Ethiopia declares three days of national mourning for Bishoftu victims; Premier extends condolences (+Video)


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36 Responses

  1. Melkam says:

    RIP….my prayer the the victims family.

    When does the TPLF gov stop playing & laughing on the people’s misery ….
    Everybody knows that it’s Agazi & the gov ‘peace keeping ‘ force that cause all the death and the chaos .
    It won’t be too long , the God of heaven sees and hears the sufferings and prayer

  2. bekel says:

    How come a leader ordering his troops on his people say this?

  3. Tiger says:

    The government need to shutdown the Facebook before its too late . Ethiopia enemy and toxic diaspora they use Facebook 24/7 to disturbs Ethiopian peace .
    I’ll say it again those toxic diaspora has nothing to do except to using Facebook for to disturb Ethiopian peace .the Ethiopian Government need to shutdown facbook before its too late .

  4. Osyres says:

    Weyanne come from Tigray people the only interesting to protect is the Tigray people so wake up smell the truth
    Get your independent

    • bb says:

      Dammy, looser diaspora get a life. Ohhh yeah you live in section 8 nothing you can do while receiving welfare even though you are healthy enough to work.
      Lazy you will never go far an inch

    • Beza says:

      Ante shabiya, u always get in ethiopia politics.

  5. Tt says:

    መጀመርያ ያልተማረውንና ጭፍኑን ይቀሰቅሳሉ ፡፡
    አሮጊት እና ህፃን ባለበት ትርምስ ይፈጥራሉ ፡፡ ከዛም በሟቾች ሞት ይነግዳሉ ፡፡መንግስት ወያኔ እያሉ ይላዘዛሉ ፡፡ ድንቄም ፓለቲከኛ ፡፡

    action action action

  6. Ermi says:

    Is there a word to describe this SOB moron fake PM that is serving his fifth graders? Firstly, what are the causes of the stampede? Any third grader would tell you a stampede is caused when fear of death or injury is induced in the minds of the people. In this case the fear is obviously the injury or death by bullets as many videos clearly show the sound of gun shots. But let’s forget the truth and analyze what the fake PM says. As he says there was no single gun shot. Therefore, there is no criminal responsible for the start of the stampede unless some one misinformed the people that there was a bomb about to explode or something of that nature. But he didn’t say that. So the only thing he must be saying is the slogan people were shouting like “down with Woyane and OPDO” should be the cause that induced fear on the people. Such slogan can only scare woyanes so he is implying the woyanes started the stampede.
    under the constitution of the land, the people can shout whatever slogan they wanted and that won’t be a crime. So is he going to take legal action on the people who were scared of those slogans and started the stampede. These people would include himself. Moronic Fake PM, I am sorry for you.

    Peace to all but the law leba woyanes ISIS!


    • Gezai says:

      Simply you are son of those Hatefull people, is you and like people who are making this mess, the fifth Graders EPRDF are better than you fake doctors, professors and Engineers that have been leading the country to its downfall until the fifth Graders come to power 25 years, I can continue, but you are just so idiot you would Generalize people to their ethnic , I am not saying they are perfect, but better than before 25 years a go, stop the violence hate venomous words!!!

      • Ermi says:

        Dear Gezai,
        you only see things in Dedebit perspective like “Generalize people to their ethnic ” whatever that means. you see your problem is that you were brainwashed, while in Dedebit, by the fifth graders that woyanes represent all Tigrians and you were fighting to liberate Tigray. You still believe, after being kicked out from the woyane and see Canada and how civilization works, your post traumatic syndrome takes you back to the narrow Dedebit caves. I knew about your problem long ago and advised you to take advantage of the free canad health care system to treat your mental problems. Do you remember boasting you would overthrow woyanes in one day? kkkkkkkk

        Anyways, in case you heed my advice, take Ash with you to a doctor and get the same treatment.

        You can only help woyanes if you are healthy. But then woyane is a lost cause, you rather stick with the Canada welfare.

        Peace to all but the leba woyane ISIS!


  7. ethoash says:

    my question is do the govt. have the right to use deadly force ?

    if the answer is YES to protect the law and order
    then did the law and order broken

    the answer is YES when the peaceful oromo protester took over the stage at that time the law and order broken what is next would be risk for human life so the police must stop it and they just fire in to air

    guess what all those gura disappeared and the peaceful oromo protester run over women and children to safe their life even they did not see the cliff and they fail in to it … the same cliff that the peaceful oromo protester throw the poor Amhara ten years ago today they end up the victim themselves what a karma

    • Osyres says:

      Ethass son of the,m$$ hooker
      Time is coming now
      The will be another pop up

    • Beza says:

      Ethio ash they need that to happen and beg money by showing the world to get money.

      • ethoash says:

        u r right money is the weakest link ….all we have to do is follow the money for sure JOYWAR get paid .. for the money his boss want to see same blood so Joywar MUST send some money to Ethiopian hooligan… u see what i am saying money is the weakest link all we have to do is follow the money

        those hooligan had professional looking poster … the question is where did they print this poster … right there u find the link.. second who got money from Western union that never received before that is the second weakest link..

        now the 3rd weakest link is reward for those who TIP police for crime committed or going to committed if we have hotline people will help police …

    • Bedele says:

      Please come on your sense you are 100% ignorant. The People com to celebrate and try to protest peacefully. and it is a gruppe dynamic. when they came to the stage, they did not hurt any body. They onely asked and took the microfon and say down down woyane. It is their god given right, if not law given according to actual ethiopian law. The police at the frontline make everything correct. But the agazi/soldier behind the stage were equiped to the teeth. they might made the mistake. Sory for the PM HD to say there is no shooting. we hear and see the footage which cause the panic and stampade. Atleast the leader of the soldiers and the pilots of the helicopters must be responsible. there shuld be legal action against These persons and against the organiser of the fest near a big cliff, which cause such a dangoures trap for hundreds. ethoash this oromos have nothing to do with those amaras ten or twenty years ago. you are part and parcel of the gov`t. the answer is you and the gov`t has no right to use force/letal force against peaceful oromos.

      • ethoash says:


        Do u know, it legal to shout “fire” in a crowded theater? |

        in the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment could be restricted if the words spoken or printed represented to society a “clear and present danger.”

        when the guy yelled down ! down ! tplf he have all his right to yell but not at the stage that he was not invited it is trespass … u said he only took Mic BUT look what happened next u caused 52 people death and 500 people harm because of stampede the government have the right to protect the law and order by deadly force otherwise why do they have gun if they cant use it dont by BBC OR aljezrea OR VOA even in USA THEY will use deadly force to take back the city …

        just imagine what would have happened if iron heart army didnt stop the uprising what would have been Ethiopia faith ? would it be like Syria or Libya OUR golden army saved us we should thanking them and give them rise …. for sure if EPRDF FAIL and power vacuum created u will not go … u will be save where u r so u have no skin in the game so i say stop it

  8. My condolences to people who lost love ones. May their souls rest in peace.

    As far as responsibility is concerned, the government has to own it! What was the government thinking when shooting the tear gas and bullets to such a huge crowed?? This was induced stampede!

  9. Dawit says:

    Can anyone show the pm some of Facebook post that he claimed to have no single shot was fired. He is making fool out of himself

  10. Lemlem says:

    My take, this regime has become deaf totally. Why the regime cut off the facebook? why? this regime is a beggar and scared of foreign governments? I tell you this regime is meek, weak, useless. After Meles this regime acts like baby and no bones. Governments block facebook when it is not in their interest and in the interest of the country. However, this beggar, shameful regime has any stand because it is not really a government because it is a western puppet with no teeth or bones. Iran blocked, Egypt, Almost Arab countries, China, … why is this regime has fallen in love with violence and fire fightiting? dedeboch

  11. Lemlem says:

    I would block the facebook until the country is stabilized. But this regime would rather allow the country to be screwed than to do hard decision. This regime is not able to do any hard decision. It is stuck in its own rustic wrong believes. It is seems it will keep on the same state until it dies.

  12. Lemlem says:

    This regime will not accept any sort of change or will not able to do any hard decision? what a curse?

  13. Gonder says:

    He is TIGRAY that is way , he is ordering AGAZE too kill Ethiopians, ugly m* f you will pay.

  14. Melkan says:

    @ Ethoash. It’s your right to support TPLF and I understand that. Myself was a staunch support of CUD back in the day. But trying to justify wrong doing is really really sickening….people are dying because of TPLF force interference….remember Ethiopians are not rude as you might think…remember the peaceful protest in Gonder (recently) and Addis 10 years ago…in both cases more than 100,000 people were on the street but no one was hurted …. TPLF needs to take responsibility here…dont push the blame to the poor OROMO people.

  15. Dawit says:

    My message to Dawit Kebede is pure and simple. Please show us your professional side as you did in the past by remaining true to the facts and free from any negative biases. You were one hell of a journalist who stood for the truth in the past. The news and articles you are now posting just don’t represent the good-natured and good-nurtured Dawit I have known in the past several years. Life is short and stand for your principles!!! The Dawit I know is one who is color blind to any biases, ethnic, ideological or otherwise.

  16. Gezai says:

    All I can say is the people of Ethiopia need to come to there sense, violence can not be a solution, the only way to make change is within, not with out side influence no matter what their intention are, the Government and the people need to sit and compromise on the issues, on the other hand the diaspora need to get out of the political instability they causing in Ethiopia, most of us are other countries citizens not Ethiopian, if I am lying, ask yourself?

  17. good news please continue information thank you

  18. please inform us latest news

  19. weller says:

    oh my god .. prayer so many ……

  20. Funfact says:

    እንደውም መንግስት ታግሷል ፡፡
    የት ሃገር ነው የአሽባሪ ባንዲራ እንዲሁም የጠላት ባንዲራ የሚፈቀደው ፡፡

  21. Gezai says:

    By sitting in a YouTube Chanel and face book page and listening to ESAT you can not change a government or people’s mind because so or later it has prove wrong and use for their own packets to fill on the west, but people are dying for no reason and property destruction companies closed due to these irresponsible media and individuals .

  22. Salam says:

    In old days only the victim mourn, the perpetrators this horrendous crime announce they too mourning. The question is why they’re mourning?may be not killing enough?what a joke.

  23. Shiromeda says:

    The death of most innocent people at Irecha was due to poor security risk analysis & incapability of the time factor prediction for the outcome of this event by the top EPRDF politicians & Security chief of the country. There were simple & pure ways to prevent all these causality & political damage on the government unless there was hidden sabotage maker among themselves. It is totally a mind boggling to me when i heard the news from both media outlets extremes…. Need to take the country to a better stable & peaceful situation by politically correction before the worse danger comes

  24. Selam says:

    Stupid cross eye,21 century yet this wicked person pretend to be PM. It sad to see him like this. They just telling him what to say. Every one knows that. For love of god just resign and give up the position for the real person that control you like puppet. What a shameful person.

  25. Shalom says:

    Hello Awramba Times,

    What’s going on? This is a high time a media like yours should be fast and up-to-date. This is a difficult time and people need information and they ended up getting it from unprofessional blogs and facebook extremists. I understand that you can be short of resources both human and financial. But you need to boost up your presence, man! You have to fight the good professional fight since you’re already at it. People visit your website and you can imagine how much they will get disappointed when they see no new content and updates for days.

    SMH as the teens txt. 🙂

    Berta wendme.

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