Violating Peace and Stability Will Benefit No One (Mohamed abdidheere)


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19 Responses

  1. Osyres says:

    This man do everything for weyanne just to stay on power, we see weyanne ethnic cleansing in Ogaden even satellite image was shown villages turn to dust but for him and his friends weyanne killing is the way of power lengthening.
    The world we live is turn us strangers, yesterday the Tigraen where a victim of oppress now you witness the way they committed an act of killing rapping woman in aljazeera bbc cnn
    It break your heart

    • Ermi says:

      How on earth anyone Condon this:

      Peace to all but woyanes (ISIS )!


    • Beza says:

      Osysres, what you doing here in Ethiopia forum. You are sick Shabiya, your comments are showing your evil vision. Look the Somalia n’s and others nations nationalities are not giving their rights including Amara and oromos. But it is better to destroy shabiya first. I think it is coming get ready.

      • Ermi says:

        ሀገሬ ሌቦችሽ ምንኛ ረቀቁ
        የምድር ኪስ ገብተው ተራራ አወለቁ!
        ሌቦችሽ ቅዱሶች
        የሰናፍጭ ቅንጣት ፥ እምነትም ያላቸው
        ተራራውን ገፉት ፥ የ’ታል ብንላቸው ?
        ሂድ አንተ ተራራ ፥ አሉት አዘዙት
        ድሮም ጣፉት እንጂ ፥ መቼ ነቀሉት !
        ኄኖክ የሺጥላ

        Peace to all but woshetam woyanes (ISIS)!


    • ethoash says:


      how do u do mr. cigar u worry to much about Ethiopia while ur Eritrea pot burning…

      let me tell u few thing about reality since we r talking about reality here there is no govt. in this world who have zero murder rate … in America super democracy 20,000 people die every years death is reality
      here is we r talking an Africa backward country the govt. number one and the only job is to protect the law and order of the country that means by any means if u have no law and order u have nothing therefore they govt sometime forced to kill because the backward and uncivilized people r what we r dealing …

      some people when they told they have the right to peaceful demonstration they start rioting and looting what u want the govt to do sit and watch them? while they burning the city down even in America they will shoot u no question ask try it if u dont trust me therefore our beloved H.E Abdi Mohomud Omar, President of the Ethiopian Somali Region knows even if Ogden separate like ur Eritrea and become independent the kill will not stop until the people understand what it mean democracy and behave in civilized way

      look what happened to Eritrea, South Sudan,and Zimbabwe the freedom fighter claim they going to bringing freedom to oppressed people because they claim the old regime killing and raping our women now look what is happening to Eritrea , South Sudan and Zimbabwe it make u cry ur heart out by the way in aljazeera bbc cnn i also watch what happened to once promising nation called Eritrea become failed state and that did not make ur heart break but u crying for mama Ethiopia i understand u u give up in mama Eritrea ur only hope is Ethiopia i get it thanks for ur felling

    • Aman says:

      You are Eritrean why dont you fell sorry and insult Isayas Afesefi. For the ppl salling theier kidney inn senai and drauning in the medditeranian sea .TEKAL ANSEBA.

  2. Be ewnetu says:

    Racist proppgannda of Gim7/ESAT and it’s leftover feeders like the Eritrean related z-Habesha, Mereja and Ethio reviiew websites are egnite flame just for anti Tigreans.
    Why not Anti Gambela nor Benshangul? The answer-
    In corruption Gim7 is the worst looter /from daispora, Egypt. Eritrea. Qater…/ but they used EPRDF corruption just for uprising include anti-Tigrean to destroy the government. If the Current regime collapsed by force all projectes will stop. Then their mission from Eritrea and Egipt emplimented.
    If they Gim7/ESAT really stand for the nation should halt any anti-Tigrean proppgannda.
    And should mention about Eritrea negative side for Ethiopia. Any way everybody knows about Gim7/ESAT hidden agenda.
    But the most domestic oppositions should always avoid these Shaebia missionaries the same as EPRDF.
    Now VOA amharic looks like voice of ESAT. Might get some bones from Arab Dollars.
    How ever the anti Tigrean propoganda is not fruitfull. Dogs always barking at wherever they eat . i wonder banda for Africa…..

  3. “UBBO aka ONLF, OLF, GINBOT 7. I can say with confidence those myopic and treason elements sponsored by Eretria can be described by an endearing Somali concept of fadhiid” really????? please give us a couple of evidences!

  4. Sam says:

    With due respect to the author, his understandig of the current crises in Ethiopia might not be shared by the majority of Ethiopians. He painted a picture of Ethiopia’s past negatively. Ethiopia’s past was “dark” according to him. Until EPDRF came to power and freed us all, Ethiopia is the prison of nations and nationalists if we believe the writer. Such fact free propaganda might get an applause from the already converted. But to those who see the creation of of ethnic federalism to be a constant means of misunderstanding, the writer does not deliver a covicing argument. To charectrize every opposition as the work of anti- Ethiopians is the very proof of the very weakness of the argument. Those who have the truth on their side, rarely do, if ever, use name calling to make a point.

  5. Good says:

    ምርጥ የህዝብ ልጅ ፡፡ ማን ኦፍ ዘ ይር ፡፡

  6. TT says:

    Wow i like the description of FADHIID .አሽከሮቹ እውነትም ቢያበሉት ቢያጠጡት የማያድግ ድውይ ሆኑበትሳ ፡፡

  7. Fun fact says:

    ሁሌ ኮሽ ሲል የግርግር መንግስት ይቋቋም ይላሉ እነ አጅሬ ፡፡
    ግርግር ለ…. ይመቻላ ፡፡

  8. Addis Ferenj says:

    Awramba Times is a ridiculous US (?) based online journal providing up-to-date lies and fake news and dumb analysis about Ethiopia email us: 🙂

  9. John says:

    What language was the article written in? Not English, for sure.

  10. Senay says:

    This so called “Amhara intellectuals” are out of their minds. The current talk with these teachers was concluded by them saying the tallest mountain in Ethiopia Ras Dashen mountain is located in Amhara district which is a complete lie. This false demand was aimed at conquering Tigray land by these Amhara supremacist. Ras dashen mountain is in Tigray and will always be part of Tigray no matter what these low life false teaching Amhara teachers preach in regards to the BOARDER LINE between the Amhara and Tigray .

  11. Ahmed says:

    It sad to see people dying, on the other hand those dreaming to bring the racist Derg regime back are deluded and should stop misleading the poor civilians. Oromo people have legitimacy to sought their rights without the Amhara influence. we all know what Amharas are dreaming of.

  12. hassan says:

    it’s the reality coz what oromo and Amhara region doing is totally not right for them and the others we need peace and peace is everything

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