Doomsters’ Prophesy of Doom & EPRDF’s Prospect of Second Renewal (Part one)


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17 Responses

  1. TT says:

    በስደት ህይወት አልሣካላቸዉ ያለ ፀረ ህዝቦች ጉዞአችንን አይገቱም ፡፡ ቀን ከለሌት ወሬ ይፈብርኩ ፡፡

    የፌደራል ስርአት ይጠናከር ፡ ሚዲያዎች ይከፈቱ ይጠናከሩ ፡ይተቹ ፡ያጋልጡ ፡ያከራክሩ ፡፡

    መልካም የስራ ጊዜ ፡ሺህ አመት ለ ልማት ሀይሎች ፡ ልቦና ለየዋህ ተከታዮች ፡ ኪሣራ ለ በሬ አዋላጆች ፡፡

  2. root says:

    ሚድያዎች የመተቸት ፡ የማከራከር ፡የማሣወቅ ፡ የመወጠር ፡ የማውጣጣት ፡ በአጠቃላይ የህዝብን ጥያቄዎች ቢያሠሙ፡፡

    ፓርላማው ፡በሞቀ ክርክር በ በላይነት ቢመራና

    • ethoash says:


      sometime it is very difficult to understand each other if we r not in the same page

      for example ESAT ሚድያዎች for them የመተቸት means totally diffrent means then what u understand it

      for ESAT የመተቸት MEANS criticizing EPRDF govt… and they call it freedom of speech in that case even our beloved father mengistu haile mariam respect your freedom of speech if u r going to insult down with AMERICAN imperialism if u burn USA FLAG all r protected under mengistu free speech right ..

      free speech is self criticizing

      if ESAT team criticizing Dr. birr for taking 500 dollar for citizenship paper and he did not delivered victory with in 6 month if they able to criticized this then they have freedom of speech

      otherwise even ISIS GIVE u freedom to burn American flag

      the same with ESAT they call u hero if u burn Tigray flag the point is would they allowed u to burn the old loyalist flag that is the measured of freedom of speech

      so both side must speech the same language

      for example the govt. supporter saying the oromo protester have no right to riot and loot

      they will say the oromo people have right for peaceful demonstration

      but u come back saying yes the oromo have a right for peaceful demonstration

      then they come back saying why then u kill an innocent protester

      u come back and saying no they r not innocent protester they were looter and rioter

      you keep on talking in circle

      why tplf kill 74 innocent protester

      u go where those 74 innocent protester were at home minding their business

      now u catch them they have no answer for this so they change the subject

      why u kill innocent people

      u say why the protester burn the flower firm and cased 6000 people livelihood

      then they go u worry about material we are losing human being here

      the u go no when u burn one flower firm u killed 6000 people they have no workmen compensation …. now they have to go to Arab country and die in the road or in the sea this what u did to them

      this time u checkmate them they run away they will not reply but they will come back again to tell u why TPLF KILL… THE GAME start all over again

  3. root says:

    ጤነኛ ተቃዋሚዎች ቢደገፋ ፡ የ ጥገኛ ዲያስፓራ አኗኗርን የሚያሣይ tv ከ አሜርካና አውሮፓ ቢጀመር ፡፡
    ደስ ይለኝ ነበር ፡ ትግሉ ጠላት ወረዳ የዝለቅ ፡፡ከ አሜርካን ሚዛናዊ የፓለቲካ ሚድያ ይጀመር

    • ethoash says:

      የ ጥገኛ ዲያስፓራ አኗኗርን የሚያሣይ tv ከ አሜርካና አውሮፓ ቢጀመር ፡፡
      ደስ ይለኝ ነበር ፡hahahahah what kind of life this hoolgan have 1.9 million people driving taxi, car sheppard, and doorman is not exciting Tv people will stop calling them ዲያስፓራ and it will start calling them desperate if not taxi driver u killing me Ato roooooooooooooooooooot u killing me u r one funny guy

      • root says:

        Ethioash የሠዎቹን ለማኝነትና መድረሻ ቢስነት ቢያይ ሠው ምንኛ በሣቀ፡፡

        ሣይማሩ አዋቂ የመሠሉ ፡ ሣይኖራቸው የተወጠሩ ፡ በየ መታጠፍያው እንደ እንሽላሊት ፀሀይ የሚሞቁ ሀሀሀሀሀ … መልካም በአል ፡፡

  4. Abegaz says:

    “Genenew Assefa, is a political commentator and writer based in Addis Ababa”

    This is typical the trash and full of lies TPLF so called intellectuals work. Why don’t they open their mind and learn more looking and searching all sides to find out the truth and facts? What they know is what TPLF is telling them to do, talk or write as this one is doing.

    How on earth he is associating the Wolkaite, Tegede and Telemt issue with other issues in Oromia, Somali, silte, Debub and so on?

    The border between Tigry and Gonder was there for thousands years decided by nature which is the Tekeze Tiver. Tigry never ever had a territory claim crossing the Tekeze River. Tigrians laborers and beggars were crossing the river time to time for seasonal work and went back when the river is down sided.

    When we come to other territory or border disputes in the country with silte, Somali, Oromo and so on, is totally a different matter. Shewa is divided in many pieces by the TPLF kilil policy. Harar, Ilubabor, Sidama, Kefa , wollo and all other former regions in the country are divided in piece because of the TPLF kilil policy. That means new borders are/were needed between kilils and within kill as well. But the border between Tigry and Gonder was there for thousands years decided by nature which is the Tekeze River and its canyon.

    So, the question is why TPLF crossed the Tekeze River which is the border between Tigry and Gonder and claimed lands form Gonder? This is illegal and barbaric. We also know more than 600. 000 Tigreans from Tigry are settled with the huge TPLF settlements program policy in this stolen Amhara lands to occupy them since 1991 while massacring, cleansing and chasing away the natives.

    The point is that doing mixing sugar with salt or the sun with the moon will not change the historical facts on the ground before TPLF started to occupy these regions belong to Gonder. The wolkaite, Tegede and Telemt case is too different than any issue happening between others because of the border between Tigry and Gonder has been there for millennia decided by nature using the Tekeze river and its canyon

    The only solution accepted by the international law is telling TPLF/Tigry stay in Tigry beyond the Tekeze River. We know the badme decision despite there is no natural barrier between Tigry and Eritrea as it is between Gonder and Tigry for millennia.

    We all know the TPLF lies about Wolkaite, Tegede and Telment and it has no place in international laws. tSo, we will see if they really in the position to keep the lands they are occupying as colonizers.


    TPLF members crossed the Tekeze River the first time in 1969. The native Amhara fought against them chased them away crossing the Tekeze River.
    Then they returned back in 1972, this time with more rebels and most importantly preparing to massacre the natives, chasing away from their homes and villages, looting their properties and taking their lands. You have lots of video testimonies about these crimes from the survivors during that time.
    Since 1972-1991, they managed to eliminate the natives committing genocide; again there are videos and eye witnesses.
    In 1991, they settled at one time 37,000 Tigrean rebels with gun in this land which is not belongs to them.
    Since 1991 they brought more than 600.000 Tigres in to the region crossing the Tekeze River in Gonder through huge settlements or colonization program.

    Not only that TPLF drawn map of Greater Tigry from 1975 shows they had plan to take these territories for two reasons including Raya in wollo
    1. To guarantee food, water and raw material because of it’s very fertile, green and water rich.
    2. As an Independent Tigry, they need border with foreign nation which is Sudan in this case.

    Therefore, the wolkaite, Tegede and Telemt as well as Raya in Wollo issue is not started in 1994 with TPLF kilil policy but in 1975. Kilil policy was designed to take those lands legally based on the TPLF own constitution written by them while they were as rebels and ratified by them, not the people during the Transitional period all positions were occupied by them

    One thing is clear; Tigry will never ever get the ownership of any territory crossing the Tekeze River in Gonder. International laws and rules are here to guarantee that as it was done with badme despite the badme case was disputable while the Wolkaite, Tegede and Telemt case is clear and they have been always part of Gonder.

    Tigry will never get these territories because of it can’t cross the river. Be sure about that. Badme was part of Tigry for 75 eyars since the 1940. Wolkaite, Tegede and Telemt are illegally part of Tigry for only 20 years because TPLF is totally in charge in the country and can do anything as it wishes. But it will never keep them indefinitely as it didn’t with badme despite the devastating wars for that stony and tiny land. Imagine what is going to happen in order to get back the most fertile and useful territories as Wokaite, Tegede and Telemt are.

    The Amhara doesn’t care about Ethiopia anymore but their own home including Gonder bordering the Tekeze River and Eritrea. Tigrians are welcome to live there as Ethiopians but not Tigry as it can’t move even a centimeter let alone crossing a big river and its difficult canyon. There are many channels to settle the issue including the ICC as it did with badme, UN and so on.

    • ethoash says:


      i scan your input and using Tekeze River as border marker catch my eyes

      do u see the map of Tekeze it divided Gondar city in to two if u say let mark the border using Tekeze then u should give half of Gondar to Tigray in West side and keep what is in East side i think that will work for Tigray because they will get half Gondar

    • TT says:

      የትግራይ ግዛትማ የመንም ይዘልቃል ፡፡ አክሱም ኢምፓየር ሲባል ሠምተሀል?

      አንብብ ወዳጄ፡፡

  5. Sam says:

    I read Genenew’s article. I try to understand what his message is. It is not easy to figure out because he seems to have none. The very reason why he does not could be found in his quotation of De Tocqueville at the very beginning of his article. After 1789 revolution the French became prosperous than they had been twenty years before, nevertheless found their situation more intolerable. Why he quoted De Tocqueville? To tell us Ethiopians are more prosperous after EPDRF came to power. That is not a true statement, but my writing now is not to disprove his assertion. Rather to argue that when one quotes context could be weighed in. The French of 1789 are much more better in economic condition than Ethiopians in 2016 are. The French became intolerant because they kept seeking the best of way of living under democracy. They were constantly seeking to better their lives economically,politically and socially as a French citizens .However, In 2016 Ethiopians are in the process of creating a “real” Ethiopia, according to the government. For the creation of a new Ethiopia we were told only the guidance of EPDRF is needed. To compare the French intolerance of then to the Ethiopians uprisings of 2016 is a total nonsense. I believe that is why Genenew’s article lacks a glue which tie his article together. He is all over. He blamed the facebook and other social media “fanatics.” Well, evidently the diaspora. What about EPDRF playing a part for the unrest? He tried to play it diplomatically. Well, he lives in Addis. Finally in closing he blamed the ANDM party elites for being somehow corrupt. His message is if the ANDM politicians stop being corrupt everything will be ok. My argument is no force worldly or divine can have a power to make EPDRF corruption free. It is their life blood.

  6. shiferaw says:

    ” abegaz ” , one of the mercinaries of shaebia and egypt bought by millions of dollars to serve them by broadcasting many lies and lies . he is one of the advocates of ethiopian enemies recruited to destablize ethiopia by millions of dollars . he is living in a cofortable life by the expense of the ethiopian peole . shame on you !!

  7. Sebhat says:

    Let us not full ourselves ! The Wolkait issue or any one of similar nature could always be treated in an orderly manner and through the legal process. The real and unambiguously true cause is chauvinistic attitude coupled with foreign support aimed at disstabilixing our country and curve its developmental trajectory as they see it dangerous to them once Ethiopia escapes the middle income critical path.
    It is an open secret that all those with chauvinistic mentality and myopic views have colluded with the regional arch enemies of our country and are implementing the agenda of the enemies. Time will tell how much money has changed hands and how far this will take them before exposed naked in day light by the Ethiopian people. That is why the Wolkait and other issues come up high around this time as instruments of sensitization for implementing agenda of the arch enemies. If GERD was not there such uprising would not have taken in the first place. All is geared towards stopping Ethiopia from completion of GERD and our people should not fall into this trap and leave the chauvinist diaspora behind and let us build our nation. All identity issues, and maladministrstions will be solved with time and in orderly manners. No one should be disadvantaged in our country but we need to be visionary and focused as well as United towards achieving our goals as people

  8. shiferaw says:

    Sebhat , fact . that was the reality .

  9. Desta says:

    Dear Genenew. Thanks for sharing your view. Happy New Ethiopian year!!

    You reminded me, BBC’s programs and Lenin’s saying. “useful-idiots ”
    nowadays, What EPRDF needs truth teller and real friend, not soulless opportunist.

    A system with no check and balance, no rule of law, no justice, no freedom of press, no accountability , and transparency can not last long no matter how long it stays. It destroys itself.
    The rulers told us corruption and lack of good governance is a major problem. poor Ethiopian people were looted in billions.
    few with political connections became millionaires and billionaires at the expense of others in just few years with no adding value. millions become second citizens. tension and hate to each other was created . citizens were powerless to influence and control their own government.
    They had 25 years to do better than this. Yet, most of them were busy in material accumulation to impress their friends and neighbors. This is not what true revolutionaries do. True revolutionaries live for the cause, belief and ideal
    .some of Your EPRDF ruling club friends are a bunch of rookies like rural redneck trying to experience city life.
    as result, the survival of the nation is at steak. The forefathers had a better wisdom than current rulers. The forefathers with so many limitations gave us home, a country. The current rulers are about to destroy the country we inherited. By playing ethnic card,( the cheapest card to get to power), they are dividing fellow citizens and humanities . In any form, US vs Them, destroyed society and country, check with Iraq, Syria , Somalia, Lebanon , Yugoslavia, South Sudan, Ireland……….
    Wendim Gennenew what happened to your generation belief? cosmopolitanism? International proletariat united ? your generation is a confused generation. While they claim they are part of World class struggle for humanity, they also play ethnic card to divide even one nation’s people . The reason is simple, it is cheap card to play to come to power and loot the nation.
    George Orwell told has in his timeless novel ” Animal Farm”. we are watching the drama over and over …….. and you are one of the character in the novel

  10. Beza says:

    Thanks GGene for your critic as usual, would you make it a little bit soft to understand it without referring to the dictionary. You know Most of like PEPE will criticize u without reading it.

  11. ATOSER says:

    I suspect what you want to say is that ANDM is the root case of the trouble in Gonder regarding the quetion and solution of nord gonder wolkait-quetion. But no one understand it, exept the woyanes who told you the story in tigrigna or amarigna. with his big eye-glas you look like intelectual as we used to say when we were Kids. But it is better to say nothing. Zim aynekism! good luck to be the next appointee` in the rank of ANDM near lake tana. Atleast you give hints that woyane accept the tourble of amharas in other part of ethiopia by saying….” there has never been an outburst of violence in the name of solidarity with real (or perceived) violations of the rights of Amhara communities, say, in Bedeno, Abomsa, Yasso, or even recently in Guraferda” The quetion is why not, is the life of amhara not worse that of tigres? is the ANDM/Woyane/Eprdf only interested to only one ethnic in ethiopia? if the amharas killed everywhere, forcedly evacuated from every corner of ethiopia, have they no right to leave in their ancestral land wolkait. Why woyane did woyane try to displace amhara from wolkait and replace them with tigres? is that not ethnic cleansing? are you saying that is correct? Tigres and amharas leave more than a millenium together, why did this government and you as intelectual try to separet them? This gay Demeke is even an woyane. If he ask that he is amhara in his Feeling, he must not be considerd as a terrorist. A Colonel like him know how to use weapons. It was a mistake to come at night to arrest and bar him. Come on man say something more informativ. Forget what i said zim aynekzim.

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