Ethiopia denies ‘extreme’ police violence at protests


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  1. Yared Tadele Tedla says:

    Yared Tadele Tedla Added 0 seconds ago Seventeen individuals residents of Addis Ababa city suspected of recruiting and training members for the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), a group designated as a terrorist organization by the House of People’s Representatives, have been charged.
    The suspected individuals, including first defendant Diribsa Damte and second defendant Segni Dugassa are residents of Addis Ababa city.
    According to the charges filed against them, they tried to recruit and train members for OLF after becoming members of the Front and by making telephone contact and receiving money from senior heads of the Front living in the United States.
    They were also charged for trying to change Ethiopia’s government by armed struggle as well as to demolish the country’s Constitution, political, economic and social institutions by recruiting members and organizing them locally.

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