Hailemariam Desalegn Arrives in Mogadishu to attend IGAD Summit


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12 Responses

  1. Sun says:

    ምስጋና ለመከላከያችን ፡፡የብረት ቆሎ

  2. Abegaz says:


    “ESAT Special The Consquences of Ethnic Politics in Ethiopia 13 September 2016″

    Every Ethiopian has to watch this including PM Hailemariam and Awrambatimes. This is how journalism and media works in the 21-century. This is first class journalism with international standard. This is how looks like the Journalism jobs serving the good of the nation and people always standing for the truth and people/country.

    The TPLF so called Medias and journalists are rubbish; good enough in the garbage. They are the sorry human things living with fear and for food as the animals do.

    Spread the message which is”ESAT Special The Consquences of Ethnic Politics in Ethiopia 13 September 2016” and keep it with you as a visual evidence and horror history film book happening during the TPLF Tirgians era…

    Don’t overlook the Gurage. Their suffering for the last 25 years including in Addis Ababa with economic/business genocide is not yet revealed and exposed as it is not with the Amhara where both have been the targets and worst victims by the TPLF/Tigrians ….. era.

    Watch it. You will not regret but wondering how such things could happen and those responsible are still here acting as if they are God and Saints. Ethiopian Medias and journalists could learn from this how the Medias and journalism works look like in the 21-century.

    • ashebir says:

      You mean eretria tv satellite? Are you sure? watch it for you this genocider media and preach people like you

    • Gee says:

      Don’ t you have job to tell us about this EASAT tv fake journalists want be political extremists and messenger of Hate propagandas, who want see Ethiopa disintegrated. acting as a news media and Eritrea’s mouth piece and vandalizing embassy properties, crying foul language to political people which make us look bad as a people and a nation, Abegaz I know your wish for Ethiopia is not good, but I will make sure people know you, by the way how much have you got paid so far for instigating the violence? Long live Ethiopia and it’s people!!!!

  3. Zendow says:

    Brother Abegaz (if you are Ethiopian and not Eritrean!), don’t think Ethiopians can be dodged and blindly guided by hate mongers and criminals all the time. You just managed to confuse for a while few of our brothers and sisters and did what you did on the streets of Gondar and Bahirdar. But, Ethiopians are always wise and take a second look on their actions. They love their country! They love their peace! They love their progress! They are now regretting of the mishappenings in the past few weeks. They have now realized how criminal you guys are and how ESAT has become the instrument of destroying Ethiopia and its people! Thus go and see your program for yourself and satisfy your hateful mind for your self. ESAT is the contemporary instrument of destruction of Ethiopia and its people, funded by Egypt and siphoned by Eritrea!

    • Gee says:

      Thank you, This people like Abegaz are cancers to all Eritreans and Ethiopians all together, Negetive thinking brings Negativity in all their life, but I wonder why they don’t learn? Leave us alone, you guys fought for independence, but you made your own country a prison and your own people slaves for one man, if I am lying check Asena web sight on their own words and learn from your brothers and sisters who been injected HIV by your Government

  4. Fun fact says:

    ህወሀት ህወሀት እያልክ የጌታህን ተልእኮ ተወጣ ፡፡
    የብሔሮች እራስን ማስተዳደር ፡በቋንቋ መስራት ፡አካባቢን ማሣደግ ፡ ባጠቃላይ ጌታና ሎሌ አለመኖር ለእብሪተኞች አይመችም ፡፡
    ህወሀት ትግራይን ያስተዳድራል ፡ በፌደራል የተሠጠውን ውክልናም ይወጣል ፡፡
    የሻእቢያ የሲንጋፓር ቅዠት በህወሀት መክኗል ፡፡ ቀን ከሌት አልቅሱለት ፡፡

  5. Sun says:

    በብሔርና በሀይማኖት የሚቀሰቅስህ በጣም ይንቀሀልማለት ነው፡፡

    ወንድ ከሆነ
    ስለ ስራ እድል ፈጠራ ፣ ስለ ኢኮኖሚ እድገት ፣ ስለ ግብርና ፖሊሲ ወዘተ ይከራከር፣ ያለውን ራእይና ፕሮግራም በዝርዝር ያሳይ ፡፡የሠለጠነ ፖለቲካ !

  6. Gee says:

    A peaceful Somalia means peaceful East Africa in general and a peaceful Kenya, Ethiopia and Somaliland in particular, let’s stop violence and integrate each other!!

  7. ethoash says:

    TELL those Somalia ultimate join the UNITED STATE OF ETHIOPIA and enjoy democracy and freedom and progress we willing to forgo the Amhara even the oromo if the Somalia join the untied state of Ethiopia

  8. ATOSER says:

    Awramba means yebuna wore, sensles garbage. You see only forwards like the gari-feres of ada-bishoftu. No hals to see back and around, brain to think?! you did not have. You prey von woyane and woyane= Eprdf= woyane. And try to undermine even the trojan horse of woyane like ANDM and OPDO. SEPDM. Do you realy know ERRDF without these woyane horses mean woyane? or you mean EPRDF with these serevants mean Woyane, and that ther isno difference.

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