(Must-Watch) Ethio-Somli Elders and Clan Leaders Deliver 10 Million birr to Tigrians Displaced from Gondar and surroundings


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54 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    hey, Awrambas its too short, U are not EBC. u should have to give us the full video, why do u need to cut the video.

    • Beza says:

      Alex, why they need to a show you the whole video. The most important thing is they helped their brothers and sisters. Does esat show you all the time? Even though, they are liars.

    • Non of you m says:

      Forget what they have to say the reality is amara speaking ethiopan and tigra shouldn’t leave in one country in the first place . We are esat ena chid .

  2. ethoash says:

    Ermi replying first million for anything else we have ethoASH ዳዊት REPORTING PRICELESS

    this is what i am talking about u need smart to develop your economy and your region Ethiopian-Somali show us how federalism work

    i know Ermi will say only 1o million brr even one birr is count the point is the thought not the money Ethiopian-Somali is not fertile land it is smi desert land but look at those Etho Somali how fit and look good look at their dress they look million dollar and compere it with the Gondar people poverty stricken while have the best fertile land in country next to oromia they funny thing is they burning their own investment like flower firm and water supply they they will cry about unemployment

    our beloved Ermi a representative of 1.9 million taxi drivers, doormen and car Sheppard here in good USA DC will tell us TPLF going to sale Gondar land to Sudan … look in his father time mengistu haile mariam and king haile time we went twice to war to recover Ogden today with meles and EPRDF smart governing even the army in Ogden is form Somalia region they r developing very fast they ask for airport they got an airport u should ask for more investment not less then fara Gondaree think burning their own flower firm and water supply is good thing because the taxi drivers chairman Ermi said so

    another thing our dearest Ermi say is as following

    why the ogden didnot donate when the Amhara deported

    here is your answer at that time the Ogden were not even supporting themselves they were fighting with EPRDF TODAY they make peace with EPRDF and look how their economy grown

    second Amhara and Tigray settlement is totally different

    an Indian firmer in Ethiopia who have 10,000 hector
    an Indian firmer in Kenya or a white firmer in Zimbabwe are not the same thing

    in Kenya and Zimbabwe case the settler come to colonized their country if the Zimbabwen

    now when we come back to Amhara they settled in Ogden region in Harar and they
    Kulubi Gabriel the question is how many Christian live in that region to build Kulubi Gabriel the answer is they come to colonized therefore when the oppressed people got their freedom their is built up anger and they make mistake to kick out the Amhara that was a war time it is wrong but anyone can understand why it happened and soon the problem settled down and everyone cool down

    now those Tigray come to Amhara region by themselves as imgrant they come poor and they work hard and they change themselves and they help change Gondar if one Tigray open hotel and serve the white tourist who come to Gondar that help the Gondar economy not the Tigray kicking out those enterprise peoples doesnt harm Tigray in fact it help

    u cant be an artist by take away an artist brushes…. the Artist talent is not on the brushes but with him so taking way his brushes doesnt make anyone an artist

    u cant be an entrepreneur by taking away the business person business shop….entrepreneurial skill and talent is with in u no body can take away ur entrepreneurial sprit by taking away ur business

    u cant be firmer by taking way the white Zimbabwean land … firming the skin in u not on the land

    your father mengistu haile mariam nasalized all asset in Ethiopia if taking other people property make u rich then mengistu haile mariam would have been rich but that is not what happened

    the business stopped or bankrupted because no body knows how to run them it become burden

    your father mengistu haile mariam become land lord and all rental unit was belong to him in Ethiopia guess what under him not even one house built those house never done maintenance on them and become sick house etc etc

    so i want those Gondar to walk up and go to the flower firm and start cleaning and beg the Dutch company to come back all 6000 who lost their livelihood should come out and clean their work place and even donate one month salary to flower firm if they want to come back this is only for symbolic… how small the amount the point is symbolic in fact all the Gondar people should come out and donate what ever they can to replace this firm

    at the occupation the Gondar this firm representative should those 1.9 million taxi driver in Dc USA should give them ten million dollar as kassa to replace the flower firm because they r responsible to the fire by instigating and telling the young people to burn property if those taxi driver did not deliver the money then the Gondar people must declare their loyalty to EPRDF

    BY THE way we understand those taxi driver doesnt have ten million dollar but they are getting money form Egypt and Eritrea they should ask their sponsor to send the money ASAP appena possibile /dès que possible

    • 4better says:

      Low-life A**** what goes around comes around Now you are the victim of your own policies oh boy you haven’t seen nothing yet !!!!!!

    • Ermi says:

      @Beza, can you please interpret what Ash is saying?

      Meat packing plant in Debrezeit is burnt down as well.

      Peace to all but woyanes?


      • ethoash says:


        i was not planing to answer to u but ur stupidity is blow my mind how on earth u going to harm WOYANES if u burning meat packing plant in Debrezeit

        if that the case i will stab my self million time to harm u…. what kind of education did u get it could be religion or some kind of weirdo education otherwise how on earth someone can be this stupid

        the meat packing plant have employed the local it is not cost effective to hire Tigraian number one second the meat will be sourced form the oromo people no Tigray have the cattle so the oromo cattle rancher will suffer i understand this but u r blinded with hate and u could not see this come on now even so u Eritrean u cant be hateful this way come now

        i understand u for hating woyanes they make ur mama Eritrean singpooooooooor even if i am Eritrea i wll hate them but not this match that is sick

        • Ermi says:

          @Ash, can you start with this one for free?


          Peace to all but woyanes!


          • ethoash says:

            dear Ermi

            i know u r supper powerful u representing 1.9 million taxi driver form Dc and car Sheppard… so u r to powerful for me

            but u r no match for me … i can draw circle around u … u try to divert the topic but i will not allowed u the topic is how in hell u going to harm by burning ur own home (meaning why in hell oromo harm TPLF by burning their own home)

            1. The oromo youth lose the job

            2. the oromo cattle rancher will lose if one rancher have 100 oxen they have to feed them God know how long the oxen r not cow they dont give u calf so the cost of keeping the oxen alive will bankrupt them

            dear Erimi

            since i know u try to hoodwink by saying WE going to remove TPLF BY hitting their economy source…

            only idiot taxi driver believe this crap u cant remove govt by burning your own industry
            TPLF WERE there before the meat packing why do u think they will removed if u removed the meat packing

            let me lower it to your level

            USA the super power embargo Cuba, Iran,Iraq, Libya, and North Korea, even ISIS AWARKI BUT none of the nation leader removed by embargo so why u think some low life hooligan will remove tplf BY BURNING their own property water supply, flower firm and meat pack…

            look even Somalia warlord still rule high and if u think TPLF care if u embargo the whole economy they will rule poorer Ethiopia but they still will rule

            in conclusion

            burning civilian property such as WATER supply, flower firm, and meat packing is terrorism u will be asked one day

            now dont come back and say how about TPLF bombing bridge .. in TPLF CASE the bridge used by military that make it ligament target…

            how a new year i mean dark new year because u r mourning

        • ethoash says:


          where r u did i checkmate u, u have no answer come on be a man and admit defeat u will not be the first to surrender even ur father mengistu haile mariam surrendered, fara Gondaree king theodore surrendered okay he kill himself (if that is the truth ) i heard the Tigray band who come with the British kill him but the British doesnt want to give credit to Tigray and they say he killed himself this way they clear their hand from his blood …

          anyhow tell just one country that embargo help removed the govt. … i can give u hint Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya even ur country leader ISIS awarki

          make two country and i will ban my self form awarambatimes

          • Ermi says:

            @Ash, I am sorry I could not respond to your comment above as I have no clue what you tried to say -probably due to the incorrect grammar employed in it.

            Anyways, I am curious as to what you do for a living. You seem to be one bored guy sitting at home collecting welfare from government (either Canadian or woyane government, probably both).

            Peace to all but woyanes!


      • Beza says:

        ERMI ethoash wrote Palin and simple English why do you need translation.

  3. Leba says:

    Great job!

  4. Good says:

    ፌደራሊዝም ይጠናከር፡፡
    በቁጥር አናሣስለሆንክ አትገዛም ስለበዛህም አትገዛም ፡፡
    እራስህን በራስህ ታስተዳድራለህ እንጂ፡፡
    ሠማችሁ እነ ኢትዮጸጵያዊ ከኛ በላይ ላሳር ፡፡

    good job somali people .MAHADSANID !

  5. Abay Rebel says:

    I call upon the Ethiopian government to finish the GERD faster by borrowing more money. The more the GERD drag on the more change they have Egyptian to create instability by buying useless hodam Amhara bandas or modern day bandas of ESAT and Almariam.

    Ethiopians must unite more than ever and finish the GERD fast by borrowing money because the more or longer the GERD drags on the more expensive it is becoming because they are spending millions to destabilize Ethiopia by bribing useless 21 century bandas ESAT, Banda Almariam.

    I ask Ethiopians to oppose any bad policies peacefully and make sure there is no corruption in Ethiopia. The woyanes are corrupt and they have been telling us they wanted to minimize corruption but can tolerate corruption. Corruption must be eradicated because corruption is the enemy of all people.

    I ask all Ethiopians to unite more than ever, finish GERD faster and make sure all Ethiopians are respected and their democratic and human rights respected and protected. If the people united, no foreign enemy can infiltrate inside our country. You do not see an Egyptian working against Egypt from Ethiopia, but you see Dr. Birrhanu, Almariam and others doing against their country with foreigners as bandas and askaris.

    All Ethiopians must unite be strong and Tigreans must unite more than ever in history and make sure no there is no corruption, nepotism in the country and make sure every Ethiopians is treated justly, with dignity and respect. What happened in August must be a lesson for another 1 million years. The country must developed all weapons in the country and it must make aircrafts, nuclear weapons, cyber weapons, biological war fares such water born biological weapons that can put into water such as bacteria, viruses and in cases Egypt tries . If Egypt tries directly we can put lethal bacteria or viruses into the water and also radioactive weapons that can pollute the water such as Radon. I tell you Egypt has been busy with Shabia doing everything because the stupid deded woyanes let them in in the name of investment. I really abhor the stupid woyanes who get blind for money and put our people in dangerous by inviting all enemies in the name of investment. I abhor the hodam woyanes who allowed Egyptian companies to sell counterfeit medicines in Ethiopia and allowed them to work within Ethiopia as political opposition to destabilize the country. The blind, ignorant woyanes has no immigration control because everyone can come into Ethiopia and now the Woyanes has made Ethiopia a toilet of Egyptian spies. But I have no choice but to support the stupid woyanes because life is too short .

    I hope the stupid woyanes ban all Egyptian companies operating from Egypt in Ethiopia. Ethiopia will be safe without single Egyptian in Ethiopia. I would never allow a single Egyptian on Ethiopian soil. But Alas, dedeb woyanes is about money and he does not care about other the cost of inviting enemy. The blind woyanes almost destroyed our country and our people by inviting enemies. I am sure the stupid woyanes will never stop inviting them to spy the country.

  6. Abay Rebel says:

    The problem is Woyanes underestimates enemies and give them time, space, and ammunition. I knew the Egyptian and Saudi were working so hard and spending a lot of money and pouring into the pockets of Dr. Birrhanu, Shabia and OLF and whoever they can find.

    I hope this perhaps wake up the stupid woyanes who has refused to listen that Egypt is mortal enemy. You think I hate Egypt for no reason? I hate Egyptian but they are pure evil people for our country. Why do you invite an enemy into your country ? bullshit. Why you do not bringing investors from Europe, North America, Asia by bidding them based on quality why bringing enemies to sell counterfeit medicines? 11 Egyptian were selling illegal drugs ? Ethiopia became Egyptian toilet? Is there is anyone who can wake up and teach the stupid woyanes that Egyptian or Arab in general hate Ethiopia and would not mind wiping out Ethiopia from our planet. Why play game with fire? Shame on you

  7. Abay Rebel says:

    Woyane almost destroyed the country by saying diplomacy bla bla. No diplomacy with enemies. Diplomacy at the most of my life? no need for diplomacy against your own interest or to look good for others who are not all good for you. Enemy is enemy and you have to keep an enemy off guard and off line and must never allow an enemy to sleep with you in your bed. It is so stupid to do that. If thing is about life and death? no diplomacy and you must cut off relation with the enemy and be ready to hit the enemy always like Israel does to Palestian. Enemy is always enemy and there is no way you can make friend an enemy. An enemy is always enemy and will never be friend and Ethiopia does not need Egypt in any form and shape. I do not see anything Ethiopia gets from Egypt . Ethiopia loses if Ethiopia has relationship with this country. Haileslassie separated the church because he wanted to protect Ethiopia from them. Inviting them now to pee on our land, women, water, and to buy our people by money is disgraceful. Ethiopians have become the lost human beings on earth who can sell themselves and their own people for money. This is why the country is poor. Diplomacy bla bla bla, Egypt must never be allowed to have embassy in Ethiopia. If I was the prime Minister I would close Egyptian embassy because because it is there to destabilize Ethiopia only. Anyway, but the hodam woyane who is not able to differentiate mortal enemies from friends will not listen. I hope the dormant will wake up from deep Sleep and close the Egyptian embassy in addis .

  8. Shalom says:

    Very heart warming.

    I’m married to a beautiful Tigrayan. She gave me a beautiful daughter. She has been all along sure that all these hate hype against Tigrayans is a result of lies told by very few but highly vocal hateful and evil people. She believed that most Ethiopians are so reasonable and loving that they would not fall for such hateful propaganda. I’m happy to see that she is right. Watching this video, I listened to the representative of the displaced people and what he said about the people of Amhara who helped them escape and who are still asking them to come back really warmed my heart and it ignited some hope for the beautiful democratic and federal Ethiopia. Is it not amazing to hear to the story about the loving and benevolent gesture of the Benishangul people. That’s the Ethiopia I always have in mind not the one the other “Ethiopians” are currently preaching to bring about. I’m still in utter disbelief that those who had been in various stages and events producing lots of applause and hails for themselves from the clueless and innocent Ethiopians in the name of unity are totally, chronically and irreversibly ill of racism. Partly, I’m happy that their true identity is now out there for everybody to see, however, partly I’m very sad that they are still capable of infecting others with the deadly disease they brought upon themselves.

    I love Tigryans. Obviously, I’m a little bit biased due to my marriage and my daughter, the result of that marriage. But in my close to a two-decade-old relationship and interaction with Tigrayans, I have witnessed how loving, tolerant, understanding above all patriotic people they are. With the only exception of harmless short temperedness that immediately fade out to loving words, I didn’t have any bad experience. But this doesn’t mean there no evil people among them. There are. But generally speaking, if I’m asked about Tigrayans the positive highly weighs over the negative.

    So, dear reader, if you are one of the people highly bombarded with lots of hateful lies by some evil people about Tigrayans, please don’t listen to those any more. If you’re a Tigrayan, please accept my apology requested on behalf of Ethiopians for the harm and pain caused by some haters. We love you and we are indebted to you for all the sacrifices you paid.

    I’m hundred percent sure finally truth, love and unity prevail. Lets just be strong and persistent.


  9. Kassa says:

    From its begging, TPLF believes has three enemies. Namely; Amhara, Islam and influential individuals such as Professor Asrat, those dispread, jailed and killed individuals. Do these Somalis know about that?


    How low and how dangerously is taking TPLF the Tigrean people down to hell becoming hateful, fearful and terrorized in order to isolate them from the rest of Ethiopia and the same times telling them how golden race they are, powerful they can be, superior, rich and with so many lies in order to make them believing Tigrians are different than Ethiopians and also the rest of the world. This is dangerous with very devastating end.

    How come they are telling and teach them as if Amhara is their enemy while Amhara is the closest family they have among the human population world wide including Ethiopia and the people believe this? Do they call any day, year, decade, century or whatever; the Amhara ever crossed the Tekeze River to rule Tigry? No. Do they call a single day the amhara invaded them or waged war against Tigry except defending Tigry from foreign invaders while some Tigrians mainly the parents and grandparents of many TPLF members were bandas allaying with the Tigray/Ethiopia invaders including Atse Yohannes worked with the English and participated with the death of Atse Theodros and the destruction of mekdela and death of thousands. As a result the English made him King as the English brought the banda children, TPLF on power in 1991 after assisting them for 17 years as rebels. Yohannes Grand son was another banda working with fascist Italy leading them to Addis.

    TPLF is bad for Ethiopia but dangerous and devastating for Tigray. TPLF is a curable cancer for the Amhara but worst hell for Tigrians. TPLF hate against Amhara is going on for more than 40 years and actively for 25 years since 1991 where Theodros Adhanom and Meles Zenawi are the master minders behind working with International organizations acting as innocent, peaceful and useful. But we know what they did/doing against the amhara women, Girls, children and men as well.

    However, they will not destroy the Amhara as they are wishing to see happening despite the satanic efforts they are doing. Instead we are coming close to the TPLF end. What we don’t want to see happening is they are taking Tigrians with them after committing crimes against Ethiopia and as usual Amhara. However, the Amhara are no longer sleeping but ready to protect themselves.

    The solution is easy and simple. And that is Tigry as a territory must stay away from the Amhara lands including Wolkaite/beyond the Tekeze River in Gonder as well as in wollo. This way we are restoring the historical borders between Tigry and Anhara in Gionder as well as wollo. let the people of Tigry, Amhara, oromo, Gurage, Afar and every citizens of Ethiopia move freely and live and work any place in the country as they wish like before with 100% citizenship rights and guarantee. We don’t need to think. talk or quarrel about territory, ethnicity and so on which are the TPLF cancers brought them to destroy our nation and affect the citizens.

    However, the final and worst victims will be Tigrians that are standing side by side with TPLF. Tigrians must wake up. Do they think the Somali region so called government TPLF’s propaganda games is the solution for them while TPLF is continues doing what it is doing right now in Gonder and Gojam committing crimes against the citizens. This is new year. But the people in Gojam and Gonder are under TPLF occupation and gun with no telephone, internet and light. Do they think this will keep the people quiet? No. This will be one of the worst TPLF historical mistakes and will make the people angry and rise up against TPLF and its interest in the region as well as all over the country.

    By the way those so called displaced Tigreans are in the Amhara land in wolakite including Humera. They are not civilians but TPLF spy agents and those part of the silent war TPLF is using them to affect the amhara. They are talking about 4.000 people that are part of the TPLF secret agents in the Amhara region. Yet, there are still 20.000 Tigreans only in Gonder while 100.000s in the Amhara region living as free as the citizens of Ethiopia.

    I feel sorry for Tigreans about the things happening to them in the end because of TPLF and their support for these…. groups. TPLF is facing a very bad situation never happened before in its 40 years long criminal era. One thing is clear. Tigry will not survive without Ethiopia mainly the Amhara region including wolkait, Tegede, Telemt and Raya The two Together can have good lives without the TPLF Ethnicity and kilil policy. Amhara is not an enemy but their closest family. TPLF is the worst criminal laying about everything. Of course lying is nothing for them as we know their history how barbaric they have been/still are when we hear, read and watch their history of 40 years including against Tigreans.

    Begging is part of their tradition and way of life including in the name of Ethiopia. This is the best opportunity to do that.

    • Kassa says:

      From its beginning, TPLF believes has three enemies. Namely; Amhara, Islam and influential individuals such as Professor Asrat, those disappeared, jailed and killed individuals. Do these Somalis know about that?

      • Lemma says:

        Amhara is opportunities. Menelick did the same. Hodam Amhara elites

        • excocet says:

          What do the Amharas owe you? if you do not like the Amharas why are you living among them?they are not stealing your bread,are they?
          Tigres are looking over their shoulders everywhere in Ethiopia.What a way to live!!
          what goes around comes around Now you are the victim of your own policies oh boy you haven’t seen nothing yet !!!!!!

      • Chalachew says:

        TPLF/EPRDF has been in power since 1991 and the ethiopian somali knows who is on their side . They are not anymore under the gun unlike all the previous ethiopian regimes.
        Amhara elites are always sale out in the history of ethiopia but they had dEbtEra whom covers their evil work. Now time is changed, their evil work will be exposed more than anytime in history. Minilik is good example.

    • Abay Rebel says:

      Amhara did not defend Tigrai. Amhara exposed Tigreans to invasion. Yehonnes died defending Amhara, not Menelick. Menelick killed Emperor Yehonnes by allying with Egypt and Sudan. Menelick did not die defending Amhara, Yohannes did. Tedros died by his own mistake by taking hostage of British Citizens. Yohannes was not responsible for Teddies action. Teddy himself did it. Teddy did wrong because he wrote about 4 letters to Queen victoria and gave those letters to his British messenger. The British Messenger did not deliver those letters to the Queen. Teddy got offended by wrong assumption that she is ignored him. He wrongly took hostage . He has to face the British for his own wrong action and Yohannes has nothing to do with Teddies hostage taking. This is recorded fact.

      On top of that bandas are Amhara, not Tigreans. Menelick allied with Sudan, Egypt and collaborated with them to kill Yohaness and he did kill him. Emperor Yohannes was killed after liberating Gojam and Gonder from Sudanese and Egyptian invaders. Emperor Yohanes gave a will his son to succeed him, but Menelick grabbed power by taking advantage of the death of the Emperor and he declared successor.

      Yohanes fought Italian and defeated them and he would not let them set foot on the land and they were checkmated at the redsea. The British requested Emperor Yohannes to make a deal so that to allow Italians to occupy Massawa upto a land called Gindae. Emperor Yohannes wrote the England that he can only make a deal with Italian when they leave the redsea and go back to Italy. As such Yohannes did not give an inch of land to anyone from ancient Ethiopia. While Yohannes was chasing Italians and they got scared of him, Menelick wrote many letters to Italy and France asking for weapons to fight Yohannes. In of his letters Menellick invited to attack Yohannes and he told them if they send him a list of arms he would handle Yohannes and allow them to occupy Yohannes land. Emperor Menelick begged Italians until he got to power. Menelick did none of them.
      After the death of Yohannes, the Italians took advantage of the death of Yohanes and the absence of defense along the sea because Yohannes army was in Gonder and Gojam defending Amharas. Menelick exposed Tigreans to invasion of Italy by killing Yohannes and then usurping power from his son who was supposed to succeed him.

      After that Menelick signed by printing his finger and sold half Tigreans and the land to Italy for about 30 000 guns and many small weaponies and ammunitions. Menelick did not care about the people he sold.

      On top of that, many Amhara served as Banda for Menelick.There were two Amhara scholars who were sent to Europe to study by Menelik and who became as Italian mercenaries and were sent to Tigrai to supply information. The real band is the one who sold people, and land, not Tigreans. You are lying.

      Emperor Menelick signed sold his own people half Tigreans to Italy for some guns and sold Djibouiti for some guns. Who is banda then? This is recorded fact. We see no Tigreans signing away land and people to Europe. This is pure lies by Amhara KKKs. Tigreans have their own unique culture and there are things they share with other Ethiopians. What is wrong if they appreciate their own identity?

      Stop this lies please. We are tired. Who is really banda is recorded. There is no single signature signed by Emperor Yohanes giving away land and people to foreign country. Stop your lies.

      When Italian invaded after the death of Yohanes? They conscripted about 1000 Eritrean farmers and then when the Italians were defeated and the Administrator of Tigrai cut their hands and legs. Also it was wrong to do that because those 1000 Eritrean farmers were forced by Italians and they must not have been cut their legs and hands. However the governor of Tigrai and Eritrea then cut their hands and legs and this is recorded fact how Tigreans abhor bandanet. I would not say Amhara in general are bandas. Menelick is the one sold land and people and this created today’s problem of Eritrea and the tiny Djibouti. All the problem have today are created by Amahra rulers , not Tigreans. Please stop your lies.

      Tigreans have full right to feel what they feel and you can not control their feelings and what pride they have or feel. It is their human right. You can not tell them what dress to dress, what music to like, what food to eat. Any Ethnic in Ethiopia has a right to feel whatever they feel. You can not prescribe how people must behave and live. Please you guys stop your ignorance and your false and hate propaganda. You have been on power for 100 years denying every Ethiopians ethnic their culture, language, … and no one wanted to kill Amhara for that? you did not thing except building only 1 university in 100 years. The Woyanes so we know they did many bad things. They also did many good things, roads, railways, telecom, and they are not singing about Abay , they are building it.

      Chauvinists, you have crossed the red line now. Accept equality and stop hate propaganda or go to hell. Because Amahra ruled Ethiopia for 100 years by oppressing others now Ethiopian entertained the idea of killing innocent Amahras.

      We are done now with your haters. No more tolerance.

      • 4better says:

        It is the brave Oromos for the most part, who freed you from slavery at the hands of Italians. Five of my forefathers and their brothers were slain in the wretched soil of Tigrai over the last 120 years defending you cursed Tigres.

        Tigres have tormented our country for 42 years. They were responsible for Mengistu’s brutal reign of terror. If Eritreans and Tigres had not waged a war of secession Derg would not have been tolerated for so long.
        In retrospect, you should have been left to your own design. Slavery, is your station in life.
        when 63 out of 65 so called generals are Tigres, any man or woman with the right frame of mind would condemn it. But not Tigres. In fact you make song and dance about your achievements. In Haile Sillasies time, the government
        you idiots call Amara government, most of the decorated generals were Oromos and Amaras. They got their on merit.

        You cannot be leaders because you do not have the ingredients required for that.You are traitors, treacherous and greedy. You have no conscience, no civility, no manners.The day Ethiopia will be without these ticks, and filthy cockroaches is hopefully in sight.

    • Non of you m says:

      They have always been our enemy my friend just get out of your old mentality . Or talk for yourself pls .tigrains are a known haters.

  10. Abay Rebel says:

    While Amhara rulers allied with Sudan, Egypt, and sold their people, land, sea, and built only 1 University in 100 years. The TPLF with all its mistakes has built 35 Universities just in 25 years, not in 100 years. I am not defending the bad things done. But the truth must be told. During that 100 years Amhara rules all Ethiopians were denied their culture, language unlike today. What is this all bluffing about ? Even the Amhara majority got nothing in 100 years and they still live in deep poverty without electricity, clean water, without proper housing and during that 100 years,the Amhara rulers only sung about Abay flowing to Egypt? well,the Woyanes are not singing about Abay, they are building it. The Woyanes are building GERD and these very GERD is opposed by Amhara elites who are allying again with Egypt like their father Menelick ? Professor Alemayehu Gebremariam opposed GERD and he asked Egypt to bomb the GERD? Mr. Elias Kifle asked Egypt to help him to stop GERD? Who is really banda then even in the 21 century? There is no other Single Ethiopian who opposed GERD except the Elite from Amhara. Anyway, I have seen in the past 25 years, the Amhara elites have no any idea to offer except hatred to Ethiopians and blind or chfn tlacha.

    I myself I am done with these bullshit. You gotta stop your chauvinism and me me only propaganda. you gotta stop harrassing Tigreans. You can oppose for good reasons, but you must stop harrassing Tigreans. I have not supported TPLF and I have been very smpathetic to the Amhara farmers who got persecuted across Ethiopia and but I will not take the DC bullshitting. You gotta stop your ignorance. No one is going to subscribe to your intimidation and hate mongering. Do not mislead the poor, innocent Amahras who live in dire poverty. You did not build school, clinic, university, road, housing,running water, electricity,… even to the Ahmhara. The poor Amhara farmers are not going to eat your arrogance and ignorance, superiority complex.

    Tigreans or for that matter all Ethiopians have a right to feel whatever they feel. You have no right to tell them how they must feel about themselves. It is just bullshit mindset to try to manipulate people in this age.This old mind age you are trying to intimidate people. Tigreans have also right to support TPLF and they only way to take the support from TPLF is to give better alternative. But that is not intimidation or harrassing or killing them.

    • 4better says:

      ‘A Man who goes to bed with itchy butt wakes up with smelly finger’ chinese proverb

      TPLF and its Tigraye supporters must look into themselves before blaming others.
      For those poor innocent Tigrayes who feel threaten by Amharas can do justice for themselves by moving to Tigrai.let’s not forget ,thousands of Amharas were displaced and expelled from every part of Ethiopia because of their ethnicity. TPLF is reaping what it sow.
      ‘Man who scratches ass should not bite fingernails.’

  11. Almaz Haile says:

    A big historical mistake is committed be Gonder
    people which the Tegray people will never forget it .
    Time will come for everything .

    • Non of you m says:

      It is the beginning .you will see who we(amara speaking ethiopia) are.

    • Be ewnetu says:

      Why waiting for time to come?
      If Tigrean Seperate Afar is with Tigrai. Also Ethio Somali split or joining with puntland. So the half Somali and half Afar population will united either with Afar or Ogaden Somali.
      At the west as Jawar shaw for future Tigrai -Benshangul joining boarder through the controversal Ethio-Sudan boarder. So Amharu and So called “Oromo brothers” will be cercled east and west. Then ‘ZONE 9’ will be the right name.
      Second- the 180 thousand SAWA trained Eritreans in Adiss will be armed in single night from army depot and start shooting Amharu to controll the central power like Sadam did in Kuwet. So it doesn’t take time if the chaos continue…
      Then we will see the fake friendship of “Oromo brothers”

  12. Ashan Gulite says:

    Thank you for showing us there is pure humanitarian fellow Ethiopians among us, those who committed evil act should be brought to justice by the Gonder people themselves soon.

  13. Borkena says:

    You better stop killing Somalis and drag their bodies in the wilderness . THis drama orchestrated by aTPLF won’t help it . If you do t stop the atrocities you have been doing for the last 25 years against Ethiopians , you leave the same thing elsewhere in the country ,

  14. Abegaz says:

    Ethiopians are making lots of jokes among the others saying:

    “Ethiopian Somali giving aid to Tigry/EFFORT is like Ethiopia is giving aid to USA. EFFORT, TDA and so on are the TPLF looting machines with 100s of billions birr deposits.”

    This so called 10 million birr is nothing but what is behind TPLF is trying to play politics while fooling the Ethiopian Somalis. There is no doubt that dumb Ethiopian Somali president will pay the price by Somalis for doing this which is standing with TPLF during the time when TPLF is terrorizing, massacring, massively jailing and looting the nation targeting Amhara, Oromo, Afar and others.

    Afar is now on the move to face TPLF again as they did between 1991-1996. They lost the battle but not the war because of TPLF and EPLF waged war against them from all sides. But not this time. TPLF losing Afar means losing its main milk cow for the last 25 years as they have been doing in the Amhara region using Tigrean spys, civilian agents, servants and so on against the Amhara people in the region to keep it under the TPLF rule including not developing.

    Those so called displaced people are the TPLF spy agents, representatives, secret forces looters, and so on in the Amhara region to destroy the people and affect the region. That is why TPLF took them by air knowing they will be exposed and become in danger. TPLF also know their colonial and hostility era in the Amhara region is totally over. They are also taking their secret as well as open mercenaries from oromia and Afar silently thanks to Gonder exposing their dirty games all over Ethiopia this way, too.

    These people are not displaced as we see them they are in the Amhara land in Humera. There are about 700.000 Tigreans in the Amhara land including beyond the Tekeze River in Gonder and Raya in Wollo. So, how come they are talking about Tigreans being displaced? No. they are not. These are TPLF agents in the Amhara region working for TPLF hateful and looting activities including interfering in the ANDM which is filled with Trash and worthless TPLF agents, as well. ANDM era is also gone. They are there but the people don’t feel or accept them.

    Amhara and Afar regions are the main TPLF looting bases. TPLF loosing these two regions means losing the whole of Ethiopia. They are reaching the rest of Ethiopia through these two regions. Amhara is feeding them and also using and exporting sesame, cotton, Oil seeds, Animals, herbs, wood and so on from the Amhara land including Wolkite crossing the Tekeze Rvier bringing them million of foreign currency. Afar’s minerals are under the TPLF/Tigreans rules and ownerships.

    The Somali region of Ethiopia president is …. . He is used by TPLF for political game although no one cares about it. TPLF is telling them saying Amhara and Oromo are now united against you and me. So we have to unite against them as they are united against me (TPLF). Yes, Amhara and Oromo are united against TPLF but not Tigreans or Somali region. Now Afar is joining them and soon the rest will follow.

    So, we will see how united they will be; TPLF and the Ethiopian Somali region president against the unity of the rest of Ethiopia. By the way this is not the Ethiopian Somali region people but the handful so called leaders wrong and insignificant move exposing TPLF how dirty and Tricky they are including in the last hours.

    Mark my point: The Ethiopian Somali region president has committed suicide for his own down fall in the coming near future. Ethiopian Somalis are very angry about this knowing what TPLF did to them throughout the past 25 years.

    This is the TPLF dirty political game using the tiny and insignificant region of Ethiopia as a game show with goal to show it is not alone. hahahaha. TPLF is isolated and alone; in a way never happened to them for the last 40 years. The Adwa, Axum and Shire era is becoming to an end. Free Tembien. Free agame. Free Irob. Leave Wolkayit alone and Tigry must stay beyond the Tekeze river in Tigry. Raya Azebo is on the move claiming own identity rejecting being forced to become Tigre. Did you watch/listen their representative Dr…. talking about the Raya Azebo people situation and how they became illegally part of Tigry?

    Are Tigreans part of TPLF? Yes. If not, why don’t they sanding side by side with the rest of Ethiopia? Are they afraid? No. The rest of the country are paying the highest prices for the last 25 years fighting for their freedom and rights. Tigrians in abroad are free. But they have chosen to be free not to say anything against the TPLF crimes it is doing against the innocent citizens. They are even celebrating the TPLF crimes against the innocents as we have seen them dancing in USA for the massacre in Gonder.

    The Ethiopian Somali aid to TPLF/EFFORT is like Ethiopia is giving aid to USA, China, Russia, EU and so on. It is the joke of the year 2008. TPLF is finished. This is one of the signs how desperate they are when they are relaying on the Ethiopian Somali region…. president.

    .Afar is rising and Joining with the Amhara and Oromo unity not against Tigreans as TPLF is telling them but TPLF for the sake of our nation. The Ethiopian Somali president will not survive 2009 because of his stupid and wrong action as we are witnessing here used by TPLF for its dirty political game which is insignificant and no one cares about it.

  15. shiferaw says:

    ” abay rebel ” thank U for your deep and insight analysis . all the idea U suggested was presented in many Ethiopian history books written by Ethiopian and European writters and scholars which is reality present in the ground . all the narrow minded amhara elites know it but they couldn’t swallow it because it is a great mistake that was done by their forfather ancient narrow minded amhara elites that doesn’t represent the mass of the innocent amhara people . as we can understand from history , always the amhara elites do not cara about the unite of Ethiopia , they do not cara about the development of Ethiopia , they do not care about the democracy and equality of the all nations nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia . they care only about their power as what we are observing it today even in the 21st century . the derg and other amhara elites who live abroad in a confortable and luxury life are stil disturbing the country to grab power by any means even by eradicating all the mega projects that can transform the country to the next economic rank . so I can thank U again for your deep and attractive analysis .

  16. ethiio says:

    “Displaced Tigrayans from North Gondar and surroundings” This is very funny! Tigrayans stole the city and they are calming it like there own. Well, comes around goes around. I wish and hope they all starve to death.

  17. Tena says:

    shiferaw=Abay rebel.

    D… Woyane. Whay don’t you just disapear.

    • Abay Rebel says:

      No Shiferaw is not Abay Rebel. But you hav e to understand Abay rebel has right to be anyone because it is my democratic and human right. Do not expect me to be with you while you are killing my family members because they do not belong to your ethnic. This is not politics, this is hutu politics which is genocide or hate .

  18. Abay Rebel says:

    I now see the opposition to TPLF is not because of bad policies. The opposition to TPLF is because they defeated the Amhara elite government of Derg. But the Tigreans can not do anything about that wound of defeat in the hands of TPLF. TPLF is /was not my favorite political party for the past 25 years, but my observation over the 25 years showed me the hatred to TPLF is not because of corruption or bad administration, lack freedom. It is because the Old Amhara were pushed out from their God given government office. I grew up learning government office was preserved for Amharas because Amhara only chosen to be administrators and public servants. This was the reason the most hard working people in Ethiopia the Gurages were called Kuli? The Oromos Gala, the other Gambelans Shankla, … the name goes on and on. There was no any freedom in the entire Ethiopian history with exception of during Emperor ZeraYacob.

    In short, the Amhara elites have nothing to show of any merit because what we got from Amhara elites is the following;
    1. Half Tigreans sold to Italy for 30 000 guns and plus ammunitions and others weapons which are recorded in world fact encclopedia
    2. We got Ethiopia sold its half Tigrean population to Italy with the land and the sea
    3. We got the Eritrean problem that has been causing bloodshed since the time of its creation by Menelick
    4. We got landlocked
    5. We got our Djibouti port now became a tiny about .5 million people country
    6. We got famine that killed 3 million people from Tigrai and Wolleyees and a famine that shocked the entire human race
    7.. We were reduced to live in unspoken deep poverty and until now Ethiopians can not even feed themselves because of that.
    8. Ethiopia did not have right to use and develop their culture
    9. An Amhara ruled Ethiopia was starving Ethiopia to death, we know how people lived in Ethiopia. I lived in addis, most Ethiopians could not even afford to have a short wave radio, could not even afford to buy bread, this is in the capital of the country. A

    10. The Amhara ruled Ethiopia is an Ethiopia that could not produce toilet paper? There was no Toilet paper in the entire country during derg and before
    11. An Amhara ruled Ethiopia with poor and dirty filled Addis Capital addis ababa where people defecate on the high way
    12. An Ethiopia were prostitution is became trade to the middle east
    13. The Amhara Ethiopia is/was where people youths were shot in mass for having different political view and where their parents has to buy the body of theirs sons and daughters for the price of a bullet.
    14. An Amhara Ethiopia was the Ethiopia we know where people at you when you different language from Amharic? I was arrived in addis Ababa and could not speak Amharic property, but could not attend class with dignity because my class mates would laugh for my different amharic accent? At the end my teacher has to ask them to listen to me when I speak to them in TIgrignea proper. He asked them can you understand his language? They said now, and now he must laugh at you. He told them he is better than you because he knows two languages Amharic and Tigrignea and you know only know Amharic. I have seen in my own life the Amhara Ethiopia with nothing but except grinding poverty and backwardness where you can not even speak your own language.

    I am sure the woyanes has done many mistakes and can not defend them on wrongs things because wrong is wrong. But let us see what they have done:
    1. All Ethiopian enjoying their culture
    2. All Ethiopians enjoying their languages
    3. All Ethiopian engaged in building GERD ,the biggest dam in Africa
    4. The roads across the country
    5. The power generation projects across the country, wind farm projects, 4 billion Geothermal project
    6. The 35 Universities in 25 years only, not in 100 years
    7. The hospitals across the country
    8. The clinics across the country
    9. The high schools across the country

    I agree TPLF did big mistakes in handling Eritrea from the beginning up to today. I do agree TPLF did mistake when they invited Egypt to participate on GERD because that was un-necessary. I agree TPLF is not democratic, but I do not believe it is democratic because it was democratic it would not stay on power for 25 years. But there was no democracy in Ethiopia and Ethiopia and why are expected to be democratic in a country that never had one of them. Democracy is not organic in Ethiopia .

    In general, I am sorry TPLF has not defeated derg or Amhara elites, but it defeated EDU, Jebha, Shabia, OLF, ONLF, EPRP, …. and you can not do anything about it. May be it is in their blood. If you have old wounds, then bad luck guys.

    We want you to oppose bad things. We do not care about your defeat and bitterness. Amhara elites do not oppose TPLF because it is dictatorial. No they oppose it because they are bitter because TPLF kicked them out from their God given power. But we can not do anything about it.

    As I said, Tigreans have 100% right to support any political party including TPLF and you can not tell them or choose for them whom to support or which political party to support. It is their democratic and human right to choose any party to support. It is their right. You have no right to tell Tigreans whom to support and not to support. Such thinking is stupid even to entertain.

    If you do not want Tigreans to support TPLF? Then give them alternative. But intimidation is not alternative and it is not even an elements of politics.

    All Tigreans must support TPLF now. I am saying every single Tigreans must support TPLF. I am thinking about it and I might decided to join myself because it is better to deal with TPLF than with dumb Amhara elites who do not even tolerate different view. I do not believe even a single Tigreans can join you after now unless you have a miracle political party. You have pushed 100% Tigreans to one side and you made them all TPLF now. Bad luck for you guys. You miscalculated it. You lost it all. Even TPLF did not target civilians. If TPLF did target civilians, it would not have succeeded.

    TPLF took 17 years to win the hearts and mind of TIgreans? TPLF stayed in Tigria region only for 17 years because the people challenged it and opposed it or did not accept it. Only Hawzien made all Tigreans to support TPLF. Now the Gonder incident has made all 100% TIgreans support or rally behind TPLF. Even if TPLF is bad, I am sure it is far better than those who are out to kill Tigreans. TPLF can suppress them, but would not mass kill them. Old Amhara elites, you screwed your agenda. Your politics is screwed up now. Your only friend is Egypt and good luck.

    The Tigreans must unite now, they must burn corrupt woyanes on mesquel square for Ethiopians to see. Tigreans must clean the corrupt woyanes from top to bottom because this is about life and death. The corrupt woyanes must be punished in public. The Tigreans must now stand united and pour their money to finish the GERD and they must ensure every single Ethiopian is treated equally, with dignity, integrity regardless ethnic. Now it is not only TPLF who must make sure everything in Ethiopia is perfect and just, it is the entire Tigreans who must make sure 100% justice in Ethiopia. The Tigreans must not wait for political opposition to correct things and they must jump in and even threaten woyanes if they do not respect every single Ethiopians.

    The GERD must be finished and other irrigation GERD like project must kick start right now.

    All Ethiopians must unite and oppose bad things peacefully by sitting under a tree or sitting in a big hall. Protesting is not Ethiopian culture and must be outlawed and the regime must adopt Ethiopian discussion or Wyyt as way of people expressing their opposition . We do not want protest where people are killed and property burnt for no good reason. Protest is not civilization but anarchy. People in Ethiopia do sit down and discuss and solve problem.

    • ATOSER says:

      Abay Rebel,
      you fehl with your narrow and racistic behavior, you will be sick. I rather tell you how great the tigrean elit was. Yohanes defend amhara and chrstianity in Gonder-Metema, Alula fight as the side of the greatest leader of Ethiopia Emye Minilik, Abreham and Asgedom Deboch were patriotic ethiopian tigrean origin, even PM Meles did a good Job until his death. Be sure no one is without mistake and some ohne, who has responsiblity for vast majority and diversity will no satisfy all individual or ethinic groups. So if you are ethiopian try to figer out the good one first. Propaply you can heal your minority complex bevor you died.

  19. Abay Rebel says:

    I see Dawit, the TPLF spy agent is not now deleting my comments? Well done Dawit; you must be now top TPLF spy agent? why not? it is your right bro, but do not use public or steal other people money like some TPLF koshashas do; it evil to be corrupt and rotten. But you burn and shoot any hodam Asadadbi woyanes on the spot . Corruption is a disgrace and humiliation. Corrupt people have no conscience or Hilna, they are hodams. Any hodam woyanes must be hanged at Mesquel sqaure because this is in insult to the majority of people.

  20. Fox tiger says:

    This is the begining of the derama the next step is they will tale us the seven kill have donated 100 million birr next sheh Alamidion has donated 10 billion dolar and the ather rich people will follow

  21. Tiger says:

    Salut 👏🏼 To Abay Rebel.. From now I just sign to be the great member of TPLF.
    Our unity is our strength . You

  22. Bilisummaa says:

    @Abay Rebel…I like your analysis..better to deal with Woyannes problems than these narrow minded Amhara elites trying to hide the truth with fabricated lies….Every one knows their hidden agenda to bring back their oppressive way of ruling in the name of one language one culture by insulting or labeling digesting names to different national & nationalities. It is respecting others identity that will bring back love & unity not by undermining. Under weyanne we are at least free to speak our language & enjoy our native culture…no intimidation for that…as we can see what is happening to the people of tigray in Goner. .This is clear example or lesson every Ethiopian must take.

    • Abay Rebel says:

      Yes, those who have ears must listen and those who have eyes must see, the real danger for Ethiopia now I see is the Amhara elites, not Amhara. but the amhara who armed with hate to the teeth can mislead the innocent Amhara. Those of us who have conscience must understand and discern and know the devils at ESAT, their devil adviser Alemayehu Gebremariam, the Hutu Professor. But thanks God, they have made themselves naked and their nakedness was open for all Ethiopians to see and for all the world to see. They have shot on their foot and can not walk anymore but they may continue to talk about what they are good at that is hatred or wushet. Betam Balegiwoch, I got it when they opposed GERD and asked Egypt to bomb it? I got it at that time what they are after . They do not even care about Amharas, they just wanted to use them as they did before. The Amharas populous is among the poorest in Ethiopia who live with no proper housing, 99% and with no running clean water, with no electricity, with no any other modern facility. Yet the Zombie, devil eyed, Zenjro like Hutu Professsor Almariam went out in public asking Egypt to bomb the GERD? Well, Aite Gebremariam must know now he is a modern day banda and brainless modern day Askari, selfish, greedy, rotten personality. How can a person who went to school be such low, not even elementary school. Anyway, God sees from above and he would not allow genocide to happen in Ethiopia. The God of Israel sits in Ethiopia. Loser of the 21 century, I do not think they even have brain except they eat and defecate like animals and walk like humans beings. Wow, Abraha Belai and them were ready to kill all Tigreans if they can. Abraha Belai and other loser Tigreans were promoting Tigreans genocide by siding with the genocide agents at Ethiomedia. Now, the devil is out of the box, everyone has seen it out . The credit goes to the people of Tigrai who accepted ethnic cleansing with patience and who must look down on himself now? Diaspora elite Amhara Hutus has now terminally wounded by the effect of their own jealousy and hate , racism social warefare. They have thought Ethiopian forever and ever. If you oppose the use of electricity for your own people? You must see a doctor because you are not normal. Good prevails over evil and truth prevails over wushet.

  23. Win says:

    የህወሀት አባል መሆን ፈልጋለሁ ፡፡

    የህዝብ ልጆች ፡፡ በወሬ ሣይሆን በስራ ያመኑ፡፡ የሁሉንም እኩልነት ያመኑ ፡፡ የጠራ ራእይ የነገቡ ፡፡

  24. Ali says:

    I like to say big thanks to the peopple of Ethiopian Somalia brother sisters.
    And to all the stat governers.
    To those Amhara especially to those Gonder. Ethiopia is now on the new direction you Ethiopia is not onley for Amhara Ethipia is for all don’t tell me frome now one language one flag. Every state have Owen flag. The old flag was not represent to all Ethiopia. You guys you work hard with Egypt but we are looking at you you.
    We all Ethian now that. You told as many times you love Ethiopia but the reality was not you work day and night to divide our country. So Enough is enough. Love ur countery from the bottom of ur heart don’t be fake look our Ethiopian Somalia Learn from them.

  25. tekeste says:

    I am amazed by all the above comment. First of all our country is not one self ethnic group: we want hat weyan but that’s not mean hat tegrian people. its party. now a time all over Ethiopian region lead by their local ethnic leaders . even oromia and amhara there is not have tegrian leader around . all cabina and leaders from those people , never categorize tegrian people , so why little people hat tegrians????? pease for Ethiopian included weyane,, olf . gennot sebat

  26. Guyo says:

    Ahmaras have a big task of reassuring Ethio Somalis, yes Meles and his goons massacred Somalis too, but now they need Somalis so much, Ogaden is developing fast because the government needs them, but how Amhara treat other people when they were in power cannot be forgotten, even oromos cannot forgive you, but now I fear the same mistakes for Tigre against amharas, and oromo, I hope they don’t do that mistake amharas did, the hate people have for amharas is what they cultivated when they were in power, always the good or bad side of a man will be known when he has power, for now Somalis and Tigray have same interest that has made them come together, Somalis smart they are taking advantage of the opportunities given to them by Tigray

  27. JJ says:

    Ethiopians were never colonised.
    unity despite its diversity has been the moving factor in ethiopias past.
    This notion of unity is in the moral fabric of the populace, the peasants and the common people of all ethiopians.
    whats sad is…either by ignorance or in -experience of how colonisers operate by divide and rule, some ethiopians within and abroad have resorted to the potent system they know less about, one that they have rarely seen its devastating result, the art of divide and rule.
    History will show…and the future will narate…if the current discourse of divided ethiopians will yield a United Nation or the obviouse a ruined, bloodshed, weak, broken, poor, stricken, down rotten nation.

    In as much I would want to be optimistic…the current division lays to tomb what was once great to what will be the past ( Great Ethiopia).
    A divided nation will never rise victoriouse

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