Doomsters’ Prophesy of Doom & EPRDF’s Prospect of Second Renewal (Part two)


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13 Responses

  1. Sam says:

    Genenew fails miserably again in his part two of his article because he mischaracterized the real cause of the current unrest in Ethiopia. He pointed out the ANDM leadership being undermined by Amhara chauvinists. He also blamed some narrow nationalism being in manifest in OPDO and TPLF despite the EPDRF’s dislike. In other words, genetic seems to have a play here. We all agree the majority of the demonstrators happened to be young people. Those young people were born after EPDRF came to power. They had known from infancy ethnic politics, meaning the equality of every ethnicities in Ethiopia. How come young Amhara youths turn out to be chauvinist? Maybe the writer argue it might be genetic. I do disagree. Why at least some OPDO and TPLF leaders are susceptible to narrow nationalism? In fact, It is hard to figure out the benefit of ethnic politics after twenty-five years if we agree with the writer’s observation. The writer is the victim of ethnic politics himself. He believes ethnic federalism is correct, so he could not entertain any possibilities that contradict his orthodoxy. That is where he is wrong. In fact, because he is sure of the rightness of ethnic politics, he has never mentioned any other Ethiopian national party as a possible problem solver to the current political crises. He in fact defends EPDRF as a committed political cadre of the party’s does. He warned those who are expecting the downfall of EPDRF to not keep up hope. He told them EPDRF was written off many times to come from the dead. I personally do not remember EPDRF’s insurrection from being dead. The 2005 election could be the best example. Even then EPDRF was not near extinction. True, in Addis they big lost, but the party was in control. The way I see it the current unrest in Ethiopia is best described by looking into ethnic federalism. The government for a quarter of century taught children born to identify themselves with their ethnicity first. The government political doctrine restricted Ethiopians’ willingness to move in their own country freely. A businessman from Amhara does not entertain to open business in Lekemet. The Oromo from Lekemet does not aspire to open a business in Bahirdar. The politics of stay in your own village was mapped out by EPDRF. If the Ethiopian youths of today see themselves as Oromo, Amhara, Tigre and so on who is to blame for that happening? According to Genenew the Amhara chauvinists and some OPDO and TPLF leaders. But that is not the answer Ethiopians agree with. Ethnic politics breeds seeing those who are from different ethnic group suspiciously. Take the rumor that Tigrians benefited big because of ethnic politics. It is a lie. Some who are connected to the political elites and have the right connection might have. But to the great majority of Tigreans life is not different than to the great majority of Amharas or Oromos. In fact, those Amharas who have the right connection with ANDM, and Oromos who have the right connection with the leadership of OPDO benefit as well. No matter how many years will elapse as long as ethnic politics is the guiding principle, people see politics in as we versus them prisim. A country cannot be build with such belief being the basis of politics. True, some even who swear at every opportunity they get about their distaste of ethnic politics could try to benefit from the unrest. But they are not who created the situation. EPDRF is.

  2. ethoash says:

    i am expecting ATO Ermi

    to say we going to harm ትግራይ by burning the meat packing in oromia mind u I say the meat packing is not in ትግራይ but they going to harm ትግራይ people by burning a meat packing located in oromia

    i know , i know it is twisted logic but here is our beloved ATO Ermi for u WHAT A WASTE WHAT A PEOPLE

  3. Osyres says:

    Weyanne time is up go home the mighty Amhara is waking up no more vandalism and looting land grabbing.
    25 years treacherous has been pass now agame collect your looted money and head home I am sure they will come after you for revenge but try what the hell atleast you can burn by the looted money to death😆😆😆😆

  4. Don carlos says:

    ” Force is the weapon of the weak “. Ammon Ashford Hennacy

    Now the blame is on the Amhara and oromo unemployed youths.Eritrea being the default.

    Liars, Thieves & Snitches All Belong In Ditches

    The protest is not confined to amhara and oromo only and the world is watching .the question is why it so hard to find peaceful ,honest and genuine solution to the current problems without resorting to guns?
    EPDRF(TPLF) is foolishly allowing the problems to fester by engaging arrogantly in tired propaganda ,blame game and sheer violence . what a shame!!

    It is too late and no one buys your nonsense.

  5. Fox tiger says:

    In one family we see two diffren people. On one side Dr Dagnachew Assefa who is respected by the ethiopia people who speakout his mind and expose tplf for the whole world becouse of this he lost his teaching job from addis abeba univeristy.On the other hand we see Genenew Assefa and Genet Zewde who are tplf servents who are the most hated people ln ethiopia to fill their belly

  6. Agalte says:

    አሁን የውሸት ቀለሀ ያለቀባቸው እብሪተቾች ወታደርና ገበሬ ገጠመ ወደሚል የጅል ሰበር ዜና ወርደዋል ፡፡

    ዘፈን ቀይሩ አለች ባፈና ፡፡ ዘፈን ቀይሩ ተባኗል ፡፡

  7. root says:

    የእርዳታ ጥሪ

    እብሪተኛ እባላለሁ ውሸት ማመንጫ ደረቴ ላይ በደረሠ አደጋ ከአሁን በሇላ የሚያምነኝ እንደማይኖር የህክምና ቦርድ ነግሮኛል ፡፡ ይህ ማለት ሠበር ዜናዎቼን ውሀ በላቸው ፡፡ ውስጥ አዋቂ ገለፀ ማለቴ ተነቃበት ፡፡ ያፈተለከ ብልም ሠሚ ጠፋ ፡፡ እባካችሁ ቢያንስ እዘኑልኝ፡፡

  8. germa says:

    I have big respacet my dear berather Genenew log live for you and for mama Ethiopia

  9. Frehiwot G says:

    Brother Gennenew,
    Good article. You are the best ass-kisser

  10. hailu says:

    What a hypocrite ato genenew turned into ?
    How some people sale their life long political believe that sacrificed thousands of his classmates forgot everything and now running the PR of tplf .
    If it was from the younger generation I would have the stomach to take , but from the likes of you …come on …to get what you got….shame on you.

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