USAID Presents New Development Cooperation Strategy for Ethiopia


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4 Responses

  1. T.Goshu says:

    Well, these kinds of signinings of “cooperation” are very common if not customary practices ,and they will continue to be . I want to say that as far as the they come from good intentions ,they are most welcome! The problem is when it comes to the question of the positively significant impact they have on the very survival of the recieving nation and on the very lives of of the underdogs ( the people who are badly striken by abject povertyy and the tyrannical ruling circle.

    = the two countries (Ethio-US) diplomatic and other relationships have gone fairly long history. Unfortunately , the aid from the Us has never been as effective as it should be because the relationships have been and continue be between politicians and those who benefit from giver-reciever cooperation ,not from very desirable cooperation based on people -to- people interests . Yes, becuase of the palace politics friendship ( the donor and the bad guys who is important to “fight against terrorism in east Africa”), the ‘development” cooperation is still extremely weak or insignificant or just nominal.

    = it is really very outrageous to claim that one of the most imoprtant sectors of coopertion is good governance and public accountability. Really? Are you telling the people of Ethiopia who have been incerdibly humuliated under the “your bad guys ” for the last quarter of a century that you are still working to make things better with the brutal regime of TPLF/EPRDF? Well, you may argue that the very mission of bringing genuine political system is not your business. That is true! But, the very strong and justified demand from the innocent people of Ethiopia is simple and clear, that is “please do not prolong our sufferings from all aspects of our lives- be it political,socio-economic, cultural, moral and above all the unbelievable level of human rights violations by providing the tyrannical ruiling elites with the assistance they need for the perpetuation of their dirty politics. Is that not a very deep and factual concern of the people?

    Yes, we know that the struggle for democratic Change is messy and challenging;but the struggle to bring about a relatively genuine diplomacy that works in favour of peoples’interests is not only messy and challenging but extremely hypocratical and full of conspiracy mainly because the top players are in most cases captives of such a dirty game. And that is why billions of innocent people of the world in general and Africans in particular, and more specifically Ethiopians continue to experience the unprecedented level humuliation in this 21st century.

    Anyway, there is no doubt that the people will make their own new chapter of history sooner or later!! It is only then that this historic mission will make a real difference ,not the business as usual type of cooperation.

    May God help out the innocent people in their search for genuine and fair leadreship!!!

    • Negerew says:

      What a great comment and respond for the so called USAID “New Development Cooperation Strategy for Ethiopia” trying so hard to avoid the words like Democracy and the respect of human rights in Ethiopia! What a shame America!! How long this country play with tax payer money and still dance around the world with brutal regimes like the one in Ethiopia??? while still condeming Iran, North Korea and Cuba etc..

  2. observer says:

    Dawit, do u think that posting this kind of news is helpful to the struggel. we know that america gives unbelivably too much money to woyanne government but thats not the point the point is that we know that woyanne officials r just using each and every dime one way or the other for their own use or their ethnically associated organisations,,,,,so since u r on the side of the opposition, which i hope u r, r not supposed to spend ur time posting any news which is in favour of the woyanne confusing strategy—-so please focus only on news that shows the poisnous of this fasist meles regime that is anti- vast majourity of ethiopian!!! We ethiopians r following very actively the political process in the opposition, so its not only the woyanne part we r watching closely but also any group in the opposition which is not strong enough to fight woyanne regime, so watch out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Teddy says:

    Why is it that every time we receive aide, the receiver from the regime looks so proud, to the point he appears as if he is the one who is giving out the aide, not the other way around!?
    What a shameless bunch, from top to bottom, this regime has!

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