Two Eritrean air force pilots defect to Ethiopia with military aircraft


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50 Responses

  1. Moltotal Demie says:

    Can’t wait to see more details on this news!!

  2. Lifsfis_Dawit says:

    Dawit: what is the big deal, you know how many Ethiopian pilots defected to Eritrea? TPLF/Shaebia are one and the same. Why you stack with TPLF?

  3. konso says:

    how many defected to eritrea?

  4. Wizeman says:

    Terrorist tplf manufacturing fake news kkkkk when is meles coming back from his holiday?

    • Mahmoud says:

      You cann’t deny this reality regardless of your frustration. Isaayas should go and ask for replacement from his Arab Monarchies.

    • bb says:

      Dear Wizeman, who is the terrorist? I guess you know who is definitely you are one of those losers a few diaspora or looser onage or looser genbot 7 who ever you are you will never gain an inch you will never accomplish anything other than taking welfare and living in section 8 thanks to tax payers.

  5. Yodit says:

    በጣም የውጭሸት ወሬ

    • Moltotal Demie says:

      Turns out the wing number 102 type ZLIN 143 airplane happens to be TPLF’s pesticide spraying airplane. I can’t believe it! The story is that the airplane was spraying pesticides on the state farms around Humora.

  6. Tola says:

    Zlin-143-102 is small IGAD Pest control 2Pilot size plane

  7. ex -pilot says:

    The above ,misleading picture is not of Zlin-143-102..
    Zlin-143-102 ib is usually used for training and touring purpose.

  8. Be ewnetu says:

    This is sad news for censetive Eritreans. They don’t want to mention about bad news of Eritrea by Ethiopians. They just want to interfering only on Ethiopian affairs by pretending.
    ESAT also will sad by this news. Specifically the plane was landed in MEKELLE. So this is not “SEVER ZENA” for ESAT Shaebia aND Egypt bitches.
    Eri-EPRDF’ts also burning too. Probably these pilots might get smush by Sibhat, Bereket, Debrethion,Samora……
    For exa…. where is Mola Asgedom?

  9. john says:

    Truly makes sense to me. Eritrea (excuse me…. I mean Isis work) is truly living in a fantasy world. Their country is a pieace of shit and disgraceful to mother Africa. Go side with your italian masters and your arab racists.We defefended our soverienty and pride without betraying our african brothers. Eritreans are corrupt pigs and will soon beg us for life as they did to Haile Sellasie after they were caught in bed with Musolini. Ethiopias economy will continue to grow and their diversity. Eritrea take notes from your mother Ethiopia, not beg us like your laughable air force (Eritrea as Africas North Korea….. More Like Africas North Shit).

  10. sahle says:

    Logically, if the pilots were to defect, at this point Ethiopia wouldn’t be a better place…unless they were in the woyane’s payroll for long time…

  11. Yemane says:

    It’s propaganda try to get attention to the public.

  12. kiros says:

    እንቋዕ ብደሓን መፃእኹም ፓይሎታት መብራህቱን ኣፈወርቅን፡፡
    ዕልል በል ወዲ ኣፎም ሎሚ ኸ እንታይ ቀሩይካ

  13. Amentom says:

    we are helping them …..! know

  14. DAWIT says:

    Why you posting airforce jet mig 27 or whatever its was easy to take the pest control aircraft your skills on media is very poor

  15. minagebash says:

    its looks barking news not breaking 🙂

  16. Hagren Ewedalew says:

    @Dawit: Why you didn’t report Ethiopian pilots defected to Dj, Eri, etc because of your TPLF stupid regiem. When I met you Atlanta in 2011 I Knew that You do such things because You are fake exiled Journalist.

  17. Kedir Mohammed says:

    You mad boy what is wrong with you, we have seen the plane landed at Alula Abanega Air Port of course monitored by the Galante Ethiopian air force planes until they proof this is for good
    What happens to your masters ( Shaebeya OLF Ginbot-7 etc )
    Crazy, this is TPLF – EPRDF and the true Ethiopians victory.

  18. Liban says:

    Yes this is what we weant shabya they have to get crazy

  19. hawkum says:

    This news is right, I have witnessed the plane while landing in Mekelle yesterday.

  20. Water says:

    We will use it to fight our enemies against our growth and development! Those enemies looking our renaissance dam with evil eyes!! It is also one of the replacement for our aircraft defected 2 years ago. It is just a returned asset/weapon tool and will continue coming/

  21. Abenezer says:

    How did enemy fighter jet got in to Mekle without being shoot down at the first place?

  22. Sam says:

    የውሸት ወሬ

  23. Sirgut Duri says:

    Dear friends,
    Ertrean people fought for independency for sold thirty years …the so called 25 years of independence is nothing better than the time under colony of Ethiopia [as they claim ..]

    I am wondering to see what Ertrea may look after five years from now on ..may be they have over calculated the port- as it is one of their valuable resource before separation from Ethiopia. Personally, I appreciate the national pride Ertrean have for their country but my question is how this high level millitary personel defect to Ethiopia? I smell something …given that the border issue is not yet settled how do they got the courage to cross Ethiopian boundary? Given the border tension.

    What ever way, all the price paid to justice ,democracy and freedom by the Eritrean people have been unfortunately seems unsuccessful. National pride only wont work …there need transparent and dynamic leadership to transform Ertrea.

    On top of all this, can we conclude …sorry Ertrea is the most failed state in the world.Migration,defection, human trafficking, asylum seekers, etc this are all the names associated with Ertrea. Oh Esias you better give Ertrea for Eritrean people otherwise u have lost the purpose you fought for.

  24. Hagos says:

    Mekele zaf yelem. Metfo atasweran ante sewye.

  25. Tsion says:

    Look end of the day we`re all one no matter what color, ethnicity or part is f the world ur from. You cant move on until you rectify your mistakes and by th ethiopia and eritrea will not reach their potential until we’re reunited. We are the same, there is not a single d/c between Ethiopians and Eritreans. We need to stop fighting battles that bring no solution. We need eachother more than ever. Until we realise that and start working towards it nothing will change for either countries. We cant fight for land, it belongs to noone literally. Love is the only power! We need to stop following the structures Babylonians have set forth. We have never been followers, we are beautiful people with a strong history. Our fathers did not fight and die in vain. We need to get pver the bullshit and find our wa together. We dont needto drown with the rest of the world, we need to unite rise up and save humanity. This is a lot bigger than talk this is people’s lives and choices that shape the future for us all.

  26. Desperate? Me? says:

    The time for People of Eritrea breath a freedom air is near.This week news are coming out of Eritrea,such as,abo issias is in Oman getting medical check up,two fighter jets landed in Ethiopia,and may be more than 400 soldiers defected to Ethiopa.what is going on people?Ethiopia must be prepared to be care taker of an affairs concerning Eritrea.

  27. et says:

    if Eritrean pretend this is fake news then they would say their war plane good bye … Ethiopia should offer them back for asking so they will be so embarrassed to ask they will let the warplane that cost 100 million birr goodbye instead of admitting the plane were hijacked

  28. አማረ says:

    ይህ ምን አይነት ስቃይ ኤርትራ ዉስጥ እንዳለ ያሳያል:
    ኢትዮጵያ ለዘላለም ትኑር !!!!

  29. betewilign says:

    The eritrean government is going to hang itself before it is going to be hanged by others.

  30. Mahmoud says:

    የሁለቱ ኤርትራውያን ፓይለቶች መኮብለል ይበልጥ ያንገበገባቸው ጠባብና ዘረኞቹ የኢትዮጵያ ድያስፖራ አባላትን ነው። መቸም ‘መካድ የጀመረ እናቱን ይክዳል’ ነውና። በዚህም በዝያም ቢሉ አልሳካ ያላቸው እነዚህ ጉዶች የጥፋት ተልዕኮዋቸው ያሳክሉናል ብለው በምንም ጉዳይ ከማይመሳሰሏቸው የኦሮሞ ድርጅቶች ጋር ለመስራት በመለመንና በመለማመጥ ላይ ይገኛሉ። “የማይተማመን ጋደኛ አስር ግዜ ይማማላል” እንደሚባለው፣ አንድ ኦሮሞ አንድ ነገር በተናገረ ቁጥር ሲደነግጡና ሲለምኑ ይታያሉ። ሰሞኑን ለንዶን ላይ የተሰበሰቡ የኦሮሞ ተወላጆች ያሰሙት ንግግርና ያንፀባረቁት አቅዋም እንዲሁ ስያንገበግባቸው ታይቷል። የአሜሪካ ድምፅ ራድዮ አማርኛ ባልደርባና በአክራሪ አቅዋሟ የምትታወቀው ጋዜጠኛ እነ ኦቦ ተሻለ ድሪባ እሷ ወደምታምንበት አቅዋም ለማምጣትና ለማለዘብ ያደረገችው ጥረት የሚገርም ነበረ። ምንም ተባለ ምንም ለመሸዋወድ ካልሆነ ‘በቀር እነዚህ ፅንፈኞች የሚያቀራርባቸው አንድም ነገር የለም።

  31. Hagos says:

    Awramba times you always favor to Tigrians so please change your name to a place which can be found in Tigray region. Take it as a positive comment.

  32. DAWIT says:

    Thank you for listening my ideas next time you can always ask for help to those know, have a bit knowledge,

  33. Negusse Hadgu says:

    This is a lay created by weyane there
    Is no plain go to weyane

  34. danny boy says:

    This Shows Ethiopians will end the war with victory against shabia

  35. የኤርትራ ለልምምድ እና ለቱር የምታገለግል ትንሽ አውሮፕላን(የጦር ጀትና አብራሪዎች? ) እርሷ ዘንድ እንደሚገኙ ኢትዮጵያ አስታወቀች

  36. ermias getaneh says:

    እና ምን ይጠበስ? እኔን የሚገርመኝ የዳዊት ከበደ ማለቅለቅ ነው::ማን ነበር እንዲህ ያለው? ” ዳዊት ማለት ወያኔ እንደ ‘ ታኮ ‘ የሚጠቀምበት ሰው ነው” አቤት እውነት!!

  37. ባንዳ ገዳይ says:

    ውሸት የማይሰለቻቹህ ጉዶች። ማፈር የሚባል ነገር ያልፈጠረባችሁ። ጉዳዩ ዉሸት መሆኑን ተረጋግጦ Associated Press ይቅርታ ጠይቆ የውሸት ወረ አቀባዪ ኤልያስ መስረት ክስራ ገበታው አስናብቶታል። የሚቀጥለው ደግሞ በቅጥፈቱ የሚታወቀው ሄኖክ ስማአግዚሄር የ VOA የወያኔ ተውካይ ይሚለውን አንሰማለን።

  38. Meseret Faggessa says:

    @ Tsion,

    Are you proposing Eritrea to rejoin Ethiopia again? that is ridiculous, so why they fought for thirty years? what is needed for Ertrea is best negiouber if possible deal on the price of port use on competitive price. By the way let me tell you frankly, the fact that there is problem in Ertrea doesnt mean there is interest to rejoin Ethiopia. Ertrean Love their country, flag, Language (Tigrenya and Arabic). Besides don’t forget that Ertrea is only with port but rich Gold and potash deposit.

    Another interesting thing you said is we share many things with Ertrea, how only with Ertrea? Afar and Isa tribe of Somalie share many things with with Djiobuti People- who are entirely Afar and Somali. Ogaden somalie also share many things with somalia and Ethioipian Borana Oromo share severeral thing with kenyan Borana. So what do you mean? or are not considering Ethiopian Afar, Ogaden and Borana Oromos which have to share cultural tie across international boundary From Jibouti, Somalia and Kenya. So what is special with Ertrea! True the highlander look like our Tigrean even the language with little dialetics difference like it does for Shawa Oromo and Arsi Oromo.

    I am not wild person not to understand the importance of port for the country development but Ethiopia has already dealt with it through adopting multi-modal system (dry port,railway, high speed roads) etc. Dont miscalculate or over calculate the importance of port.

  39. abebaw gt says:

    What’s up,i have seen the news here with my note now?

  40. tewodros says:

    Has eritrea air force? This stupid anseba. I know as refuge in May ayni, shemeleba. Adiharush…..

  41. tewodros says:

    One interesting saying from z recently captured gim 7 fighters ” it was when zey give M z so called wedi akar is it injera or kita w/c is difficult to express zat I blame myself”. Wedi akar is z stable food for Eritreans w/c may be appropriate for horses in Ethiopia.

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