you don’t care about human life, you only care about material, right? We call your types “hodam”.

        Peace to all but woyanes!


        • ethoash says:

          dear Ermi

          update i heard 600 Ethiopian worker lost their job in Ethiopia 14 worker refer to those who lost work at Dutch end..
          now assumed 600 worker support 10 family each that would be 6000 people lost heir livelihood this is worst then killing for u it is only material asset for those 600 workers and their family u killed them and u run ur mouth saying it is only materiel asset we r talking human life as Beza told me u r an Eritrean this is my last post ….but mark my word if EPRDF ride this wave they will come for u at that time dont ever say why Ethiopian interfering in your business … go head deny that u r not Eritrean but tell me what kind of Ethiopian saying what u r saying

          or u must be one fool otherwise how on earth those Dutch investor take the land to their country the land stay with us for next 1000 years but the skill and the education they bring will stay with us long they r left therefore i don’t see the down side of the West investment in Ethiopia … if u r an Ethiopian u must be a domestic enemy even AG7 supporter will not say what u r saying

          goodbye have a nice day

          • Beza says:

            Thanks etheoash, this Shabiya doesn’t understand that. The government enticed those companies to give them opportunity to get a chance, but this dummy is telling us that the people who got shot in the act did good. I am glad ethiopia has many understanding people like you.

  2. rogan josh says:

    There are growing calls by international organizations to investigate the actions being taken by TPLF-EPDRF in addition to ongoing concern with land grabbing .
    The closure of the dutch cut flower company is not a big lose for the local people who will stand a lot if the dirty method of flower growing were to continue.
    Perhaps relocate this company somewhere in Tigrai away from angry and bitter people (rebels).

  3. Ethiopian says:

    Musri”s publicised sabotage plan being excuted by Sisi, through Eritrea and G7 of course…..pro Eritrea eprdf doesn’t seem to be up to the task of sucuring ethiopia”s interest….it is hard to understand what “temetatagn ermija” means towards a little renegade country openly hell bent on destablzing ethiopia. ..all we hear is “temetatagn ermija enwesdalen” yet Eritreans are laughing while Ethiopia disintegrates. ..Ethiopia desperately needs leaders with ethiopia”s interst at heart…there is a serious identity crises within eprdf ranks with some influencial individuals from Eritrean background such the lunatic Sibhat nega..to suspicious….

  4. Ethiopian says:

    Musri”s publicised sabotage plan being excuted by Sisi, through Eritrea and G7 of course…..pro Eritrea eprdf doesn’t seem to be up to the task of securing ethiopia”s interest….it is hard to understand what “temetatagn ermija” means towards a little renegade country openly hell bent on destablzing ethiopia. ..all we hear is “temetatagn ermija enwesdalen” yet Eritreans are laughing while Ethiopia disintegrates. ..Ethiopia desperately needs leaders with ethiopia”s interst at heart…there is a serious identity crises within eprdf ranks with some influencial individuals from Eritrean background such the lunatic Sibhat nega..too suspicious….

  5. Beza says:

    Thanks for Esat and Shabiya. What is the benefit for Gojam gebere? Let the diaspora terrorists feed him. This will be a problem in oromia too.

    • Moltotal Demie says:

      The blame should squarely rest on EPRDF! The created so much suspicion and hater among the nations and nationalists of Ethiopia. The worst thing is that it will take a long time to bring all together and lead the country as one.

      By now you should know that food on the table by itself won’t bring peace and harmony! Look around the recent developments around the north Africa and middle east.

      As far as the Gojam and Oromo farmers, they know how to feed themselves and what benefits them and their generations to come!

  6. Abegaz says:

    This is blaming the victims by TPLF/Tigres.

    You are talking about plants. What about 74 young people killed and many more badly injured in the Amhara region alone. Thousands are languishing in jail suffering from torture as well by Tigre cadres.

    What about that? Your little media makes no difference but the whole world knows the truth about.

    • ethoash says:

      dear Abegaz

      pls tell us what was those 74 young people doing at the time of killing ?

      they were at home minding their own business ? and TPLF come and kill them what did happened can u tell us the full story

      did u ever ask those 600 worker and 6000 family who lost their livelihood? now if some of them to ARab country they might face death if they stay they have no income now tell me what did u do to those victim who did burn those flower farm and water supply what happened can u tell us the full story

      • Pablo Escobar says:

        No human should applaud killing of any human beings,
        To answer your question, those 74 people were asking for their rights as Ethiopian. Nobody would want to live as a second citizen in their own country. Technically they were minding their business since their and their families live is their business! And the 600 workers I’m sure they were just working there because they had no other option since all the good things happen in the Tigray region about 80% of the time. At last but not least there are more than one flower farms on earth so why are worried about the Arabs more than your own people? Let me guess, because you are “choma chinkilat ” as Meles would say 😂

        • ethoash says:

          Pablo Escobar

          u said 74 young people died me agree with u but u also should agree with me u killed 6000 people by burning one flower firm 600 workers and those workers family and if each worker have ten family to support then it become 6000 people died in that day when u burn the flower firm

          as u can see the police where protecting the livelihood of 6000 people and the police have the power and the right to use fire power to stop those 74 from burning the livelihood of 6000 people … this is not a joke now those 6000 people will go to the Arab country and thy might day in the road the question is who is responsible?

          now when i come back to those 74 victim u said they were asking for their right …okay that is a legitimate question to ask but why in hell they burn the flower firm that was my question yes they have full right for peaceful demonstration

          the question do they have the right to loot and riot and burn the flower firm and other people property this people even burn the water supply so are they a peaceful demonstrator can u call them an innocent protester ? i am dying to get your answer

  7. ethoash says:

    i am desperately waiting how Ato Ermi will defend this action

    1. I am guessing those foreigner took the land form the poor farmer
    2. ,,,, those foreigner poisoning the land
    3. ….those foreigner exploiting the poor Ethiopian guess what the same people working as door man and shepherding white men car in parking lot telling us not to be exploited by white men
    4. those foreigner supporting TPLF MIND u those Dutch and Israel Flower company more closer to ቤተ እስራኤል then to Tigray the flower company choose Gondare because this closed kin relation otherwise oromia would have be much better choice i don’t even know other company choose Gondare for flower firming

    5… here is another sweet talk form Ato Ermi he will say dear Admin why do u care about firm when the oromo and Amhara blood shading … mind u burning one flower farm means killing 14 workers who were working in this flower firm if one worker have ten family then it mean 140 family now Cascade effect where Gondar lose other big investment because what happened to this flower firm

    anyhow u going to be entertain… my only wish is awrambatimes go to Gondar and interviewed those 14 workers how they feel about the lose their income … i think if Gondar people r smart they should start collection to compensation to reparation to flower firm

    if one million Gondar people pay out 200 birr that would be 10 million dollar that would be the full reparation even if the Gonar people pay 10% what was burn and give more land to the flower firm just to come back even if they dont come back this will show your goodwill and to stand guard for ur peace and low and order Gondar lose her soul u should fight for Gondar by rating out those who burn the property dont be intimated by those hooligan u see what they did to u burn your own water supply come on show what u r made of if u really think u r blood like of Ast ቴዎድሮስ, children ቴዎድሮስ, had no time for the hooligan in his time so show us what u made of … show us if u r cut from the same cloth like ቴዎድሮስ,

    • Beza says:

      Ethoash, Nice analysis by the way ermi is shabiya. So he doesn’t care about ethiopia.

    • rogan josh says:

      You are one of those ignorant tigres meddling in amhara and oromo businesses.once TPLF-EPRDF
      criminals are brought to justice ,you will know the fate of Tigrai and the narrow minded lying children of Dedebit.
      Gondar or Ethiopia is not going to miss the dutch or other opportunist investors TPLF invited.
      The TPLF business men who cut down trees in amhara land in order to feed their wood chipping factory in Tigrai are also the losers ,not to mention other business owned by TPLF stooges that were chased out of amhara land .we say adios,bye bye.we don’t need you and your business .
      You are shameless in your attempt to incriminate the Amhara people while gunning down little children.
      don’t you Tigre have an ounce of humanity?why are you so detached from reality?why are you always in denial ?

    • Ermi says:

      @Ash, I wish I understood what you scribbled, I would have responded to it.

      Peace to all but woyanes!


      • ethoash says:

        dear Ermi

        dont worry, only those 1.9 million taxi driver and car Sheppard admired your excellent English to me u r nothing but an idiot here is why

        u want EPRDF to give u space so that u can do ur mischief without interference by govt.

        u want EPRDF to leave u alone so that u can do your crime peacefully

        u want EPRDF not to abuse your human right to remain in poverty

        poverty is like land it was generational it was in our blood to remain in poverty we will not allowed TPLF to come and take away our poverty without permission or kassa

        Gonderee have no investment all looted money went to develop Tigray to make this Slogan reality we should be allowed to burn flower firm and when we lost the employment then this will give us the right to cry about unemployment

        all we need is to be left alone so that we can do our little revolution and removed TPLF what is wrong with we dont touch anybody right all we want is to remove TPLF and replace them with DR.BIRR

        we have a lot of poor Ethiopian willing to die in fact they r asking us when they going to die they r more then happy to die they cant wait to die therefore all we r asking is give us space so that we can do our dying peacefully …

        Erimi nice to see u have happy new years …. i will not bother u again u can have this forum to yourself… do ur thing to convince those 1.9 million taxi driver drive them as u wish bye

  8. Diribba Tolla says:

    Zembelachew ibetachewun yexefxf sira indehon

  9. Adgoy says:

    the amharas are known for their lazines. They destroy a farm land and what is new.Shabia destryed the Italian farms in Aligider and Elaberid. The amharas got now a good mentor known as HIGDEF

  10. Meyisaw says:

    If u have the GUT&COURAGE post the killings @Admin . Killings in both amhara n oromia regions by tplf junta. I bet u don’t have that courage as a self proclaimed journalist!

  11. Fekadu says:

    EFFORT should pay for
    The damage and move all flower farming from Ethiopia to Tigray. Any way the land in tigray are dry and not suitable for other crops. Hell in earth is Tigray. TPLF looting Ethiopians for last 25 years,so why don’t leave us alone and build your Utopia republic.i am sickened by killing unarmed civilian for protesting. Enough is enough. If not the rest of Ethiopia should target any Tigre. The killings must stop.

  12. guest says:

    It is sad; but the only solution to remove EPRDF. They are still 100% denial there is a problem in their policy. They are talking something completely different. They will never reform or listen or change. Mark my words, they will never change. I have listened and watched all their postings and articles and they are still in complete denial there is any problem with their policies. The remedy is to remove peaceful if possible. Otherwise, they stuck in their own stupidity. All they say is economy, an unemployment, … bla bla bla. They do not want to admit anything wrong.

    We knew this long ago. We told them long ago that ethnic or racial based system is divisive and not good. They talk about Federalism in Europe and North America? but the truth is there is no ethnic federalism anywhere in the world that is based on race or tribe. But they try to blindfold us and try to teach us about other Federalism in other countries. There are 25 countries that have Federalism but none of them are based on race or ethnic or tribe. EPRDF is bullshit, and rotten and stuck in its own rust. They really need to removed and they will removed sooner or later because they will never change. Their fate is the fate of Gadaffi. Dictators never ever listen . Dictators never change unless they take their last breath or death. Dictators last minute is only death. They never listen, they never understand, they never entertain the idea of change. Shame on them. It will be the ordinary people who will suffering at the end. Even the current situation is never awakening them. They full engaged in denial, beating around the bush and never wanted to get close the main problem of race based system. Mark my words, if you do not listen, reform, … you may delay it for sometimes, but you will be done sooner or later.

  13. semay says:

    The people of Amhara regional state joking over their own food. The company was a source of a day to day life for the local people. Demonstration for democracy has no relation with firing companies. Shame to the regional government, shame to the local people. Shame to ESAT media based in Amsterdam & DC for their hate propaganda among peoples of Ethiopia. The government of Dutch and US should reconsider for the above mentioned media for their unethical hate propaganda. The current immature political activities resulting in destruction of public infrastructures in Amhara state, Ethiopia has direct relation with ESAT.

  14. ethiio says:

    Did you say closes down? Sweet!!! who is next? Woyane itself? I can’t wait. All Woyanes, you better sleep with one eye open. PM already lost his one eye so he will be the first one to go. This kind of news I LIKE. This will be the FIRST time i’m gonna thank Dawit. Thank you very much Dawit for this GOOD NEWS.

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